Gu Family Book Holds Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Long Preview

Gu Family Book tugs at all my happy heart strings even as my brain tells me to slow down and put its guard up. This drama is written by the writer of Man of Honor and Baker King, Kim Tae Gu, after all. But when I see Lee Seung Gi smile, my willpower is lost and all I can do is make grabbity gestures while muttering “gimme, gimme, gimme.” When I see Suzy being her adorable goofy self, I can’t help but coo over her. And then the drama drops Sung Joon in the mix! As a black-clad bodyguard, no less. It’s like ordering a hot fudge sundae and the proprietor decides to throw in an extra scoop and some hot fudge sauce for free. The cast of GFB attended a press conference yesterday looking decidedly ready to tackle a hefty drama undertaking. Lee Seung Gi’s hair (always an issue with him) looks fine if a bit moppish thought I keep wondering if his tie could possibly get any skinnier, Suzy lets her smile and legs do the talking, Lee Yoo Bi continues to look like a deer in headlights, Sung Joon needs to burn that suit and smile that gorgeous smile of his (in that order), and the adults appear primed for action in case the youngsters falter in the sageuk genre. Both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are singer-turned-actors and it’s also a first for both of them in attempting a sageuk role. I’d say this isn’t a traditional sageuk and all that fighting, hopping, and bickering as shown in the 5-minute long trailer helps smooth over any potential awkwardness. I’m not seeing as strong a chemistry between them right off the bat as compared to Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In over at Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love, but the two dramas give off completely different feels that it’ll be a nice treat to watch both. While I’m loving most everyone’s outfits here, I do think it would have been more fun for them to show up in costume. One question though – where is Lee Yeon Hee at the press conference?

5-minute preview for Gu Family Book:


Gu Family Book Holds Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Long Preview — 60 Comments

  1. ADORABLE. They look cute together here, even if you think they don’t have as much chemistry right off the bat in the trailer. Not sure about Suzy’s heels or Sung Joon’s suit, but I’m so excited. This and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin is what’s keeping me going now!

  2. Am I completely alone in wishing this were a two season series project in which the first season was about the tragic love story of LSG’s character’s parents and the second season about him and how he turns that tragedy into triumph? ‘Cause really, his parents and the atmosphere around them are making me swoon as much as LSG’s puppy grin! Just me? Okay. I can’t wait for this drama to begin.

    • No you’re not alone I was thinking the same thing. While the 5 minute trailer was playing…his parents relationship looks wonderful then all of a sudden his father DIES (I cry)and I haven’t even watched it yet. Then you watch him all grown up looking adorable and funny….then he collapses or dies….and I say….WHAT THE HELL is going on!!!!! (Wish I could speak Korean, then I would have a better idea of what was happening in the trailer…sometimes visuals just aren’t enough) 🙁
      But I AM looking forward to watching this drama…tears and all! 🙂

    • You are not alone! Lee Yeon Hee is luminous in the first part of the trailer. The way the dad smiles at the mom and the way the mom looks at the dad, their love story looks so compelling!

      • I know! And Jin Hyuk looks positively scrumptious and that silly, little boy grin of his when he brings Yeon Hee a bushel of flowers is just so squee!!!!! I was expecting their story to be the part I’d have to get through, now I suspect it might be what I’ll be most sad to leave behind.

      • OOOH Jin Hyuk. Oh my. I really cannot say anything else. I may just have to watch this for the beginning.

  3. I can understand why they don’t look like they have the same chemistry – I mean, she’s not in a pretty hanbok staring up at him with doe eyes. The vibe in this trailer is much more healthy and refreshing imho.

    • The costume has nothing to do with whether people have chemistry or not.

      Case in point: Shin Mina in Arang (dressed in rags and behaving like a thug for the early episodes, and yet somehow managed to burn up the screen with Lee Jun Ki anyway)

  4. Seung Gi looks super young with that moppy hair!

    On a side note, Lee Yoo Bi… that tunic is too short for me to even wear it with a pair of leggings…

  5. Why Sung Joon? Why??? I think he looks so depressed, because he’s aware that he looks ridiculous… But I love Seung Gi’s hair and I can’t wait for the drama.

    • Uh, a polka dot tie to go with the polka dot suit? Just a big no to the whole outfit — that’s what he should have said to the stylist.

