Police Officially Announce Park Shi Hoo Failed Lie Detector Test and Will Likely be Indicted for Rape

In the Park Shi Hoo rape investigation, the deluge of information from sources official and unconfirmed have eviscerated the old adage that “no good is good news” when it comes to celebrity scandals. Park Shi Hoo’s attorney has aggressively gone after alleged libel and conspiracy, police and media leaks, and even done its own investigation in this case. The Western Police Department has come off looking inept after a seemingly interminable drag in calling Park Shi Hoo and K in for questioning, and afterwards being the source of internal leaks of information. A has been smeared in public left and right and comes off as dim, shallow, calculating, and confused. Of course, at the center of this media circus remains the core issue – did Park Shi Hoo have non-consensual intercourse with A the night of February 14th. There have been a flurry of news reports last night after the Western Police Department has officially stated that it has completed its investigation and will be handed to the prosecutor as early as April 2nd and no later than April 4th. The police have concluded that there is enough evidence to indict Park Shi Hoo for rape. Their conclusion is based on the questioning of A, Park Shi Hoo, and K, as well as the lie detector tests taken by all three. Park Shi Hoo’s attorney immediately issued a press release after this stunning bombshell statement once again trying to prove A is a liar in other ways – they have apparently obtained more text messages between A and her mom, B, and another man sent after she was allegedly raped. Supposedly these text messages were sent 2 hours before she left Park Shi Hoo’s apartment, and his lawyer claims this contradicts her statement that she was unconscious and woke up at around 1 pm since she left at 2:40 pm. Park Shi Hoo’s lawyer is alleging the police is ignoring this latest evidence in making its decision. But here’s the kicker – the police have officially told the media that Park Shi Hoo and K have indeed failed their lie detector test while A passed.

While the results of lie detector tests are deemed inadmissible in court in many jurisdictions because its inherently unreliable, there is some value in the results as a comparative benchmark. Here the police are not saying their conclusion that Park Shi Hoo raped A was based solely on the results of the lie detector (they are also basing it on the questioning they conducted of all three), they are using it to add to totality of the evidence collected. It’s good to see the police discounting the 95% of junk information out there about alleged conspiracies, friend turning on friend, the sexual history of A, Park Shi Hoo’s fans martyr complex for their perfect actor, and avaricious co-conspirators after the fact. Though the police do not make the prosecutorial decisions and their conclusion will merely be passed on to the prosecutor who will make the decision whether to indict.

I always thought the most compelling evidence made public was the video of an unconscious A being piggybacked into Park Shi Hoo’s apartment (forget her walking out of the restaurant, that was earlier in the night) AND K’s own interview with the news during the latter part of the investigation that A was so drunk she was puking in the elevator and also threw up in Park Shi Hoo’s apartment. K’s account was supposed to bolster his claim that they took A to the apartment because she was not feeling well and it was so close to the restaurant they were at. But it ended up being definitive in my mind that A was so drunk she was sick (in K’s own words), hence all the subsequent allegations that she had consensual sex and decided later to extort Park Shi Hoo not as believable since the probability is low that she had the requisite mental capacity to consent to sex if she was so drunk-sick. She may have wanted a financial settlement from Park Shi Hoo afterwards, but that is not prima facie evidence to refute whether she consented to sex in the first place.

I think this case was from the get go one of those messy he said-she said date rape cases. It’s easier to make a judgement call when its stranger rape, even easier when its a violent case with physical evidence and defensive wounds (think Missing You for dramatic license). But the majority of rape cases are not violent stranger rapes, date rapes or rapes by a familiar person are statistically much higher. In those cases, it really comes down to circumstantial evidence and whether the alleged rape victim consented (or had the requisite mental capacity to consent). Even if Park Shi Hoo is indicted and convicted of rape, there was never a case about him being some sort of rape monster who goes around assaulting women left and right. I’ve always thought it was a case to be viewed on its standalone facts – I don’t know if Park Shi Hoo is a good or bad man, I do think he made a very bad decision on that night to sleep with a very drunk girl and may have to pay the legal and/or financial price for it in the end. Park Shi Hoo fans may believe the worst of A’s character and motivations, but Park Shi Hoo admitted from the very beginning that he liked A and slept with her because they had a man-woman attraction and understanding. I guess the police have enough evidence to show that A may not have agreed to act on any possible attraction that night to have sex.


Police Officially Announce Park Shi Hoo Failed Lie Detector Test and Will Likely be Indicted for Rape — 297 Comments

  1. Mrs. Koala thank you for this new information. May say I love the way you presented the facts and you opinions on this entire ordeal. I wish have the people involved in this mess could have done that instead of the circus it became. Thank you.

  2. speaking from experience…I myself failed a lie detector test when I was applying for a law enforcement Job and per that experience i was also informed that a lot of people normally fails it the first try…including People who wanted to be a police officer. Failing 2 question on a 40 question is considered failed test. I found out later that what I failed in was the questions, have you ever physically abuse your spouse and have you ever used some other person’s prescription drugs….I had never abused my husband (his 6’4 300lbs & i’m 4’11 120lbs) and I have never been a pill popper. So talking my from my experience Lie detector is a very suggestive instrument, that is why it is not use in law enforcement here in the States.

      • They will normally ask you the same question that you failed over and over…the same day and since your heart beat is already raising because you know that the questions that was asked again are the same questions you failed the first time, odds are you will fail. That is why they give you a chance to get re-tested again after a few months. When i was waiting afterwards, mind you the job that i applied for was just a assistant job not law enforcement, I was surprise to see 5 other people failing it (they were trying to be police officers)

      • Since my job field is in law, when we moved out of state i also had to take another lie detector test which I passed with flying colors. After explaining to the Tested my experience with my first lie detector test, here is how he explained it to me: Test that are done thru computer (my first test, they attached a clip on your finger which is attached to the computer) is much more un reliable and has more percentage of failure. Old school test (my 2nd test, they attached a wires around your body and wire on your pulse, like the movies) are more industry preferred since it gets more blah blah (Impulse reading? not sure..lie detector language that i did not comprehend) from more source than just your finger

    • You have a point in there. I can understand your suggestion that PSH may have the same experience as you. At the same time, I find it is interesting that 2 men (I read on other websiet that both PSH & K failed) in this ordeal failed the test while the woman didn’t. If the 2 men failed the test because it was their first time, it is too much of a coincidence for both of them to fail. Taking the lie detector test may be the first time for them. But, answering to police’s questions is not the first time for them in this case. They have answered to the polices more than once. The questions that they encountered during the test can’t all be new to them. But, still, both men failed.

    • Yeah but P and K both failed, twice! what’s the odd of that?
      being nervous doesn’t affect the outcome unless you are nervous because you are lying. Go check Wiki.

      How do you explain A passed then? if what you are saying is true, shouldn’t A fail too? she passed twice.

      I don’t think the lie test you received has the same bearing/analysis/purposes as the one P, K, and A conducted. For this case, they have a team of expert analyzing the results, not just simply “fail” or “pass” based on one question. I saw some posts that blamed Police for the P’s failed test. Well, the test was conducted by a third party, National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Police wouldn’t have the expertise to interpret the results. Some of the fans theory that the police wanted to bring him down by purposely failing him in lie test is not convincing to me.

      You are incorrect Wendy , police in the U.S uses the lie detector test on a regular basis! it’s reliable just can’t be used as the only source, but for complementary evidence is totally appropriate.

      • Yes that test are used regularly but it is not use as evidence. It is only use as fact finder but can not be presented to court as evidence. I AM NOT A PSH FAN, I am just putting in my two cents regarding Lie detectors.

        Also, find out how many test questions they failed, normally if you failed 2 -3 questions that is considered failed test.

    • Thanks for the information, Wendy. I guess that strong emotions about a topic can tip the scale in making something a ‘lie’ sometimes?

    • I’m perfectly aware that polygraph tests are not 100% reliable, but they are still required and used as an basic tool in establishing/orienting certain states of things, especially by Intelligence Services and Law Enforcements, like you said.
      In this case, I find it too big a coincidence that both PSH and K failed the test, but A passed it. The testing took place an entire day, and they all were being tested at least twice. I’m not saying that we should take this as a final proof that PSH is guilty, but I sure I’m not going to dismiss this piece of reference entirely. And honestly, the polygraph results are not surprising to me at all.

    • As a person working for the medical field. I can understand why A would have been able to pass the lie detector test with flying colors. A is previously known to have done this before to another gentleman which she allegedly threatened and requested money to so she would not out him.

      If this is true, A could be a pathological liar or has some form of psychosis which allows you to believe a lie so immense that you yourself think it is the truth.

      There are a lot of patients in that I have encountered with similar situations where they have fabricated a story of abuse or fantasy that they believed so intensely that once lie detectors are used it seems to have proven their story, while in further investigation they have found it to be false.

      Also, failing lie detectors are common. Especially when you have not been eating and sleeping(as PSH has been). Erratic sleep patterns and loss of weight can contribute to high or low heart rates and also could cloud judgement towards a question.

      I also believe that people are people whether or not they are celebrities. Yes, most people in this profession are forced to put up facade of innocence to attract more fans and to be accepted by the general public. But what the general public should remember is that they are still like us. When you get drunk with someone you are very attracted you might or might not indulge yourself. But who hasn’t had a time in their lives when they slept with someone and thought of it as a mistake later? Or lets make it simple – Who has never made a mistake before that they are most embarrassed about? The only difference is we can hide it and most definitely celebrities cannot.

      I am not a big PSH fan, but also having an uncle in the entertainment business I know what kind of scrutiny they are put through because of these so called “mistakes”.

  3. Omg just Omg ! I’m so sad for him ! So it The finale ! And he is done ! Omg I can’t contain my disappointment ! I’m sorry for A but I really believe that he isn’t the monster they think he is ! Like u said! And that it was just a mistake and a big one! Uffffff why did it happened why!??!!??? I hate when these things happens ! In this drama I REALLY Hate THE FRIGGEN ENDINg !

    • no body said he is a monster , even we think he is guilty for sleeping with a drunk girl it is just we think realistic .
      if only a monster can be indicted in this whole world then we are trully living in hell

  4. I wasn’t sure this will be ending anytime soon but I suppose this is progress. Still not sure why the police department had to let the media know who passed or failed the test. It’s not like they answer to the media…the only parties that should know the results of the test is the prosecution and defense but I supposed things vary from country to country.

    • Yes, it’s like like giving their verdict. Even if backed strongly by evidence, the police giving out the result of the test to newsman is unexpected. Where people’s lives are involved the law enforcement agencies should make sure that their part is done professionally so that justice is meted out.

      • I do find the police extremely unprofessional in giving out their reports. Something tells me someone is harassing the police with lawsuits left and right that the police decided to be downright outright.

        In a country where politicians bitch-slap each other in parliament on TV, I’m not even surprised that gag orders are unheard of over there. It’s a different system so I guess we’ll have to get used to it?

    • They probably decided to reveal it, because Park Si Hoo’s side have also been releasing stuff secretly to the media. i think they are just trying to defend themselves because PSH’s lawyer keep on releasing statements.

    • I think the police dept had to give out the test results to the media officially because an “unnamed source” in the dept had already given out the results to some media outlets earlier. Even though the police dept stated that they were not the ones who leaked the results earlier, the media outlets insisted that they got the results from the source in the police dept and refused to retract the news report.

      Of course, I do find the police dept’s “generosity” in sharing “evidence” with the media rather unusual, because I always thought evidence should be kept confidential until presented in court, and made available only to the prosecution and defense. On the other hand, maybe the test results are not considered as evidence, and that’s why they could release the results to the public.

      No matter what, the police are the authorities/official bodies, and are expected to maintain a higher level of integrity, ethics and professionalism compared to lawyers, who are mostly just acting in the best interests of their clients.

      • I thought I had better clarify that lawyers are also expected to maintain a high level of integrity, ethics and professionalism, and most, if not all, do maintain such standards. They usually act in the best interests of their clients, without compromising their professional and ethical standards.

        Whereas the police are expected to be impartial.

  5. I do wonder what excuses will PSH fans come up with now. Maybe A slept with the entire western police department. Or she took something that allowed her to fake the results. Anything is possible coming from the people who go as far as to compare him to Jesus…

    • So far…corrupt police station, everyone is out to get PSH for some reason and the police are ignoring key evidence that shows A is a liar.

      I agree with koala that the damning evidence in that video of her being carried in and K saying she was throwing up. No matter what his fans say, you just can’t explain away that. She was not in the state of mind to consent to sex.

    • if you want to know,just go to their main fanclub site. Still blamed A for drinking with 2 guys at night, saying that she gave consent when she stepped into his car. Blamed the police for purposely failing PSH’s test and conspired against him, said that A had inside connection with the police dept, blamed others as usual.
      Pretty irrational thinking, but understandably so. You want to believe someone you love till death, but this person isn’t even someone they know personally. Anyhow, feel bad for those fans to be honest.

