K-drama Casting Rumors: Park Shin Hye, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Soo Hyun

I love discussing casting rumors because its such a fun game of “what if”, and I try not to get too invested in a potential pairing that if it ends up being a pipe dream its no big deal. Fresh off her well-received turn as introvert Go Dok Mi in cable network tvN‘s Flower Boy Next Door, a youth drama that wasn’t all that trendy or fluffy, Park Shin Hye continues to cement herself as a genuine contender for A-list actress status. She picks a wide range of roles and projects, works hard, and continuously improves. Her management company has just confirmed that she’s seriously considering the leading lady role in the upcoming KBS sageuk Sword and Flower, which was a drama that initially courted Kim Nam Gil who has now taken on another KBS drama Shark. The papers haven’t been signed yet, but if the news is out and even her management company is confirming she’s considering it, I think its pretty much a done deal. Park Shin Hye has done a saeguk before, when she played the younger version of the heroine in the Chinese-Korean collaboration drama Bicheonmoo. Sword and Flower is set in the Gorguryeo dynasty and involves a princess who falls in love with the warrior who assassinates her father the King. Say what? This is like The Princess’s Man on crack! In TPM, Park Shi Hoo‘s character kept trying to kill the princess Moon Chae Won‘s character’s father the new King but he never goes through with it. Now we’re getting a drama where there is actual patricide going on? Yikes, I foresee lots and lots and LOTS of pain, tears, and suffering ahead. Which means I am totally on board. The leading man hasn’t been confirmed yet but you guys want to hear what the little rumor birdies are saying? Three hangul characters – Song. Joong. Ki. The possibility of Park Shin Hye and Song Joong Ki in a romance sageuk? Mindblown happiness.

KBS has a mega-line up coming up. Aside from sageuk Sword and Flower, which will be a Wed-Thurs drama following Mandate of Heaven (is it raining sageuks this year or what since there is also MBCΒ sageuk Goddess of Fire JeongiΒ with Moon Geun Young), it’s also lining up a medical drama called Green Surgical Knife that is slated to be a Mon-Tues drama following Shark (which itself won’t premiere until June following God of the Workplace). All of this is fluid and can change (I remember when Gu Family Book was scheduled to be a Wed-Thurs drama), but these are definitely the upcoming dramas lined up. Kim Soo Hyun, who has been hotly watched for his next move now that he’s finished up a his latest movie filming, confirmed last month that he will be doing a drama this year. Now casting rumors have Kim Soo Hyun doing a medical drama since he was spotted learning on the job at a pediatric clinic. Will it be Green Surgical Knife for KBS? That is the word on the street. But its also possible he’ll reunite with the PD from The Moon that Embraces the Sun who is preparing his own medical drama called Top Medical Team airing on MBC sometime in October. I totally have good feelings about Song Joong Ki potentially taking on the KBS Sword and Flower since his last drama was the successful KBS drama Nice Guy, and this pairing with Park Shin Hye totally works for me. So does the thought of Kim Soo Hyun in a medical drama, Song Joong Ki did OB/GYN a few years ago for SBS and I really enjoyed it. I’m crossing my fingers all of these casting rumors come true since its a great career move for all of them.


K-drama Casting Rumors: Park Shin Hye, Song Joong Ki, and Kim Soo Hyun — 101 Comments

    • yes, but he’s never been the leading man in any of those, for that alone this will go on my ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH list if he signs on (I would watch for Park Shin-hye anyway, but I have my fingers crossed that it will be well-written and that the leading man is someone she has awesome chemistry with).

      Also it might just be his last drama before he goes off to military service, so it better be good because it has to tide us over a long while πŸ™‚

  1. Song Joong Ki, playing a warrior? I mean, I lurvv this guy but he def is no warrior material unless he bulks up a ton.

    Now if the male lead is slightly mature-looking and has the physique and gravita of a warrior, then we’re talking.

