Park Shi Hoo Lodges Formal Complaint Against Seoul Police and A Prepares to Sue B

As March wraps up, supposedly the police of the Western Police Station in Seoul will be concluding their investigation into the Park Shi Hoo rape allegations and transferring the case to the prosecutor’s office who will make the determination whether to file charges. This isn’t an insular process, the prosecutors are likely kept abreast of the progress of the investigation and may already be weighing the collected evidence even before the completed investigation files are handed over, so it may not be a long wait for a decision to come down. Any decision is good for the state of affairs, calming the warring netizens down and giving the media something else to write about. Of course, if Park Shi Hoo is charged, then expect this media circus to ramp up. With the leak last week of the alleged results from Park Shi Hoo’s lie detector test, with an unnamed source from the Western Police Department claiming that Park Shi Hoo failed every question and an indictment is imminent, while the official police spokesperson quickly confirmed the the leak did not come from them, the damage has been done. Park Shi Hoo’s lawyers have sued some media outlets for publishing the initial news reports, and has lodged an official complaint against the Western Police Department for this and other leaks which have seriously damaged Park Shi Hoo’s right to privacy. Park Shi Hoo’s attorney has also submitted their own investigation case files to the police, included in it A’s now-former friend B’s affidavit recanting all her earlier statements against Park Shi Hoo and painting A and other as plotting against Park Shi Hoo. A’s attorney has announced that A and her family will be suing B, for what I don’t know, but I’m assuming it’s not for being a very bad friend. It’s rather karmic that B speaks up and gets sued by Park Shi Hoo, then she does a 180 and and is about to get sued by A. Like I said before, if B has stayed out of the limelight from the get go in a case where she was not involved in any way, she could be sleeping easy today. Park Shi Hoo’s family has opened up in a voice interview discussing how draining and painful this whole ordeal has been, for Park Shi Hoo and for his family members that love and believe in him. While the involved persons are likely all suffering in their own way, the netizens continue being slimy in digging up dirt and the latest on dit comes in the form of a home-made strip tease video being widely circulated that is rumored to star A. Police have just said that the purported porn videos being posted on Korean websites are not of A and in fact most contain a virus. I can’t believe sleazy website purveyors are now making a buck off this case.

While there have been various so-called porn videos of A circulating, some blatantly false and can’t even be opened, the one getting some mainstream coverage is of a pretty young thing dressed in a tight police uniform doing a strip tease in her room. It’s not confirmed that it is A, other than the girl in question is very pretty, wide eyes, swell figure, you get the drift. I don’t know who would watch it to confirm whether it is A or not, because it does not matter in the least if it is A or is not A in that video. Once again, the promiscuity of the alleged rape victim does not matter in rape cases. At all. A prostitute can get raped, a slut can get raped, a whore can get raped, a virgin can get raped, a nun can get raped, a grandma can get raped, a child can get raped, a wife can be raped by her husband – rape is not contingent on the personality, history, or attitude of the alleged victim in question. It involves the facts of what happened. If A lied about the rape, then let the facts tell the tale. If Park Shi Hoo raped A, then her possibly being a sexually active woman with exhibitionist predilections doesn’t matter. I want the police to review the facts and the prosecutor to weigh the relevant evidence and make a decision quickly otherwise everyone involved in this case prolongs the ordeal.


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  1. OMG leave the guys alone media. ! Omg jut wait for what come ! The suspect is NOT guilty until proved ! Omg the stupid ppl !what if Ye didn’t do it ! U would have distroyed his career for nothing ! And so goes to A ALTHOGHT ! I don’t believe he for a sec ! But as I said up !!
    Thanks mrs koala ! U r the best !

  2. supporters who are desperate will grab any bone that’s thrown at them, like a porn video that has no bearing on this case.

    • In all honesty I think what is being created with all these talks of A’s character, is that since they were drunk and shes “known” to be a “fun-living” girl, wouldn’t it also be more likely that it was consensual.

      Then if she was a virgin saint who never hurt a fly- if she said rape, we would more easily believe it.

      Is kind of worrisome utilizing double standards to defend ones self but I guess since it’s hard to prove consensual sex… It’s easier to show why it would be more likely a yes then a no.

  3. Going off on a tangent here…but I wonder how things would have turned out for Michael Jackson’s child sexual abuse allegations had he sued as many media outlets and/or people involved in the case as Park Shi-Hoo currently is.

    • Media can make or break you. In the entertainment world they do this powerplay that you either choose to be in their good side, or their bad side.
      As an actor PSH shoud choose his battles with the media, for if he manages to miraculously get an innocent verdict and go on with his career, he should not BE BURNING BRIDGES with these media outlets. For they might just make his way back quite difficult for him.

      • Oh, yes, you do make so good points. Once you mentioned the issue with the media – I belatedly remembered my aunt back in Taiwan is a reporter, and whenever she attends press events, the companies (whether celebrities, retail companies, etc.) essentially slather media outlets with delicious food and goody bags. The media really does have everyone eating out the palms of their hands, I guess. And knowing someone like my aunt, rub her the wrong way and she’s likely to take it personally.

  4. This keeps getting sadder by the day… I hope neither one of them do anything stupid to themself. I hope and pray they have ppl by them that can help them and/or guide them to over come this. 🙁

  5. oh i was hoping that with the end of March this case would be resolved either way

    hope we dont get more rapid fans attacking koala

    this is just report of facts

    it is true rape is rape inspite of the victims sexual history

    lets hope the truth comes out and justice is served

  6. Sihoorang Announcement ” [Overseas Fans] Please note whilst awaiting police statement “

    Dear Overseas Fans,

    I gather you are all having a difficult period with the police investigation our beloved actor, Park Sihoo is going under, not to mention the ongoing innuendo of the reporters of clearly false and almost spiteful articles.

    You all probably have gathered by now the clearly unprofessional conduct shown by the Seu-bu Police Headquarters over the entire period and we are all astounded by the biased reporting in favour of the supposed victim and deliberate release of critical parts of investigations to the public. Under the current legal system,”the accused is innocent until proven otherwise” and in the case of Park Sihoo, this basic rule has been ignored and the human rights of the actor seriously violated.

