New Developments in B Giving Affidavit in Support of Park Shi Hoo and Unverified Leaks that He Failed Polygraph

The Park Shi Hoo rape investigation continues to wallow in absurdity as it nears 7 weeks since the incident in question occurred on February 15th. There are new developments hence this post, but nothing definitive in shedding more light on whether it was rape or consensual sex. Alleged victim A’s now-former friend B has officially recanted everything she said in an initial interview about what Park Shi Hoo did to A, and she has given a signed affidavit to Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer stating that she was duped by A (giving a list of supposed things A told her initially that she later found out to be untrue or at least not accurate), A’s past sexual relationships with men (B, who has been friends with A for all of 6 months, now claims A is sexually promiscuous), as well as shady going ons with Mr. Hwang of Eyagi Entertainment as well as another entertainment industry rep known as C. Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer says that it will be submitting to police a docket of evidence gathered from its own independent investigation, including B’s affidavit, essentially implying all this will discredit A as a lying (and sexually active) woman and will exonerate Park Shi Hoo. Hot on the heels of this, news outlets have reported that P, B’s boyfriend, might have a hand in A’s reporting of the case and may be the other person referred to in the text messages between A and K. Great, another alphabet joins the party. Then a stunner dropped this morning when news outlets reported that an unnamed source from the police department gave an interview that said Park Shi Hoo failed every lie detector test question and an indictment was forthcoming. Park Shi Hoo’s attorney immediately blasted that as totally untrue, and an official spokesperson from the police issued a statement that the report did not come from them (but they didn’t say the report was false) and they have no intention of releasing the results from the lie detector test. LOL, watch Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer try to sue the police department and/or the media for this latest supposed libelous leak. The police said the investigation will wrap up by the end of March and be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for consideration.

A’s attorney released a statement that A’s Kakao messages with K late in the evening of February 15th where they seem to be on good terms was in fact done in the presence of cops at the police station. Cops asked her to text K and act natural to see if he would reveal anything. This is where A randomly wondered whether she was pregnant after a night of sex with Park Shi Hoo. B, who is now being sued for libel by Park Shi Hoo, has done such a 180 about turn I wonder if she needs to see a chiropractor for whiplash. B gave an interview this week media that painted herself as a clueless friend to A (who she has known for 6 months – seriously) and she was so eager to help A because she has been in a similar position before. B could help A by comforting her and supporting her, but B chose to open her big mouth and give an interview blasting Park Shi Hoo a few weeks ago of her own accord, and now she says it was all based on information that was false? Then why didn’t she keep her mouth shut and stay out of this mess? She claimed to have given those interviews to help A after learning that another party was going to leak the rape allegations and paint both Park Shi Hoo and A in a bad light. She claimed to just really sincerely wanted to help out A when she believed her to be a victim of rape.

Honestly, I have zero sympathy for her, and she comes across as the worst type of dumb-ass and hypocrite. If Park Shi Hoo didn’t rape A, then B exacerbated the problem by mouthing off before the facts were out. If Park Shi Hoo did rape A, then B is choosing to save her own ass now from the libel lawsuit and throwing A under the bus. Either way – this chick is a terrible friend and a shitty human being. B ended this latest interview by saying she wanted to apologize to Park Shi Hoo for harming him when she believed A, who she didn’t even know that well, and she wants to clear it up because she is also a victim here. *this is me laughing my head off at her woe-is-me act* At this point everyone should hold off on making a judgment call on whether Park Shi Hoo raped A, but go forth and have a field day on all the other shit that has happened since then to muck up the investigation. At this point, B is helping Park Shi Hoo’s side slut-shame A, and that is just the lowest of lows to do to a woman alleging rape. Even if A slept with an entire Navy armada stationed in Seoul and has a different man in her bed every night, that does not have any bearing on whether she was or was not raped that night in question. She could still have said no to Park Shi Hoo on the night of February 15th. Or she could have said yes and regretted it later. But her sexual history has no weight in determining whether a rape happened that night.


New Developments in B Giving Affidavit in Support of Park Shi Hoo and Unverified Leaks that He Failed Polygraph — 195 Comments

  1. I swear so called “B” is the worst person in this story!! When she first she gives an interview Against PSH, I felt she just wanted the attention. I mean she wasn’t even there so what would she says that would add anything to the investigation. But just changing everything she says and turning against her friend just discredit everything she says PERIOD.

    Lets say she was betrayed by “A” or found out truths later, if she was a TRUE friend, she would’ve advised “A” to do the right thing then shut up! Whats her problem telling people about A’s private life?? Her role is actually so insignificant that its annoying that they’re giving her so much attention!! + I don’t see how A sexual life has anything to do with the case?

    I’m not defending A, and I don’t think that anyone in this case is 100% innocent & with alcohol involved, there is no black&white issue here and the case is pretty much in the gray area, but the arguments they’re coming up with against her just don’t make sense and has nothing to do with the case.

    • She dumped her friend because of the supposed Kakao text which we now found out that it was orchestrated by the police. So really she was just trying to save her hiny. And PSH lawyers used her statement and submitted it as evidence? Other clients of PSH lawyer’s team should bail out asap.

      • Imo, B should just shut up instead of giving more interviews. But it would seem that she did not dump her friend because of the supposed Kakao talk “orchestrated by the police”. In her latest interview, she claimed she was tricked by A because:-

        Interviewer: “Why do you believe A tricked you and lied to you?”

        B: “At first she said as soon as she opened her eyes she knew she had been raped and had run from the house with her clothes on. Actually, however, she had stayed until 3 p.m., and even said goodbye to Park Si Hoo, exchanged numbers and left on a bright note.

        Second, she said she had fought with K over Kakao Talk. If you look at the Kakao Talk messages released to the press, however, you can see that the mood is pretty bright. They talk about going to a club, for example. Like this, what she told me and how she actually acted turned out to be really different.”

        The Kakao text B’s referring to in her interview occurred between 3.41pm and 4.30pm. A went to the police that night at around 8pm.

        PSH’s lawyers are not wrong to submit B’s statement. Don’t forget B was interviewed by the police at the beginning of the case when she supported A. Now she gave an affidavit, which is a sworn statement, overturning what she told the police earlier. Of course, the lawyers would submit it as evidence.

        The big question is for us, the public, is, do we believe her initially or do we believe her now or not at all?

      • I dont know Febe. To put so much weight on B’s word against A is wobbly to me. They have that lawsuit against B. This interview was after speaking with PSH legal team and signing that affidavit too. Of course they are gonna use her, anything that can discredit A. Plus that section of the text is where A was confused why she ended up in PSH’s bed. Seems smelly right there. They are discrediting that section. We cant know if A said really to B that A and K fought. And the same situation when she first made statements and outed PSH.

      • @febe I just think things in this case get more messed up every time she opens her mouth.. Well for me I just don’t believe whatever she says.. But I gotta say she made the case more entertaining to watch 😛 But the victim in the case (who ever it is) is being hurt by what she’s saying since she isn’t helping the case at all! I just don’t like her, She sounded bad just going giving out statements as if they were facts to discredit PSH, but she sounds awful betraying an xbff and giving personal information to safe herself from a position she put herself into. The Lawyer himself will use any possible information to win the case so I don’t blame him, just saying thats no excuse for whats she’s done

  2. LMAO, PSh will end up suing everyone, even K and his own lawyer at the end of this case … everyhting to save his image. LOLOLOL

    And OMG, this news about A sending texts to K because the police asked to… wow, so this cannot be used against her anymore and they can’t say ”she said everyhting was right” lmao…

    • Considering the seriousness of this case, and the devastating impact and effects on all parties involved, whether A, B, K or PSH and their parents, and the possible and potential impact on true rape victims out there, it is truly sad to see some posters here seemingly being so amused and entertained, going LMAO, LOLS, HAHA, and saying stuff like “This is the best drama so far I’m seeing !!! LOLSSS”.

