Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Leaves Fans Swooning Over Their Friendship

The recent uber-tender display of affection and 16-year friendship between Zhao WeiHuang Xiaoming is still the talk of the town in C-entertainment. I’m sure women everywhere that heard this story, be it a mega movie star down to an old grandma somewhere, wishes we had a BFF like the way Huang Xiaoming adores and worships Zhao Wei. The man rushes to her talk show taping on four hours of sleep for the past two days, sporting crutches for a bone fracture, all to surprise her and wish her a happy birthday and support her first directorial effort? Da hell are men like this hiding, because I refuse to believe Huang Xiaoming is the elusive unicorn and either doesn’t exist or Zhao Wei magically got herself the only one in existence. Of course this doesn’t even tap into her other BFF friendship with Chen Kun, who was actually the first person to publicly wish her happy birthday this year when at exactly midnight he posted a wish on her Weibo. Ha, now I’m totally imagining the two of them jostling for her affection back in college and one-upping each other. The talk show hasn’t aired yet but the audience who attended the taping have provided the details that I’ve now translated below. It’s some super heady stuff, so be preparing to alternate between seething jealousy and awe-struck mooning. Angelababy was out promoting a jewelry line with Godfrey Gao this week and was asked about her boyfriend’s very public love for Zhao Wei. She smiled and said it was very special to have such a long standing friendship between them and there was nothing for her to be jealous about. That was a nice diplomatic answer, LOL. It was either that or “get your hands off my man!”.

Zhao Wei was taping a talk show to promote her new movie that she directed. When the host announced a very special surprise guest, Zhao Wei saw Huang Xiaoming before the audience did and she yelped out loud and leapt out of her seat. She rushed forward and into Huang Xiaoming’s arms, both her feet actually flying off the ground.

They sat down to chat and the host wanted to talk about the so-called Northern Theater Three Musketeers – college best friends Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, and Huang Xiaoming. When asked about their first meeting, Huang Xiaoming revealed that Zhao Wei was the first girl he saw when he walked into class that first day. She was wearing a simple all-black outfit and her long hair was down her back. When she turned around, she was as beautiful as he imagined she would be. He actually confessed that he liked her but she turned him down flat because he was a total country bumpkin back then.

Huang Xiaoming said “Even though she rejected me, but I was still willing to take notes for her and accompany her to the bathroom.” Just like that, sixteen years passed and they never became lovers, only staying best friends. She got married and had a baby, but he still treats her like the most important person to him. When he arrived at this talk show, he was coming from two straight filming days on the set where he slept all of four hours. All to see her and support her first directorial effort.

During the taping, Zhao Wei revealed that when she’s happy, she has a habit of clapping Huang Xiaoming’s thigh. Sitting next to her, his injured leg was next to her and Zhao Wei kept clapping on it. The host finally couldn’t take it anymore and chided her “Can you clap more gently, he’s injured!” At that moment Huang Xiaoming smiled and said “I’m used to it.” To which Zhao Wei replied “Ai ya! Whoever becomes your wife will be so happy. Now I’m dying with regret!” I’m sure that made him really happy to hear, even jokingly.

Zhao Wei took a sip of water as they talked and Huang Xiaoming casually took it from her and drank from it without hesitation. Zhao Wei reached for the bottle and for the cap, but she was in the middle of speaking, so Huang Xiaoming capped it before handing it back to her. In these tiny gestures, its clear how considerate he is towards her.

Knowing it was her birthday, Huang Xiaoming prepared a cake for her. On top was five little figurines, the biggest was Zhao Wei with her impossibly large eyes. She initially thought it was from fans, but her eyes teared up when she realized it was prepared by him. Huang Xiaoming laughed and said “But I’m also your fan, too!” During the cake move the figurines were jostled and all but the Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming ones toppled over.

When the taping was over and they stood up, the audience hollered for them to embrace again. Huang Xiaoming tossed his crutches aside and picked Zhao Wei up in a princess carry. The audience went wild. Huang Xiaoming put her down and teased “This proves that she’s still very skinny”, to which Zhao Wei sassed back “This proves that you’re a fake cripple.”

After the taping the two of them took the Weibo with repeated direct messages. Zhao Wei wrote “Once again I’m so deeply moved, sleep deprived and exhausted Huang Xiaoming rushed from filming to the taping. Your charisma like the days of our youth, nothing can block your brightness.” Huang Xiaoming wrote back “When you need me, I will be here.” To which Zhao Wei sighed “Xiaoming is so wonderful, inside and out, I’m filled with such regret.”