  2. OMG..when news broke out about shinhye’s new drama, sjk was the first that came to my mind but didnt hope for it too much since i heard that he’s due for military enlistment. crossing my fingers for this team up..thank you

    • Well, he has until the end of this year to enlist so hopefully the drama can have its run and not have him do a Kim Nam-gil (though Kim Nam-gil was turning 29 in Western years when Bad Guy was on, SJK will be 28 this September so maybe he isn’t as close to the wire?)

      • Are you sure that you know them
        Because as far as I know, none of them are introverted and shy lol
        They are friends and actually hang out together

    • Aren’t they trained actors? I don’t see why their real personality is a factor when they are professional actors. For example Yoon Si Yoon was able to portray energizer bunny Enrique in Flower Boy Next Door when his real personality is the opposite.

    • I have to agree and its not because of their personalities (I dont think either of them are intoverted if you;ve seen BTS from their dramas or CFs)I think SJK has more gravitas than Shin Hye when it comes to sageuks…maybe its cuz I’ve only seen her in trendies playing timid characters, but I would hate to have a similar character for her in a sageuk

      • try her movie cyrano agency at least or her role in taiwan drama Hayate the Combat Butler. She plays different kind of characters but it seems like people only know of only a few dramas after 2009 lol

  3. Super excited if the rumors are true – regarding Park Shin Hye and SONG JOONG KI (OMG!!) – but I’m not so excited regarding the plot. Sageuk – yes but Goryo era-sageuk?? Uh, no thanks.

    But IF the rumors are true I’m too weak to resist watching it. πŸ˜€

      • those time periods are soooo dramatic. i will only do it if it’s park shinhye and song joongki. okay fine.. if it’s anyone of my top fave dude actors.

    • Goguryeo was along Silla and Baekje one of the Three Kingdom of Korea. Goguryeo was founded by Jumong, a prince from Buyeo who fled the kingdom because of power struggle.

      Song Joong Ki/Park Shin Hye seems like an interesting pairing, I’m totally on board!! Moreover Goguryeo period is rarely addressed in korean dramas.

      • Actually there have been a number of sagueks based on Goguryo like Jumong, Kingdom of the Winds, Gwanggaeto the Great, Yeon Gaesomun, some parts of King Geunchogo addressed Goguryo, the Legend, etc. There have been a number of them although not as many as Joseon dramas

  4. Yey!!! Count me in…count me in! I love this pairing. SJK looked sooo good in SKS and PSH was so lovely in Bincheonmu and Evil Twins. Although at first I was hoping her Lee Jun Ki will be paired with her.

  5. I actually still hope SJK or KSH will be MGY’s leading man..but SJK and PSY is also so good..thank you drama lord for pairing age-appropriate actors and actresses in a drama lately..I cannot chew older actress-younger actor pairing anymore since mostly it doesn’t work for me except for The King 2 Hearts..

  6. I love Song Joong Ki and want to see him in drama. But I’m not sure I’m on board with this though. The story line of revenge gets really old and pretty much exploited by this time.

    One type of role I want to see him in is the physcho type like the Joker in Batman movie. It’ll really showcase his sophisticated and complex acting.

  7. When i read that PSH considering for new saeguk drama, immediatelly Jongki and So Hyun name pop out. I disscussed abt this with my bestfriend b4 and suddenly loling when I read thsi article. I cannot believe we think the same way.

    Hope the decission for leading man can be out soon.

  8. Do hope its true. Both make a visually good pairing. They are age appropriate. I have loved them in everything that they have appeared in. One thing that stands out for me is both sharing the ability to express just through their eyes. They are able to to show vast range of emotions. I would love this pairing of good actors because a drama is raised to a completely different level just through good acting.

  9. I was so excited, I thought they were going to be in the same drama hahaha. But obviously then one my of biases would be second lead and I really couldn’t handle that. I can’t wait to see more of them on screen. Also, no matter how busy Song Joong Ki is…can’t his drama PR people force him to do something on Running Man?? SIGHHHH lol. YAY. Waiting with bated breath for more news!

