Adorable First Meeting Pictures of Suzy and Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book

There is a strong sense of deja-vu lately, starting with When a Man Loves posters, and now both Jang Ok Jung and Gu Family Book is giving me whiplash. When I saw the first teaser from JOJ yesterday, the scene where Ok Jung is taking clothing measurements for King Sukjong was lifted from Arang and the Magistrate when Eun Oh took measurements for the ghostly Arang to make her new clothes. GFB also cribbed from Arang in the new stills of Lee Seung Gi‘s Choi Kang Chi sitting on the roof looking down (at his first love played by Lee Yoo Bi), which was the first still released from Arang that showed leading lady Shin Mina as the titular spectre. I remember so vividly because I was so excited about Arang I gobbled up everything related to that drama before it premiered. I’m more relieved that the first OTP stills from GFB showing Suzy and Seung Gi’s first meeting doesn’t immediately bring anything to mind, though I remember Hong Gil Dong had quite a few scenes between leading lady Sung Yuri and both leading men Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Geun Seok that took place in a Joseon abandoned warehouse of sorts. Though its new that the leading lady is poking a guy she’s rather curious about and then gives him a smack in the face afterwards when he protests. I think GFB sounds cute, looks cute, and has the potential to be all sorts poignant and funny if done right. I want to keep my expectations low since I think the high expectations I had for Arang was one reason the drama fell flat for me, and so far I’m doing a good job of not freaking out in excitement over every little tidbit coming from that drama. 


Adorable First Meeting Pictures of Suzy and Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book — 22 Comments

  1. Why so darn cute?! You’re right though, I won’t get my hopes up too high because that’s what I’ve been doing with kdramas since the start of the new year and they’ve all disappointed haha.

  2. There’s also cheek-poking scenes in Seung Gi’s two previous dramas (Shining Inheritance and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) done by his leading ladies. I also want to poke those cute cheeks. Hehe.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but GFB’s picture colour is not that bright and kinda reminds me of Faith *shudder* but other than that, this drama has been promising on many levels. Most importantly, I don’t need a drama which only looks good but unable to connect with me (a lot of dramas have been that nowadays). Like you said, GFB seems like it will be poignant, engaging and cute. I like everything we’ve gotten so far from this drama – engaging trailers and cute stills of the characters. So as I’ve been saying again and again, I hope this drama will turn out good. Can’t wait for the premiere and looking forward to more stills, trailers and the press conference!

  4. I’m not sure I’m expecting to love the drama as a whole, but I’m more looking forward to seeing Seunggi. As long as it’s decent enough and he does a good job (which he will) I’m going to enjoy it.

    The stills looks nice. For some reason I had it in my head they already knew each other, but I like this too. Building a friendship/comradery between the two and then mutual love would be nice to see.

  5. AH , Lee Seunggi , the sweetheart’s back!
    Him with his 50 shades of Cute & Charming.He’s gonna do a good job Im sure. Looking forward to it.
    Why so much talk about sung hoon…Sung Who? I go check.
    Oh….him.On to Suzy ,she’s looking serious. Glad she’s not made to look frivolous & flighty ( from the stills ).

    • Hhh I also went to look to whom sung is !hhehheheheh ! I know LSG is gonna do a great job ! But even if he didn’t ! I doubt that i’ll even notice ! Lol.
      Is it just me or those two week are taking FOREVER !

    • Haha! Sung who???
      And yes! Love our sweetheart Seunggi with his 50 shades of cute and charming! Can’t. Wait. To. Watch. It!!!!

  6. Deja vu indeed. Besides the sitting on the roof scenes, I also remember Arang poking Eun Oh in the face during their first meeting when they spent the night together in, guess what, an abandoned house.

    Really looking forward to GFB, it’s so hard not to have high expectations for GFB, cos’ it looks like the most fun, enjoyable & interesting drama out of the new batch of dramas. Having cutie LSG and Suzy, who I both like, makes me anticipate the show even more!

    • Ah, but he was most definitely awake and trying to ignore her in Arang. There’s always face-poking in dramas, especially saeguks and in abandoned and dark places for some reason, but the spins they put on it are the key.

  7. I’m trying to keep expectations low, but that also doesn’t work if the drama is determined to screw with us. Note: Cheomdamdong Alice, very low expectations, then it started getting good, and then your expectations rise because you’re enjoying it and it seems to be going somewhere. Then, it falls flat. It seems unavoidable lately in dramaland. I’ll just avoid over-hyping it and if it’s good while watching, I’ll let my emotions carry me through. I’d hate to hold back due to fear of getting burned and not enjoy a drama as much as I could, which has happened to me before.

    • I think we sometimes over analyse a kdrama. I know that I don’t really do this with other shows cos I don’t visit blogs that recap and write about the show like I do for my kdramas. Hence, sometimes we become too critical. I’m just going to sit back and relax and enjoy this drama just because Lee Seunggi’s in it! Even if the plot and acting, which are the two main things I look at are not so good, (not Seunggi’s acting though, which has improved tremendously), I’ll just continue to watch and LOOK at him!!!! Haha!

  8. Hmmmmmm I’m not as excited… Idk, maybe because I can’t let go of Hoi-Hoi couple & I loved A&TM couple (not so much the plot but cinematography was good). I’m also not a Suzy fan.

    Have you seen Nine times travel?!? Um, pls do because I didn’t expect it to really be a love 🙂 it’s going on my top ten Kdramas so far. Lead actor & supporting cast are good, his live interest I don’t are for much & wish was someone better… But I’m so hooked, I do believe I’ve found the drama even my husband could tolerate

  9. im really happy that this movie will become the famous of the philippines im also number one fan of kangdam couples <3 <3

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