      • Febe, we are Lol-ing and cynically at the absurdity of PSH suing everyone because we see that he will do it. We see it as bad judgement after another that its like a trainwreck of incredulous arguments that only put him in a bad light.
        No way we are laughing at the Rape charges and dont twist it so.

      • So it’s perfectly fine to poke fun at someone’s bad judgement that’s leading to the end of his career and will leave a lasting mark on his and his family’s lives, as long as you’re not mocking an alleged rape? Given the fact that his so-called bad decisions are directly related to the rape charge, I’m not sure how you’re differentiating the two…

      • @crrai at Incredulity and Ridiculousness of his actions based on his bad judgements. He already has three lawsuits pending and he’s adding more. And indeed he has, by time this reply posted, he had sued 2 media outlets. Not gonna argue if its right or not.
        On top of that, B who he has lawsuit pending is submitting affidavit by her as evidence. Did he drop the lawsuit against B? Next move he could be suing K and his lawyer like Bia supposes which some of us find could be true and Lol-ing at the predictability of that.
        Now, what are you harping about?

      • i agree with febe.. there’s nothing funny here.. some people here are just downright rude making fun of the predicaments of people involved.. he did not “absurdly” sue those people just because he feels like doing it.. he is not “sue happy”.. he sued those people because its his integrity/life that is on the line.. he sued a for blackmail, b for defamation for her first interview, the ceo for masterminding, and now the media outlets for releasing libelous reports against him..

      • @fnr…I find that your response is two faced. You are condemning this group yet above you commented,” B made it entertaining to watch (followed with a smiley face)”. What gives?

      • @zeke
        it was mrmz who said that.. looked up “entertaining to watch”..
        what gives? i am simply a big fan of PSH, that’s it.. 🙂

    • In the story Alice in Wonderland, there’s a character called Queen of Hearts. Whenever the Queen of Hearts have slightest dissatisfaction/disagrees/ or doesnt like somebody she would shout, “OFF with their heads!” PSH like the Queen of Hearts whenever someone says something bad about him his response is, I’ll sue.
      A for defamation, he’s jumping the gun, the case is still ongoing. B, he can pick this one. C, he can wait after. Media, they may have covered a false report and should be responsible what they cover. But again, to jump the gun that it was intentional and outright sue for libel. One of the news outlet has been covering the case since the beginning. They could have made the news outlet issue an apology, retract the article, have the police make a statement (which they have).
      Cant he pick his battles instead suing left and right? Why is he using the suing as defense?

      • cause he’s dumb, including the lawyers! They think if they scream “louder” then the public will believe he’s innocent.

  3. This circus is still spinning it’s wheels. I really, truly, deeply, madly believe that the absolute truth will ever be known. A should take her settlement and invest in some deep talk therapy, PSH should crawl under a rock for a few months, do some community service and seek psychiatric help.

    This has been a disgrace and belittles the real issues of the world. Rape is a heinous crime.

  4. It seems you are so bent on prosecuting Park Si Hoo. Every new evidence for him is some kind of manipulation and anything for A is valid point of consideration that proved that rape happened.

    When recapping cheongdamdong Alice, everyone here expressed their adoration for the actor. But once this case broke out. People began climbing onto their high horse and condemned the actor. Absolute fair weather fans. When there were light coming out from him, bask in it. Once he falls into a hole, throw stones. Because everyone here is so perfect and Nobody ever made a mistake. So that when someone did, they have every right to condemn and stone him.

    The “evidence ” that emerged has shown the case to be so murky but people who have had their initial opinions formed sit tight in them and refuse to bulge and continue to view him through tinted glass.

    Changing your position is ok because new facts shed new lights…no one will call you weak minded or sitting on a fence.

    PSH fan.

    • What PSH did wasnt just a simple everyday mistake, so no, i don’t make the same mistake of sleeping with someone on the 1st day of meeting when the person was incapacitated. You cant compare his mistake with everyday minor mistakes. His mistake involves potential serious consequences including a criminal prosecution. He should man up his mistake, rape or not rape. You reap what you saw. He disrespected a woman and now he’s paying for the consequences. Simple as that!

      • oh shut up!! Why do you mouth off when you don’t know what kind of situation you will find yourself in tomorrow and everyone will turn their back on you. Don’t always condemn so fast. Just because someone screams rape doesn’t mean they were and doesn’t mean they weren’t. People sleep together everyday drunk or sober and doesn’t always get sued. She was drunk, threw up, had sex agressively, stayed and chatted in the morning, went home and whiled around for a while before screaming rape. Wait for all the facts and the judges rule, because believe me, none of us will ever know the real truth but those involved.

      • geez all those diehard fans really fight their ass off for someone they dont even met in person, for those hard fans what right do u hv to discredit we viewers who enjoy or laugh off the suing circus from the PSH team?? his legal teams indeed very stupid to even believe B avidavit
        B BIG mouth was very unreliable from the very beginning
        thanks to Koala recap that it showed A team did this things very carefull, the text she had with K keke ing has been out for pretty long but she didn’t even come out to defend why she was keke ing not until now, shouldn’t this show her legal team never always too rush to jump on anyone for damaging her client image

    • Sorry, Earthone. PSH using the line that A saying she is pregnant as proof of her past history of extorting men and that Mr Lee corroborating PSH’s claim, BOMBed big time on his face. Police can use it as producing false evidence.

    • Only seen one PSH drama and have know his well praise acting skills. People are seperating his skills and talent on his Jobs from his character in real life. As his acting, there are definitely support from many and will watch his work again. This point is Both should not mingle together.

    • Only seen one PSH drama and have know his well praise acting skills. People are seperating his skills and talent on his Jobs from his character in real life. Both should not mingle together and the characters actors played don’t always relect the real life personality. As his acting, there are definitely support from many and will watch his work again.

    • the fact remains Park Shi hooo has been charged with rape and thats the fact
      he says no a says yes

      so wherether you say as his fan he did not do it does change the fact

      so why not wait until the procecutor charges him or not

  5. B may have made a mistake and than lead to more mistakes because of pressures from all different sides. Let’s hope she learns the lesson by now.

  6. so is it safe to assume no one sympathizes with B?
    she wanted her own little limelight on the beginning of this issue and she gained two lawsuits in return.. good job!
    and now she wants to extricate herself by betraying A and siding with PSH.. i hope PSH will still continue on his suit against her since this case became messier when she did that first interview..

    • If PSH sues her then submitting the affidavit of B’s statement would be null. She sided with PSH so the lawsuit would be void too? Not sure with SK.

  7. HAHA your wish is their command, just read a news article about how PSH’s side sued 2 media outlets for spreading false info. This whole thing is so ridiculous.

  8. Um…what, B?

    It is NOT difficult to imagine this police station crew riding around in a clown car.

    It shouldn’t be simply that PSH sues the cops for leaking info, but there should be charges filed by their Internal Affairs division for criminally negligent stupidity.

    Cha Bong Sun, Jo Ma Roo and Team Leader Kim (M2F) wouldn’t have messed this up.

  9. I have lost interest in this case, but I have never lost interest in reading Ms. Koala’s views. Thank you, Ms. Koala. Please continue doing this.

    • Miss Koala is a lawyer and should know better that what she herself says here will also influence some of her followers, because as much as you would like to shout “free speech”; you gotta realize that not everyone can follow their own mind….so she should be careful as well. Report the facts Miss Koala and refrain from pointing fingers.

      • again this is her blog if you dont want to read then go away

        i have an opinion of the whole thing
        rape is a henious crime no matter who is accused of it

      • Oh puh-lease PSH’s fans. Stop all the complains about Koala. You’re not making your own fandom looks good by doing this (not that your fandom has good reputation at first).

      • I find hard to believe some people’s audacity telling the blogger what to write.

  10. Some people are just too emotional about this case. Investigation is not over, facts not in n too many hearsay/assumptions.
    I would like to know all the facts when this case is or not sent to prosecutors office and done with.
    Thanks oakoala for updating. This is the only place I read about this case.