    Park Sihoo is a Korean citizen who deserves the same protection by the law just like anyone of us and yet even the most private details of the case have been connivingly exposed to the media and public and Park Sihoo has been subject to unparalled humiliation even before he had a chance to defend his case.

    Therefore, it is very important for the fans to be aware that despite the publicity game that the Seu-bu Police Headquarters is keen on playing, the police does not actually have any legal authority or power to prosecute Park Sihoo, even if he was guilty. That ultimate power lies only with the public prosecutors or judge and not with the police. This is critical to the understanding of the fans because the Seu-bu Police will be releasing a final statement on this Park Sihoo case in the next few days.

    Please I urge all fans not to be disturbed when the Police announces that the case may be transferred to the public prosecutors as this is not exceptional but only the norm in all cases, as I referred earlier on that the Police does not actually have any authority to prosecute an accused. That authority does not lie within the police and it is only natural for them to refer all cases to the hands of public prosecutors for the case to be investigated more thoroughly. It will be ultimately up to the prosecutors to penalise the accused and not the police and this is exactly what we fans want for the case to be finally closed once and for all and Park Sihoo cleared of all misunderstanding and false claims.

    So, please stand firm and stay patient when the police announces their statement in the next few days and please do not be disturbed by the unnerving newspaper articles as they are seem to be written mostly from
    unfounded truth as we have observed in the last month or so.

    It is not long to go before the case is finally closed by the police and please I encourage all fans to remain strong and faithful as you have done so perfectly since the beginning of the case. What we must do is stay calm and collected and not lose faith in Park Sihoo as he is going through the most testing times in his acting career.

    Thank you for your unfailing love and support for the actor and we await for good news in good faith.

    With best regards,

    2013 Sihoorang Management Committe.

  7. Q: Why did Park Si Hoo apply for the case to be transferred to Gangnam Police Station? (ultimately rejected by Western Police Station.) It has been said Park Si Hoo was hoping to receive favorable treatment from Gangnam Police Station.

    K: Western Police Station scheduled Sihoo’s attendance for Feb. 24, but Sihoo was just changing to his new law firm PURME who needed time to familiarize themselves with the case and to investigate the incident. Western Police Station in fact only mailed Attendance Notice to Sihoo once and only one. Prior to that, they never called Sihoo directly by phone. The police said they did not have Sihoo’s contact number, so they called Sihoo’s former management company to ask Sihoo to attend the investigation, and Sihoo only heard about it from his former management company. It does not make sense for the police to contact Sihoo’s former management company representative Hwang. Sihoo applied to transfer the police station on the advice of PURME. A’s lawyer used to work at Western District Prosecutors’ Office with jurisdiction over the Western Police Station, and this fact caused some anxiety.

    1/ Mr Hwang and A had a plan before A sued PSH
    2/ Mr Hwang did his plan with Seo Bu Police before A sued PSH

    Why did Seo Bu Police Call Mr Hwang in stead of PSH ? How did they know HWANG & PSH ‘s reationship in this case ????? Where did they get Mr HWANG “S NUMBER ????? from A ? or from Mr HWANG ??? It’s very HARD for SEO BU Police to swallow this case !!! ( It’s not Gold but stone apple )


    • One added comment on this line of reasoning. As the police and S Korean being so IT savvy, would the police not have a database of all their citizens including address, contact details, next of kin etc? For such a personal and private matter, why should the police and what right has the police to contact a 3rd party other than the person concerned? Is this not an invasion of privacy and the rights of a citizen?

      • A has his number in her cell

        In your country Anything happened to you then Police call your boss ???

    • Maybe it was because no new Manager had been ‘officially’ introduced to take over, and all still refer to Mr Hwang since some of the actor’s recent/ongoing project’s income are still covered under by Mr Hwang’s management.

      • But does he not have family? Father? Mother? Brother? These are next-of-kin and related. A manager is a 3rd party, not related, even with projects or income. Why not call SBS since his last project was with SBS?

    • No need to quote or post links from PSH site as they are bias including the enews whose articles I found extremely partial as if they’ve been paid. Enews tends to release news on PSH side before anybody else. Remember psh asked for help from his journalist friends?

  8. Now we are devolving into porn of the alleged victim? Isn’t it time the Korean media stop giving the scum any coverage?
    I can’t imagine how Walter Cronkite would read this news, or Peter Jennings…
    They would refuse to, actually!!

    Thanks for keeping the dicussions about the crime of rape on track. It never hurts to be reminded.

  9. i did not see the video, no intention.. but i’ve seen an image in google and compared it to A’s face in google too.. i don’t think its her.. they have some similarities but i don’t think so..
    i just hope this ends soon..

  10. What a way to degrade the issue here with…porn????? Any minutes of fleeting fame will do for some folks.


  11. I can understand B ..She is the thief on the right of Jesus Christ

    1/ 1st She believed all A told to her … then .helping her …. (everyone could be the same )

    2/ Later She found out all A said was lie ( KaKao talk ….Text between A & K …. A did’t run away from PSH ‘s APT but stayed there till 2.40pm to have his number ….Yes me too ! I believe A is a super liar

    @@@ A said : I wish I would be with you last night ! ( A-K) ke ke !! then later A sued K ????? )

    3/B confessed everything & giving PURME all evidentiary materials

    4/Even she said She is a liar

    5/ I think she should be forgiven

    So what is the reason for A sueing B ?? Betrayer ? Liar ?

    • Rose – A is considering to sue B but will not do this now as she does not want to “complicate” the case. Very magnanimous of her.

      Assuming that A has nothing to hide, she has nothing to fear suing B NOW- after all, it is her “reputation” on the line. Someone is tarnishing her “reputation” by calling her a liar and saying that she has done something like this before. If she does not stop B NOW, her “reputation” will get dragged more in the mud.

      Of course, suing B NOW will mean that she has to have a “reason to sue” and has to proof that she has not lied. The police or investigators will have to dig deeper into the matter and it might uncover the real truth which could end up that she is not a “victim” after all.

    • Try to take a deep breath so you can express more logically, in your rush your thoughts and way of wording are all jumbled up.
      First you condemned B for being a thief etc. etc, but it turns out it’s actually A your boiling at?
      Statement regarding A texts are released already.
      Try to ask B why meddle in things she should not have, and then turn coward afterwards.