      • Well time for them to face reality. Let it serve as life’s learnings and lesson. crime does not pay.

  6. You say… but is ok to fail in the lie detector… but thing is A passed.

    If A was this lying bitch the media was trying to make her, how she would pass it ??

    Plus it isn’t just one or two questions, it is a LOT. They stayed there for almost a day taking the test, and just late in the night PSH and K went home.

    And K also failed, why? Because he was trying to stick with the same story as PSH, but in the end it didn’t work.

    Plus is funny how PSH, K or their lawyer try their best to make A the slut or show she was after money, but they can’t prove PSH had her consent. Even the texts they wanted to use as proof was what the police told A to sent to K to test him.. A could be after money after being raped, yes, but does this mean she wasn’t raped? No.

    Soo, they are fucked up, and I hope B gets what she deserves too. hahahah
    Soon we will have a statement of her saying PSH side trying to buy her and that she lied again loooooool

    • I agree with every single thing you said! Even if A was a slut and everything it wouldn’t mean that she can never get raped!

      This case reminds me of one of the cases in a Hong Kong Drama “Friendly Fire”! Lawyers tried to make her seem like a slut & a gold digger.

  7. Credit: Polygraph Examiner site

    If I’m nervous, could that make it look like I’m lying when I’m not?

    There appears to be universal concern over nervousness affecting the polygraph test. Guilty people tend to play this theme up in hopes that when they fail, they will be able to cast doubt on the test by saying they were too nervous to focus, etc. Innocent people ask this question genuinely. Being nervous will NOT not affect the test, in fact, nervousness is expected. The simplest explanation is this; However nervous you are, you are nervous continually throughout the test. When you are telling the truth or lying to an individual question, your internal bodily reaction is specific to that question and that moment in time. The two things look very different on the polygraph charts.

    My wife/husband/partner/mate is a very smart, likeable and an extremely persuasive person. Is there a way that she can beat the test or convince you that she is telling the truth when in fact she’s not? Basically, how do I know she won’t fool you or the machine?

    Can I as the examiner be fooled by a smooth talker? Absolutely. You know I’d be lying if I said no. Everyone has been fooled at some time in their life. But that is not the important question. The important question is this: Do I as the examiner trust my feelings over my polygraph charts? That answer is a resolved ‘NO’.

    On many occasions, I’ve been convinced of someone’s guilt or innocence from conversation during the pre-test interview before the polygraph test is run. After I run the test and the polygraph charts show my ‘feelings’ were wrong, I immediately change my perspective to match the charts. That is the only way I can be truly objective. I believe in my testing procedure so I trust my polygraph charts more than my feelings.

    The second part of this question is whether someone can manipulate the polygraph charts so that they appear to be truthful when they are not. The answer is…they can certainly try. There is plenty of information available on the internet claiming to teach one how to pass a test when they know they are lying. I read that information too. The truth of the matter is that unless an individual has long term practice and access to a polygraph instrument with someone to run bio-feedback measurements, they are not going to successfully ‘beat’ the test. If I were given a polygraph test today and tried to ‘beat’ the test, I also would be unsuccesful even though I know exactly how the test and the techniques work.

    With that said, I do employ the latest techniques and equipment to recognize and eliminate countermeasure attempts and I do so quite successfully.

  8. Counting the posts before the weirdness starts again…
    Seriously, I hope that both sides of this discussion can stick to civil behaviour and not resort to name-calling and such things…

    Yeah. I know. One can hope? 😉

  9. Like Koalo said, PSH made a bad decision on night of Feb, 14th. It doesn’t make him a bad guy. But, with this failed lie detector test, his image is forever tainted. From now on, he will forever be this sleazy guy who decided to sleep with the girl who he just met and was too drunk to consent sex.

    Whether he gets indicted or not is in the hands of prosecution office. Even if he gets off easy, it will take a lot of time and money to recover his image. If he gets indicted and found guilty, he will be beyond “finished”. Only miracle can happen if he comes back to K-drama land.

    On the bright side, PSH will forever be in the guideline book for K-celebrities not to fuck-up, not to take the girl home who is too drunk, or even not to go on blind-date if you are a celebrity, and etc…

    • This is my first time commenting on PSH’s debacle. I’m not his fan but I’m not an anti either. I try to imagine if this is Jo Hun Jae or Kang Ji Hwan (God forbid!) I would be totally devastated. But, would I react the way PSH’s fans do I don’t think so.

      I totally agree with you that this will be the 101 for Korean actors, 1. if you meet a beautiful girl in a bar, who are attracted to you and happens to attract you too don’t drag her unconscious body to your apartment/house/hotel room. 2. If you think she wants to sleep with you do it while she’s not sleeping. 3. Wait till she’s awake and beg you for it. With your looks and star status you don’t need to bed a girl who will cause you this much trouble. Unless, she will say no when she’s awake so you the only way you get it from her is by not waiting.

      Should I wait for angry outburst? Please don’t. I’m a coward. That’s why I refrained from commenting at all.

      • I totally agree with you Pipit! It is so ungentlemanly of any man to have sex with a drunken woman. I am a PSH fan but his action has disapppointed me.

      • If you think Ji hwan is an angel
        1. You shd give yourself a good pat on the back.

        2 I will be laughing at you.

        3 I will be laughing at you.

        I welcome angry and gentle outbursts.

  10. No matter what shit just got real for PSH.

    He’s still a great actor and I will continue to marathon my favorite dramas with him in it.

    But in a human aspect, he just made a grave mistake that will hurt his career.

    • I can’t believe this the end of this actor seriously it is a big mistake happened to him I am in loss and deseperate I can’t forget park shi hoo the real &amazing actor but I hope you to learn from your mistake .

    • Me too. ! Totally agree even in the human aspect I don’t believe he planne it I really think it was a drunken sex he had , that was pretty similar to those he might have had in the past without this fuzzz ! But he didn’t know that A was not that kind of a girl ! *tears* I will never stop to watch his work and I feel sorry for what’s to come ! But deep down I believe he regrets it the most and feels the mistake ! If only that goes for law suits ! But law protects no fools.! Srry oppa ! I really am !! Waaaa3

  11. As a PSH fan, I don’t make excuses..I am just sadden with the whole affair. It isn’t as clear-cut as the media is making it out to be….but if it was non-consensual sex, then there is a price to pay. We ALL make bad choices…unfortunately this was a hell of a BIG one….and he will pay the price if convicted. Like Koala said he has no past record of any such thing. The reality is, that obviously, the only people who know the TRUTH are the ones involved…and they will have to live with own conscience whatever the outcome. What I feel right now is disappointment and sadness for all concerned. 🙁

    • Thank you for this thoughtful and rational post – think it’s about time we see an impartial, responsible and intellectually sound comment from a PSH fan. All the other PSH fan posts/scandalizing-of-everyone-else-involved is really giving the fans a bad name and not helping PSH in the least..

  12. If Park Shi Hoo did rape the girl, it just confirms my initial suspicions all along that this actor is kind of scuzzy. Even though he was supposed to have grown up in wealthy family, it looks like he never learned how to behave like a gentleman and instead developed a sense of entitlement. The worst kind in my books.

    • I have to agree that I found him suspicious from the start of his acting career… It’s his face, weird way of acting esp when crying or smiling on screen. I didn’t know he was “chaebol?”

      • I know what you mean. I always think the way he acts is kinda calculative, especially when he smiles on screen.

      • Hmm…. why suddently all the negative comments about his personality when you don’t know him in real life ? I thought he always look unhappy even when he smiles on the photos. There are ony a few photos that show he truly smiles because he is really happy. Why is everyone said he is from a wealthy family ?

      • I don’t think he comes from a wealthy family. I remember reading an article that when he was just starting as an actor he used to sleep in a cramped basement with only some corrugated boxes as “bed.” His rise from his humble beginnings to later become a well-sought actor is one of the reasons why i admire the man…until this hullabaloo happened…
        What a waste of hard-earned fame…all
        because of a one-night stand.

  13. Here are the facts.
    PSH had sex with a much younger inebriated girl he had met just THREE HOURS earlier. She was so drunk she had to be carried in and threw up several times. What made him think it was consensual? The fact that she was lying prone on his bed in between trips to the bathroom to throw up? What kind of asshole is he? Imagine this happening to your baby sis. Depraved guy.

      • Except, if the allegations are true, then her “dumb choice” was drinking more than she should’ve, and his was willfully violating the body of an incapacitated woman.

        Slight difference in magnitude there, no?

      • Anotherfan, it’s not a route it’s the truth.

        Is it not true that they are adults? Is it not true that each party from A, K, & PSH made dumb choices?

        Yes the magnitude differs but each one has their own responsibility in the matter. No one is completely innocent and no one is completely guilty from a Ying and Yang perspective.

        there are no accidents in the world- even living by default is a choice- chaos, miracles and the mundane are manifestations of our choices.

        Please don’t warp my statements as a challenge. Just my personal view on life.

      • @Michelle
        No, I don’t intend to carry on this argument with you. You can choose whatever life-as-karma/Taoism/self-righteousness route of your desire and call it whatever you like… Fancy names do not justify the argument (or as you say, perspective) itself – it was highly skewed and biased against the one party in this case.

        I won’t reply to you so don’t bother answering this post.

    • My intention is not to argue. After much thought, I point to a different perspective. However if you are unable to view a situation from other angles that may differ from your current perception. That is Ok. After all your opinion, as well as mine, are valid. We are all here to learn from one anothers perspective anyway.

      There are no right or wrong answers.

      I was just stating the obvious – they were not minors, they were adults.
      And I passed judgement stating – they all made stupid decisions.
      See one is truth, the other is colored by my perception.

      Like I said, no offense. I sure don’t take any =P good day Anotherfan

  14. Those lie detector results are one more nail in the coffin, but I agree that the most damning evidence was always her incapacitated state. Like, I have BEEN that kind of puking-and-passing-out drunk a couple of times, and let me tell you, I wasn’t fit to order a pizza much less consent to sex. She was either so drunk she couldn’t walk on her own, or she was sober enough to make informed decisions. Pick one or the other, guys, ’cause you can’t have both.

  15. Wht happen to innocent till proven guilty? You re just started to join the bandwagon and started to condemn him.I am not his fan but we should lay off judgement till he is proven guilty…No one knows what happen that night other than the party involve. To use lie detector as an evidence is very slim…We should just wait and see what happen…

    • but there isn’t just the lie detector, has what PSH himself told and what K himself talked, it came off their own mouths so you can’t say it isn’t ”true” and they must be lying LOL

    • They do not only have the lie detector test results, but also other evidence. But of course, a failed lie detector test is kind of problematic.
      Also, I wonder what his former management has given to the police. I can imagine that his former boss (forget what letter he has in this game) had something solid on him, and did not just create hot air when PSH sued him.

  16. Now we know why it too so long for P and K to appear at the police to be interviewed, which apparently didnt work during the lie detect test.
    Although lie detect results might be inadmissable in court, it’s still a BIG deal for Both P and K to have failed the test while A didn’t. It’s an important evidence through comparisons. I be this piece of evidence pushed the police to make their decision: possible indictment. I think if the test showed P lied but K and A didnt or any other combinations, it would be hard to put too much weight on the lie detect results. But this isnt the case, the results reveal a two divisions: P & K failed while A passed. Who lied and who told the truth? There’s more weight to the lie detect results than what the martyr fans want to believe.

  17. Thanks for the update. Mistakes made can’t be taken back. Let’s wait n see what the prosecutors office has to say.
    I hope other celebrities don’t make the same mistake.

  18. Both parties made mistakes & in the end, it will cost them much of $, time, pain, etc. Not much for courtroom drama, but I don’t agree with the authorities divulging details as fast as an unreliable tabloid mag 🙁 if PSH isn’t found guilty, his career is over regardless. I don’t understand why this even happened because he is such a celebrity, he ought to be more careful with dalliances. Didn’t the dramas he worked on teach him anything? sigh

    • Agreed on both points!! First I’m wondering why are so much details being revealed to the public? Would it’ve been the same if he wasn’t a celebrity? Second no matter the result this whole case shows a really but side of PSH and I think its part of a celebrity’s job to preserve it (to some extend) & regardless of the result of this case I think only PSH & A will know the truth about the matter 🙁 On the good side it’ll serve as a good warning and lesson to other celebrities to take batter care of their image.

    • Even if he is indicted, I would be very surprised if he is not acquitted, regardless of his guilt. His well-paid team is already in full-out attack mode, and there’s plenty of stupid fans out there ready and willing to believe everything they say about his accuser. He has money and his crazy-loyal fan base to fall back on, while A is out there on her own, accused as much or more than she is accuser. I hope his career suffers; frankly, I think it’s only fair. At the very least, he’s a sleazeball, so while I very much doubt he will see the inside of a jail cell he will at least get some sort of retribution.