  11. Well not everybody liked his acting in Cheongdamdong Alice, there were scenes that he’s sooo overacting, so trying hard to be cute, that looking at him makes me wince. at times he did the headshaking thing way too much, maybe that’s why he jumbled up his brain cells, thus the lack of intelligent, logical decision.
    Soon he might sue just about everyone and everything that moves LOL.

    • NOT commenting on the case, but PSH acting on Cheongdamdong Alice.

      I wasn’t part of the ” wow it’s so good a drama” crowd.
      Gave up watching the show bec I got tired not just of PSH’s over-acting in this, but also Moon Geun-yeung’s.

      • atleast Moon Geun Young has a Daesang Award and does not need to prove how versatile she can act.
        While he on the other hand, can now can have the most coveted Loser Award.

      • @ jusash

        If you don’t like PSH, you don’t bring Moon Geun Young on this issue. She has nothing to do with this issue. Topics under discussion today is not about drama Cheongdamdong Alice. You have to be not objective.

      • @jusash
        Really? You just have to let it out here? This is not a blog about why you stop watching cdda….just leave

      • @jusash

        Since you don’t like PSH so you don’t like his acting.
        Only a handful of people who say that PSH’s over acting in CDDA. But many people say that he has a brilliant acting. If you are wise you definitely would not say as you write in this blog. Do not be subjective. You’d better think before writing.

    • whether he was effective there or not CDDA is no more, and all in the past now. a scene there him being all gentleman to the drunk female lead, so kind to carry her to her house, home safe to her parents, is like a slap, like rubbing salt to the wound at this time when all of this are going on.

    • @Xion

      Yeah right. Not everyone likes Cheongdamdong Alice/CDDA. Other people who do not like to watch CDDA, would not know how PSH acting in the drama.
      Vice verca you own, you said that you didn’t like CDDA. But why do you know exactly what PSH doing there? You said, “ he’s so over acting”, “so trying hard to be cute”, “he did the headshaking thing way to much”, etc.
      That means you watch CDDA as well right? What is the nickname for people like you? I think because you saw PSH did the headshaking thing way to much, making you are lack of intelligence and do not have a logical decision as you say……

      • @JKT, what you say does not make sense. A person can very well watch a drama, even to the end, and not like the drama.
        I know i have done such a thing a couple of times, to be able to talk with friends about the drama, who loved the drama.
        Also, some body language is interpreted differently, depending on your background culture. So, for some, a movement maybe is just right, for others, it is too much, and a third person might think of it as stiff.

      • @JKT
        i just hope that before you make a comment you read carefully first the post youre commenting on.
        Firstly, i did not say in any of my post that i disliked CDDA. My views regarding PSH participation in it was in response to a post above generalized that everyone was so amazed with him and so liked him during CDDA, that’s why i said well no, not everyone.
        But inspite of that i was able to watch CDDA for some other reasons.

      • @JKT,
        I have to agree with Finn. I once watched Bride of The Sun until the end although I dislike the drama so much. I did it because I want to accompany my mother in law who loved watching it. I condemned it every time I watch, saying that it was too slow, unrealistic etc., etc.,. My mother kept watching it regardless of my comment…LOL

      • you are silly, offcourse xion must hv watched CDDA to be able share her/his comment if PSH acting good or not

      • @ Sally

        Ok, I’m silly. But at least I’m not the kind of people who watch his drama, assess his acting skills and then say it in this forum (where there is no connection between his case and his acting). Is this forum to discuss about his acting skills and the drama CDDA? Did miss Koala asked about his acting? Give comment in accordance what was discussed, not too far from the discussion. If so means PSH is a personal matter for him/her.

      • Right. Someone saw his drama until the end and then provide an assessment of the bad acting and report it in this forum. As @JKT said, Is discussed on this forum about his acting skills and the drama CDDA? Is not it, right?
        The article is being presented by miss Koala is still about a rape case in which he was accused. If we want to leave a comment, give it about our view of the case. Not about his acting. There is no connection between his case and his acting. If we give a comment that has nothing to do with his case it means that we are not objective and unfocused. Ok, maybe he made a mistake. Well, we discussed only was his fault. You all have the right to dislike him, but do not get to deeply hate him. It is tantamount to stepping on people who had entered the hole. What if we were in his position today?

      • It wasnt Xion who first brought up the topic of CDDA and concluded that everyone liked PSH in that drama, scroll up and you’ll see who it was.

  12. There’s a 5-letter word that spells ‘B_ tch’ and it so match what this B girl is.
    How can she claim to know A very well…for only 6 months!?
    B was too nosy, too know-it-all, too talkative and now too cowardly, got so scared of being sued isn’t she.
    So next time B don’t meddle in somebody else’s situation! you’ll end up as the biggest liar and stupid of all.

  13. Turncoat B is. She’ll probably recant that she was manipulated by both sides next. She’s really trying to be the victim instead. She’s laughable to the extreme.
    Now PSH cant really used the KaKao text that A has done extorting before. This shows too how PSH using that unnamed man that said A has done to him too. Isnt that so transparent that he bought that man to come forward. No wonder the police said that the text cannot be used. The police knows PSH is maybe producing false evidence. It can be used as evidence against him too. Idiots trying too hard!
    He’s really doing sloppy patching of stories and when you look at the big picture, it will come undone by his own doing. Then there’s no way of saving his “image” , except to his devotees.
    Interestingly, there’s probably a week more for interesting tidbits. False lie detector results and such lol.

  14. Not really sure how any of this is a laughing matter, what with careers destroyed and lives put into chaos, but to each his own….

    • As I have posted such message befor, hopefully those who involved to be treate as humans at least. They need such grace yo bring them back to what are thr right thing to do and not continue to make mistakes after mistakes just to cover up their a*****. I have watched K-drama “The Chaser”, a wonderful drama. Recommend you to watch as well.

      • Woah…chill with name calling. I’m definitely not “cray cray” or a PSH fan. I’ve only seen Iljimae and got through 3 episodes of CA so don’t lump me in with whatever you view a fan to be. I’m simple commenting on how this case is being discussed and it has nothing to do with this blog specifically. The comments here are nothing compared to AllKpop where popcorn jokes are being made for all updates. So don’t try to act like I’m attacking you for bashing PSH or something ridiculous like that. If you don’t like my comment, ignore it just like many keep saying about this blog. It’s that simple…

      • @ccrai
        all posts are obviously subject for comments, so as have been posted that if one cannot handle the discussion or being commented on, then might as well don’t post at all.

      • Chill out, dude. crrai is completely right, this is not a laughing matter to those involved. The careers of PSH, A, K, and B are sure over – at least for some time. Also, their lives are put into chaos by the media craze and public craze.

      • So every time A is made fun of, laughed at, ridiculed his supporters would and should defend her too?

  15. How life’s paths change, permanent scars left………….due to some extremely bad choices …..of actions and company one keeps. But how we as observers react to these unfortunate incident is very illuminating. One can only hope for a very speedy but just ending to this whole sordid affair that is really not doing an iota of good to anyone. Human sufferings,pain and misfortunes are never entertaining.

  16. you wanna know what’s cynically laughable? it’s having done bad judgment, and further aggravate it with more bad judgments and covering ups. one would think and look up to him as someone who’s cool, smart, wise but would suddenly realized, he’s an airhead! and for him to think he can fool everybody is he himself the fool.

    • Well said, giny. That’s the whole point.
      His cray cray fans couldn’t take it and so butthurt when people don’t stand at their saintly PSH side. No one forced him to sue all parties and what? we should feel sad for him doing all this media play and victim attack plus suing all parties

  17. So B says that A is sexually active (horror!!!! —sarcasm—) Does it mean that sexually active women cannot be raped?????? What king of argument is that?????

  18. I wonder what will happen if the lie detector test would really turn out ‘all lies’ for PSH… Only wondering, will his side claim then that he was in no mental condition to answer the questions?

    • Its actually impossible for every answer to be a lie on the test. The only way to determine baseline truth is to have some true answers. This leak seems very suspicious to me and any lawyer worth his salt would sue for libel

      • Yeah, the rumor/news that against PSH is “fishy” but those media play against A aren’t? right right?