  10. But after reading and talking about those rumors… I don’t think Song Joong Ki will choose a drama for his next project. Because.. well he will most likely enlist this year, so he will probably choose a movie for his next project. πŸ™‚

    But we’ll see!

    • Then you probably haven’t watch Flower Boy next door last episode. She kissed beautifully there and her kiss there become talk in knetizen. I think its all depends on PD instructions.She’s improved.

    • Park shin Hye plays along with what’s asked from her and according to the demands of the role. I feel that she is improving in leaps and bounds in all areas. She is different in each role played by her.
      The drama is about the whole impact it leaves with you and the story that is being told . It’s not about a single moment. The actors, director and the writer tell a story through combined effort supported by cameramen, set designers, music director etc …….How well they are able to satisfy us and appeals to us on different levels……aesthetically, visually and mentally . For me personally, a memorable drama is composed of all these factors.

    • Neither could Moon Chae-won before TPM, and going by FBND Park Shin-hye is perfectly capable of making a kiss scene good if the PD lets her.

      • MCW didn’t even have kiss scenes prior to TPM..lolz. Peek on the lips isn’t what you call, kiss πŸ™‚

    • When did a good actress only valued by if she kissed or not? Are we watching porn? I though Kdramas are lot more than just that?

      • Correct indeed!They should been valued by their acting and how should they come out good portraying their roles..not by,if they’re a good kisser or not.lol.

  11. love Park Shin Hye couldn’t careless if she can’t kiss..I saw a few drama with no kissing scene still one of the best drama..reminded me Jewel in the Palace..anyway hope she take this project because can’t wait to see her in period drama again.Thanks Ockoala for this update…

  12. I’m sorry, but Kim Soo Hyun as a surgeon? What are these writers smoking? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great actor, but he looks his age and people generally become autonomous surgeons @ 28 – 30.

    Moreover, I’ve heard that the heroine is written to be much older and will take a ‘maternal’ interest in the hero.

    It’s almost like writers are consciously writing age differences into stories because they know that famous drama actresses are in their 30s and really top notch actors stick to movies. I mean, whatever floats their boat, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous…

  13. Whatever the drama is.. want to see him soon in screen.. actually i want to see him paired up with MGY.. i wonder who will be her tandem but if it is lee jun ki.. i will totally agree. Shin hye and joong ki vs Geun young and jun ki. What a perfect pair. Kekeke

  14. SONG JOONG KI is enough to make me watch anything, but add Park Shin Hye and I AM SALIVATING and GRABBYHANDS. I know this is just rumors, but this would be a super awesome (and gorgeous) pairing. I am excited for all the sageuks, but too many at the same time may become tiring.

    As for Kim Soo Hyun, I couldn’t finish Moon Sun and I can never finish medical dramas. Sigh I feel like this will be another KSH drama I will eventually pass on.

  15. I wish she accept 1st I hope my shin hye back I feel missing her after her drama .
    I love the role that she will revenge + Love + Historical = I want this right now
    I know she is very busy with her tour , new short movie & her graduation project πŸ™‚
    I want her to accept and song ki is really my best choice to pair with πŸ™‚

  16. PLEEEEASE! let it be true! then song joongki will actually pair with someone i like. FINALLY. besides park boyoung, of course. ha. woooohooooo. and PLEEEEASE! don’t do a medical drama, kim soohyun! eck. do something totally amazing.

  17. When I first read the title for this post I thought they were all rumored to be in a drama together and I got so excited, but just having Song Joongki and Park Shin Hye together in a drama is awesome as well. Please let it be true!

  18. i really wanted moon geun young to act with song joong ki, plz song joong ki act with her, she is a much better actor than park shin hye. i like her but moon geun young is way better, i wanted both of these man to be my baby moon geun young man in her upcoming drama!