    • I also find that the amount of details being revealed to the public and the speed at which it’s done rather astonishing.

      @skelly, his career will definitely suffer, though I wonder why you think he will be acquitted?

      • I think he will be acquitted because of his legal team, the media circus, and the paucity of hard evidence. See O. J. Simpson trial, for example.

  19. I’m not a fan of PSH but I think he’s a great actor….I feel bad that his acting career is pretty much done after all the years of hard work and sufferring he put in.

    • If SK trials are anything like those in some other “free” countries, things will definitely get much worse for all parties involved if it goes to trial. Rape/sexual assault trials are where both sides will dig up as much dirt as possible on the other party’s private life, everything they did in the past will be put under scrutiny and possibly subject to attack by the prosecution and defense, and made public. Since A and K are not minors, will their identities be revealed to the public if there is a trial? If so, the impact on their lives is going to be even more devastating, and the female usually comes off worse in such cases.

    • this is why i quit reading those site , you would wonder how a fan which i assume mostly are women can be that blind ignores all proof of the girl was drunk and always support their oppa no matter what . what if that happened to them got blind rape , i wonder would they blame themself for got blind rape or semi rape “sigh”

  20. i’m so saddened with what’s happening right now.. 🙁
    no matter what, Park Si Hoo is one of the best, greatest actors for me.. and The Princess’ Man one of the best dramas for all time..
    its just so sad that all the years he’d worked hard to get his status now as an accomplished actor, seems like all gone to waste because of a night of mistakes..
    totally saddened..
    i dont know how these things work in South Korea.. but innocent until proven guilty still applies here right?
    i just find the lie detector test results too convenient.. PSH fan here, biased..

    • Why is it convenient? If the evidence is supporting PSH the it’s a fact but when it’s supporting A, suddenly ” convenient?” Not to attack you or anything but people need to have a professional criticism in reading this case. Can’t be too bias one way or the other. Police might have more information than what we know so far. Fans cant always blame the police is corrupt, so on. I mean the police doesnt get to send him to jail. Its the job of prosecutor.

      • it’s a fan’s opinion, so of course its biased and siding with PSH.. *sigh* just ignore it..

    • I’m feeling for you, fnr. It’s bitter when a person doesn’t turn out to be what you thought they are. Especially when it is someone whom you admire, and have in a high esteem, maybe as a role model, perhaps.
      Even with persons who you meet every day, and who you consider friends, you can get hurt like that.
      Maybe it is best to seperate the actor/public person PSH from the private person PSH. The private person, none of us will ever truly know. The actor/public person, you can still admire for his skills, and enjoy his work.

      Innocent until proven guilty does apply in South Korea, too. The police thinks that they have found enough evidence to say he’s guilty of semi-rape. But the ultimate decision whether or not the case will be closed, get further investigation, and ultimately, if the case will go to court, is in the hands of the prosecutor. That is standard procedure.

      • @Finn
        feels like i’m heartbroken.. why did he have to make such a mess in his life?
        but unlike others who may not want to watch him again, what is good for PSH as an actor is that when you (or rather I) watch his drama, I see him as the role his portraying and not him as just an actor acting.. such a waste of talent..
        but the fight’s not yet over.. still hoping for a positive outcome favoring PSH..

      • @fnr, it’s really hard to understand, isn’t it? You think you know someone, and – pang! – he or she does something you never thought possible.
        I hope that in the end, your heart will be healed, and that the case will be properly solved, so that all involved parties can find closure and move on to the future at some point.

      • @finn
        amen to that part where everyone involved will find closure and move on with their lives and the case properly solved, without any leakings and biases and everything.. everyone should just forgive everyone, wishful thinking..
        more than my heart, i hope he will be healed soon.. coz what i’m experiencing is very minute compared to his sufferings now..

      • @fnr, PSH will know what he did or didn’t, and if he’s half the person you think he is, perhaps he will be wiser in the future.
        However, I fear that his career in showbiz will be over, for some time

      • @finn
        for some time.. damn i’m clinging to that.. lol i hope it won’t be too long..
        but i can’t blame him if he will stop acting after this.. just move on with life much wiser..
        he is a good man, just became stupid and reckless that ill-fated valentine’s night..
        thanks finn.. you’d been very nice and very patient listening to a fan’s emotional sentiments.. appreciate this much 🙂

      • @fnr, while I am not a fan of PSH, I am a fan of another actor. I would feel equally heartbroken and devastated if he got himself into such a mess. So I feel with you, from the heart of a fan-girl.

        However, I admit that it is very hard for me to stay neutral on the topic itself, as my best friend went through a similar experience. The guy went scot-free after she was slut-shamed at school, and never went to report it to the authorities out of shame and fear. We’re a small town. She hates and blames herself so much now for what was done to her, that we all fear the worst. But nothing can be done against the guy, as long as she doesn’t speak up.

      • oh.. that is so sad.. i’m sorry finn..
        sorry to hear that you’re bestfriend had to experience such terrible things and to never get the justice she deserves.. i understand if you can never be neutral with this case but i appreciate that you are trying to be.. if it would’ve been others, they will just lambaste PSH without any thought, this just shows that you are openminded..
        but why did you say she blames herself and you fear for the worst? is she suicidal? i hope not.. i don’t know how to give advice but just be near her always, if possible don’t let her linger on the bad memories, or hear bad or similar situations like this case..
        but i believe in karma.. and i know even if the aggressor feels like he’d escaped his due punishment, there will come a time that karma will get him..
        keep her smiling 🙂

      • @fnr, yes, she’s suicidal. She’s doing bad things to her body, kind of like self-punishment. She has no more self-worth. From what I’ve pieced together, she blames herself because she is called a slut and made out as easy girl by the other girls, because the rapist and his friends are “cool”. And because she feels like she didn’t resist enough (never mind that she could not think straight because of whatever that guy put in her drink), and because the guy apparently likes powerplay and created sexual arousal in her to show her that she “really wanted it”… well, you get the picture. She feels that she’s responsible. Dirty. The slut-shaming isn’t helping any, but you know that even if you try to make them stop the name calling, they still will do it, and it got only worse when I tried.

        In regards to PSH, I’ve learned enough about showbiz and newpapers to wait for more detailed information, especially since there were some cases in the papers where the girl indeed faked it, and even though the guy’s name was cleared, the public mind will always remember him in the worst way.
        But since he admitted sleeping with the girl on their first meeting, with lots of alcohol involved (and that the girl was the one who insisted on protection), the best I can think of him is that he is rather careless in his choices for himself and others. That is certainly in a sharp contrast to the public image he build up.
        At the same time, nothing of the things that were said or done by A so far (at least as far as what the public knows) seem suspicious. She’s had a lousy friend and advisor in B, though.
        So, while i do voice my thoughts and opinions about aspects of the case, I can’t make a choice whether it happened like A or like PSH told.

        When you like someone, you keep believing the best of him or her, even if hard evidence is piled up. “The person I like would never do such a thing”. 🙂

      • @finn
        wow.. what a sad life.. i’m really sorry for your friend finn.. but she must go forward.. life goes on.. i know it is easy for me to say since i’m not the victim, but she must try.. for her sake, for her family, and for her friends like you.. the best revenge would be that she can overcome/recover from all these.. like, he thinks he totally ruined her, but look, she’s braver than everyone thought and moved on with her life.. who knows she might found someone who will love and accept her for her past.. happy ending, i hope.. but i know no victim could really totally recover or forget..
        as for PSH, i believe him.. he’d been unlucky.. from wanting to impress his family, he tried his luck in the city, worked hard for more than a decade before people started noticing him as a fine actor.. now he just started his own agency, his first movie had been a success, his last drama had been a success, and he thought he’s the king of the world.. he is so lucky.. NOT.. he had been too cocky and reckless and had sex with a wrong girl.. *sigh* end of hard-earned career?
        i guess he’ll be celibate for a long time after this? lol
        and i found A’s action the day after suspicious..
        you know i’d been writing a long argument this morning to reply in your posts below with CL and Bull, but then something came up and i was away from computer, then when i came back, my little nephew is already playing disney online, and koala’s site is gone, and so is my long comment.. lol just like CL’s
        and i’m lazy to write it all again, so that’s it.. lol
        but considering PSH’s lawyers last press release on the times A texted are true, then comparing to the written affidavit of B, and A’s texts to K.. there’s just something wrong..
        i dont know.. its the prosecutors’ turn to have a headache with this circus case.. and i hope they’ll weigh everything in and decide fairly.. hope for the best..

      • @fnr, you and me both, hope that she will get back on her feet, but it’s a long, dark road ahead. I just pray that she stays away from drugs, or starts sleeping around as self-punishment.

        About A and her messages, I think it does make sense. From what I gathered, she woke up during the second time around 11 am, and PSH told her that they had done it before, which she doesn’t recall at all. Both drugs or alcohol can cause blackouts, as has been mentioned in previous posts. The memory loss can be complete, or partially. Not to mention the waking up thingy…
        Anyway, if the second time was around 11am, and she was dazed, but somewhat awake after that, it is entirely possible for her to text some, and then fall asleep again for another hour or two, before getting enough brain power together to leave the place. I mean, she didn’t even shower before leaving, and the kakao-message by B warning her not to take a shower only came after she already left the place. If I had stayed over with a guy I enjoyed, I would certainly take a shower instead of leaving all sweaty and smelling of the act, not to mention that a shower is good for waking you up…

        That’s why I do not think it’s suspicious, but of course, this is my very subjective view of things, and not knowing all the details.

      • @finn
        how about putting her on therapy?

        is it really possible to text while not completely awake? if it is only a word or two, then maybe yes.. but, have you seen the image of her text logs and the number of texts she made while “dazed”? http://parksihoo4u.com/2013/03/31/pshs-law-firm-press-release-9/
        coz for me, i can’t text and not be completely awake, or else the letters would all be jumbled.. unless she is very expert in texting and knows her letters’ positions even when she’s half asleep.. also i need to be awake to make sense..
        wondering what those texts are though.. coz really if she is half awake, and he forced her the second time, isn’t it common sense that she text that something terrible just happened to her?
        and on her not showering, remember too on her Kakaotext with B released, she asked B if it is ok if she’ll report it the morrow, and B said, no, go today, don’t wash yourself.. so in her not showering, i don’t know the reason, but i believe it is not because she had been planning to report it the whole time.. unless she really planned not to take a shower that whole day, which doesnt make sense.. am i making sense? lol sorry for my poor english..

      • @fnr, therapy requires that my friend is willing to take counsel. She’s not willing to do that. I hope she will come around to do that, someday soon.

        About A, you are correct about the messages. Though, typing while whacked out, I know some people who can do amazing things when half asleep. I’m not one of them. 😉
        Like I said before, I don’t have all the information to lean to one or other side. I think that both versions (PSH and A) have their solid points, but both also have gaps in them. I don’t know what kind of lie detector test they did at the national institute (as Wendy pointed out, there are differences in reliability). I don’t know what other evidence there is. I sincerly hope that the prosecuter will do a proper job.

      • @fnr, sorry, did not read your second part of the answer properly.
        Yes, she might not have wanted to report it in the beginning, this is why I said in another post, I wonder if she had gone through that show-biz “services” thing that aspiring showbiz persons appear to be forced through in some cases.
        About B, she certainly did not do a good job as a friend, even though urging A to go to the police was the right thing (following A’s version of the story).

      • @finn
        i hope your friend will in time help herself.. her loved ones like you can only do so much, but if she herself won’t help herself recover.. *sigh* let’s just hope for the best, she’ll be fine..

        i’ve just been to parksihoo4u.com, i was just happy to read that he is topping the Male Artists Popularity Award.. but then, suddenly his name was no where in the list of nominees.. i guess some powerful people don’t want him to win.. lol poor PSH.. feels like all ganging on him.. give him a break please………..

      • @fnr, yes, i hope my friend will find her way, too.

        about PSH, it’s more like damage control than anyone not wanting him to win. Anything remotely like a scandal, and all you see of advertisers and the rest of showbiz turn their back on you and drop you like a hot potato. It’s not nice, but I guess as long as this case isn’t closed, PSH’s name is closely connected to “accused of rape”. If I was an advertiser or showbiz segment, I’d probably think twice, too, if I want my product to be mentioned in connection with “PSH, who is accused of rape”. It’s far easier to just drop him, as there are plenty of other pretty faces and talented actors waiting in line.
        PSH isn’t the first and will not be thelast going through that humiliation.

      • @finn
        if that’s the case, why did they put his name in the list of nominees in the first place.. maybe they want to prove that his korean fans already left him and they never expected him to lead..
        it was updated that it was PSH who requested to remove his name from the nominees..
        i’ll just look at the positive side, his korean fans have not abandoned him..