      • Iwell, of course the basic questions would have to be answered “correctly”, otherwise te machine would be broken, or PSH a north Korean spy with secret identitiy. 😉
        I was referring to the all-important questions about why he took her home, what they had planned to do tht evening, etc.

      • i dont know how a real lie detector or polygraph test really works, but is there really a right or wrong answer there? i’m sorry if i’m ignorant in this.. and to lie on all the questions? too absurd.. what? he doesn’t know any true happening on that night? and if they have to leak PSH’s result, where are A and K’s?

      • @fnr, in a lie detector test, you will have sensors attached to your body, which register things like blood pressure, breathing, etc.
        When people tell a conscious lie, the reaadings change, i.e. faster heart beat and such things. Your body betrays yourself, so to speak.
        However, lie detectors are not always reliable. For one, you can suppress your reactions by taking tranquiliziers like valium. On the other hand, when a person seriously believes a lie she/he is telling, the answer will be true. Also, wording can make a huge difference here. And finally, some people react with “liar stress” in certain situations to certain questions, even though they are telling the truth.
        Hence, polyographs are considered not reliable.
        Check and for some more detailed information.

      • thanks finn.. appreciate much your reply instead of just telling me to google! 🙂 no need to look up the links since you’ve explained it clearly..
        so is it really possible to lie in all the questions? if it is, ergo he is a terrible liar or just too nervous?

      • @fnr, I think the “he lied in all questions” would refer to the ones connected to the case, otherwise he would lie about his name as well. 😉 Besides, the person doing the test would have stopped it for malefunction of the test, or call in the secret service for catching a spy! 😉
        So, for example, if they ask him, “did you meet A just for drinks”, and he says “Yes”, and that would show up as lie, then it could be really a lie (because the plan was to have a one night stand in the first place), or a sort-of-lie (drinks, and hope for a date) or the truth (just drinks -but too much emotions involved to trigger the lie).
        Also, ‘a bad liar’ is based on the reactions of your body. You can fool most persons, make them believe your facial expression, voice and body language, if you are a trained actor, because you are trained to make others believe lies (example, Actor K has to make a love scene look real, and hates Actress B. For the audience to believe him, he has to convincingly lie to a million people ad ake them “feel” an emotion that he truely doesn’t feel. But in a lie detector test, the lie would most probably be discovered, as the ‘inner signs’ can not be hidden so easily. Of course, an excellent actor becomes his role, and believes he is the lover. ;-))
        So, to answer your question… PSH coul either be a liar, who managed to fool te public by his acting skill, but could still have failed the lie detector tests because he can’t uphold the act. Or, he could be telling the truth, but he’s so nervous that he fails even the simplest questions… Which, according to the links, is extremely unlikely.

      • @finn
        that’s a lengthy explanation..
        then the news item is really wrong in stating that he lied in “all questions”, it is misleading..
        and in your example, then there is really no basis in saying that he lied, since you said that even though it showed as a lie, it could really is a lie, a half-lie or even the truth which turned to lie because of emotions involved when answering the question..
        so its unreliable.. but still they used it.. well whatever..
        thanks for some enlightenment finn.. really appreciate much your nice replies.. 🙂

  19. While the dude is a sleaze, and I have no idea whether he made it successfully through the lie detector questions or not…. IF, and I say IF, the leaked info that he failed the lie detector test is from an official source, and IF that leaked info is false, suing would be a reasonable recourse. In fact, if he actually did NOT fail, I think it would be dumb not to sue.

      • Exactly! Everyone is so busy judging everyone like Jesus himself told them what happened that night. Only 2 people know what happened, everyone else is just spouting opinions disguised as fact

  20. We just need F and U since we have C and K. What episode are we in now? But on the serious note…Innocent until proven guilty and I hope that justice will prevail

  21. I never find PSH handsome , in fact, his eyes look weirdly creepy to me and his smiles appear forced. I don’t know but I sense mysterious/darkness in his eyes even before this case.

    • It is your right to say that PSH is not handsome. But why do you say on this blog? What we’re talking about here is not his appereance. Seeing someone is good looking or not is relative. As well as people see you. If you do not want to be judged by others physically, do not do it.

    • @CPA13
      i kinda noticed that too, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. i saw the stern look (like brooding, sinister) in his eyes, although he appears to be smiling at the host asking about his age. his real age which later on was revealed with his real birthdate- and i thought – oh that was why he was kinda pissed by that question.

      • @Xion

        You seem to really know a lot about PSH. That means you still care for him. If he didn’t want to mension his real birthday, is it be a problem for you?

      • Correction:


        You seem to really know a lot about PSH. That means you still care for him. If he didn’t want to mention his real birthday, is it a problem for you?

      • Did i say it is a problem for me? how if i may ask did i say it was a problem for me? I was even wondering why that question kinda put him off that time, when it was such a very ordinary question, how would i know then what secrets he was keeping.
        Care? his fans can do all the caring for him, they are doing such a great job.

  22. This is getting tiresome, but I appreciate the updates, I think this blog as been informative and fair no matter how some people might feel.

    • @ilovekimchi
      I agree totally! I only reads about the case here. I hope Ms. Koala continues writing these updates no matter what PSH fans said..

  23. To those who cannot take what are posted on this blog, again may you be reminded that there is nobody forcing you to go to this site and read here. you are so free to go to other sites specially dedicated to PSH where they are lavishing praises for what he has done, saying what a great man he is, building him a monument of wondrous deeds. go on there, join them, the door is wide open see?

    • Anyone can come to this blog. So if there are people who do not agree with what was written here, that’s their business. Do not try to make them go away. Consider it as a discussion forum. Our opinions are not necessarily the same as everyone else. What is important is that we provide an objective opinion. Do not give opinions that have nothing to do with this issue.

      • then by all means stay, as you please, everyone has the right to post here. any one can comment and be commented on in return, just don’t let anyone be accountable to your stress levels because not all people will agree and side with you.

      • @tara
        yes in a forum, everyone should have a chance to post their opinion, but if you noticed above one fan blasted the owner of this blog for her views, while one fan had the audacity to tell one who posted here to shut up. so if they knew that those post here will just rattle them, then why go here? it’s not as if someone hold them at gunpoint to read each and every post here. as have been said nobody has ever forced them to.

  24. Those pep rallying that his career is not over and his popularity is going..yes sure …actually it opened a lot of great challenging roles for him..another serial killer role…hmmm a psycho role… a molester maybe…an addict.. hmm a mobster drug lord…oh and one more a gigolo or male dancer in a club..who knows with his realistic performance he might just get an award…wow

    • But he’s still an actor right? No matter what his roles. If there are still many people who love him. That means his drama/movie will be watched by many people. Producer of the drama/movie will be happy if the drama/movie bestselling, because it will make a lot of money. That’s the business.

      • yes ofcourse, anyway surely he will be so more at ease with those type of characters above to which his legions of fans can easily “relate” to.

      • @fnr
        wow thank you for complimenting.
        those would be such blockbusters right? good for the business indeed.

      • welcome! since you are such an angel and PSH is such a devil, it would be a huge success if you’ll be the one on the starring role right? miss i’m perfect meets the bad PSH?

      • well i hope i could grant your request but so unfortunate that i’m not an actress, and even if i’d be a trainee i’d better steer away from the super popular, so excellent actor PSH, since all know how he is with aspiring “trainees” right?

  25. Koala, you are doing a wonderful job on the updates. Of course fans are getting very defensive of the issues because it is hard to accept reality when a fictional idol, whose image ois constructed by media anyway, is involved in a big issue like this one. I am witing for the conlusion of this case as it;s getting too ridiculous. I hope everyone involved will pick up from this and learn a thing of two. Everyone involved in this should wisen up, first of all!

  26. Ms. K, look what you did! You already wrote there was a last post on this issue but now, this! See, your followers are fighting with each other. Guess you couldn’t resist putting your stubby little fingers in the cookie jar, eh? I take that back, I’m sure you have exquisite lawyer fingers.
    These girls [and boys?] are vicious, acting as both prosecutor and judge at the same time.