    • WAE U SO BROODY SUNG JOON? Definitely a no for the suit. It’s sad how we barely get to see him properly in the released stills for the drama but at least this press conference confirmed that he’s in it! Seunggi is just super adorable squee~~ 😀

  6. I’m not sure how to feel about this drama, Seunggi was amazing in K2H but maybe that was the magic of ha ji won. With both Seung gi and Suzy being singer turned actors and this being their first sageuk I can’t help but to be skeptical. The trailer seems promising. Lee Yeon Hee seems to have improved as well. I have to admit that least scene in the trailer was beautiful and the action scenes seem nice. Hopefully this drama will be a pleasant surprise.

  7. I also think LSG was amazing in TK2H and the chemistry between him and HJW was palpable during the press con and

    • Oops, my posting got cut off….

      I also think LSG was amazing in TK2H and his chemistry with HJW was palpable during the press con and in the drama, their chemistry was fantastic.

      Between Suzy and LSG at the press con, the tentativeness between a sunbae and hoobae is still evident though they do look quite cute together in the trailer. So hopefully they will settle in and produce the kind of chemistry needed to carry the love story.

  8. Everyone looks really great, even if Sung Joon looks like he wants to die. Seunggi doesn’t look that much older than Suzy at all. Their chemistry is cute to me… like two adorable puppies. I can’t compare it to anything else. I really enjoyed their dynamic so far in the trailer. And praise the drama gods, Kang Chi seems like a nice guy so far.

    I really hope this is good because I’ve been disappointed in about everything I’ve watched this year so far. Though I’ll stick with it even if it’s not for Seunggi.

  9. Some have commented that Suzy looks plump in the press con, but I thought she looks completely healthy and fit, which goes a long way to convincing viewers that her role is a martial arts expert.

    LSG looks cute and young. He has this amazing ability to look like 18 or 30 whenever required.

    Sung Joon, polka dots? Seriously? But I get the feeling that his role in the drama will be the guy we will love but whom will not get the girl.

    • Clearly others idea of plump runs completely contrary to me… She looks, as you noted, fit and healthy. In fact, I didn’t even note her weight (because she looked so good), just her lipstick because it looks so gorgeous – coral with an orange tone – I like!

  10. I actually liked this preview much more than Jang Ok Jung. There seems to be no age difference between the two leads here in the drama, but in JOJ i feel like Kim TaeHee is going for a high school boy or something. awkwaaaard. xD

    Anyways, Yeon Hee will only appear for 3 episodes, so most likely we won’t get a peek of the two leads until episode 4.

    • yeah,me to..I like Gu Family’s trailer way more that JOJ’s trailer..and from JOJ’s trailer,why can’t I see the chemistry?KTH looks old compared to YAI.It’s not like when I watch King2Hearts trailer where the old gap not really seen..

      • I don’t get this criticism, the real-life Jang Ok Jung was about 5-6 years older than the king.

  11. I have been waiting for this show for what seems to have been an eternity! The story of the parents seems so compelling. For some reason it comes across as a completely separate show from the main story due to its mood and quality. Anyway…I hope that an organic balance is achieved between the comedic and dramatic elements of this show. I have not been impressed with Suzy’s acting (based on her previous works), but I am hoping that she has improved. I know that this is a fusion-period piece but for some reason she is coming across as someone from contemporary times (and I do not say this because her character is a martial artist with an independent streak, but rather because of the manner in which she delivers her lines). I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and I hope that she will give a credible performance. I can’t wait for Monday!

    • I had the same feeling about Suzy when I watched the trailer — her delivery of the lines really sticks out as very contemporary. I’m also waiting to be pleasantly surprised… regardless of how much people have said that Suzy has improved as an actress (and maybe she has), she still doesn’t come across as a compelling or very nuanced actress yet, and that sometimes jars me out of the mood — I have to keep reminding myself that she’s the character, when sometimes all I can see is the actress acting the character.

      The parents’ story is looking great though! Jin Hyuk delivers emotion so well.

  12. Okay…. this trailer only makes me stick to my theory that Sung Joon character is actually a ghost… and Suzy’s character can see ghost, reason why she smacks Kang Chi..

    • I’m starting to agree with you. At least that’s the way the trailer is making it look. He just seems to be there. Suzy can obviously see him & then because Seung-Gi in not human he can also see him & interact with him.

      • Yeap… its the cut of the scenes specially the one where he is with Suzy on the table.

    • I think it’s probably both! Imagine the girl that you like, sitting in front of you and saying that she may very well end up alone cause no one will want her as she’s not gentle and soft! And all you can do is smirk. Maybe that’s why you won’t get the girl!
      And the suit! So out of place! Especially when his sunbaes and the others who have more prominent roles are dressed in standard suits. Not very appropriate!