  21. Shietzzzz just got real. I still think that he’s gonna walk away and not get indicted. That’s just how the entertainment industry works. Lots of money and power working behind the scene. At the end of the day, like Koala said…it is really about whether he had consensual sex with A or not. This case is already so convoluted that people are going to remain divided regardless of the verdict.
    It is still possible for him to settle at this point? At least he can salvage his career in the long run. The public forgive…after some time. Men usually get more slack in Asian society anyway.

  22. Based on the latest, it’s a done deal that PSH will be indicted for rape and punishment is inevitable. The term used by the police is “semi-rape” which means being corced to have sex when the person is drunk, unconscious, unable to fight, or not have the mental capacity to fight back.

  23. Aww damn. I can’t help it, I’ll forever associate him with the characters he played and I’ll side with him. It’s stronger than me.

    • Fascinating…so because he has played “good” characters in the past, you feel compelled to take his part? He “acts” nice, therefore in real life he must “be” nice? What about actors who play the bad guys – if they were accused, would you assume that they were guilty, because they had acted out bad things in dramas and movies? Would this same overwhelming force that proves PSH’s innocence also prove some other poor sod’s guilt?
      Or, does this same unexamined loyalty affect other areas of your life? I’m really curious about how the fan mind works.

      • Ah, you should go pay a visit to his fansite/blog, I checked it out of curiosity but regret wasting the few minutes of my life I will never get back. It was very disturbing reading some of the comments; and a most recent article lambasting A for her “dubious” background and defending “unblemished” PSH. But that is fandom I guess.
        As a kdrama fan, I do understand to some extent how one can romanticize the actor or actress behind the roles/characters they play. These celebrities have carefully cultivated their images to be liked and idolized, but there is the person who exists behind the facade, beyond the lens of cameras and behind closed doors that we know nothing about.

      • Haha, I love your approach. I imagined you leaning over and checking my temperature and shining light onto my pupils. I’m not completely crazy. It’s just that if an actor plays a character I like (not a nice character necessarily – I’m pretty fond of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones), I tend to like that actor in real life. I’ll look over their interviews, willingly overlook the stuff I don’t like and focus on the stuff I like (“Oh, he doesn’t like puppies. Well maybe he had a really big trauma! But oh look, he likes breathing! I like breathing too!”). I try to confirm that they’re awesome in real life, and of course since I’m overlooking all the bad things, I usually do. Self-fulfilling prophecy at its finest.

      • @ skelly

        He has not been proven guilty and yet his fans are already throwing stones at the police. Now, what does that say about his fans. I was an avid fan since Queen of Reversals. One day, I saw his Arirang interview on TV (before this rape news broke out) where I felt uneasy watching him dart his eyes and looking down quite often when answering questions. That’s an odd behavior for a celebrity.

        The level of bias is inversely proportional to how fans separate fictional roles from real character. It will be some time before I can watch any of his past projects.

      • skelly’s comment was like fans are different specimen needed to be scientifically observed..
        a fan does not become a fan overnight, well for me.. i’ve just known PSH last year when his TPM was shown in our country.. i did not even like the promos/commercials thought they are not that good looking, and they chose a crap local OST for it lol, but i accidentally watched the beginning and watched again the next and the next and i got hooked.. then he smiles that cutest smile and on half of the drama when he became an avenging assassin, the transformation had been so good.. and i’ve known this is a great actor.. and so i got curious, i started “googling” him up and liked what i saw.. read good and bad comments bout him, downloaded pics of him and other dramas of him.. i like his Prosecutor Princess and Queen of Reversals, didn’t like much CA/CDDA, they’re mismatched for me, no chemistry.. but the best would still be Princess’ Man..
        but now.. *sigh* looks like i’ll never gonna see him portray a new character anymore.. one night of recklessness and mistakes and poof! all his hard work gone? 🙁
        but Park Si Hoo will always be one of my favorite actors 🙂

      • @ etee, I’m not a fan, but considering how the police seems to have handled this case, I’d like to throw something at them too. Not stones, but rather the book!

    • It would have been better if you support him because of his talent or his philanthropic activities or his services to the public, or etc instead. Measuring his deeds will be more rational and realistic than looking into illusions, a stranger you never know except for the characters he played ?

  24. Actually according to the police, A sent those kakaotalk messages to K when she was at the police station. The police were there and guided her to contact K to suss him out. So PSH’d lawyers claiming the timing mismatch is invalid.

    I’ll try to locate the article if you want.

    • The lawyers are referring to the 24 messages sent around 11.15am, when A supposedly was unconscious.
      It would be interesting to know the content of these messages, but I guess that the police has obtained them already, and used in their investigation.

    • If the police have guided A through the Kakao talks, then I think the police have already made their judgement before investigating the case, purely on the basis of what A has reported. They did not allow things to take a natural path to fairly judgethe reaction of A or K and then fairly judge who is truthful. The act of guiding A alone can be perceived as being biaised, a stance which upholders of justice should not take.

  25. We don’t have all of the information the police have in making its decision. I find getting bits and peices of sensational information distrubing. Hopefully, the prosecutor will look at all the evidence very carefully before proceeding. I was an early adopter of the conspiracy theory(Management Company out to get PSH) for his failure to follow K-Drama industry practice and leaving his management company to start his own. It may be he fell into a trap and also showed poor judgement February 14th. I’m praying for all parties invovled in this unfortunate incident and that Park Si Hoo can act again on film as soon as possible.

  26. PSH’s career ended very very quickly because of the choice he made. Biggest mistake of his life. Oh well…

  27. @finn
    yeah i think the former manager did submit that “evidence” he threatened PSH with. this might have had great bearing on the case. whatever it was, surprisingly it was held in secrecy for this time it was not released to the media. it might be something too scandalous and incriminating.

    • yeah i’ve been wondering about that evidence too.
      the former manager have definitely retaliated, and the evidence he had in his possession must be that heavy. PSH team might have overlooked that.

  28. My poor baby PSH!We all know it’s hard for men to keep that thing in between their legs behave, and to add that he is 40 something with no girlfriend to release his heat must be very pretty hard. You could have followed HUgh Grant, you know, then your case would have been just public indecent act instead of rape. What a sad Valentines it is and an unforgettable birthday gift. oh , I blame it all to K! He was the one who planned this all. Planning a date with Miss A then made it threesome. Sigh K, your bad news!

    • I’m outraged in so many levels at your comment that I’d rather say nothing at all. Every sentence there made me angry!

      • how would they handle it if ever he gets charged? with their reactions like that in AKP and his fansite, they seem to be hanging on a thin sanity thread now, what more after.

    • @subdued, What do you mean, ‘it’s hard for men to keep that thing in between their legs behave’? Every man would have been a rapist by now if they cannot control their lust. Your logic is very flawed. Surely you’re not saying that PSH is a puppet being controlled by K? He must be very weak mentally, emotionally, and I don’t respect people like that. It is only in the Internet where I realized once again that people like you still exist.

      • Thanks Enid. You explained it well 🙂

        BTW, febe and ilovekimchi, I guess you couldn’t believe some people actually think that way. I seriously doubt she was joking. Let’s ask subdued: Were you sarcastic? I accept your pity if you were joking in that comment of yours. Otherwise I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m the one who earned the pity here.

      • i guess its easier for some to believe that all his fans are crazy obsessed totally weird idiot people.. so if comments like subdued’s show up, its easier to embrace the thinking, hey that is how all his fans think.. they are all crazy weirdo fans..
        when it wouldve been obvious from the first words that his/her comments are full of sarcasm..

      • Dear fnr, I have nothing against fans. Everyone is a fan of something or someone and if they see a new not desirable side of that thing or person, it’s not easy to accept it; I’m like that to.

        To be honest I think it’s not fair that after PSH serves in jail as punishment(if he for sure gets convicted later) he won’t likely be able to go back to TV because of this image thing that people in Korea are obsessed about. The public’s judgment and usually fans’ are very superficial and fake and absolute, based on black and white extremes, and managements and actors and actresses and idols work on those fake images as much as their skills. This guy has done something very very wrong to someone else and needs to know it and learn not to ever repeat it and to feel apologetic toward the girl, whatever character she has.

        Putting all these aside, I know there are people in other contexts in everyday life and not just in fandoms, who actually make these kind of stupid comments out loud.( I, unlike you, don’t use the word “crazy”. Self inflicted stupidity and not craziness can make me angry. Craziness is lack of judgment but stupidity is very poor judgment.)

        I went back and read all Subdued post under any post on this issue in Koala’s site. And based on her comments I find her a confused fan. I recommend you do the same too and make your own judgement to see her comment on this page as sarcastic or not.

      • @october
        no, not going to look at his/her previous posts.. i found her comments here offensive.. and why i said its full of sarcasm?
        my poor baby psh? *roll eyes* and saying he is 40 something.. confused fan alright.. i’ve never seen a fan make his idol much older than he is.. and she made it sound like PSH is sex-crazed.. and blaming all to K? overly dramatic and as febe said below too outrageous..
        but then, i might be wrong, and she might be really a fan, sorry subdued if i targeted you..

  29. This will be my last comment on anything related to PSH.

    Totally fell for the guy’s acting after The Princess’ Man, my first saeguk, and watched almost all his dramas later on. Although I never really looked up his off screen persona, I hoped that the actor I liked wasn’t involved in this…. I hope all the parties in this case get what they deserve.

  30. @etee , i too fell for him in QOR but after this drama none of his other drama i ever like . TPM was so huge that earned him MBC best actor award but after i watched i gave up after 6 episode . the same goes to CDDA after 6 episode i gave up too

    forgive me all for being off topics , just want to share my feeling on his drama since majority assume his career is over

  31. PSH has to pay for his mistake. Him and K made bad decisions and A should see them punished. Just because a girl is sexually active and the perp is a handsome and rich actor doesn’t mean he can get away with this.

    Aside from all these – it is obvious that she was drunk so what kind of a sober person will have pleasure in having sex with someone in that condition, who obviously will not be able to enjoy it?

  32. It’s interesting how AKP’s comment are completely different from those here. I don’t even understand how they can still side PSH after all of these & STILL call A a slut/whore.

  33. PSH may not have intended to rape her. But the thought of PSH choosing to sleep with a drunk young lady just few hours after meeting is in my opinion an extremely immature, indecent and unethical act for a prominent 30+yo man. PSH learns a lesson and hope this teaches a lesson to other similar minds.

    • PSH only intended to get laid that Valentines day and his birthday EVE!
      The best thing to do on those occasion mentioned for a handsome, hot, rich and famous guy. And I am sure this is not the first time he did this, others were willing(and I’m consistent, im on this others) and others may just charge to experience.But this one was let’s just say a bad joke, a bad judgement a bad timing, or his unlucky day! tsk tsk .

      • he maybe thinks if he pick any others from his fans who is more than willing or think is a gift if can sleep with him , those other probably will speak to the press someday too of their amazing one night experience with the HOT PSH and i dont think he like it either to keep his clean image

  34. Extra marital sex specially with a total stranger did no one any good. No one ever said if the girl is a prostitute. Most of the time if a man picks a woman in the middle of the night, the girl is usually a prostitute. And why would any sane man invite a drunken random girl to his house for sex, I don’t know. Unless they are acquaintances before that night they slept together. This case just got publicized because the supposed offender is an actor. The actor is thinking through his balls. He forgot to use his brain and paid for it.

  35. Not in the least bit surprised — if the police (any station, including Gangnam) had NOT sent this sensational *story* to trial — they would have taken far more of a beating — for accused bribery — instead of incompetence.

    ..and I do think they’ve been incompetent, rather,acting as jurors, instead of straight-line investigators.

    I strongly suspect that even if PSH is convicted of *whatever quasi-rape is* as defined by Korean Law – his lawyers could feasibly/reasonably get a re-trial based on mishandling of original evidence.

    This is loooooong from over ~ expect more letters of the alphabet to appear soon. (making it up ~)
    Judge P, who favors one side — Prosecutor L — another….

    Ping-Pong & leaks in the media.
    (It may not be right – depending on whose personal level of guilt for the incident is higher — but *A* may have missed the only opportunity she had for compensation… when she refused the first settlement)

    ….not saying that she SHOULD have…but rather, just noting that it’s balls-to-the-walls now. THEY will not only give her nothing – but she will be dragged through every possible hell from this point forward.

    If her aim is truly – conviction, based on legitimate rape… then I say, “Get it, gurl.” If…. she got some really bad advice about how to handle a drunken-hook-up — then I can only pity her more.

    • She’s already been dragged through hell and I’d say she is one tough woman to have endured all of the public hatred/shaming/naming-calling/finger-pointing, and the same goes for her family. Not here to sensationalize her ordeal but boy, that must have been like hell – I bet many others (me included), if put in similar situation, would have given up and chose to take the settlement already. All the reason she deserves fair, just, impartial treatment and basic respect from public. And to all the PSH fans or people siding with him who kept arguing “innocent until proven guilty”, please exercise the same towards A as well, as you know, she is also innocent of any charges towards her until anything can be proven with tangible evidence.

