Da Hua and Terry Take Wedding Pictures in King Flower Episode 12

Does this drama seriously want to fry my brain? Because why else would SETTV drop the latest batch of official stills to dangle a carrot before me, but also causing me considerable heartburn. In episode 12 of King Flower, Terry and Da Hua end up taking wedding photos at the request of Liang Yen’s dad so that he can satisfy his wish to see his daughter wearing a wedding dress. Taking wedding pictures at a photo studio is okay, but dude better not request a shotgun wedding because I’m all for Terry and Da Hua to slowly develop feelings but no way in hell do I want to see them walk down the aisle when she’s still pretending to be Liang Yen. I’m also worried that seeing these wedding outfit pictures portends heartache to come for my preferred coupling in this drama – too much cuteness is usually followed by pain and suffering. Like Da Hua emphatically saying she still loves Guan Jun oppa and is totally never ever falling for Terry. I need to stop worrying and just enjoy the cute. Apparently Nikki Hsieh picked out this wedding dress herself, a lovely and sexy v-neck strapless that made both her leading men loudly compliment her and tease that they ever knew she was so well-endowed.

James Wen cracked a joke that he never knew what was hiding under all her dumpy Da Hua clothes, but confessed that seeing her in a wedding gown made him feel like a brother feeling happiness of seeing his sister get married. He said this as James and not as Guan Jun, who is going to be uber-jealous to see Da Hua and Terry taking their pretense as far as taking fake wedding pictures. Apparently when Terry notices Guan Jun arriving to deliver flowers, he elects to flirt with Da Hua which gets Guan Jun even madder. Ha, I love slightly evil Terry, I appreciate that his character isn’t all good and does everything right and is sometimes motivated by his own insecurity and machismo. Much like Guan Jun is, in truth both guys are flawed and that makes their character development more interesting. I just wish Guan Jun’s character would develop a heck of a lot more than he has so far. Nikki said that she gave up both her virgin cinematic engagement and wedding scenes to this drama, and she hopes her own wedding will be a casual beach affair where she can wear a simple dress. I’m loving these stills, especially the one where Da Hua gives a closed-eyed kiss on the cheek to Terry. It captures her earnest awkwardness perfectly.

New long preview for episode 12:


Da Hua and Terry Take Wedding Pictures in King Flower Episode 12 — 7 Comments

  1. T3!! Da Hua and Terry look so great together in those wedding photos. I agree with this post. You hit the nail right on the head. Terry and Guan Jun both have flaws and I can’t wait to see this episode tomorrow. I will find it quite hilarious to see a slightly evil Terry towards Guan Jun. : )

    Thanks for this great post; I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. What a treat! Just what I need while I wait for Sunday. It looks like Terry is going to fight for her!!!!!! Go Terry! I feel bad for GJ but all is fair in love and war.
    I love that the boys teased her about her size C? I love that about Taiwanese. Not uptight at all. So fun and laid back. Must be an island thing.

  3. I hope for a happy ending for terry and da hua. im really enjoying this drama i just started watching this this week. i watched with english subs on dramafever and fell inlove with this drama

  4. Thank you 😉 the fangirl in me can’t help to be happy !! They look amazing together!
    My favourite piture is the same as you but I’m staring at Terry mouth (blush) such a good looking guy under the spell of Da Hua cuteness! Cn’t wait to xatch the episode 🙂

  5. I totally ship terry x da hua!! But the thing is… I don’t see how they can have a happy ending.. :'( seeing as terry used da hua to impersonate liang yen. I think it’s possible he’ll have to face jail time. AND if the writers don’t decide to go this route and ruin terry’s character so that Da hua will end up with guan jun would be a really bad ending as well. Bahhh i really really reallly hope they have a happy ending!

  6. Team terry!!! I want her with terry please!!! If she doesnt end up with terry i will be so disappointed in this show not to mention i will stop watching it! Team terry all the way! I want her with terry not the other guy ewww!

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