      • NOPE B is not a coward ,She is a very STRONG girl
        She connected P + C + Mr Hwang + Journalists …..

        because SHE IS A Girl who is EASILY to believe her friend !!!

        She just has fixed her wrong doing !!

      • To understand what Rose is trying to say or express, which is not really jumbled up, you need to know that “the thief on the right of Jesus Christ” is also known as the good thief or penitent thief, who repented and was forgiven by Jesus and gained salvation.

        Sigh! If only B had not meddled at all!

    • Just so you know…police has already stated that the kakao talk texts by A were written/typed in front of them to test whether K was aware of what happened n whether he was involved or not, B’s sued because she just can’t shut the hell up.

    • have u read koala prev recap that the text between A & K was on the presence of police who asked her to chat casually if K would reveal anything or not , you dont need to copy paste anything on PSH fansite, we can read all from koala’s recap. thanks!

  12. To be a normal person….I think this is PSH’s wish right now… media attached…..wouldn’t life be ALOT easier….it’s bad enough dealing with this kind of situation as a normal person, but to then add-on a famous celebrity status… stressful….and what a media circus….as I said before…it’s all too sad. 🙁

    • True. I dont even have the energy to say anything anymore.

      But I would to say I believe him. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

  13. B is not a betrayer -> She fixed her wrong doing
    B is not a liar -> She gave all evidentiary materials to PURME

    She is a girl who easily to belive her friend

    • wowww! someone who supports B, amazing, spectacular…really ? for real you can relate to the kind of person she is. I shouldnt be surprised though, you might have fallen out of the mother ship and landed head first.

      • Please Don’t hate anyone A B C H P K in here
        We have to see all evidentiary materials and think about it carefully

    • There is a lesson to learn. Regarless you are a good person or not, don’t ever meddle on things that you “don’t” know the whole story and you “don’t” understand what is going on. If you do, whatever happens to you that you aren’t supposed be because of your leddling actions will be your own doing and only you to be blame. Hope B learns this painful lesson by now.

    • We’ll for one.. B wanted attention.. She didn’t have to go the media in the first place and she didn’t even have any proof then and no proof now
      2nd Say she wanted to right her wrong, she’s doing it in a very wrong way, making her seem like a traitor and a coward.
      I’ve been in situations where i trusted ppl and got let down and sometimes betrayed.. It still wasn’t an excuse that i announce their secrets to everyone.
      I’m no fan of anyone in this case but what B did was wrong and there’s no excuse to it.

  14. Wowser… What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Right to privacy? I guess in this case, none o the above.
    Media need to published facts, not hearsays. I mean, don’t they investigate also? How embarrassing if psh sue media n police station n win. In cases like this, you would think police station would keep tight lid from leaking anything out.
    Peoples lives ruined because some can’t keep their mouth shut until the investigation is over.


    Q: What happened inside the room? Park Si Hoo is known for not being able to drink and you did not drink, so was A the only one who drank?

    K: Park Si Hoo has never been able to drink much and I was not feeling well, so I did not drink. A was drinking and creating atmosphere and playing drinking games with Sihoo. Sihoo could not hold his liquor and was half dozing; I even took some photos. A drank a lot, but I did not drink.

    A was CREATING atmosphere and playing drinking games with Sihoo

    but A said
    PSH did NOT drink , she drank all -> what she said people would think the wrong way ! It means It’s PSH ‘s trap her to drunk ??

    A is a LIAR

    • And wasn’t it you who said we should not hate A, B, C, H, P, K?
      But youre saying A is a liar. which is it gonna be? are you under the influence or something?

  16. ttp://

    Q: What was the situation when the 3 of you went to Park Si Hoo’s apartment? A claimed she was raped by Park Si Hoo while she was unconscious and you also molested her.

    K: Originally we planned to continue drinking in Sihoo’s apartment. But when she got out of the car, A was already drunk. A vomited in the elevator.

    This was not caught on CCTV but the APARTMENT SECIRITY GUARDS CONFIRMED this fact.

    Some reports say I took off A’s clothes to wash off the vomit but this is not true. Anyone who is drunk becomes at least half-conscious after vomiting.

    A was sober enough to go to the bathroom to wash up and then go to bed.

    PSH is not a Saint or a gay ! right ???

    DRUNK ? NO
    DRUG ? NO

  17. CV – I agree with you – right to privacy and innocent until proven guilty. What right has the police to speak to the media right from the beginning. What right has the police to announce to the world the date of PSH and K’s interviews and not A’s? What right has the police to give remarks like “warrant for arrest”.

    Why did the police drag their feet or not say anything when the media or netizens say say something negative about PSH eg: the news about PSH polygraph answers all being false, PSH’s lawyer has to scream and shout and threaten to sue before they came out to say the info did not come from them but they didn’t do anything much to the journalist/media who made up the false report. But look at how swift they were in denying that the “porn” video was not A – did A’s lawyer had to scream and shout? Ah…yes, forgot, A’s lawyer was some high ranking officer who used to work for the Western Police Station. But then, I am surprised that a lawyer has to hide her face beneath a mosaic screen when appearing for a TV interview. Is she a victim? If not, why allow such privilege?

      • PSH paid for sexual favors , K is a pimp who set him up with trainee A. Except this time, the trainee fought back and called on his inhuman behavior. All those agencies and sponsors who paid for 1 night stands need to have their balls cut off!

        Usually the quiet from “proper background” tend to hide dark secrets. No doubt that P family paid some media to write good stuff about him, such as a few that have been reported about how good his family ancestor is and how it’s not possible that P did it blah blah blah.

      • Since you say that P family paid media to write a few good stuff about him, any idea about the bad stuff, was this paid for too? Other than the articles released by B on behalf of A?

      • CCTV at the bar showing A -> NO DRUNK

        3-4 drug tests -> NATIONAL tests -> A -> NO DRUG

        She did pretend ( her acting skill )-> A -> LIAR !!

    • If I’m not mistaken, the law has to protect the idendity of the victim. That’s why she is appeared “mosaic screen”. This law aims for future rape victims can come forward without worrying that they identity being exposed.

