Romantic OTP Intensity Shown in Jang Ok Jung Second Teaser

Not bad, not bad at all. I can’t tell the acting quality from this teaser, but I can feel the attraction and glimpse how pretty this drama will be to watch. Following a very boring first teaser (seriously, why bother?), Jang Ok Jung released a second teaser that finally shows some narrative action. Real life Jang Ok Jung was 6 years older than King Sukjong but that didn’t stop the attraction, and here Kim Tae Hee looks older than Yoo Ah In but I can totally see the sparks flying between them. That makes me happy because at least it resembles history but with very pretty people. I think the costumes are very gorgeous and lush, with bright primary colors of purple, blue, and gold that really pop onscreen. I wish this second teaser shows us the great second leads such as Hong Soo Hyun, Jae Hee, and Lee Sang Yeob, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’m happy with what little I get. I hope the posters for this drama are good, and for the April dramas the bar is already set pretty low by When a Man Loves. I have this strange inkling that this drama will turn out to be alright, maybe not spectacular but at least not a suckfest. I think Kim Tae Hee is stunningly gorgeous in a hanbok while Yoo Ah In is sizzling with all sorts of royal intensity as King Sukjong. I’m a little titillated that he falls for her while she dresses him (makes me think what’s to come when she undresses him), but I know from following the filming that those two have a teenage romance between them as well. I’m sure the drama will turn Jang Ok Jung into an unwitting pawn of a power hungry family, trying to keep her grasping faction at bay while protecting her love with the King. It’s romantic for sure, but will the twist and turns of this well-known political power play be interesting still since we’ve seen it many times before? I also wonder if this will be the antidote to the cold fish chemistry from The Moon that Embraces the Sun and a chance to do it right in a similar King’s True Love is One Woman narrative.

Second teaser for Jang Ok Jung:

[tudou id=”qkZuek1a7oI” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Romantic OTP Intensity Shown in Jang Ok Jung Second Teaser — 19 Comments

  1. Kim Tae Hee looks like a deer in the headlights and Yoo Ah In looks prepubescent – they should have gone with a beard for him.

    • plagiarized!!! hahaha! i have seen this comment in another blog just the other day. can’t you make your own comment??? i’ll be watching this drama for Jae Hee.

  2. Korean taste in beauty is so strange, I tried to understand why the said Kim Ta Hae is the most beautiful girl in Korea. I DON’T SEE THAT, maybe the considered big teeth is epitome of beauty.

  3. i’m melting while watch teaser 2…awesome and so touchy make me going crazy waiting this drama will be airing…they look so adorable,^^

  4. Woah!!! I was worried about YAI as king but he is rocking it in the teasers. I can definitely see the chemistry here. I will definitely give it a shot since I was looking forward to it.

  5. I would have loved it if his co-star was Park Min Young. Yoo Ah In has sooo much chemistry with her that I hope to see them in a drama in the future.

  6. Am looking forward to this – I like it. I like them, though. I think he looks old enough – he IS supposed to be younger than her, as you said.

    I always like young King stories – before they are jaded, or exhausted by the constant battling.
    Let’s see which of the SKKS pair can do young king better – SJK or YAI?

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