    • What’s wrong with arguments? if everyone holds the same opinion that it’s not worth reading for because it would be boring. Grow up! instead of attacking the blogger. You have no rights to make demands from the owner of this blog, but you have the right to leave and never come back.

      • Down, girl [or boy?]… why so heated up? I don’t think Ms. K is taking this personally, are you her lawyer? She doesn’t need one, esp. one with smoke coming out of her nostrils. Go look in the mirror and repeat to yourself: Grow up!

    • @Kimchi,
      Ms K also said, “probably”, because she most likely didn’t expect more “exciting news” to show up, after the police announced they would send it to the prosecutor.
      Also, I don’t see how you are any different in your glee. Have you grown horns already? 🙂

      • Another assumptionista? Look who’s gleeful with your smiley up there.

        Who doesn’t have horns? I’m sure you also have some, with a tail to boot.

      • Ah, you found me out. Best you start watching your back, evil might seak up on you and implant that tail in your ass as well, and post the picture on the internet! 🙂

  27. To PSH fans, do PSH a favor by refraining from slandering A. She could have become Mrs. PSH, if reports are to be believed.

    And to supporters of A, I wish you would show the same passion and compassion for other rape victims, esp. those assaulted in India. At least A is still alive, inspite of her stupid, stupid mistake of drinking with 2 men. Other victims don’t see the light of day and just end up dead. A should be grateful because she can still turn her life around and have a second chance.

    • I hope you aren’t making assumption that the commeters here aren’t passion about Rape victims in various countries, not just especially India (as you use esp.). There are Afghanistan, Africas, Parkistan, S. E. Asia, and etc.. Just as to let you know, since you “wish” to know. I won’t comment these rape cases from other countries that involves petition the governments to change the laws to protect women and to push for giving women rights here but somewhere elses appropriate. Sorry if this message sounds rude but it’s your assumption about the commenters here isn’t always right.

      • In your first statement you say you hope i’m not making assumptions about the commenters and then you say in your last statement that I have an assumption about the commenters. Let’s just assume that you didn’t just contradict yourself.

      • You probably mean “did you get my message then?” You know you have to write properly for people to get your message.

      • Message understood. The angst, not exactly. And you still contradicted yourself. But lets not assume that.

    • Did you just suggest that people here don’t care about other rape victims, kimchi?
      Are you serious?!?
      WTF do you KNOW about people here to say you WISH they would care about other rape victims the same way they care about A?????

      • Finn, just be brave and spell out WTF…
        You’ve shown your passion enough ha ha ha
        Now get out of your butt and do something instead of venting in this post

      • Want to come and visit me? I can show you what I am doing in regards to rapists and their victims.

    • What you YOU doing to help the rape victims, kimchi? Please enlighten us.
      I take it that you must be quite the activist. Please share with us your activities so that we can follow your example.

  28. geez all those diehard fans really fight their ass off for someone they dont even met in person, for those hard fans what right do u hv to discredit we viewers who enjoy or laugh off the suing circus from the PSH team?? his legal teams indeed very stupid to even believe B avidavit
    B BIG mouth was very unreliable from the very beginning
    thanks to Koala recap that it showed A team did this things very carefull, the text she had with K keke ing has been out for pretty long but she didn’t even come out to defend why she was keke ing not until now, shouldn’t this show her legal team never always too rush to jump on anyone for damaging her client image

    • there had been a breach in the asylum’s security…hence another escapee fan trying to be noticed here…under the pretense of caring for other rape victims. a rape victim is a rape victim…even those who survived are not less a victim because the perpetrators’ crime and sins are just as abominable irregardless.

  29. My English writing is not really good, since it’s my 3rd language…but i would like to give my opinion to this matter. I have been follow this case from the beginning. I was shocked and disappointed when first the accusation came out, i’m PSH fan and i think he is one of the best good looking and talent actor…but didn’t want to take side, cus i didn’t want to be unfair to the accuser and jump into conclusion…but how the drama has been develops at this point i would like to give my own opinion how does the story goes…taking out the credit that we r dealing in the entertainment world, where anybody sleep with everybody, where ppls dating in the cars, in the washrooms, underground of the parking in lots of tv stations and c each other once every month.. n honesty i don’t think they just holding hands…K n PSH r friends, K is also friend of A, A is attractive and pretty, K wants to introduce A to PSH which is normal to ppls that have friends that they r singles…they drink, she got buzz n having fun want to have some more they went to PSH n drinks some more, i believe at this point that all 3 of them got drunk and pass out in PSH room, n K is was less drunk that’s y in the middle of nite he went to the living the process PSH n A were alone, in the buzzness turn left n right, body touch body, tuck.. they have sex…happen all the time to ppls that they r familiar with alcohol…i don’t think at all that was a rape. The only mistake that he made was to think for a moment that he was a regular man meet a regular girl through his friend. In defense of K i don’t think his a scum as many ppls said, us human been we all flirt in the phone especially through text msgs.. but he din’t have interest in A what so ever n same as A to K. A just wants make some money out of it since PSH is a celebrity and along with it 15 mins of fame but the situation is growning bigger then her brain could think of.

    • The long litany of explanations, when all you wanted to lead to is bash A. You are entitled of course to post your opinion, but all the points are like reading ‘reruns’ of the same old, baseless allegations, that had been discussed, deliberated on eons of posts ago. never hold back to post and react on a turtle phase. this account was like a very much delayed reaction. stale i say.

    • you didn’t follow THE case pretty good, PSH admitted he wasn’t drunk that night which is WHY he claimed it was consensual sex FOR he remembered everything vs A claimed she was passed our for she can’t rem everything hence couldn’t consent the sex and there were CCTV on P condo that proof she was peggyback by K
      it is typical of all PSH diehard fans to take side since all of you guys were thinking P can bang her FOR ppls always hd 1night stand on backseat cars or public toilets etc, it was OK if 2ppl were in horny to hv 1night stand at any public places but it wasn’t when the girl think she was passed out couldn’t give consent
      even P is human beings he has his horny lust on Valentine days is ok but he choose celebrity as his career path which all fans around the world paid his work as their adorable model for living style n conduct hence he wasn’t supposed to have had a wild sex on a drunk girl who claimed she can’t even give consent

  30. First of all, I’ve only been reading here and there on this case. As many have wrote before, it’s becoming more and more like a crazy circus, clowns going berserk and not to mention haters as well. People siding A and PSH. People bashing A and PSH. But where do I stand? *shrug* For quite some time I’ve been thinking of all the evidences notified to the public, the cctv is the only one that stick to my head despite all these ruckus of opinions, comments. I don’t want to have preconception of A as someone that is not a victim. Nevertheless, the cctv showing her good mood playing with her hp while leaving PSH place said so freaking much it buggers me when people keeps saying that didn’t mean no rape happen. Seriously? Are you guys just bend on shouting your pessimism, thus refuse to otherwise believe that perhaps she is lying? Rape victims have even killed themselves out of shame and fear. Or even be killed. Like some have even stated, how can rape victim be so casual over such event. Staying longer than usual. God! Forget about all the other so called evidence. To me that cctv says everything I need to know about the character of A. Like a certain you who have mentioned various times about ‘we are who we make friends with’. Why don’t you give a fair judgment by saying A is as bad as her friend she mingles with i.e. B. Even if I have a drug addict friend, don’t mean I do drug. Ever thought of such circumstances exists in this wide WORLD? Duh! Most of the commenters here shown me how narrow their way of thinking are. How easily they judge people they don’t know. Perhaps A is even snickering over all these comments be it good or bad. Don’t you go pointing figures saying I’m one of that crazy fan most of you are so dislike. I’m not. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t say that most of you guys who posted vain rude comments, are just…*speechless*… Miss Koala is objective in her writing perhaps and I won’t say otherwise… it’s her blog anyway. I just hope these people who claim so much as siding the rape victim in general to think wisely with their brains before commenting. Harsh, un-objective, rude and vain comments show who you are and your characters nonetheless. Should I trust those? No. I trust my own opinion and currently I no longer siding with this rape shit no more. Now the objective of this case seems more like ruining a person life than finding justice for that so called rape victim. She had sex. She loved it and regretted afterward for only God knows why. He had sex. Loved it and now he’s rueing his own stupidity. People all around them focusing more in ruining him. Don’t repeat to me about how A is also living a ruined life. All I can see in the news are PSH here, PSH there being bulldozed by media and the police idiocy. It’s so freaking plain and simple to deduce actually, since that one evidence has been long declared. It’s just the police is so freaking stupid. The media is so freaking stupid. Not to mention people involves in the case as well. Oh yeah, should I mention the people behind the scene as well? The conspirator? Yeah, day in day out it seems more likely there devils behind the curtain.
    In this case, A has her fault. B has her fault. PSH has his fault. And so did all the other letters. But what’s up with the monkey business of these leaks from the police, the drunkenness of media over rumors and many more rumors… It’s a point to ponder. If you are wise, perhaps you can even come up with a more objective reasoning for it. Not sure though that many of you here could deduce it since you only see things in one narrow line. Conclusion, people are killing a man over the one way his leads his PRIVATE life. As for A, she won’t die. Trust me on that. I like to see you guys putting your feet in his shoes. You guys being judged by others till you can’t even go on living anymore. Don’t bother about A. I don’t cos what is there to go crying the world for. A = Raped? Tell me about it! She spitting on the pride of the real rape victims. That’s all I can see.