      • rose was referring to the victim’s lawyer who appeared in “mosaic screen” unlike the other two lawyers, PSH’s and the CEO’s have their faces clearly shown on TV, but the girl’s is in mosaic screen.. since she’s only the lawyer and the victim herself, makes me wonder too why the need to hide her face..

  18. A text B ->” O’O ( that person )taste bad


    Q: You left Park Si Hoo’s home around noon on February 15 and A left at 2:40 p.m What was the atmosphere like then?

    K: It was cordial when the two of them parted. Sihoo and A even exchanged cell phone numbers. CCTV footage showed A was looking cheerful in the elevator, fiddling with her cell phone and touching her hair. If she had really been raped, would she have looked so calm?

    CCTV footage showed A was looking CHEERFUL in the elevator

    Sihoo and A even exchanged cell phone numbers

    • Are you high?

      You quoted K’s interview where he blatantly lied of not drinking. His kakaotalk history suggested otherwise.

      Please have a dignity for yourself and stop thinking PSH like he’s a saint or something. What if this case happens to you or your family?

      Since you have too much free time in your hand, try to read Steubenville rape case. It’s strikingly similar with PSH case. It’s also involved some kind of ‘star’ although they’re only high school athletes but they have have supporters and lots of people slut shaming the victim.

      Maybe after read that, you can have different point of view and have some respect for yourself and the victim of rape case.

      • That case never happen to me and my family because we are wise enough to know who are LIARS and we are living in the FREEDOM country ( QUEBEC CANADA ) the country ,Police respects & protects private of citizen ,the best country in this world !!

    • @rose, ARE U ON DRUG???

      • Whoa, calm down, will you, sally? Acting like a five-year old throwig a tantrum surely will help making you look reasonable… Just saying. 🙂

  19. You PSH’s fans should know better. If he truly wants to proof his innocence, he should give evidence that shows the sex was consensual.

    But since he has none, he is trying to paint the girl as the sluttiest girl on earth and every guy and his brother is free to pass this girl around like a cigarette because well, she’s a slut.

    What a disgusting and degrading tactic.

      • from the looks of this case until now seems that the burden of proof is on the accused to prove that the accuser is completely lying…LOL

      • well his lawyers have to do what they have to do to defend PSH.. but for mikki to say that PSH’s side should be the one giving evidence or proof that the sex was consensual or not, i just answered that the burden of proof should be on the accused..

      • PSH’s lawyers should focus a bit on proving his innocence too, not just digging dirt on A to discredit her. It seems this is their only ‘defence’ until now, obscuring the real case in the process, which is the rape case. Some sort of tactic they use I presume in this type of ‘grey’ sexual assault cases. And A’s team must prove the accused guilty, not that A is innocent of the accused team’s allegations against her…
        Anyway, this case became so convoluted and nasty that I’m getting tired of all these back and forth goings… I hope the prosecutors know what they are doing… Good luck to them in sorting this mess out, they’ll need lots of it!

      • Mikki is wrong legally. P is innocent until proven guilty, which means the accuser needs to prove that P is guilty, and P’s lawyers need to defend, usually by questionning A’s claims, whether they are consistent and supported by other evidence etc.
        I think it would be difficult to meet Mikki’s requirement for P to give evidence that “shows” the sex was consensual, unless they have taped the act.

      • Agree that the burden of proof is on the accuser but in this case, it appears that the accuser is in cruise control by just saying “I was unconscious” and that seemed all that she needed to “prove” that she was raped. Of course, I am not the legal expert here but the resident experts postings here seem to think that he ought to be hung based on that.

        The defendant seemed to have to work really hard to defend his case. In my view there are 2 things which he need to show that it was not rape – which is not easy since he/she were the only ones in the room. He has to show that she was conscious throughout the act and that she can hold her liquor ie: she can drink and will not be drunk on what she drank that fateful night and that it was not acting.

        The the same applies to Ms A who has to show that she was unconscious and so far, what she has is not enough evidence to indicate that with the conflicts of her walking out of the bar intact and how after 5 mins she can become “unconscious” and vomiting (sorry to say but these can be simulated/induced through acting), her not leaving after being “conscious”, leaving cheerfully and exchanging phone numbers, her Kakao talks with K (again conflicts that support and not support her position), her Kakao talks with B (which shows devious plotting which does not put her in good light).

        So substantial proof by the accuser is needed which I don’t see in this case but only reports of what the defendant lawyer’s public line of thought. So both sides need to work harder or it would be difficult to make any judgement.

    • I’M NOT PSH ‘s fan
      just reading something from somewhere and tell you guy to understand more

      If you want to know a true elephant ,open your eyes

      please don’t close your eyes and touch it’s leg and said Elephant is columns of a building
      Or touch It’s tail and said ->waooo it ‘s a broom !!

      Reading and thinking !!

    • how do you know he has no proof, we have not heard him speak, other than to claim it was consensual. dont post non facts as truths.

    • @febe – you are incorrect. The burden of proof lies on the defendant. He’s defending what he had been accused of, thus he must prove that the “accusation” is wrong. ALl those proofs about her past, so on are irrelevant to the case. It may discredit her character but it has no bearing whatsoever to the rape accusation. Prostitutes can get raped, wives can be raped by their husbands, etc. The same principle applies to PSH’s claimant that he comes from a good family, he portrayed a decent public image, etc as it has no bearing to whether or not he had raped her. The burden of proof relies more heavily on the defendant than on the plaintiff.

      • Koala has explained this on one of the few earlier post. Here:

        Koala answered a poster’s question about burden of proof of the accused. Its somewhere in the middle.

        This is the thing why some posters stressed that a lot of the issues they’ve brought up was already discussed before. They just now joined in, either new to Koala’s or just provoking a fight.
        because they knew that PSH

      • Ooops got cut off…Because they knew that PSH is not revered here and could see that he has flaws/misgivings unlike at that site where he is paraded as sinless, elite, buyeo lineage (whatever that royalties?), martyr and whatever adjective they tagged on. FYI, A is not glorified here either. To those who claim otherwise because if you read older posts you would not say so. Just happened that PSH is more “active” on his defense that the ‘flaw’ of his defense is scrutinized.