      • Her greed and going to the media caused all the frenzy for everyone involved, if the backlash on her is hell, its her own doing. This girl does not have a sweet and innocent past, she should have thought about the aftermath when planning her retirement fund. If I had been raped, money would not be my idea of justice. Nor would going to the media.

  36. @subdued
    are you really a fan of PSH or just a poser putting his real fans in bad light?
    sorry if i’m somewhat attacking a commenter here, but i just find your comments really off and sarcastic to PSH……
    just be yourself ok and not act like a fan if you are not..

      • well this is weird.. lol
        a fan attacking another fan
        and a “non-fan” (? can’t think of a right term, can’t say hater) defending a fan..

        if you really are a fan.. Sorry..

      • Just stating the facts fnr not defending. But its weird you dont recognise a fellow fan.

      • ok jae..
        well i read the comments, but sometimes i don’t pay attention to the usernames.. and fellow fan or not her comments are really off for me.. sorry subdued..

    • Subdued is definitely not a fan of PSH. He/she has always been criticising PSH & K in a rather clever and sarcastic manner, in the guise of a fan who would do dumb stuff for him. Actually, his/her remarks are quite outrageous at times. So, fnr, it’s not surprising that you find his/her comments really off.

      • a poser right?
        disguising as a fan, overly praising.. but actually criticizing PSH..

    • I don’t get you! I don’t get how a fan’s opinion is a representative of all fans! What do you mean “….posing his real fans in bad light”? People are different and all fans do not have the same personality! I do not judge a whole fandom by one comment! Some comments are beyond fandom issues, as are related to sound judgment and morality. You and Subdued are two different persons. And my question is, why did you attacked subdued first when you thought she was not a fan and then later when someone informed you she is actually probably a fan, you apologized to her? I mean whatever stupidities are allowed to be said as long as it’s coming from a fan’s mouth?

    • @october
      i know people are different and have different personalities.. but i know there are some who see an outrageous comment of his fans and they say that is how all his fans think, they tend to generalize that all his fans are the same.. i based that on the many comments i’ve read.. that is why when i read subdued’s comments, at first read she is a fan, but when i read it again, there’s something wrong with her comment, so i commented that she is sarcastic and just pretending..
      and my apologizing to her is when jae pointed out that she is actually a fan.. i apologized for thinking or accusing her not being a fan.. but i also said that fellow fan or not, i find her comments wrong or off..

  37. I swear people want to make judgement but dont bother to read everything on the case and use a little common sense.

    ‘Are you actor Park Si Hoo?’
    (Beep. False. Real name Park Pyung Ho.)
    Please. This is the kind of lie detector test result we suppose to trust?

    I imagine A’s test to be like this.
    ‘Did you voluntarily go to Park Si Hoo’s room?’
    ‘I dont remember.’
    (DING ! True.)

    Also what was her claim in the beginning? That she was drugged? That she thought she was drugged because it was impossible for her to be unconscious since she’s a good drinker ? Then it’s been proven she’s not drugged so …..?

    • While I don’t think that the question about PSH’s name has any relevance to the case, even if he “failed” it…
      If A said “I don’t remember” and it is true, then it would just prove that she told the truth all along about being unable to recall what happened. She really blacked out. If she was sober enough to recall what happened, then “I don’t remember” would get a “Beep. False.”

      Also, I find it peculiar that suddenly PSH’s lawyer accuse A of taking some drug before the evening. Why would they suddenly start claiming such a thing, unless *something* was found in her bloodstream that didn’t belong there.

      • Well that’s one of the reason why he failed the test and this is according to a ‘police official’ thanks to a jtbc report.

        [경찰 관계자(음성변조) : 전혀 아닙니다. (잘못된 (보도라는) 건가요?) 예. 왜 그렇게 얘기를 일방적으로 (보도)했는지 모르겠어요.]

        또 다른 경찰 관계자는 “‘당신은 배우 박시후입니까?’라는 질문에 박씨가 ‘네’라고 답해 ‘거짓’이 나왔는데, 이를 두고 혼선이 벌어진 것 같다”며 박씨의 본명이 ‘박평호’라서 ‘거짓’으로 판명됐을 뿐”이라고 말했습니다.
        (google is your friend)
        When did PSH’s lawyer accuse A of such thing? It was B and A herself who in the beginning drugged was involved …

        To quote her earlier statement “There’s no way I could have gotten drunk sharing 2 bottles of the soju….”

        Now that she was drugged how did she get unconconscious or drunk.

      • @sara, that “leak” information about why he failed has no credibility whatsoever.
        The accusation that A took rape-drugs that would make her fall unconscious so is in Purme’s latest press release. You can find it on parksihoo4u dot com website.

      • Why the leak (not leak btw) on why he failed has no credibility? It was JTBC who went and did a phone interview with the police official and it was recorded and shown on air. If it wasnt true the police can just say to the press they didnt send anyone to talk to JTBC. But they didnt say anything.

      • @sara, rechecked, it was about the drug *test*, not the taking of drugs. Ignore my post and claim.

      • gamma-hydroxybutyrate
        Leaves the body within 8-12 hours after ingestion, including urine. Causes symptoms as described by A.

        oral administration, even at doses up to 60 mg/kg, the drug is
        cleared from the blood within 6 h (9,10). GHB is excreted in urine
        in small amounts in the free form within 10 to 12 h (11). In a controlled
        human study where a 60 mg/kg dose was administered,
        saliva did not enhance the window of detection (9). Sweat collected
        either by a sweat patch or a cosmetic pad can be used to document
        exposure when sampling is done 12 h after the crime (12).”
        from hawaii dot edu article, you can look it up via google.
        “Hair strands were obtained from a 19-year-old girl who claimed
        to have been sexually assaulted after drinking a soft drink spiked
        with a drug. She had no memory of the crime and went to the police
        five days after the rape. After contact with the police, this laboratory
        recommended to wait for about one month in order to have the corresponding
        growing hair between the root and the tip. Full-length
        hair samples (8 cm long) were taken at the surface of the skin from
        the vertex and stored in plastic tubes at room temperature.”

        So maybe, they should do another drug test?

      • @Finn – I worked at a REHAB and GHB after ingestion takes 15 minutes to take effect and is only active for 3-4 hours with alcohol. According to the timeline A (as a first time user) would have come to with a violent case of the shakes and throwing up roughly around Five AM.

        GHB was ruled out because of the mechanics a long time ago. She was definitely not drugged.

        Nonetheless, according to testimony she was intoxicated purely of alcohol. Looking at her weight and height, its plausible for her to pass out unconscious after consuming alcohol past her personal limit. Even if she wasn’t past her limit but was in a state of drunk – that her body was rejecting (vomiting) what was in her system – she would definitely pass out.

  38. Like a commenter says, Suing like the Queen(of Hearts) is really not appropriate because you’re making everyone else an enemy, then, if it gets rubbing them the wrong way then you’re in for agony like the police and media. He could have sued after but oh well.
    I wonder what will happen now with the lawsuit against the media when the police did afterall confirm that the test was a fail.Or will he now sue the Examiner/company who did the test. I am not being sarcastic because he has sued everyone. I am basing it on how he has shown his actions so far. I wonder too at what the old agency submitted.
    Now that the likelihood of indictment, what will happen between K and PSH? Because now K has to really step up defending him or he could find himself to be blame.

    • PSH’s legal team already filed a complaint to the Korean National Police Agency, or something like that. They said PSH’s case was mismanaged by the police, which wasn’t acting completely neutral, but sided with A and divulged informations about the ongoing investigation which only pointed at PSH’s possible guilt.

      Well, PSH’s lawyers dug a lot of dirt about A as well and made lots of press releases. If someone obstructed/delayed the justice in this case, it was more like from PSH’s side with their constant media play and suing every party remotely involved or not, and also PSH himself by postponing twice his interrogation. We know the police had leaks, but that doesn’t mean they are incompetent as a whole. Giving that PSH is a celebrity, there was bound to be some info leakage. I would start an investigation for finding those leaks if I was the commander of that police station.
      I also would like to know why it was permited to PSH to postpone his hearing with 2 weeks in a alleged rape case where time is the essence. The police should have knocked on his door immediately and take him to the station for interrogation.

      • They probably expected a settlement on this case as people in PSH position has probably done countless time guilty or not.Because that way its less paperwork. Then they find that they really need to do an investigation and move their butts. Or could be waiting for the test results too.

  39. #subdued: Oh, so you think it;s all right for hot popular men to pick up girls for one night stand? No. Just no. I hate the fact that such standards are still promoted in the dramas (jerk guy decides the future of the girl, who acts dumb because she’s SOOO in love with him, like in pasta- so annoying!)…LET ALONE AN ACTOR’S UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR. PSH has made me ANGRY, he’s ruining his own good image, he’s ruining what he has worked for. Why other actors can maintain the image and he can’t? He’s STUPID. I don’t care what happens anymore, I don’t care for stupid people. I recently rewatched TPM, he;s not even that good of an actor, there are better and more derrving actors out there. It’s sad though that fans are comparing him to Jesus, really a sacrilege. and boycotting all things Korean? Open your eyes, there are so many more better actors and offering in the industry!IF, and I say IF PSH is proven guilty, he DESERVES it for being a stupid hypocrite who betrayed his own self-image, who betrayed the work his PR management is doing for him, everything is going to waste. What a foolish guy. I”m not commenting on A, even if she had her own agenda in all this. I hope it gets cleared up just because justice should be done but…I don;t particularly care what happens to the playoby and his silly mistakes. There are more wortwhile actors out there who aren;t quite as stupid as he is. I wonder how is he going to make it up to his loyal fans. And all the chairt work the fans say he does? Tosh, he is doing the same thing as every celebrity who wants to look good, hypocrisy all around. Why can;t fans leaern this is all for their sake, this image and the fact that PSH is in this sotuation because of his own folly is like betraying them too?

    I am sorry but all this is making me angry, precisely because due to guys like this, who seem to havre a sense of entitlement and whose true image is now getting across through the veneer, sterotypes are being maintained and women are always at a disadvantage, always treated like dirt and plaything.

    Still, I am curious to know how this will end. Thank you Koala for the updates.

  40. I don’t trust the documentary his family made, they are clearly trying to cover up, though I WISH all they said were true, because I would like to believe in a fairytale. Maybe at some other time I woukld believe it, but right niw his family is doing what they can to just defend the good name as much as pissible. Shame on him for having to use his family to defend him. That’s not what an actor should resort to.

    Sorry if I seem too outraged but fact is I am tired of how fans seem to think he was entitled to a one night stand with someone they are now calling names in the name of blind idol-worship. Have some self-respect, women! What if YOU were involved in this situation? Would you just let it go just because he;s a hot celebrity you worship? Huh?

    In any case, the reason I don;t have idols is because I know all of it pure fiction, constructed for the befit of the fans. Which is all good, as long as it;s properly nurtured and maintained. Now, the police investigation and how it;s handled is an altogether different story. I hope they wonl;t let themselves be bought out through corruption and just do the job!

  41. Seriously think rationally. Why get emotional? He’s still an accused semi rapist. The case is still with the prosecutor office. I support PSH but I still want the truth too. RELAX

    Btw,how about K? Everyone forgets he exists. Since he lied too. Is he a accused semi molester now?

    • K would then be an accessory to the crime…someone who has provided the perpetrator with the means or opportunity to commit a crime.

    • K is charged width “indecent assault “(this maybe that what A claimed he molested her vs his defend he was returning the blanket )

  42. Pardon my limited knowledge of the judicial system…if the case was turned over to the prosecutor office…the prosecutor will do an analysis and will decide if they will go to court or not? or is it automatically considered to be going to court/hearing already?
    And now the fans are saying they’re going to boycott all that is Korean…well do they like that even the trade/business owners hate PSH too? are his fans as bright as him?

    • Yes the prosecutor will decide. They can try to dig more if they want to.

      hah….I learn abt Korean judical system from Incarnation of Money.

      Why slam people if they are passionate?

      Btw I’m a PSH fan and I’m eating kimchi with rice right now.

    • It looks like the prosecutor will re-investigate the case.

      I wonder how much new evidence they could possibly dig up after a month out from the event.

      Things are looking grim, for all parties.

  43. He’s supposedly also charged with injuries resulting from rape. Does it mean the physical exam they did a while back shows some “forced” intercourse that might have indicated rape?

    • This is the puzzling part. They supposedly took this test about the same period as the drug test which is way back in February. Why did the investigation take so long if they have this pretty concrete evidence ?

      I would do some research but I’m too lazy right now.

      • Hmmm, this is where i am really puzzled because I remember the police mentioning that there was no injury but that it does not equate to no rape. Now, it appears that they are retracting on what they said earlier.