    P/S: To all real rape victim, I support you in your quest for recovery and finding justice. Just so you know, if you are reading this. Fighting!

  31. The lengths, as in literally the lennnngths (of post) one has to go through just to what…solicit a drop of sympathy for him-who-can’t be named?
    Wow even “declared” that A had sex and she loved it…thus her good mood?
    Always bringing up an old premise that was discussed a hundred times over, maybe the penchance for broken records eh? or can’t find any other credible defense anymore?
    since being lengthy is the trend, so here goes…
    Okey not declaring a guilty verdict to him-who-can’t be named unless the fans from the underworlds come out with their banshee cries.
    But i hope for those who has the capability to comprehend… this excerpt is one to take note..
    “The manner in which sexual abuse is inflicted doesn’t have to involve violence at all. A perpetrator doesn’t have to use a weapon or beat their victim into submission in order to achieve their end. No violence occured that will leave the victim looking VISIBLY SHOCKED, TREMBLING, TRAUMATIZED, BRUISED” a supposed victim was not forced- as she was not aware how it even happened – no clear memory of it- uncertainty, thinking it was just a bad dream, but the laboratory results confirms it– even if she’s not groping the ground weeping miserably – that doesn’t mean nothing foul had happened.
    for sure in the next posts to come, another reiteration of this premise of liked-the-sex and good mood- will have a come- back, i bet about a hundred page long.

      • This matter was discussed about two main topics back. not exactly certain how many pages ago that was…since those who posts doesn’t have indexes and foot notes. if you’ll be able to back track, you will find the posts there.

      • the laboratory result wherein PSH’s DNA was found on A’s body? that only confirmed they did the act which PSH admitted at the very beginning.. but that did not prove that something foul happened.. that’s why i’m asking if there are lab results that confirmed something foul did happen, since you seem so sure.. coz as far as i know the police are draggggiing this case because there are insufficient substantial evidence that they even resorted to using the lie detector test..

      • Reference on this are available online…there are legit sites – on psychology – social support groups…cases, clinical studies,findings and results.

  32. In this world there will always be people who will side with you..and there are those who will not. No matter what you do, YOU CANNOT WIN EVERYBODY even if you’re a very popular, elite celebrity. that’s the reality, that’s just how life is.
    PSH’s popularity as they say is hardly affected by this case, so why then must his fans be severely hyper-agitated. At the rate his popularity is soaring for sure this case cannot touch him?

    • If the verdict comes out that P’s innocent, A will get stoned. And if P is found guilty, then A and the police will get stoned….probably by the same group of people. Yeah, maybe P can’t be touched. But it’s lose-lose for A, the way I see it. My memory is getting fuzzy, but I thought I read somewhere that A went to a rape victim counseling center BEFORE they advice her to make a police report. So did they give her bad advice? Looks like everyone from B to Z is out to discredit her.

      • Well the way I see it, if she was indeed a rape victim then she should have reported it to the police, sought help in silence. It was her plot and greed in taking it to the Media first that caused all this frenzy, leading to her identity, and lifestyle being made public.

      • Crazed fans gone delusional in their admiration and serving their lord and monster..i mean master.

      • @ onevoice
        there were so many kakao talking convos posted all over the internet between A and B on this money issue, have you not read them? It was obvious that she was influenced by B and other people to seek monetary settlements…and B and other people were the one that thought mixing the media will make PSH settle for a larger sum of money…A stroke me as a quite naive, gullible girl, she’s only 21 years old so it’s understandable in a way. And I must wonder, if a non-celeb guy would have raped her, was she going to press charges? It’s possible that if PSH was a poor nobody, she wouldn’t have gone through this ordeal of police, media etc like few rape victims do, that’s why rape is called the “hidden crime”. Unfortunately for PSH, he must now deal with the consequences of his mistakes and learn from them. But all I see is how he suing everyone around him, pointing the blame everywhere but on himself, instead of maning up and take responsiblity for his actions.

  33. tell me something Xion, she being rape woke up at late noon and not realizing the first time she woke up that she was naked on a bed of a guy she barely knew, not able to defy the second time, staying in till late noon. Then she realised after the second time ended, opps I slept with him? Then she just moved on like nobody’s business and went home only to RE-realised, yikes he slept with me (not the other way around)?? and now very much clear she was rape? and that he did it twice? You may find some logical thinking in that to presume rape happen. I can’t. Live with it as I’m living with all the comments in every blogs I read. Again, reply-ers… from my readings some of his fans are not as crazy as his other crazy fans/his haters. didn’t i say I’m not in any of that categories? Oh yeah, I forgot, some people have brains one side only thus the inability to see beyond that. Oh by the by, the lab result said they have sex. Period. Of course if he was actually raping her he should be punished, duh! But I don’t have any reason NOW to trust the girl much more than HIM or YOU. Too bad my one cent sympathy didn’t go to her and her alone and for that I deserve bashing. Whatever! For all I know they are others much more deserving to my lowly sympathy. Did I met you 100 pages mark? Too lengthy, then don’t read. One to its own opinion, no?

    • you should read the recent Ohio rape case. She was so drunk and out of it that she was raped twice: in car and basement. She was seen piggybacked by the guy. The court ruled in favor of the victim: too drunk to consent. In this case there was a video evidence.

      • I think there’s also a video showing she walked good by herself and within 5 mins was so drunk she vomited on her way to you know where (unless she had extra bottle in the car) idk but she still continue on. Ohio case is to me pure rape case. It’s done, the boys got prosecuted for what they did. It’s obvious they raped her. She is clearly TRAUMATIZED. Meanwhile for this case, it is still circus-ing its way to wonderland. Becoming more of a laughingstock with the police and media busily claiming for the sole joker award. That’s to me is such a big difference. The victim A, is she traumatized? (i.e. keke, clubbing, $$$$ etc.. oh yeah, I forgot those were the farce orchestrated by the police) *shrug* Go figure…

  34. @etee, I don’t believe the police-media play… remember that the police was supposedly there when she text that K guy as reported by her lawyer. sort of taping the conversation… Was that before or after she reportedly went to that counseling? Gosh, I watch too much horrifying spy scenes in this movie… all these ruckus… people just need to see beyond all these madness… but some just can’t…*sigh*