  20. Roflmao, who let the dogs out on this page? I smell desperation among PSH fans… wait until the verdict, guys, no slandering as a conspiracy this alleged rape case based only on liar K statements, please!

      • Darling, it was a metaphor for hell breaking loose on this page, I’m not insulting anyone, it’s not my style. You shouldn’t feel targeted, but I wonder why you felt it was intended to you…hmmm…

      • Wow Rose , the fan, had spam this blog and were trying to push Articles from PSH fanclub site down our throats! She’s sooooo desperate, maybe the sign that P has nothing to defend himself with. The articles from Sihoorang and the like are obviously bias and has no bearing whatsoever.

        Is Rose possibly PSH? Haha

    • so as long as negative posts are about PSH its ok or K as well. but posts about A are not permitted. I have read plenty of your posts your PHS bashing has been non stop on every thread

      • I wasn’t censoring any bashing against A, I was only appalled that some people wanted to transform the alleged rape case into a conspiracy against PSH based only on K statements.
        Yeah, well, I’m free to ethically judge PSH’s actions…I was a fan, but not anymore.

      • Forgot to add that I was previously saying that it’s not my style to personally insult users/forumers on the internet. And regarding the bashing of PSH that you accuse me of, well, one of my friends was date raped in a similar scenario to this one, so excuse me for not having a nice opinion about guys who take advantage of drunk girls.

    • The “no slandering” should work both ways.

      On the issue of personal insults, it’s fine to comment on the case and agree to disagree with the opinions. But imo, it’s not right to personally insult users/forumers on the internet.
      Unfortunately, this subject has attracted a lot of rude commenters who are making personal attacks, such as comments like “landing head first”, “talking like a bot”, “liar”, “annoying”, “what ward did you escape from” implying insanity, “foaming at the mouth”. I hope they realise that when they make comments like these, whatever else they say loses all credibility.

      • Do you even know the correct meaning of “slandering”? Slander is what the media is doing to PSH, or what netizens and PSH’s team are doing to A: slandering as in ruining reputations. Slander= oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation; false defamation, calumny.
        People here are not slandering each other, they are insulting each other…I guess some non-PSH users here were getting tired of the idiocies/irrational posts spewed by a certain user, me included. Seriously, keep her away of this site, she only ended up making PSH fans looking like crazed, obsessed, desperate people.

  21. From what ward did this one escape from?
    Filling up this blog with old posts, bombarding with repetitive statements, spamming. is this their strategy now?
    it’s not the quantity of posts that would prove your point.
    talk about getting desperate.
    bring the straight jacket in!

    • do you really have to be so rude to other commenters here?
      why do you attack them personally? if you dont like their POV then debate on the issue.. you call his fans debasing things, as if you haters are the only people here who have the right minds..

      • oh pardon for not noticing how rational, how sane, and logical her posts are, and how consistent her opinions were. my eyes might have been playing tricks on me.
        now who would want to be offensive to a very, very, very err comprehensible commenter…right?

      • i just dont like that instead of arguing with the fellow commenters’s ideas or views here, you attack them personally.. i just thought that it is possible to have “healthy” discussion without name calling or saying offensive things.. some siding with PSH here are also too blunt or even rude in voicing out their opinions, but at least it is on the topic and not on the other commenters.. well that’s just me, if this is the way you argue, then go on..
        just dont generalize PSH fans..

      • why should we be enticed to re-discuss topics we have already discussed a long time ago, is sounding like a broken record fun?

      • i understand.. i got your point on the never-ending discussions..
        i just noticed the way you argued that’s why i reacted to your post.. as i said, that’s just me reacting.. we all act or argue differently on things, so if that’s your way, then go on, who am i to impose anything on you.. maybe just be a little bit sensitive sometimes..
        now back to the topic.. innocent until proven guilty.. and for the police to be leaking confidential reports and evidences is really a big disappointment, but why only his results? where are A and K’s? so unfair..

      • @fnr, while I agree with you n the topic of politeness, please keep in mind that no one is a PSH-“hater” just because they don’t buy his version of the story. I think it is safe to assume that the majority of people here could care less wether or not PSH exists at all (no offnse meant).
        The problem I see is that the topic of date-rape in itself is one very emotion ladden for many readers here, as they either had the experience themself, or know someone who had it happen to them. It’s a dark and dirty world we live in, unfortunately.
        Also, before meeting PSH, if “aspiring acress” A really went through that hellhole of sexual abuse suffered by many aspiring persons of the showbiz, then many, many of her actions and reactions make sense. However, that’s a different topic altogether, which isn’t part of the case.
        Personally, I just hope that the prosecuter will get all available evidence from the police, that the police uses te tie to thoroughly investigate everything, and that now, that B is no longer meddeling in things, there will be some calm.

  22. PSH has to be proven guilty Not he has to prove he had consensual sex…proof of crime be indicted—–drinking with someone you just met for hours in a private room…” I am so drunk…he took me to his house and I vomitted ..I look so sexy with vomit all over my mouth he raped me …..I have no bruises or scratches cause I laid there like a dead fish…then he raped me again….I am a dead fish how do I know I got raped twice?….I left the building smiling and twiggling my hair because I just got raped …hours later I’m on my phone texting my friend about money not my rape..Yea I rock cause I am A a sparkling starlet I did my surgeries to make my body & face an attraction to rapists…I used to work at a salon place I took acting classes so don’t mess with me …I have videos and pics online that show I can rock anyones world

    • What a disgusting comment! It reeks of victim blaming and slut shaming made in disgustingly offensive language! What a mess this whole case is!

    • “Yea I rock cause I am A a sparkling starlet I did my surgeries to make my body and face an attraction to rapist…”

      Did you just called PSH that cuz you know he was attracted to her and was planning on dating her? She’s attractive cuz she got surgeries? How did you even know she had surgeries?

      Favorites lies about sexual violence: “It’s not rape if she’s drunk,” “It’s not rape if it wasn’t physically violent,” “It’s not rape if she has a reputation,” “It’s not rape if you know the person,” “It’s not rape if she didn’t say ‘no…”

    • @plsh – yeah PSH obviously loved the slutty, fake plastic surgery kind of girl as you described her. The bigger the boobs, the sluttier she acts, the closer she is to PSH’s taste. Does it say much about the characteristic of PSH? so don’t slut shaming the girl when PSH obviously was attracted to that “type” of girl and “connected” to her.