    • apparently police disclosed there were some wounded in her genital back in feb , this is why police charge on 2nd count “sexual battery “

  44. IMO, this case deserves a day in court. I don’t think PSH career is totally over but I don’t think he’ll be leading man again. He could do behind the scenes stuff, write, direct, produce, etc. so cheer up fans.

  45. Arghhhm just wrote a long analysis and I lost net connection without realising, and everything is lost now…

    Anyway, I’m intrigued by the injuries resulting from rape too…what can they mean? Psychological trauma or physical injuries, or perhaps both? As physical injuries I only can think of vaginal tears, which can occur even in normal, unforced sexual acts…it really depends on the magnitude of the tears and their location…ahhh, nasty, nasty afair.

    Also I’m confused about the latest Kakao talk contents dicovered by PSH’s legal team. How can they say it proves that A was unconscious during the sexual encounters, if the first kakao message was sent around 13 PM? Didn’t PSH declared that the first time they had sex was around 3 AM, and the second around 11 AM? What gives then?

    @ Finn – wow, that was a great find. I wasn’t aware that there is drug that leaves the body within 12 hours, I only knew that roofies stay approximately detectable 24 hours in the system. I assumed her hair and nails were tested too, so I was sure she wasn’t drugged. Perhaps she must be tested again.

      • PSH’s lawyer believes it’s a proof she was conscious during sex if she was texting around 13 PM (I’m not sure if this is the correct time of the first kakao message sent by A from her phone though; it could be earlier) But the sex happened way before the kakaotalks – 3 AM and 11 AM, respectively) so how is that proving she was awaken, therefore a proof she was lying about blacking/passing out the whole night. If anyone can enlighten us about this claim/accusation/proof which PSH’s side believes to be of crucial importance to the investigation and whichwas dismissed by the police as not relevant, I’d be grateful.

      • @CL Please read things properly and get your facts right. You’re getting yourself all confused.

        Btw what is 13 pm?

      • @Mr Darcy – pray, and what those right facts would be?

        And 13:00 in the International 24-hour clock is 1 PM in the US 12-hour clock. (I’m not from US, and I’m more used with the 24 hour time convention, sorry for confusing you)
        Koala mentioned in the opening post that A’s first KakaoTalk texting was 2 hours before leaving PSH’s apartment at 2:40PM, which roughly would make that at around 1PM. And Finn corrected that by saying that it was at 11:15 AM, not 1PM.

    • @CL, no, the lawyer of PSH presented records that she texted around 11:15am, so that would make it after the second time of the intercourse.
      About the injuries, I think I there was some interview from K that A wanted agressive intercourse from PSH? It’s here somewhere on Koala’s page.

      • Yeah, got it, thanks, but the 11 AM time still doesn’t prove that A lied about being unconscious the whole night. And I remember that she said she woke up during/after the second intercourse. It’s really irrevelant to the case, as the police established then.

        Yes, I remember K saying that, I thought it was a disgusting thing to discuss on a public platform, into an interview. And it isn’t even true as we know that A was most likely unconscious, which makes that statement even more disgusting now.

      • How did K know abt aggressive sex whe he was supposed to be asleep. The aggressive sex comment made by K and P , perhaps to cover up for the injuries evidence. Injuries in a battery charge usually means physical injury.

      • If PSH lawyer said that the first text occurred around 11:15 then it doesnt prove that she was unconscious . She claimed when she woke up he was on top of her (almost done or had done), at 11am. It is still before 11:15. What i want to know what she texted at 11:15?
        I cant imagine she would pass the detector test if she had lied about all these details. I cant imagine A 22 yr old naive girl would be able to beat the lie detector test when special CIA agents must be trained for a long period time to learn how to beat the lie detector test.

      • I think the police is being sly. They are waiting for PSH to make a mistake. They didnt reveal about the text on the 16 Feb as one they staged until after. They probably didnt expect that Mr Lee came out as a result. They have to have something more that wasnt leak to the media.

  46. This whole situation is a mistake from the beginning!

    Do I believe in PSH’s story?
    Do I believe in “A”‘s story?
    Do I need to blame both of them?
    Well, if I were their mother, then a big YES, but if not, then let them learn from their mistakes.
    Which is:
    Do not ever believe what a drunk man/woman telling you, and always take responsibility for yourself.

    The sad thing is, if it has been the other way around, it will be much different. It will be like: – Oh, did he say he loved you and you’ve slept with him, but in the morning he doesn’t even remember your name? Oh, that’s your problem honey, how could you believe him! He was drunk, it’s your fault!

    I feel sorry for PSH, I like him as an actor, I am afraid he’s going to get suicide. Is he got any friends in the industry? No one seems to be around him by his side, it’s just so sad. I remember that Jodie Foster take care of Mel Gibson, I hated what Gibson did, but It’s always good to know, that there is someone who cares, even if you’are making big mistakes, because we only human, and loosing everything one by one is just unbearable.

    Oh, and I wish that there will be less drinking scenes in korean dramas, because I never liked them!

  47. I hate that this happened! Yet, I believe the truth will come to light, and PSH will be able to overcome this in time if he just doesn’t lose hope. He surely deserves another chance, and the young woman needs to get some therapy for willingly going home with a strange man late at night. That takes a lot of guts…(clearing throat) street guts! Excuse me, but it still stands that this is not something a decent, self-respecting woman would do. Accepting an invitation to a man’s home (and you don’t know him) is not a mixed signal…that’s a deliberate collaboration of what’s to come.

    I agree with the person that mentioned the inaccuracy of the computerized tests. Even the new computerized blood pressure cups used on my dad when he had his clinic check-ups were way off and registered as if his blood pressure was abnormally high; compared to the original manual ones that registered with in the normal blood pressure range just to confirm the findings.

    In conclusion…I agree that the example of bad (excessive) drinking whether on screen or in real life is no joke.

    • It would’ve been good if at least Park Si Hoo or K passed the test. Furthermore, A was the only one who passed. That’s as concrete as it can get to me O.0. I concur that there is a small chance that the results should’ve been the opposite. For the first part of your comment, here’s my response: Are you implying that following two men to their place gives them permission to have xxx? In my head (my complex head), if K and Park Si Hoo were gentlemen they could’ve dropped A off her place not bring her to their place. I mean she seemed drunk enough that someone had to piggyback her. Just my opinion. It’s always good to look at things at different perspectives.

      • I agree. And why again the double standard? PSH deserves another chance and A therapy? Why is she only the one, using your own words, “indecent” and lacking self respect?” I think you would agree that what he did–bringing a drunk woman home, one whom he had admitted from day one, to having sexual relations with– is far from decent or honorable.

    • pls face the reality yr oppa is not a saint, just accept yr oppa did mistake or bad judgement and behave not gentleman enough on that night to sleep with a drunk girl who didn’t remm anything instead of keep finding fault on the girl for whatever yr oppa did

    • you should face reality yr oppa is NOT a saint and what he did that night is not justifiable for sleeping with a drunk girl instead of keep finding fault on the girl for whatever happened that night or whatever yr oppa did was her fault

    • @Usa, Both K and PSH said she was too drunk to be send home alone in a taxi. Someone who is so drunk, how can that person walk freely into PSH’s home?
      Maybe I am too stupid to understand the logic behind your reasoning.

  48. I can imagine koreans have moved on from worry about this with all the craziness with North Korea and war drums beginning to beat.

    • i believe the koreans has moved on too except all international fans is seem unable face reality that their oppa is not holy saint whose conduct could be deplorable

      • lol….I go on PSH DC and fan blogs almost everyday. What are you talking about they have moved on? Exactly where did they say they have moved on?

      • On the contrary, the latest post on parksihoo4u is a calling to prayers. They ask all their readers to pray to their respective God(s) that he/she/it might intervene. Apparently, PSH is being “crucified, for whatever reasons”.

        Honestly, I hope that further proceedings will be clandestinely by the book. Reading them hurling insults against the entire nation of Korea is somewhat… Discouraging.

    • Seriously, I hope that the NK situation will calm down. It would be horrible for a war to break out and destroy everything.

  49. i said the international fans cant move on, if what u read were all comment on English i assume they are international fans

    • I dont really get what you are trying to say. But anyway both Korean and International fans think the same way. Since long time fans usually know and in contact with each other. And I see Korean netizens still commenting about PSH articles on Nate. No one moved yet…It’s hot news. Why would people move on ?

      • @mrdarcy,because north korea staging war against south singing louder each day this is why me n some poster here believe Korea hv moved on from worrying PSH sexual case into something more big like possible korean war, lol

  50. Well, where is Rose who is by the way so frantically defending her oppa?.

    This incident is not a pleasant thing for all parties involved and I bet they all regreted of what has happened on that horrible night.

    I am sure that PSH fans is questioning the police credibility because it turns out they are presenting their investigation not in a favor of PSH. The same things will apply if the one investigating is moved to Gangnam and they favor PSH, than the fan will say “see, that Ms. A is really a slut, it is a good thing that the case is transfer”.

    What I want to say here is that for PSH die hard fans, whatever result that will be in the favor of PSH is believed to be the truth and whatever is in the contradictory will be condemn.

    Now for rose, sara, usa and the other PSH fans, firstly think if you / your family member are the one who is going to be sexually assaulted/rape or your family member. Don’t say thay you won’t do stupid things like drinking with stranger is not your cup of tea…you can also be raped by force, by stranger or by those close to you who you considered friends perhaps not in a bar, in any other place that you feel it is saved because you are with your friends…I want to know if you can say the same thing if this happen to you. Or other scenario, you got the chance to meet your OPPA in a fan club then later you are invited for dinner or what, surely you will jump for it because meeting with the one you adore but I am sure you won’t accept if your K-drama oppa sexually assaulted you, then you will regret whatever you have written about this case.

    For PSH Int’s fans who wants to boicot K-drama, that is USELESS because the fact is PSH is not AS POWERFUL AS OTHER K-drama actors. He is not even in top A list actors in terms of payment. The number of PSH Int’s fans club is nothing if compare to other K-drama top star. So, well other International K-drama fans will not supporting your propaganda.

    • Really he’s not on the A-list?? well he seem to think he is, well if he’s not ever on that list, what more now..

      • @violet, koala runs advertising. Sometimes, the advertising is identified by your virus scanner as “might contain a virus”. When it does so, you will get a warning not to enter the page.
        That doesn’t mean the advertisement really has a virus, though.

    • @Ejko….Duh obviously rapist doesnt come only in Handsome Oppas. Maybe its different for semi rape but let me share my experience.

      No need to imagine. I have true stories to share. Ok story time.

      Both my best friend whom I know since I was 9 and my sister were rape victims both did end up pregnant as a result. My best friend till this day didnt bring this up so I didnt know what happened but I know she met someone online. Anyway, they didnt report the matter to the authorities. Everyone thought they did random sex but in actual fact they were raped. Even if people were informed they would still think it’s the victims fault.

      For the first time I saw my father cried the embarrassment for him was tremendous when you’re unmarried single daughter is suddenly pregnant. When the head of the family is at loss, my mother crying non stop my sister n denial , me being the eldest and a girl what should I do. I am not kidding. I even called the psychiatric hospital because I was so at loss. More than anyone else I know what it’s like to be on the victims side.

      Now with my experience why do I think support PSH? Why would I support blindly? I read as many articles as I can from both sides. Also visit both fan sites and anti fan sites. Tried to be neutral as I can when I read weigh in all the possibilities. Painstakingly I tried to decipher korean articles with my limited knowledge and with the help of dictionary. With all that and thinking things through after a few days I believe that I can trust him. If he’s guilty in the end what can I say but I’m wrong in my judgement.

      I have to admit -injury from rape charge- threw me off guard. But I havent got the time to dig that one out yet.

      For the record I have never called A a slut. Sorry but I dont curse.

    • In Hollywood version he’s like a famous tv star. He only recently got really popular because of The Princess Man. Only after that drama he got more CM and more invites to variety shows, had his movie debut last year.

      He’s not AA list but still I would say he’s an hallyu star. Why is his movie selling overseas with the current event? Locally, he’s generally well liked by the general public. His dramas even if lousy gets decent ratings.

      And you said it yourself he’s not top A list so why he did this and risk his career? He’s the one who said he still has a long way to go. He has a clean image all these years why at the peak of his career he rape someone,didnt turn up at the police station 3 times, lie on the detector test etc etc? Why he put himself at a disadvantage? Eveything must have a reason What is his?

      To add of course I’m not surprised if he has had one night stands. He hasnt haa a relationship for 7 years I’m not gullible enough to think he’s been celibate.

  51. I don’t know if PSH have reach Top A-list actor status yet. But he is definitely popular. Look at this website for example. It generating almost 200 response while other post may generate a dismal 30 responses at max. Think of it however you want. Seriously why so harsh against PSH supporters. They are generally expressing their OPINIONS regarding the case. Who are you to tell them otherwise (Who died and make u boss?)