  35. @etee, nah I’m not invested. Like I said before, I have ONLY been reading like many of us, here and there. I really prefer to just read, shut up and observe and leisurely conclude my opinion. And thus far I kept my thoughts to myself. Only few days ago I felt like writing since I saw same contradictory, same unfair judmentals being said, thrown without a sense of guilt. I don’t mind with ‘stupid/foolish’ words used. That I believe applies to whole the situation. But much more harsher terms have been bombarding the air when the accused/victim haven’t been proven wrong/right. It’s kinda nick on my sense of understanding/objectivity to the WHOLE situation, not only at a corner/part of it. Like many others, I’m just human, thus I react to these hideous remarks. Can’t help it…

  36. well kinda think that lengthy posts are ‘bearable’ and much better though if they are up to date, like this post is already on the polygraph issue instead of a back-and-forth, run-around kinda recap every time. well since some ‘just reacted’ now (though im NOT forcing anyone too to read my post) and we can indulge in lengthy posts: here is the recap (i would have to remember to keep it to cut & paste or as reference for those who have penchant fr recaps later…again).
    1.) Her not running out immediately screaming, crying out of his apartment does not prove his innocence
    2) Her not leaving immediately does not prove it either.
    3) Different people depending on built, contenance, health conditions have DIFFERENT tolerance of even minimal alcohol levels in their body, and how fast or slow their system gets to recover- i know someone who still feel the after effects of hang over ‘days’ after the night of drinking.
    4) How alcohol affects memory, motor function may differ from one to another
    5) before joining the
    discussions here- you just dont read what are posted here- you may also take the initiative to read relative facts and documentaries of similar cases- so one would not be so shocked and ask WHY? WHY? she did not immediately run out screaming!
    6) and there you will gain insights on the different mentality of perpetrators as well as THE DIFFERENT BEHAVIORS, REACTIONS, AND COPING MECHANISMS of the victims.
    7) No one is obliged to give her symphaty, as well as no one is also obliged tobelieve he is innocent.

    • Do I need a permit or something to even post here? You own this place eh? For the last time, my reading too much of the comments here and everywhere, woke me from my slumber. Simply pointing out one thing out of so many overzealous things made me outdated? Not following your classes? Not accepting how your brain works? Gosh, this is the sort of thinking that have been polluting this place. Why ever are you stubbornly wanna argue with me? One to its own opinion, REMEMBER?? Oh yeah, I forgot. You didn’t finish READING… *O* Nobody can force me to trust anybody. I don’t even remember asking you to take on my opinion like your life depends on it. You are not my mother and stop delusioning yourself that I’ll have the same reasoning as you. If you read my post clearly dear girl, you’ll notice me mentioning how I NO LONGER believe in this rape shit as well as her CHARACTER and other clowns in this crazy circus. PERIOD. Talking about being lengthy, there’s so many things in my mind right now that I wanna say to you but hey, why bother. Cos yeah, it’s gonna TREMENDOUSLY exceed your mere expectation, or shall I say, limit of 100 pages. I pity your weak mind to comprehend everything I wrote. Go get some rest if you can’t UNDERSTAND these words, past and present. You brain seems to be requiring a lot of rejuvenating, though I doubt you’ll ever improve.

    • Right on.
      For those who claim this is a circus dizzying them, but keep on resurfing the first sets of discussion is just like keeping the cycle of the circus going over and over.

  37. Firstly, MY POSTS ARE NOT DEDICATED OR FOR THE EXCLUSIVE READING OF JUST ONE PERSON only…don’t be so priviledged…now if the worlds hurled specifically hit you full on the face, well i wonder why?
    Another thing,
    this kinds of lengthy posts are kinda great actually, as anyone can do it too.
    I have not “stated” in any of my posts that im restricting anyone to post here – Yes this is open to everyone- even to those who’s first salvo are criticisms to the other posters here, like having weak brains blah..blah..blah – SO DON’T BE OVERLY SENSITIVE- to those who can say it like that, be ready to take it as well.
    But rest assured, no one is being forced here to read or react, you may or you may not.
    Nor anyone here will ever dare try to sway or influence your way of thinking or what you believe in, and vice versa. I am expressing my opinion and not dictating, as i have no expectations whatsoever from anyone.
    Someone might have a mouthful to say on this again, well you are so free to do so, actually it’s kinda flattering to get such a perturbed reaction.

  38. it’s funny how the diehard fans keep coming all the way here in this blog to bash A as if they hv not done enough at their fansite
    A being walk free on the bar but the next 10-15min she was piggyback n vomit was all fake drunk, a cctv which P team think can be use to discredit her was ok but a cctv proof she was drunk piggyback was all pretending or fake, seriously why are u all fans can be this blind , i am not taking side with A but something was wrong that night for both claim contradict story and i blame P for he is a famous celebrity which all of his cobducts were on public eyes but he choose to bang a drunk girl at 1st time met
    i cant side with P not now not until he is proven innocent for all count of claim from A and i only comment here for this blog is non bias, i would not comment this blog if i too blindfoldly sided with P

    • those cctv aren’t fake… but what really happen might be altogether not the way it actually seems. I’ve seen a lot of videos that actually tell different stories altogether. The image was captured. Thus, reality is in the end the preconception of viewers. Ask your government or the media if you are not aware of this. I got the examples in my country. Shouldn’t waste time putting it here though. Suffice to say I learn from experience how we can’t simply give final judgement with one thing that we see. As I mentioned, we need to clarify some stuff before finally form an opinion on many things in our life.

      I may seem to be contradicting myself on the video thingy if you did read my previous post. Since I was so valiantly remembering that one cctv and putting my distrust of A’s character based on that but, I did it after considering some other matter which I deemed have elements of truth. It’s her character, her intention that I question. Why I pity PSH since he is a total stranger and I’m not even a fan? It’s cos it’s very clear the war have shifted angle. Now people harass/accuse/blame him SIMPLY for sleeping with a younger girl at first time meeting. Do you think it’s fair? Like my earlier posts, if wanna put the blame on that particular point, it shall be all parties involved. Perhaps I’m not objective enough in my views, *shrug*… @Xion, you may not ‘stated’ but the intention is all the same very clear. It may not as obvious as a, b, c… cos I read between the lines, I noticed. I feel I should defend myself, and if posters here felt it’s wrong, then whatever…

    • @sally
      you know over there on that other site, in their own created dimension, not two sides are allowed to be heard, and if one does bravely step yonder, and defy their own imposed gag order, heads will surely roll. so they kind of cannot grasp the concept of this blog where two sides are allowed to post opinions, they seem to highly think that everyone should blindly follow their cult. and those who don’t are hunted over at this site. what..have the one-sided discussions there got them so bored out of their wits, and now they want to try their venoms and claws out here, and even have the audacity to be indignant. talk about obsession gone wild.

      • @violet
        I get goosebump reading comment at their fansite, I am not referring to how they curse A but anyone who dare to post contradict opinion against their idol were got condemnation n cursing abuse all the way for not taking side on P, how vicious

      • @sally

        yes exactly, and then when they go out of their lair and extend their tentacles else where they expect that everyone will bow to their so very innocent lord and master. As if everyone should all follow their bidding. and they have the guts to tell us we lost our brains. look who’s talking.

  39. @ Hmmm
    Are you for real? Who is harassing here PSH? We don’t accuse him of anything until proven by the law. We also don’t blame him of anything…we simply JUDGE his actions who happen to have consequences on other people’s lives…Yeah, the FACT is that he slept after 3 hours of knowing her with an inebriated girl 16 years younger than him. Why would she be responsible for having sex in her state? She is almost a minor, whilst PSH is aproaching his 40s, she was puking her guts out and had to be carried to his apartment, but PSH seemed almost sober in comparison, if not perfectly sober. She is only responsible for drinking, an act that was seemingly encouraged by the 2 guys with her that night. PSH mixed himself mixed for her red wine with soju. Another FACT: he postponed his police hearing with almost 2 weeks. FACT: his team is suing everybody left, right and center instead of working more on his defence …FACT: K is a huge liar. And of course, this affair transformed into a big effing circus. Instead of blasting people here who happen to not side with PSH for various reasons, why don’t you just state your POV on this rape case and move on already? You won’t won people on your side here, because most of us like to be at least neutral on this nasty issue, or have seen too many echoing scenarios in real life to this one to be able to side thoroughly with PSH.