  23. it took only a new post from koala, for them to deploy these creatures now, this could be their elite group..great.
    tactic: re-post previous posts, redundancy is the key to our goal..

  24. I find it amazing how many people have already made up their minds PSH is guilty when it is still a he say-she say case. No drugs found in her blood when she was tested within 24hrs. There is CCTV tapes that show her sober and another one showing her being piggybacked (can’t really tell if she was conscious or not.) I remember a previous post Koala and many other posters said lie detector results are unreliable and can’t be used in court so I don’t see why they would put so much value on it. It’s amazing how people just trivialize the leaks coming from the police station when it is very serious. Cops aren’t supposed to leak information from on-going investigation period (Off-topic but weren’t the cops who leaked Rihanna photo fired or suspended?) It helps neither the accuser or the defendant in the long run. This police station is very incompetent!!!

    Anyway we will never know exactly what happened between the two and their lives have been forever changed since that night. My sympathies lie with them and their families and hopefully one day they will get this behind them.

    • I also agree with the fact rape is rape irrespective of one’s profession. Plus I don’t think A is the girl in the video even though I haven’t seen it. I mean if she wanted to make it into acting why would she make a porno when actresses are supposed to have this pure perfect image?

      • I think what is being argued isn’t about PSH being guilty or not but about HOW the ppl around him (his lawyer, B…) are defending him by making A as a slut even though its irrelevant to the case. I think what Ms. Koala is trying to say that accusing her like that is making it seem to be ok to rape “some types” of people and not others. That can give the wrong idea to some really sick ppl out there.
        With the whole He said She said I personally find it hard to believe what anyone is saying in this case! I feel bad for the prosecutor that will take this case. I also sympathies with their families. This incident will change both of their lives and most probably for the worst. But who ever is lying needs to be punished for sure!

    • A wasn’t sober just because the bar cctv showed her walking. She was way too drunk to go home alone in a taxi, as per both K and PSH statements, and after a 5-10 minutes car ride she fell asleep in the car’s backseat, so K had to piggyback her to the house. After that, she threw up in the elevator, and also in PSH’s apartment, as again per K and PSH declarations. We don’t know if she was passed out or blacked out at the time she had sex with PSH. She might have been blacking out, meaning that even if she was moving and reacting, her mental state was unconscious as she wasn’t able to form new memories. Anyway, we discussed it here numerous times, we still don’t have the faintest idea what went on after they entered that damned apartment.

      And I agree, the police shouldn’t have disclosed anything to the press during the investigation. We still don’t know if the lie detector info was leaked by them, they denied doing so. Perhaps the media maliciously published false info.

      The Intelligence Services all around the world use the polygraph to test their agents, so I guess it’s still useful somehow as a basic orientation of some sort, even if perhaps can’t be used as a final categoric tool in establishing truth or facts.

      • Yeah. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes for the alcohol to kick in and when you decide to rest (or sit in a cab after drinking like A’s case) the alcohol will kick in faster. That’s why my bro tells me not to lay down after a couple of shots. I can still walk after 6 to 8 shots of hard liquor, so it’s not surprising that A can walk out of the bar so easily yet become super drunk later.

        If you’re a light-weight or never drank before, you shouldn’t be judging how people’s body deal with alcohol. Everyone’s body is different and the way we react to things are different. And right now I am judging the people who are judging this A girl, whether she’s innocent or guilty, because in the end the generalization of their comments is insulting to real rape victims. It’s not even about this A girl, because taking A out of the equation it just shows how knowledgeable people are about rape in general. I am truly disappointed and saddened by their lack of knowledge.

    • @shiku, it’s not we find him guilty for rape as it depend on how the verdict comes out, we find him not a gentleman for choosing to sleep with a drunk girl he just met few hours
      it was drunk for cctv proof she was piggyback 15min later n the two also admitted why they didbt let her took taxy home

  25. Repeat offense if you bothered to read ..a prior case of A having sex cried rape and got paid by victim man D …I m sure I am victim bashing go online look at real rape victims

    • You know that PSH team used a line in the Kakao text between A and K as proof that A has done it before. That line that she wonders about being pregnant. They used that line and as proof that man Mr Lee came out to give interviews.
      We know now that that line of talk was encouraged by the Police. They produce/fabricated that Mr Lee as proof. What does it say about PSH?

      • Bingo! I knew it was too coincidencental that mr L even used the same pregnant line. They fabricated the evidence, if true.

      • I wonder why her lawyer never denied that when he was asked, and a report was filed, nobody is disputing it go figure

  26. @Rose – you are really annoying me with all your spamming. I skipped reading your comments because they are too much. I know that you are trying to turn everyone into believing that PSH is a good guy, but your arguments aren’t convincing. just remember “less is better”. the more you talk, the less people will listen to you.

  27. 100% agree! So annoying! I dont know if he is guilty but people like Rose make me wonder what will happen to their mental state if he is. Were you with oppar??? How can you be so convinced oppar didnt do it?

  28. My opinion for Fans who believe and support PSH should better use their energy by sending him cards and tell him thet they support him and stay strong. PSH will ge very grateful and feel better to know them and their loyalty.
    It’s useless argue or try hard to convince others with their believes or force others with their own perspectives. After all, everyone has different experiences in their life that form their perspectives on looking at certain things.
    The sad thing is if PSH is right, then A is the bad guy; if A is right, PSH is the bad guy. In the end, do we feel better knowing either answers ? Do we feel better being an ASS to either one of them ? Even for me, if A is the liar, I feel sorry for her as she has gone through hell as much as PSH by being call the worst names and downgrade her of being a prostitute who makes porn movies by someone with melicious intent to damage her. Knowing her life will be destroy as much as those who care about PSH’s life will be destroy doesn’t make me feel better just because I want to be “RIGHT” and others are “WRONG”. What I hope for is a different solutions. Everyone just comes up and appologize with each other and make amends.