    • Not going to comment on the rest of your comment, but I have a strong feeling that the number of responses is caused by the topic of date rape. This is something many readers here feel very strongly about, because not only is it something that can happen to anyone, but it already has happened to many.
      It would be similar if another celebrity had done this, or generate even more posts.
      Not everything on this planet revlves around PSH, you know. 😉

      • so very true ! in life there are people who will like you and side with you, and there will be who won’t, thats the reality, so for the PSH fans not all people can be convinced by PSH.

      • So therefore if that is pretty obvious, some fanatics should not be so offended when some of us here are not so taken with their beloved PSH.

      • @violet
        it is very obvious and realistic that not everyone would be convinced that he is innocent..
        but on how fans will react to that, we can’t control..
        same as we can’t control the emotions of those who are angry or pissed off that many of his fans still believe in his innocence in the rape charge..

  52. You’re right. I finally comment not because of PSH per se but because of the case (accused rape case) which involves a star (a powerful figure it doesn’t matter whether he’s in the A list or not or whether he’s the most powerful star in Korea or not because he’s still in power).

    Rape is one of the worst crimes ever. Women will find it extremely hard to talk about it. Even a sexual harassment is hard to discuss. I think most women choose to swallow some of the harassment they experiencing for fear of accusation, shame, etc.

    Sexual crime should not be taken lightly.

    • When my relatives found out few of them had to come and literary begged my father to make a police report. But my father just shut down. He’s more worried about what people might think and more people finding out. Then he said it’s up to my sister.

      They begged my sister (who is fairly young which is why everyone wants to butt in) too but she said she didnt want people touching her (as in she doesnt want to go through the rape kit fuss).

      One of my close friend even said,”I dont understand why your father didnt report. How can he let something let this go ?” I didnt say anything. People dont understand the kind of stigma rape comes with how hard it is to even talk about it.

      As for my best friend, she and everyone around her just pretend nothing happened.

      Also forgot to say both the culprits ran away. They did their crimes and ran away never to be seen again. One even left the country.

      Anyway these are my experiences. Of course t’s not the same for all victims.

      • your father, your sister, your best friend had their reasons why they chose to not report the crime…
        But those criminals are out there free – and may be victimizing other girls again. Their reporting them might have saved a lot of future victims.

      • @Violet
        Someone said to imagine which I replied I have something better which is my experience. So I’m just sharing.

        Of course it’s right to report the matter. Kinda make one wonder how many real rapists out there free and how many real rape cases still unfinished and how long real victims have been suffering.

        I myself wonder why I didnt drag my sister to the station back then too. And my guess we all share the same reason. I am just saying how it is from my point of view as a rape victim family member how hard these things are. How we went through a lot of different emotions for quite some time to digest what happened, what went wrong etc etc. But like I said it’s probably different in other cases and I dont know much about quasi rape.

        I think A is brave for putting aside her trauma of getting raped twice (not to mention unconscious for 12hrs)since she went to the centre within 5 hours after leaving the rapist house. Plus she is nice enough within those hours to update everyone that care for her about her misfortune.

      • I am not also in the position to judge your family for the decision they made. But hopefully my post above will be taken into consideration by those who are currently in that situation and be encouraged (eventhough it’s really very hard to do) to do what they can to put such criminals behind bars where they belong…because it the only way to prevent other women from being victimized…the outcome is one would be able to atleast help in a way to stop future crimes from happening, saving lives in the process.

      • @violet …..This is why people who doesnt know anything shouldnt make a quick judgement. You are really naive if you think some rape victims can ‘kekeke’ their way to a center after 5 hrs of getting rape without thinking and being scared of the consequences.

        I’m not saying its impossible but I can imagine it would be nervewrecking and scary. If you got raped you would think,
        ”Will it happen again?” ”Will he come and look for me?” ”If I tell the police he will take his revenge?”

        lol….Great injustice has been done and you want victims to be superheroes and think about other people.

      • @sara, it seems like we both know the feeling of standing helpless by the sidelines, huh?

        About A, I’ve been wondering if this isn’t the first time she went through the experience, just that before, there was no B to point her to the direction of police station. If that wasn’t the first time, it sure would explain the one or other thing, at least if I go by what I’ve read about the topic. Of course that is mostly me wondering, nothing based on any evidence or such a thing.

      • @ sara – I think it’s naive to assume that all rape victims should behave in a certain prescribed way. My friend didn’t realize that she was date raped until 2 days after the incident, and she behaved normally in that time, except for being confused of certain details from the night in question and feeling her feminine parts strangely sore. The last thing she remembered was dancing and drinking in the club. She was alcohol blacked out during the rape, her first and only blackout ever, and didn’t realize a huge chunk from her memory was missing. It was quite a detective work to put all the pieces together, with the help of witnesses from the club and from its CCTV at the entrance. The sad thing is that the rapist was her boyfriend of 2 months and a cousin of her brother’s fiancee, and she wasn’t yet prepared to sleep with him – he was also perfectly aware that my friend wanted to take things slowly and wasn’t ready yet for sex. When he finally admitted to having sex with her, he told her the sex was consensual, that she initiated the whole sexual act and that she didn’t seem drunk to him at all. She drank 5 shots of whisky during 3-4 hours, and she isn’t used to strong drinks in any quantity; plus, she’s rather smallish and thin.
        What happened to my friend eerily resembles to this PSH rape case.

        In cases of drug/alcohol facilitated sexual assaults the victims’ reactions can differ and vary semnificantly, as most of them can’t remember what exactly happened and blame themselves heavily for drinking, or in general. Even strager rape victims don’t always behave hysterically screaming and crying. Most of them are just numbed by shock, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as traumatized like those who are crying and shaking non-stop.

        Also, it’s possible A wasn’t the first time sexually assaulted so perhaps she wasn’t appearing as traumatized she should have? Only she knows what’s in her heart, soul and mind, let’s try not judge if she was raped or not only by ‘kekekes’ in her text messages.

        I wish we could see the CCTV footage of K piggybacking A into PSH’s apartment…

      • @cl I already said I dont know anything about date rape .quasi rape. You said your friend didnt knw till know 2 days later but My friend Miss A knew straight away on the same day even when she was unconscious.

  53. @sara, is it you think she was brave enough to report to police just after 5 hours left P condo n nice enough to talk or update to her friend n family of her misfortune so YOU choose to believe P that it was consensusual sex?

    • Everybody lies. Even though I trust PSH I dont believe PSH when he said he likes her. I dont believe B is a credible witness.

      • @sara whoever lies and however A react after just few hours she woke up n left P Condo it didn’t reflect she wasn’t unconscious that night, her being piggyback n throwing up all over is a strong evidence to claim she was unconscious

  54. Reading all of this circus drama made me sick and can’t believe PSH fandom blindly support. They took what the media says than what is officially released by the police. Yes there are some leaks but the source have never been revealed. Surely the police have enough on their sleeves to come into this indictment.

    We don’t know PSH in person nor do we know Ms. A but to just come up with a conclusion that Ms A is slut, and work with police to take down PSH is simply ridiculous. If it is said that Ms A has a back up from a high rank, same philosophy should be applied to PSH whose law firm is one of the best somthey also must have channel to a higher authority

    I have a friend who is heavily work in a circle of K entertainment who confirm PSH is yet to be counted as one of the A class K-actors but he is gaining more popularity especially after the TPM and this scandal is totally ruining him if his goals is to be in the A category. It will take years before he can make a comeback and even if he does, the media will put on a headline PSH who once indicted for…..is making a come back, the sponsors who will financing a drama or movie will think thousand times before casting him even if he finally is not charged by the prosecutor. Maybe he should migrate to overseas where his fanatic fan core will still accepting him and restart his career there or just go back home and help his parents or grandpa. Is this a lost for us. Well maybe for the fanatic fans but for those who watch K drama just because of the plot and not care about who the actors are, it won’t be a lost. Life goes on, K drama goes on with or without PSH.

    As for Ms.A, her dreams to be as an actress is also ruined, she might just ended behind the scene or migrate overseas as well to start a new life. In other words, none of them will get a benefit from this case.

    • Since you have a friend in the business you should ask him/her to ask PSH if he really rape her….Straight to the source ~

      • P claimed it was consensual then how straight to the source can change what he claim?

      • Yes, I can ask but I won’t because the only one knows what happen is only PSH and Ms. A and God not even his family knows what the truth is and do you really think that PSH will admit it? One thing for sure just because we are in the circle of K entertainment doesn’t mean we will know the artist personal life, what they behave in public not necessarily equal to what they behave at their own home, time, what we can know is the general knowledge thru encountering with them personally due to the business we do with them, thru their manager, stylst and we know who acts like a diva, who is being paid high, and the common terms we know you know just keep your mouth shut and mind your own business.

    • He wont be totally unaffected but I dont think there’s a need to kick him to overseas or sentence him to farming in Buyeo. If he’s guilty that’s a different story. He has antis now. But I see his fans in his official fanclub still staying put. About 40000 fans on his fancafe. JiHwan and Joongki has about that many fans in their cafes. I assume that’s a lot.

      And this A list thing is subjective. Some actors are A list in Korea but there are not ‘hallyu star’ meaning they cant sell overseas.

      While some actors are hallyu stars but are not ‘A’ list in Korea but they sell. Example…too many to mention. At the end of the day it’s all about money.

      If he’s still demand and he’s popular overseas they will still look for him. Maybe not right away but eventually…Also SBS has a good relationship with him since his early days. Granted when this whole thing start there’s some fears and they postpone selling Cheongdamdong Alice to overseas.But I think in the early stage they didnt how fans going to react.

      I consider PSH a hallyu star. He has a lot of fans overseas. In China especially and China is big business. Gaining popularity in Japan. source: Japanese fans blogs. His movie still doing well overseas. Just got nominated Paeksang for popularity award.

      TL;DR He’ll be fine.

      • The biggest blow for him, even if he comes back as a star would be the endorsement/CF projects which is a major source of income for an actor. He will not be able to represent/endorse certain family friendly products that require “pure” image. But his family is wealthy..so…who needs $$? endorsement = pure/decent image go hand in hand.

        Not that gaining the Chinese market isn’t important, but the biggest money market is in Japan. The Korean industry loves to capitalize on celebrities that will do well in the Japanese market, due its biggest source of money. JYJ, Park Yoo Chun, etc, though they are not quite an A star , they are halyu idols who garner a lot of Japanese fans and big money involved. Having 40000 Korean fan or Chinese cafe doesn’t have the same impact as having 40000 Japanese fans. – just a comparison.

        PSH is not an A star and a Halyu yet. He’s more in the B level along with actors such as Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo, etc.
        Who’s an A star and a Halyu? Bae Yong Joon, Hyun Bin, Lee Byung Hun.

      • He did just fine without a lot of CM in the past he wont die if has to do without CM now.

        That’s why I said there’s a difference between a A star and a Hallyu star. There are some who are both. Bae Yong Joon and LBH are first generation hallyu stars. Of course they are more established.

        If a Korean celebrity can sell overseas I would say they are considered Hallyu stars. Even if it’s China not Japan. For example Park Hae Jin. I think in your standard you would list him as ‘B’. He’s not even a top ‘A’ list in Korea but is considered a Hallyu star because of he’s hotcake in China. Dont believe me you can google.

        It’s true that Japanese market is big. But Korea cant depend on Japan for business. Especially with the big hoo haa last year with the antis and what happened in Kouhaku. Japan has good exchange rate but there are more people more opportuninites and more moolah spent in China. Even Japan is trying to get into the China market. You are welcome to google all of this.

        And I never said he’s very famous. But he’s known enough that he can sell. He only became more known after TPM and that drama was in 2011. How can get very famous in less than two years. He’s Park Si Hoo. Not Jang Dong Gun nor Won Bin. Obviously he cant hold fanmeeting at Tokyo Dome but he has enough fans to keep him going. I myself went to watch Confession of Murder (this is during this period after incident)and the theatre was 3/4 full on a weekday night. His movie will be shown in 23 cities in Japan in June. Pre sale tickets on sale now and it is selling well. And like I said nominated in one of the category at this year’s Paeksang awards. So what ‘s the problem ? No one is going to banished PSH anytime soon.

    • PSH is(was) a rising star, but he is certainly not irreplaceable. There are too many talents and good looking stars in Korea , competition is fierce. If he disappears for a couple of years, people will forget about him or move onto a different idol. That’s just a reality of the world. Now before all those crazy fans start to bash my statement saying he’s different, he’s very famous blah..blah blah.., I want to reiterate a concept of Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Actors who go to military will always lose some fans, and some may not be able to return as successfully as prior to the military service, with a few exception. Now going to the military is very different than a former rape defendant. But, if the PR is strong (which I doubt if he will still be using his brother as a manager and self-support), he might be able to return semi successfully.