    • sweet heart this article about park shin hye if you don’t like don’t comment sweety just relax go to your fav actress’s article comment a bout how you love her and what do you want πŸ™‚ just respect The actress park shin hye .

    • oh please lol
      this is article about her you are at a wrong place.
      Let’s be honest here, mgy is great but her latest projects are a downhill
      Shinhye is on the peek her career and I really do hope they both confirmed. Knet are exited as well.

    • I love park Shin Hye and she is the only one that I keep track of and find her clearly better than any other but this is my personal view. It’s perfectly fine for others to have their own preferences. I can understand the disappointment with not having ones favorite pairing in a drama. But MGY is a good enough actress to do well with any male lead. You will enjoy watching her irrespective of who she is paired with just like I do in case of Shinhye. For me the most important thing is what’s good for her career as an actress and what she personally finds fulfilling. But, even if its not SJK, I hope you will like whoever finally gets to act opposite her.

  19. But if Song Joong Ki does pick a sageuk I want him with My MOON GEUN YOUNG!!!…..I know its a long shot and I do like Park Shin Hye but this is like my dream pairing….I was just wondering yesterday why there was no news about him doing anything as of yet…I wish I was more excited about Kim Soo Hyun but one uninteresting project after another have made me loose some faith in his picking abilities….I mostly blame Keyeast for this though

    • also about the sageuk overlaod this year….i think they’re making up for the lack of good sageuks on network last year…..and all the crappy time travellers….lol…about time and I ‘m not complaining in the least

    • Excuse me why don’t you bring her article and just say what you want to say park shin hye is also actress so what ?? if they got paired i feel so annoying when someone bring another actress in her article as they think themselves express their opinion but i don’t find this opinion this disrespect πŸ™

      • .i’m a fan of both actresses…heck i’ve been a fan of PSH’s longer (since YAB) longer than of MGY’s….And I’ve talked about wanting to see MGY and SJK together before too…and this is not out of topic since the article talks about Song Joong Ki as well…and who the hell am I disrespecting here by only expressing a wish?! PSH? SJK? Ockoala? AKP?…sorry for ruffling your fangirly feathers but I could care less and will continue commenting as I wish as long as koala has no problems

    • Please don’t make fan war
      I’m PSH’s fan but I don’t agree with what you said
      They both shine in different way in acting and look

  20. What’s with people talking ab mgy in psh’s article?
    Don’t you think that rude?
    I like mgy too but you are at a wrong place.

  21. I’ll have to endure Lee Dong Wook in a sageuk, Lee Seung Gi in a sageuk and now maybe Song Joong Ki in a sageuk??? Dear Lord, the life of a fangirl is not easy. Can’t stand sageuks! Why can’t my favorites choose a good rom-com, thriller, sci-fic or even a melo? THANK GOD my boy Lee Min Ho apparently went the rom-com way this time! He’ll save me this year, lol!

    • I would have agreed with you if my favorite actress was not going to be in Sageuk for the first time. ( hopefully she accepts it). But I am looking forward to seeing LSG in one too. More than the genre I feel that the end result counts. If handled well, all genres can be fun and absorbing to watch

      • Hi, Maris! How have you been? The favorite actress you’re adressing is PSH? I think you can rest assured then, because the deal must be sealed if her management publicly discussed it. I really like her too and think this is a great career strategy in order to consolidate her image as an adult actress. But, really, sageuks aren’t my favorite thing in kdramaland. I’ve enjoyed quite a few (Arang, SKKS, Iljimae, QIHM and some others), but the genre per se is so boring with all the politics and slow pace involved, in my opinion. And when they come all together like this it makes me miss the good other genres K-ent can give us. I’m salivating for a good comedy without hanboks involved, lol. I feel like it’s been ages since the last one!