    And congrats that you realized that different people can perceive differently a cctv footage content. Agree to disagree and move on!

    • *sigh*… may I ask also, are you for real? Did you and your friend really read my posts and truly comprehend my message? Did you understand my statements at all? You don’t … it seems… I’ve been agreeing to disagree from the get go. You said commenters don’t have to expect people siding with them but from my previous observations many of you who claimed to be ‘agree to disagree’ here are expecting people to side with A. and quite unnecessarily harsh towards his supporters, crazy/devoted vice versa. See the first reply to my ‘lengthy’ post. And now you pointing it to me again just shows how much you and your friend (with same way of thinking) can’t comprehend my writings, thus these numerous bewildering displays of words. And you asking me to agree to disagree? What a joke!

      My first statement was only to display, as many of you here, my concern over the level of judgementality which to me, are overboard when the case is yet to be resolved. Accuse vs Judge. Here, the very thin line to differentiate these two words are non-existence.

      1. Judge him by his actions having dire impact on others lives. but don’t judge others’ actions for having any impact on his life. Has the case been resolved? What was that ‘r’word they called him? He slept with her and the consequences to her is … >>> Objective? Fair?

      2. Young girl in her 20s can’t make decision, can’t comprehend why she should be following 2 strangers home, why she should be drinking more than she can, why she has to go out late at night to spend time drinking with strangers, can’t make decision not to drink at all that late at night knowing she has to go home and to sum it all can’t be accountable and be blamed for any of her actions… FACTS? She drank cos SEEMINGLY encouraged is a FACT? Oh, I see… *roll eyes*

      FACT is in this wide world there are girls below and early 20s selling themselves to the highest bidder. They are pros. DENIAL: “Of course they shouldn’t be blame for what they are doing cos they are too freaking YOUNG to decide for themselves.” GOOD DEDUCTION? Go figure.

      3. K liar. FACT? I don’t believe him either and I reserve my comment until further notice but to say it’s a FACT. Wow!

      Saying my POV? I did that didn’t I? It covers the case, the views here in its entirety. You wanna keep being vain with your words and facts… so be it. I don’t live by them. So you shouldn’t mind of mine as well. Cos my POV stated why. I don’t even expect any better from you cos I get it, you also can’t grasp my message. These past few days are evident that no 2 views allowed here. Only one and that be yours alike, or else there will be eyes rolling, shoo shoo shoo, die hard fans, crazy fans, and many more. You know what, you wanna embrace A really is none of my concern. I did give A my benefit of doubt as soon as the news was out but if I now choose not to be fond of herself then perhaps you should also accept it and move on!

      Caveat: This post is only to clarify to the related post and have no intention to further deliberate on the FACTS of the case since it seems pointless.

      • First of all, calm down, please. You seem quite confused on so many issues…Your sentences are confusing and you seem to ramble without being clear yourself what are you talking about. Just because I don’t side with PSH, doesn’t mean that I’m siding completely with A and believe she was raped. I don’t know what happened exactly that night in PSH’s apartment, but we all know a few details/facts from all three persons’ mouths, from text messages, from cctv footage etc. All I said is that PSH’s actions seem fishy and not quite honorable, and at his age he should’ve known better, not to mention his public status should’ve made him wary and more careful of his actions.

        I haven’t read all your posts completely, I just replied to your last comment which said that people here are harassing/accusing/blaming PSH simply for sleeping with a younger girl at a first time meeting. You forgot to add inebriated girl, but anyway, the point is PSH is a public figure, so being judged by internet/media for his actions, good or bad , it’s quite normal. Everyone is allowed to say their POV on this issue, so if some people believe A completely or are being neutral on the rape issue, but ethically judging PSH’s actions, then so be it.

        1. Again, I haven’t read all the opinions on PSH and A on the internet. Some called her a slut and a gold digger, some called him a rapist…I don’t care…I was talking especially in PSH’s case in my post because, as I said previously, you blasted people for harassing/blaming PSH only for having a one night stand. Of course, A’s actions have impacted PSH and others’ lives, but honestly, I consider her actions secondary, as a consequences of PSH’s and K’ fishy actions.

        2. First of all, A didn’t know that PSH will be at her rendevous with K on Valentine’s Day, K told her only that he changed the place of meeting, and when she got there, surprise surprise, K wasn’t alone. Secondly, we don’t know at what level was the state of her inebriation when they left the bar, she was walking by herself, but we don’t know if she knew were they are going. A’s statement was that her last memory is from the bar.
        I haven’t said anywhere that she was encouraged to drink by the guys is a fact, read carefully, I said she was seemingly or apparently encouraged by them. How do I know that? Well, if you have read A and K’ kakaotalk next day after the night in question, she said to K that you made me drink really much, but you two barely touched your drinks, and that PSH even mixed her red wine with soju and encouraged her to try this new mix. We already discussed this part, and many said that A drank that night because she having a crush on K, didn’t want to upset him. Also, maybe she was being polite with PSH and didn’t want to refuse his drink. Koreans have this whole drink culture, and you can offend easily a Korean if you refuse a drink with them. Who knows why she drank that night though. She iniatially even thought that she was drugged because she couldn’t remember what exactly happened, this is how far her drunken state really was.
        Have you ever been drunk, really drunk? If you have been, then you’ll know that you’ll start to listen to everyone, you become easily manipulated, you laugh uncontrollably, lose your muscle control, can even pass out or vomit. It’s so nice if your friends help you and take care of you and make sure you get home safely.
        Now, we know that PSH and K didn’t want to let A go home alone in a taxi because they thought she was too drunk, so how come it’s not their responsability her safety and her well being from that point in time? How can we say that she was responsible for her actions after that? Perhaps she was so drunk that she didn’t even realize where they were going. We don’t know.
        And in comparison with a mature, almost sober, 37 years old guy, how can you say that A must have been entirely responsible of her actions? If she has been sober, then yes, she would’ve been entirely accountable for having sex, but I’m sorry, I believe that the main responsible should’ve been PSH all the way. I think his actions that night are morally reprehensible and not gentlemanly at all. He slept with a drunk, vomitingly drunk girl, now he must bear the consequences of that. Not the legal ones, but the public’s negative stand, at least.

        I hope you will be able to diferentiate: I judged PSH from a moral stand, not from a legal one. I also think A isn’t the brightest bulb on the porch. That’s it.

  40. Someone who claims as not a fan and so very defensive about it, always emphasizing on that disclaimer, reacts and rants more than the fans, contradictory or just too obvious.
    you see two sides are allowed here you know why? Because the owner of these blog does not discriminate and allows all comments to be posted here. unlike some other moderators out there.

    • uh you think so? well is it by how the person reacts…noticed the posts? always so cool, composed, calm, no signs of agitation at all, not even a tiny little bit of bile and spite, so very mild right?….hey right?

      • hah? yeah right, LOL whatever. just see how the non-fan reacts again, while the mother ship is hovering, maybe molten lava this time.

  41. Some of you commenters talk about this guy’s rabid fans and their desperate attempt to defend him but I see you guys as just the opposite in stance but very much rabid in the same vein. How are you any different? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I think I’ll try elsewhere for news on this case.

    • Thank you! I was wondering if someone else would notice. It’s pretty sad too because the posts themselves are pretty factual and comprehensive compared to other sites, but having to deal with name calling and mocking just because you may express a different opinion in the comments, as though that makes you less than human, is not worth it. I’ll stick to reading recaps and news on shows from now on, they’re what drew me to this blog in the first place anyway. I can now appreciate dramabeans’ decision to stay away from this case. I do applaud Ms. Koalas decision to do this for her visitors though. But I’m sure she doesn’t do this to see others get put down and called crazy and shooed away. All in all, this case has brought out the worst in everyone involved, including the public and media.

  42. oh so sad to see you go, why not having fun yet? and we thought you enjoyed all the re-runs and replays you brought about here and over there at the new post.

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