Spring Brings the Flower Boys Out for Vogue Girl Magazine

You know Spring has definitely arrived when the Flower Boys come out to play. Korea has been in the throes of flower boy fever for years now, a phenomenon that arrived with a giant splash with the Korean F4 in Boys Before Flowers, and has never ceased to grace the screens in drama after drama since then. Even when an anointed flower boy tries to break out of his image, the media will keep referencing their flower boy past as if it’s something to be ashamed about. I do admit loving the cute wholesome images and concede flower boys are rare species to find in real life, but there is nothing wrong with an actor enjoying his flower boy days while still in the prime of youth. This Winter’s Flower Boy Next Door was by far my favorite of K-drama so far this year, and it was the third in the Oh Boy series by tvN (the other two were Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band). The delicate character writing didn’t extend out beyond the two leads played by Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye, but in the end that didn’t ruin my appreciation for the attempt at doing a different kind of love story and conflict driven drama. Of the five flower boys in the cast, Kim Jung San and Mizuta Kouki got the least amount of screentime, but these two are the ones to join Yoon Si Yoon for a Vogue Girl photoshoot for its April edition. I would have loved to see Kim Ji Hoon and Go Kyung Pyo taking part as well, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s a great contrast from their bundled up looks in FBND to see them shed the Winter layers and on the polos and shorts look to usher in the warmer season. After over a year with the reddish tinted hair, I’m loving Yoon Si Yoon’s return to black locks.


Spring Brings the Flower Boys Out for Vogue Girl Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. haha so weird to see kim jung san smile for once. i love the bright vibe of this show. yes FBND wasn’t perfect, but think about it: IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER. rock n tvN, rock on.

  2. The fashion looks atrocious, but oh my they are ADORABLE!!! YSY’s dark locks are my favorite look on him (although I bet he’d look good even bald, lol). And Kim Jung San is SO handsome it’s almost unreal! Such a pity his character was so useless in the drama. Mizuta Kouki’s smile could melt the coldest heart, I swear. Hopefully we’ll have these lovely guys back on our screens soon enough! ^ ^

  3. I do wish we had gotten more from Kouki Mizuta and Kim Jeong San in this show…I think it was one of the show’s weaknesses compared to Shut Up Flower Boy Band where there was more exploration of freindships and more bromance in general….though the bromance between Jin Rak and Go Kyung Pyo were adorable

  4. I’m not complainin’ . I’ve always thought the The Doc and The Japanese Guy was always the best looking out of the flowery bunch. Mizuno Kouki is seriously photogenic though.

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