  29. @rose, if u r on drug, please vent yr horny lust on P fansite not this blog, as here everybody talking common sense n accept reality NOT some fancy obsessive worship of P

    • @sally, please calm down, will you? You are coming across like a drunken teenager, which is not a nice sight to see. I understand that rose is kind of pushing things, but there is no need to be acting like that towards her. Please give it a thought. 🙂

      • You are both behaving rather… Uncuth. But It would be great if those who call out rose on her manners would not resort to the same type, or worse, of stinky talk. 🙂

  30. Wow, how did the commenting get this ugly? I’d like to believe we are all adults here and we can respect that we all have our own opinions about this matter.

  31. Because a certain group of posers, err i mean posters who hailed from the elite’s site where only crikets discusses with them because of their one-sided policy, slithered over here and saying ‘were not his fans’ yeah sure not all.
    They seem to think that re-posting old points of discussion (from day one) and deliberating again til they’re blue on the face- would give them the outcome they want- that the actor perhaps is pure as snow, and faultless qualifying him fr martyrdom. yeah right.

  32. With the promiscuous nature, it doesn’t justify raping, but I’m guessing PSH’s case hinges on A being a framer and that’s why her integrity and past nature is questioned.

  33. Did “A” go to the hospital to be tested for rape? Here in Canada/USA .. they can tell if a woman is raped… All this nonsense about what A claims and not one word about being tested for rape…. It makes me think she’s got this out planned out, with other people involved….

    • oh dear, dear…she had been medically examined as standard procedure, now if i may just wonder why you have not read about that. the incident happened Feb 15 and its already March 30.

      • I just hope they get this cleared up fast…. this is becoming a circus, the police is doing a very poor job by leaking everything to the media…. shame on them!!!!

  34. I think everyone needs to chill and take a couple deep breaths. PSH needs to prove it’s consensual. How? I have no idea, is not like he Carries around consent forms but that may be the way of the future. A needs to prove it was rape other than with testimony. Circumstantial evidence and hearsay accounts are hazing the truth. Unfortunately, we may never know the truth because the only people that know what actually happened in that room for twelve hours is PSH & A.

    • Maybe aside from wearing that form around his neck, he can manage to keep his zipper up and not see any drunk girl as an OPPORTUNITY to have sex.

      • how difficult is it to comprehend that man and woman have sex. They have sex sober, drunk, drugged, and/or high off life lol how two people get into the sack is their business – whether they are in a relationship, casual encounter, swingers or friends with benefits. At the end of the day that’s their personal choice in how they lead their life. Everyone has the right to pursue their own personal brand of freedom-however they see fit without being demoralized for it.

        What is in question is was the act done by force or was it consensual.

        The smoke and mirrors, mudslinging, and hearsay are worth a hill of beans. Where is the absolute, untainted truth.

        In this case there is nothing, that places fault in any corner of this insult to intelligence case.

      • back to what “obviously” is asking, how can PSH prove that what happened is consensual? A needs to show more proof not just her claim..
        ya he acted stupid, having sex with a drunk girl he just met.. i consider it a night one stand.. a night of mistakes, of misjudgments.. but rape? i don’t think so..
        A was drunk but she is flirting with him that night if we are to believe PSH and K’s account, she was aggressive and flirting with PSH.. PSH is also drunk, i don’t believe he is that sober, just because he remembers some things that happened during the night doesn’t mean he is not, and as some have pointed out, he has low alcohol tolerance, so that means, he is easily drunk..
        he is guilty with wrongly having sex with a newly met drunk girl, and he is suffering now.. but i’m not believing he is guilty with the rape accusation..

  35. Personal choice? Was it a personal choice of A to go to PSh’s place? Was it A’s unclouded personal choice to sleep with PSH? We don’t know that and that’s all we want to be established by the end of this messy alleged rape case. And can people in a drunken state even make rational, informed personal choices? If they could why they are not allowed by law to sign a contract in that state of mind? In front of the law a drunken consent it’s not a real consent. And there is a reason for considering a sexual act as rape if one of the partners clearly knows the other one being drunker than he is and still decides to have sex, especially if they don’t know each other and that is their first sexual encounter. Alcohol is considered the number one date rape drug with a reason. Guys should not sleep with drunk girls they barely know, it’s not ethical, and can lead them into criminal charges anytime. This applies to girls and women too.
    If PSH had kept ‘it’ in his pants none of this madness would have been unleashed. If you want to have one night stands do it with fairly sober women who you are sure are attracted to you. That way you can be sure 100% that everyone had made freely and rationally a personal choice.

    And no, not everyone has the right to pursue their own personal brand of freedom IF that means harming other people’s well being in the process. This is a basic principle in ethics/law. If everyone would have the right to pursue their personal brand of freedom that would mean thieves, killers, rapists, terrorists could roam free in the world without consequences of their actions. It would be an anarchy if everyone would pursue their “personal brand of freedom” without being penalized for it when harming other human lives.

    My liberty ends where your liberty begins and viceversa: this should be the ideal state of things, but unfortunately it’s not.

    • How you conduct yourself should never harm another person. What I’m saying with my statement that you shouldn’t be judged for your sexual tendencies (when they don’t harm others). It’s a personal choice to be promiscuous, virginal, and/or balanced in between.

      We are quick to color the world through our beliefs and accepted social norms- that when presented with another type we reject out with”that’s not the way things are done they should…” This is our personal, subjective opinion according to our environment and social standard.

      Rape is wrong. Lying is wrong.
      Now prove that you didn’t do any of those- with hard evidence.

      Not with BS arguments of age, subjective text message, single view cctv image (both car park and pub feed).

      Testimony of the evening in question have been contradicting. So who’s a liar and who’s honest.

      Ms A has been proven to be dishonest when the urine and blood samples taken within 24 hours after the “event” came back free and clear. taking off the table all talk of time restricted rape drugs as possibility. Yet her preliminary testimony indicated she was drugged.

      PSH admitted to having consensual sex with A. Has cooperated with the police-just not as quickly as the general public wanted him to cooperate.

      Both camps have had media coverage of spectators talking as if they were in the room while they were doing the deed. (B & K) but both characters have been proven to be dishonest.