      • Hi to you too! Thanks! πŸ™‚
        Better than ever with possibility of seeing Shinhye again. Hope you will watch the drama even if you seem to have reached your saturation point as far as Sageuk dramas are concerned. Since I have watched only 2 of them (SKKS and jewel in the palace) and thoroughly enjoyed both so I am looking forward to this one. The only misgiving is about the male lead killing the female leads father. I find the korean history and culture fascinating and the costumes rich and beautiful.
        Do give the drama a chance so that we can enjoy having lively discussions about it.
        Maybe, the short romantic comedy starring Shinhye and YKS at the end of April may help overcome the need for a good romantic comedy without hanbooks but I understand your craving for pure unadulterated romantic comedy after past months of some heavy stuff. I would like one too but with some palatable cast.

      • Oh, I will definitely give it a try! πŸ˜€ PSH alone is enough of a reason for me to start it, but SJK plus a forbidden love story? I’m sold, lol. Just hope it’s not one of those 50+ ep sageuks, because I can’t commit to that.

        You like korean culture and beautiful period costumes? Please watch The Legend of Hyang Dan, if you haven’t yet!!! It’s a bit old but great! It’s a 02 episodes mini fusion sageuk mixing various korean folk tales and legends. Very funny,clever and downright adorable! Watch it and read Dramabeans recaps for help catching the references – you’ll love it! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Sounds good but where do I watch it? Have not come across it anywhere.
      I don’t think this one is going to be a 50 plus Sageuk for the simple reason being Shinhye’s commitments to finishing her university this year and she has never even gone upto 20 episodes in any project. I feel since she loves to try new things, a long drama will hinder her liking for going for new challenges in different areas as an artist and person. I believe from rumours floating around that SJK is due for military duty too in the near future.
      I am talking as if this cast is a done deal. It must be my trust in Ockoalas rumours. πŸ™‚

      • lol Maris, I know Shinhye is your bias but I think you forget Kimchee Radish Cubes with had more than 50 eps
        I don’t think it will be this long this time though, if she is considering it because her schedule is very tight this year with the tour and thesis πŸ™‚

      • I hope you’re both right and they choose to go the short way! And it’s always so refreshing to hear about how commited korean actors are with their studies, even when they start in the business as child stars. In my country they hardly care about finishing high school, at best.

        And Maris, you can watch Hyang Dan on Youtube:

        Hope you like it!!! πŸ˜€

    • Yes, hah. you are absolutely right. I try to be impartial but what can I do? I really like her and find her an admirable talented young person.
      As far as KRC is concerned, was it 50 episodes? it seemed endless. At that time she was so young and maybe had enough time take it up. Since then being in the university, she has limited herself to few projects per year. But with the graduation this year, she maybe able to do a 50 episode now. I wont mind as long as the story justifies it. By July her fan meetings should be over too. It’s just my impression that she really keeps a balance in her life. I don’t presume to know her. This is the first time I see her committing herself to so many projects. Maybe due to 10th year celebration. Here I go again. Lol I need to stop. πŸ™‚
      J , thanks once again. I will definitely watch over the weekend. I am pretty sure I will like it from the sound of it. Btw, what’s taking them so long to confirm?

      • Hi Maris πŸ™‚
        i though i always see your name in Park Shin Hye or Lee Seung Gi news πŸ™‚
        Nice to meet you ^^

        about Kimcheed Radish Cubes, it is only 44 episodes, and i skipped a.lot. I only watch for scenes related to park shin hye & joo sang wook πŸ˜›

      • Hullo! Seara. It seems I know you well too. Yes, The more i know of them the more i admire both LSG and Shinhye. As someone so rightly said that she is the real -deal sincere 20s stars counterpart to him. Btw, please don’t take my comments as shipping them. But I do think they are good role models in real life.
        For this particular drama, I am just hoping to see some good chemistry between the main leads, well written script, multiple layered characters and good acting. Not asking much am I? πŸ™‚

  22. I’m super excited to find out who will be the ‘it’ guy to pair up with my fave girl Park Shin Hye…
    i would love to see SJK or KSH with her in a sageuk drama..
    Here’s another list of great guys in sageuk outfit with those long hair:
    Jung Il Woo
    Yoo Ah In
    Park Yoo Chun
    Kim Bum
    Lee Wan
    Song Seung Hun
    Joo Ji Hoon
    Kim Ji Hoon
    Lee Min Ho
    Kim Hyun Joong
    Jang Geun Sook

    omo…i would truly love to see her paired off with any of these guys…and we have to have a very good storyline that’ll keep us in suspense and a great PD that will push Shin Hye to be the best she can be..