      • When Yeon Wul asked she has to eat to be soft and gentle, the first thought that came to my mind was ‘tofu’!

    • Prolly both!! Lulz… whilst everyone is beaming he’s all like, “Let’s get this over with!” At least he gets to beat up Seung-gi. heeeeeeee

  13. Woohoo…i’m so excited! Finally it’s coming. Love their style at the press con. I dont feel the 7 years age difference at all. Good job stylist! The trailer are so good. I love the parents story. Their story will be heartbreaking for sure. Love Seunggi and Suzy already. So it’s her who is gonna fall in love first. Excited~ Please be awesome until the end,show!

  14. I can’t explain why, but I have such Jo Sung-ha love that it’s ridiculous. I didn’t realize he was in this drama until I saw his picture here. Ajusshi is workin it! I did a little dance in my chair just now. Love. Him.

    I’m also super excited for Sung Joon. I’ve seen every drama he was in except that special called Swamp Ecology Report. Has anyone seen it?

    And Seung-gi looks younger every time I see him.

    I’m tuning into this drama. 🙂

  15. nice preview.. and i’m on board ^^
    please be good drama!
    suzy & seungi.. fighting…

    and thanks mrs. koala for update
    also tin for english sub preview ^^

  16. wow, the ost in the trailer is so pretty. I find myself getting excited for this drama despite myself. hehe. I am v. intrigued about the gumiho angle not quite sold on the cast even if seungi is looking adorable but after seeing the trailers think I am willing to give them a chance

  17. I still don’t understand why Sung Joon accepted this role. He was the leading man in his last two dramas… I mean, any actor can be satisfied with a minor role, if it’s a very challenging role or a very respectable project. But a bodyguard in Gu Family Book? Is he practicing for a bigger sageuk role in the future? Maybe?

    • Someone in another board mention this so I’m borrowing their answer ( to lazy to go look up their name) anyhow. Both of Sung Joon leads have been in cable dramas. Smaller market, less pressure with ratings. While in the big stations he still has not had a major role ( i dont think Lie to me counts since his charecter disapears in the last episodes) So maybe he is looking at this as more exposure & practice to try to get bigger parts in other dramas.

      • Makes sense… Then it’s a very good move I guess. Of course he’s far (FAR) away from being a star like Seung Gi.

      • also with his other roles he was part of a group I do not think he was a true lead, but one of many. I hope that makes sense to you.

    • this is a drama that will get syndication and licensed to Asian countries and beyond. That’s still exposure, and a very big one at that. Compare that with Korean cable dramas that get ~3% ratings and are only viewable online. This drama will be viewable online, on a major Korean broadcast station, plus the dozens of countries that will get it through syndication. It’s a good move, no matter how small the role is.

    • Cable dramas aren’t network dramas. Even YYS the 2nd lead is a much bigger star than he is in Korea after his two successful movies last year. As for being a respectable project… The director and writer are well respected and this is a high profile drama with huge stars and some older veteran actors. It’s a good project for some experience without any risk.

  18. Suzy looks gorgeous and Seung-gi looks YOUNGGGG!! They look very close in age. I love the main cast: pissed off Sung Joon is adorable (=i totally feel ya!!) and love the mum from Playful Kiss!!

    Like the previous posters: the parents’ back story is very heartbreaking!! They both look luminous and SO in love. Hope they all do well! Fighting, guise!! <3

  19. I was looking forward to read your rave about the trailer, but I guess you’re trying to keep your excitement low is it?

    I LOVE the trailer and am still rewatching it again and again, maybe until the next one is released? There is never a dull moment, from squeeing at the cuteness of Choi Jin Hyuk and his flowers, to the heart-breaking betrayal, then the cool action scenes, adorable Kang Chi and Yeo Wool lastly the great climax of the ending scene. All these accompanied by such lovely and addicting OSTs. If this is how the drama will be like, then I can see me being addicted to a kdrama again.

    I don’t want to get my hope too high, but so far this drama has always exceeded my expectation. I guess then, maybe my expectation was never that high because really, I’ve been disappointed again and again by dramas who initially were interesting and promising but later on going downhill. Anyway, I’m already on board this drama when Seunggi was announced to be in it but let’s hope it will turn out good. I have a feeling that it will judging from the trailer. Cant wait, only 5 days left for the premiere!!

  20. How can anyone resist Hunky jumping in fear of a spider?
    And Suzy looks very comfortable in her role – that’s good. I know there is this thing where K speakers can tell if an actor’s saguek is good or not, but I can’t hear that nuance. How’s she doing there?

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