      Thus hearsay is not valid-in any account.

      Tell me, how can either party prove innocence or guilt? Only a confession at this point would work.

      Thus is the reality of this mess. So be prepared, we may never know the absolute truth. If it goes to court with this circus, it will be a hung jury. There is no hard evidence-just testimony.

      • Well, yeah, all personal opinions are subjective, agree, but we weren’t talking about opinions, but about personal freedom and personal choices which primarily implies actions, not only thoughts or words. Anyway, the law, religion, ethic in any country should regulate our actions and words in the society.

        A lied about being drugged? No, she didn’t. She thought she had been drugged because she couldn’t remember anything from that night, which only date-rape drugs, roofies, can have that effect, and of course, alcohol. Why lie about it when you know that you’ll be tested? Many raped women who had alcohol blackouts initially believed they had been drugged, but it was only alcohol found in their blood/urine. Read about alcohol facilitated rapes on the internet everywhere, and you’ll learn this bit of info, I’m not making this up. It’s quite common for alcohol facilitated rape victims to believe they had been drugged.

        I’m very prepared to this whole circus to end in an inconclusive way, I already said that in many of my previous posts on Ockoala: we might never know the truth. It doesn’t affect me one bit. But it would affect future Korean rape victims, and of course both A and PSH, because they will never get proper closure from this incident that completely changed their lives in a negative way. The questions is, are PSH fans prepared for that? Are they prepared for rape charges constantly hovering about his public persona? Only time can tell how is going the SK entertainment industry treat PSH if this messy case ends ambigously.

      • it might end ambiguosly if money, influence, power are used unscrupulously on this case.

  36. @Violet

    It’s not just a matter of if it was consensual.
    Was both party aware of what’s happening when one of them is drunk to the point of throwing up.
    It’s not a restriction of sexual freedom, its not a question of morality, but plain common sense.
    If the subject of his lust is drunk, and someone he just met and doesn’t know how this girl handles her alcohol, is she acting her rational self, is she truly agreeing with what i want, are we on the same wavelength (it was their first time to drink together, he hasnt witness how exactly she behaves when drunk) therefore he cannot be sure 100% if her responses are of her own conscious volition. he cannot presume that of a stranger to him, maybe if they’ve been drinking buddies for some time he would know exactly how she is when drunk, but definitely not the very first time of meeting. it was irresponsible to just presume.

    • just exactly my point, if there was not a single drop, not even a milimeter of alcohol in both their bodies, when they slept together- and then she cries foul then all doubts can be hurled at her. but there’s alcohol in the equation. and how can one determine how fast or slow someone’s system recover from it, specially if that person is a stranger to you. acting on impulsive lust, thrown all logical reasoning out of the window? so now the HEADACHE.

    • Prove that he was less drunk than her. Prove that she was more sober than what she states. Prove that they weren’t the same level of intoxicated.

      No one can prove it. Because all we can rely upon is their contradicting testimony.

      • Even if he had some drinks, he still had the upper hand.
        1) he wasn’t the one that had to be carried inside
        2) he wasnt the one vomitting
        3) during the interrogation he clearly relayed his account of the incidents starting from how they carried her inside.
        4) never did he say he was drunk

    • @ crystal,

      Thank you for pointing those things out. It’s definitely not a question of morality since both parties are adults. And it’s not just common sense but also that of integrity. In this case, power and experience skew heavily on P’s side. I would think that 7 years in the K-Entertainment industry would have taught P all the risks he needs to know in such a shady business. To be duped, framed, blackmailed etc by an aspiring actress doesn’t say much about A’s IQ. But it says a whole lot about P’s.

  37. Can someone who’s drunk make a ‘personal choice’ ?
    we have a neighbor before who thinks she’s a traffic enforcer when drunk and directs traffic flow in the middle of the road and it takes to carry her out of there just to stop. weirdly enough the next day, she doesnt remember ever doing that.

  38. I really have a bad head ache whenever i read an article saying thats this case of PSH Seems like have a long way of process. Whoever the victim in this controversy we still do not know but as what i observed seems like oppa recieved lots of prejudgement and intrigues. How can he survived in this situation when he was already suffer hardship. As one of his fans i want to ask understanding for Psh let the police solve this case after the truth reveal then its time for us to speak up. Give him a chance to defend himself,lets give him his privacy. Understanding,love and peace for PSH that is the greatest request of PSH fans all over the world.

  39. If that can be requested for PSH, same also for A.
    She doesn’t deserve the dirty tactics that paints her as a slutty, promiscuous girl, and being condemned for what had happened to her. If you want PSH to be accorded with understanding and respect, and so must she be accorded with. If he has rights, so does she. And the pain and difficulties her family and those who care for her are going through is not to be dismissed as something lesser than those of his.

  40. This is just my theory, no solid evidence to back it up.
    I don’t think PSH raped her but I have an intuition that he paid her to have sex with him. Thus the drinking for a few hours and jumped to bed. Drinking helps ease the nervousness of sleeping with a stranger. Now we don’t know what happened in his house. It’s either she regretted her act or she drank too much that she didn’t remember much, thus the suit. But PSH didn’t feel he raped her since he “bought” her and she agreed to perform initially.

    • Well as you have said it’s just a theory – which clearly doesn’t add up, since the text messages between A & K on the night of Feb 14 clearly indicates that it was K whom A intended to meet.

      • it’s funny how PSH fans can always form a theory or find an excuses to justify whatever their oppa did that night was all A’s fault

      • Yes, and not only that, neither PSH or K said anything about paying for sexual favors which would exonerate PSH instantly because that would mean the sex was consensual, established before the actual act, even if she was drunk out of her mind during the act.

        I’m still wondering why K didn’t tell A beforehand that PSH will be there too? Poor gal thought she will have a Valentine night out with K!
        And he changed the locale/bar too into a more exclusive one for protecting PSH’s privacy…
        And not to forget that A was crushing on K, not on PSH. But 2 hours of drinking, miraculously changed that. Ugh!!

      • just imagine if PSH and K went along with this kind of defense, this would confirm this good friend of PSH, K is a pimp, doing prostitution and human trafficking and elite PSH is availing of the services. i wonder what that would to salvage his reputation.

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