Huang Xiaoming once described his friendship with Zhao Wei as a fourth type of love – everyone needs a soul mate and he’s so lucky to have met his in Zhao Wei. She is also lucky to have two devoted guy friends in Huang Xiaoming and Chen Kun who adore her and take care of her. And we’re all just blessed to read about a story in the entertainment world that isn’t manufactured bullshit, a scandal stemming from stupid behavior, or a fleeting sweetness that we know won’t last. This really is one of the warm and fuzziest stories I’ve covered in a long long time.


Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei Leaves Fans Swooning Over Their Friendship — 36 Comments

  1. I’m so jelly~
    it’s so precious, regardless of the fact that these people are gorgeous, their relationship is one in a million.

  2. SWOON! Friendships like this are the ones that are really rare. Although I still lament over the fact that they never ended up together,it’s so sweet of HXM to treat ZW with the utmost love and respect. We can totally see how much he adores her as a person. Sigh,I wish I had a soulmate like HXM too heh. *swoons*

  3. Hm, I wonder if she ever dated Chen Kun? This is beautiful, but it makes me really sad. I mean, who knows, they might not have worked as a romantic couple, but there definitely seems to have been unrequited love there on his part, and she seems to like him a lot too. But I can’t really ship them because she has a baby with someone else already, sigh. Though obviously the one one has a baby with isn’t necessarily THE one. Wasn’t for my mom, so who knows. Anyway, this is really sweet and makes me very sad.

  4. Thanks a lot once again for this. I want to believe that true friendship between man and woman does exist, and you made me believe in it (or rather, HXM and ZW made me believe in it). I wonder if ZW or HXM ever felt a bit guilty for their respective partners… but i think, if any, they overcome it with their sincerity…

  5. DAMN. She’s married and has a kid and guy friends like these? The…hell. Her husband better be treating her a lot better than this :p But this story is so cuteeee. I love it.

  6. I don’t know abt u guys !is she still married cu that is a shame , I’m just gonna live in my own fantasy and believe that a sting confirmation is a denial ! And that they are heck inlove Gehenna that bit just friendship ! Or I’m not blessed with such a friend !

  7. wait the soulmate does exist for entertainer well there it hope
    for me to have a soulmate who is a friend

    this is a true testiment of love and friendship

  8. This story brings a smile to my face. Thanks for translating!!!! So great to read about a genuine friendship. A def warm and fuzzy. 🙂

  9. HXM must be a very confident kind of guy. He is not embarassed or afraid of ridicule. Nothing can sway him away from his love for her.

    Imagine the conversation he has with all his girlfriends: “This is me, deal with it.”

  10. Huang XiaoMing is a unicorn under disguise, pretty believable.Reading this made me smile ear to ear. It’s so sweet that they have such a strong friendship for sixteen years and even after he’s been rejected. We’ll probably never know whether or not it could’ve happened but at least they’re all happy. Man I wish I had a HXM in my life… *Le Sigh*, me and my wishful thinking again. She’s lucky, he’s lucky, Chen Kun is lucky and I am not.

  11. Awww, that is so sweet! I never knew the extent of their friendship.

    Damn it! Why can’t I have something like that in real life?

  12. I imagine him telling his gf, “you have to know she is the most important person to me, you can’t compete with that!” lol

    • I like the way HXM compartmentized it: “This is the 4th kind of love.”

      It’s different so you (the girlfriend) are not in 2nd place of the lover’s love.

      Smart guy.

  13. Such a lucky girl….swoon. Imagine having two of the hottest guys being your best friend and so sweet at it….she must be a great person herself.

  14. I’m pretty jelly as well. Having 2 hot and not to mention 2 most established well known name in show biz to be your best friends for 16 years, lucky girl indeed. I have always like Vicky. It just seems like her personality attract and get along better with males than females.

  15. OMG THEIR SOULMATE LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL I WISH I HAD A SOULMATE LIKE THAT! Stories about the beautiful friendship of the 3 Musketeers (HXM, Zhao Wei, Chen Kun) always make me smile. Their love is so beautiful. HXM is such a sweetheart. Zhao Wei must’ve saved a country in her past life – not only is she smart and beautiful, she also has a happy family and wonderful friends who care for her so much.

  16. I thought she was going to play in a movie called “Underground Resistance” (“Shi Kong Di Dao”) with HXM ??????

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