Kim Jae Wook Gives Final Military Interview Prior to Upcoming Discharge

Well, well, well, look at who is returning to our embrace in less than three days? Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), the perfect multi-talented Kim Jae Wook has quietly and ably served his two years of mandatory military service and is thisclose to earning his discharge papers. He was interviewed by the military television program to discuss his experience and feelings about the imminent discharge. I can’t believe how ridiculously handsome he still looks with cropped hair and wearing fatigues. Does anyone else think his hair is longer than typical of the military? Perhaps he’s allowed to grow it out since he’s almost done. Who knows and who cares, his longish hair and devastating smile has always been one of his biggest assets, and I’m glad to see he’s growing the hair out and his smile is still as brilliant as ever. I still think its perfect timing that he’s getting released right around the time the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi is casting its net for a male lead. With the drama telling the story of a Joseon-era ceramic maker who gets taken to Japan and spreads Korean culture there, the leading man reportedly is a Japanese character. Who better to play him than Kim Jae Wook, who speaks fluent Japanese (he used it in Bad Guy already), and has proven he has electric chemistry with purported leading lady Moon Geun Young from their collaboration in Mary Stayed Out All Night. Truth be told, if she didn’t have even better chemistry with Jang Geun Seok, Kim Jae Wook’s character was actually my preference for Mae Ri to end up with. Recently the discharged entertainers all seem to take their grand ole time before taking on their first acting projects so I’m not sure he’ll even want to tackle a meaty sageuk so quickly. Kim Jae Wook is also an accomplished indie musician and has a group called Walrus, so its possible he may ease back into his career through music over acting. Whatever he decides to do, I’ll be waiting with bated breath to check out.


Kim Jae Wook Gives Final Military Interview Prior to Upcoming Discharge — 30 Comments

    • Definitly more manly. He doesn’t look as serious, if that makes sense, with the shorter hair. How about he doesn’t have the same intensity.

      • I know what you mean! He looks cute with the short hair but i much prefer him with his ‘normal’ long hair XD

        Btw, the SP for Rich Man Poor Woman coming out today (i think) soo excited!

      • Was thinking the same thing! At first I didn’t even recognize him because he usually looks so serious. LOL

  1. Wohooo… Oppa.. He looks soooo good, i thought hair was his “power”. But,, He totally good looking in an average style. Yeaa

  2. ahhh he looks so good and i missed him so much ♥

    ngl my greedy self wants him to be in some project with his bff (and also another of my favorite actors) joo ji hoon.

  3. I hope if they cast and 99% sure they will cast a Korean actor I hope they go for Kim Jae Wook because he speaks perfect Japanese.
    But if he like the others takes a lot of time before choosing the next project I doubt that he will be in Goddess of fire. (sigh)
    At least some shirtless modeling pics in some nice magazine would be very appreciated.

  4. Long hair? Did I hear long hair? *comes running* I thought I was the only female in the world who prefers long hair – I hate short hair on men. I hope KJW picks a project soon. Thanks for the update about him. 🙂


    (and I hope GFJ snaps him up, it is HIGH TIME he got first lead status, if he wants to return to dramaland that is. I just hope whatever he does next is better than MSOAN and Bad Guy – he was great in both but the writing got so messy and terrible :/)

  6. Oh KJW love you but why did you talk about Rain? Making some korean pissed.

    Is not like he didn’t know Rain is under fire on the army 🙁

    But aside this welcome! And RAWR.. loving this haircut.

    Ps: Koala, usually when they are soldier that promote the army they can have their hair longer than the others that must shave… he was a celebrity soldier? I wonder…

  7. He’s always been a favorite of mine. Glad to know he’ll be back in circulation soon! 😀 Whenever he picks his next acting project, I hope it’s a real breakout/leading man role. He deserves it!

  8. Finally…he’s back and doesn’t he look good with the extra weight on him. I also hope his next project will have him as the male lead….it’s about time! 🙂

    Welcome Back…Kim Jae Wook…you’ve been missed!

  9. Wook! He’s so handsome!!! It would be amazing of he leads w/MGY Goddess of Fire! Why I haven’t heard anything about it?? It’s suppossed to be released in June isn’t it?

  10. Adorei a publicação. Sou fã do Kim Jae Wook!!! Ele é lindo de todo jeito. Não vejo a hora de revelo nas telinhas.
    =’-‘= Lindo!!

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