  55. @sara

    Well if female relatives and friends had been saved from being victimized by a courageous victim wouldn’t one be grateful for that? you might find it incredulous but it’s not impossible. there are still those who can still rise above what happened to them, stand up and fight back.
    Don’t be so sarcastic about the ‘kekeke’ thing.. because that had been established that A was instructed to text in that manner.

    • Its kinda difficult when the support system is not 100% behind her. Im referring to the immediate family. We dont know the whole story and the Man figure in her life is at a loss on what to do. And not everyone is brave and strong enough to face/overcome the fear of unknown(like what will happen and if they will be subject to more ridicule and humiliation.)We dont know their environment either if its safe to do so.I mean he probably was deeply shock enough not to take action at all. If the man authority broke down, rising above the situation is uphill climb because she got humiliated twice, one, by the perp and the second she felt FOR the family.

      • There are “support groups” who are comprised of victims of violent crimes themselves that can help, guide, counsel victims and their families. It can be a difficult process, but as i said it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. If all that have been victimized will just back down, then the evil criminals will just be empowered more and feeds more on the weakness, the shame, the hopelessness they are amassing from their victims. They will think…that if they can do it, and get away with it, why not do it over and over again.

      • Maybe they dont have it? We dont know where they live/environment. And I know that its not impossible but if they dont wanna pursue its hard hard to make them. Only way is to make more people aware what rape is. Since its prevalent that a lot of people only know one type of rape. That is the violent type they see in movies/drama.

  56. Interesting… he was indicted for two type of serious crimes but not detained by the police.

    Curioser and Curioser

    • PSH wasn’t yet charged, only the prosecutors can do that. The police forwarded the case to prosecution, recomending PSH to be charged without detention. You should happy for that.

  57. @sara – my friend’s suspicions were confirmed 2 days later by a rape counselor. And she didn’t know right away because when she woke up in her boyfriend’s car, didn’t even realize that she was woken up by him from her drunk passing out, and she was completely dressed, while he was embracing her and doing ‘things’ to her.
    Meanwhile A was completely naked when she woke up all by herself. Of course she realized right away something has happened, plus PSH himself told her that they had sex twice…

    My friend’s behaviour was strange: it took her 2 more weeks to broke up with that psychopath, weeks in which she behaved normally with him just to find out more of what happened that night. It took her another 2 more months to cry for the first time because of what happened to her, doing therapy. Most of the time she was in denial, blaming herself and being angered at him for violating her when she was unconscious. One moment she wanted to continue her life like nothing has ever happened, the next one she was obsessing about avenging herself… I myself learned a lot from her experience.

    I’m just saying that victims of alcohol/drug facilitated rapes behave differently from those who were conscious during the assault. Because you don’t have memories of what happened to you, you don’t seem externally very traumatized. Internally though, it’s another matter. Also, they most likely are not physically or visibly injured. Others don’t even consider they’ve been raped simply because besides having no memories of the rape, they knew the guy, or he was their boyfriend/husband.

    A also stroke me that she was cognizant somewhat of what might happened to her fairly soon. Perhaps she was assaulted in another similar circumstance, or she knew people who experienced the same. K ent must be shady as hell, like the other ent industries around the world. Heck, this entire world is shady as hell.

    • B admitted, it happened to her thats why she pushed her friend A to report it. She was probably projecting herself that is why she told A to not do anything (shower) and just go to rape center. And in projecting herself she took it upon herself to start the “war” with PSH, then the circus started.

  58. The poor girl though, this must be a pressure cooker type of situation for her. You cant help but feel empathy for her. This cannot have been easy for anybody.

  59. As a person working for the medical field. I can understand why A would have been able to pass the lie detector test with flying colors. A is previously known to have done this before to another gentleman which she allegedly threatened and requested money to so she would not out him.

    If this is true, A could be a pathological liar or has some form of psychosis which allows you to believe a lie so immense that you yourself think it is the truth.

    There are a lot of patients in that I have encountered with similar situations where they have fabricated a story of abuse or fantasy that they believed so intensely that once lie detectors are used it seems to have proven their story, while in further investigation they have found it to be false.

    Also, failing lie detectors are common. Especially when you have not been eating and sleeping(as PSH has been). Erratic sleep patterns and loss of weight can contribute to high or low heart rates and also could cloud judgement towards a question.

    I also believe that people are people whether or not they are celebrities. Yes, most people in this profession are forced to put up facade of innocence to attract more fans and to be accepted by the general public. But what the general public should remember is that they are still like us. When you get drunk with someone you are very attracted you might or might not indulge yourself. But who hasn’t had a time in their lives when they slept with someone and thought of it as a mistake later? Or lets make it simple – Who has never made a mistake before that they are most embarrassed about? The only difference is we can hide it and most definitely celebrities cannot.

    I am not a big PSH fan, but also having an uncle in the entertainment business I know what kind of scrutiny they are put through because of these so called “mistakes”.

  60. @Jessica
    clearly that guy you are referring to, that Mr. Lee i think, was their “fabricated” retaliation to her scripted text about fears of getting pregnant (messages under police instruction), you got hooked by that? really?

  61. Wow i just found this news in my fb feeds and was surprise to see that actor involved in this kind of case. Well a half drunk boy and and a completely drunk girl in bed, well even a dumb person will know what will happen next, its all about the animal instinct. What I am skeptical about is how can an unconcious girl can confidently say she was raped? Unless she actually felt it right? Well i dunno. What I know is that both parties are to blame on this matter. Lesson learned adults, your brain is not in your repro system so dont use it in thinking or your true head will be cutoff. *Nods* I hope the truth comes very soon, its like a cliffhanger drama you know haha

  62. @CuriousCitizen

    the girl was clearly drunk, passed out and the ruling was that it was not consensual. And there was also an injury in the genitalia, concluded as injury resulting from rape.

    • I know given its not consensual a girl totally passed out, then upon waking up naked its already raped, its a mortal sin to do those kinds of thing i know but people blocking out from alcohol plays confabulation sometimes because they ‘should’ or ‘cannot’ totally recall what should have happened. Well Im a medical student, and I know that if a girl has ‘previous sexual relations’ how can there be an injury when shes not a virgin? Nothing will be broken anymore, and it was said in some articles that she reported the rape case after 4 days. Any soreness on her genitals would have healed by then. So an injury? Unless the guy actually inserted another object there that can actually injure the vaginal tissues. No dont get me wrong im not protecting the actor, i really did think that as e himself is half drunk his libido cannot be stopped and therefore very bad, but i dunno i feel suspicious of the girl, if she really felt that violated i think she should have reported earlier. Because it seems to me that she did not have any intention of reporting it, but suddenly shes willing to risk that much? I mean i dunno. But I really do think that she was violated but its just my opinion but i think shes up to something too. I just have a feeling. Taking in mind that she has done the same act before.

      • THEY has sex on feb 14th and she reported the rape on feb 15th
        where did u read report 4 days later? the injury is not her hymen broken , it is not only a virgin can be raped, if a man bang a women who is drunk unable consent is called rape already
        what u read is nonsence

      • @sally, A reported the rape the same day, feb 15th: she presumambly “had sex” at approx 3Am and 10Am,and at 8Pm she already reported it to the police first through the rape center, and then personally.

        @CuriousCitizen, I don’t know what kind of medical student are you, but any woman can sustain rape injuries, regardless if she’s virgin or not. The most telling and predilect sign of forced sex is the posterior fourchette tear or fissure (the vaginal entrance at 5 to 7 o’clock), and only secondary other types of vaginal tearing and bruising. At this point, we can only speculate though, but I doubt the forensics team who did the medical investigation would have any intention of misleading the police, the public or the prosecution (who is reviewing the case right now.) If the case gets to court, the forensics team will have to illustrate the rape injuries through photographies and other specific medical reports taken and noted at the time.

  63. Oh sorry miss i did not know that the article was not actually accurate. And im not saying only that only virgins can be raped, and only hymen can be broken, but for your satisfaction miss i actually read koala’s article and nothing of it says that she has an injury and plus they only had sex twice even if its force the vaginal wall will not be injured by that. Unless she has been used several times and she must have other injuries in her body then right? Im a girl miss and i do think that she was violated and so you dont have to act like your her mother or something. She is suspicious thats what im saying and i feel that shes up to something. Im not saying she is not violated miss. and everybody has an opinion and so am I so deal with it. Ok? Just wish peace to both north and south korea. Adios 🙂

  64. @CuriousCitizen
    by any chance are you the alter ego of Rose, you are rambling and babbling like her, kindly check your facts first before launching those ridiculous statements.

    • No, and whos rose anyway? and those things that I said in the first comment was from an article I read from some website i cant remember, I do apologize then that that it was not actually true but those medical facts are true, I am a medical professional myself im not babbling I studied those things excuse me. What ridiculous is that you people actually convicting and just believing in the actions on that absolutely suspicious girl. If you put yourself in her shoes in you ever rape would you even have money in mind? If you I were violated and hurt I wouldn’t even settle for him being imprisoned but I’d like him to die in lethal injection. He’ll be monster in my eyes not someone that I can use to sent me to a foreign country and be my life insurance. Wtf right?

      • That’s cool whatever you think or believe about this case, but could you try not to judge others and respect their opinions on this rape scandal without calling them ridiculous? Everyone has a right to their own opinion, no need to try to push on us your personal assumptions and beliefs.

        And I previously stated some actual facts on a neutral tone, I wasn’t defending or arguing against anyone etc.
        Check Koala’s last article on this issue where the police enumerated the charges against PSH: semi-rape, rape and injuries resulting from rape.
        Or read here

  65. there are a lot of bad comment about PSH in this thread. i’m not PSH fans, but to those who said PSH is guilty, the recent news reported that the police had seen the CCTV, proved that the girl wasn’t drunk. because, she can walk normally walked out the bar followed by PSH. so, she was lying about she was too drunk at the time. and there was messages between A and PSH’s junior,one day before they drink together said that she would really get a lot of money by accusing PSH. this girl just want to gain fame… such a shame. the message was using informal language, and they seemed to be really close. which once again prove that the girl lied by saying she and PSH’s junior aren’t really close.

    sorry for my bad english..

  66. from what i read in all sites with this news she is actually trying to get money from him i mean that is my oppinion how can a actor that looks like him need to rape someone to satisfy himself when there are alot women that desire him lol its unbeliveble to bad for his career

    • haha so funny dny u thnk that lue detectors now are not so credible? ur veins nd anythng tht lie detector can trace can change due to unknwn reasons.just coz he failed d lie detector test it already means he raped d girl common police dnt u hve any means of evidence? psh fans r not martyrs or wat ortking him as perfect, itz be.ur not really gvng enough evidence 2 prve dat, and d girl she file rape case to oppa but what did after? she dropped it! a real victim will fight for her justice she said so she was raped why dropped d case? therez no other reason dan money! cozif her life was being threaten she cud go to police nd ask for protection right? come on hve dat so called common sense!

    • yah u got it, he hve been a satisfy guy even he’s not in a relationship for yrs, he cud court any girl he wud lyk and dat girl will surely say yes 2 him duh why he wud rape a girl and gve a bad image to his career as an actor.i wudnt believe unless d girl nd d police will gve a real evidence not juz becoz of a lie detector test….

  67. Man.. these comments are so stupid. If the girl was only after money – why would she go to the police the day after, agree to a drug urine test, lie detector test and go through all this crap knowing her debut would be totally f’ed? Given his rep, I’m sure he would have totally gone for a payout. Instead, his rep gets totally massacred with little possibility of acting in Korea again.

    And I disagree about lie detectors. I think they can be quite effective tools. I honestly don’t think the prosecution would have just decided to indict him without solid grounds as it would be bloody embarrassing as PSH’s legal team could rip through it… and should have if he truly was innocent.

    I used to be a huge fan of the guy but this has such a big stink to it that I just cannot see how he could not have done this. If the girl was too drunk/drugged that he would have to carry the girl on his back, then having intercourse with her would still be rape as it was without her conscious consent and what gentleman does it to a totally drunk girl? I’m totally disgusted and appalled.

    I get that in his eyes it may not have been rape as she was nice to him, flirty and then virtually passing out but in no way saying “No! Omg. Rape”… but an unconscious girl cannot give consent and if she can’t – don’t touch her until she can consent!

  68. i don’t think its his fault though , n neither z it hers . no hallyu star will intentionally involve him/ herself in such a scandal … n i understand d@ he can have any girl of his choice but d fact still stands that miss a was unconscious which means d@ she obviously wasn’t aware or given consent … on the other side , planning ahead to tarnish and destroy ones reputation just to get money is uncivilized , evil and wrong . i believe d@ both sides need a fair share of lashes coz d blame can’t be one-sided . in conclusion , d gold – digger “digs ” the hole n d unsuspecting victim “falls” in . funny … d gold digger is the one being called the victim.

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