    • I really like JGS but am hoping that he is not the lead in this drama because I strongly feel it will do no good to his and Shinhye’s career as actors to be together once again. She needs to move away from YB cast in order to do that. Too soon for Kim Ji hoon after FBND. Yoo ah In, LMH, KSH, SSH, KHJ are already committed elsewhere.
      But, it must be SJK otherwise Ockoala would have mentioned it in the article.

      • I agree with you
        I love ANJELLs but they need to stay away from each other career wise
        She is doing well and SJK is just a much better choice right now

    • My opinion still same, please bring back Manly Jang Keun Suk πŸ™‚
      Since saeguk means old story, eyeliner didn’t found yet

    • no JGS please!!!
      JGS is too feminine for the role.
      Not to mention they have worked many times together.
      I want to see her with different leading man.

  23. I dont understand why MGY fans always write a comment in most of PSH article. Its like they want to compare shinhye and mgy.
    I used to like mgy, but fans comment like in this article makes me irks and makes me like her less. Please for all mgy fans stop creating fanwar with your useless comment. And think before posting. This is psh article,its not like psh fans jump to mgy article and do the same that you guys did in psh one. Geeezzz. …

  24. Actually im not a fan of saeguk… to be frank i want to see him and park shin hye in espionage drama.. like IRIS, Time between wolf and dog, etc, a serious dark character…. so that both can free from the cute image and show the real talent.. sjk and psh have successfully portray different character in their previous drama.. but i dont know.. it just dont feel right if they prefer saeguk now.. coz it looks like saeguk drama will be too much this year. Any way if they really do espionage drama.. that will be extra bonus.. shin hye is known for her sport spirit but still known as cute little girl that’s why she needs to get rid of it.. so does joong ki.. i remember how lee jun ki chose TBWD only to make people believe that he isnt just pretty boy…

  25. when I read the title for the first time, I think PSH, SJK and KSH will play together in one drama πŸ˜› #dreaming

    and there will be one drama saeguk again this year, Uhm Tae Wong’s drama, ‘Admiral Yi Sun-shin’ at SBS. Too many saeguk drama in 2013 ;( i don’t like history that much

  26. i guess if Park shin hye kim so hyun and joong ki join in this drama. This drama seems really interesting and in waiting . Considering they are great actors/actress. i hope it’s true and i hope the awesome story line too^^

  27. OMG Song Joong Ki leading in a sageuk. It’s too good to be true. I won’t hope too much for it until it’s confirmed or pretty much confirmed. This might be his last drama year until he enlists. He’s turning 28 this year correct? He doesn’t seem like the type to push off enlistment until the VERY last minute so I’m hoping for an amazing role from him this year. -Fingers crossed-

  28. Song Joong Ki for a warrior? I mean he’s a good actor… but a sageuk warrior? OK, who knows.. may be he can make it.

  29. Park Shin Hye, Song Joong Ki AND Kim Soo Hyun in one drama? AND a sageuk at that?

    Too much happiness for me in one drama. I don’t think my heart would be able to survive but I’d love to see it still.

  30. I’ve learned that they already had the list of cast for that drama?”knife and flowers”.Sadly,PSH and SJK are not into it.Well,better luck next time then.lol.From what I’ve read,both PSH and SJK will do a CF.At least this is a good news,right?Whatever…i love to see both of them to be paired.^-6

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