Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 13

Oh King Flower, why you have to go break my heart. And piss me off royally in the process. It’s like you and I were unexpected BFFS, but then our love affair is potentially going down the drain as quickly as it began. I can’t blame the drama, or any of the actors, I can only lay the blame on SETTV for the behind the scenes decision on narrative progression. And this from a network that doesn’t have a problem with changing up pairings in its dramas – look no further than Love Forward, when the final OTPs are not the initial suggested OTPs on the official poster, or even recently in Gong Hay Fat Choy, when Alice Ke and Patrick Li spent 90% of the drama as the OTP only to have her suddenly end up with Kun Da at the end. So what is going on that 99% of the fans want a Da Hua-Terry ending, and instead of continuing to develop their tender and respectful relationship, the previews hint at Terry driving a wedge between Da Hua and Guan Jun in ways that are so unlike his straightforward and arrogant personality. He would never 挑拨离间 (sow discord), so why hint at that happening? His character has thus far been totally compelling and complicated, not a blameless man who never makes mistakes, but one whose motivations have been for a greater good rather than his own. He got a substitute because Qin Mo and his parents kept warning him that losing the company meant that douchebag Johnson would take over and run in into the ground. He has such a burden on his shoulders, and the writers have torn his guts out with the loss of Liang Yen, is it too much to ask that his great character narrative not be hijacked for Lin Guan Jun’s sake? Sadly there is zero believable emotional connection between Da Hua and Guan Jun, so if indeed Terry is going AWOL then I’m bowing out now. Episode 13 will hopefully give me some clarity either way.

Written preview for episode 13:

President Du’s health is gradually recovering but he’s still anxious about Liang Yen’s wedding. Ouyang Tai and Da Hua go take wedding pictures to assuage President Du’s concerns. Du Hua has a thousand reasons not wanting to do this, but she convinces herself that this is part of her job. Who expected Guan Jun would see it and angrily storm out.

A worried Da Hua rushes back to the store to explain to Guan Jun and sees Xiao Fei kissing Guan Jun! The two of them just agreed to trust each other, will this misunderstanding cause a wall to appear in their feelings which are just starting to blossom?

Seeing that Ouyang Tai is gradually falling for Da Hua as they spend more time together, Guan Jun finds Ouyang Tai to have it out. Who knew Ouyang Tai would directly tell Guan Jun that he is the one who can give Da Hua a better future! Will Guan Jun decide to step aside? Da Hua’s extravagant adventure has unexpectedly ignited a love battle between these two men!

Previews for episode 13:

Terry: I can tell that Hu Xiao Fei likes Lin Guan Jun a lot.

Xiao Fei: Lin Guan Jun, my dad agreed to let us be together! I’m so happy!

Da Li: Guan Jun, my sister spends every day with Maserati, as time goes on what if the two of them…….

Guan Jun: Hey, your sister won’t change her feelings. She is not that kind of person. Ouyang Tai, I can see that you have decided to treat our Da Hua as Du Liang Yen. You intend to make the pretense into a reality.

Terry: A guy like you, Lin Guan Jun, what kind of future can you give Da Hua. You aren’t good enough for Da Hua. She deserves better. Da Hua, you are really becoming more and more like Liang Yen. So how come I wish more and more that you won’t be like Liang Yen?

Da Hua: Guan Jun oppa!

“Please don’t be like Liang Yen”

Terry: Da Hua, you are becoming more and more like Liang Yen.

Da Hua: This is my job. I will finish taking the wedding pictures.

Terry: So how come I wish more and more that you won’t be like Liang Yen?

“Da Hua number 1”

Guan Jun: Okay, let’s buy this one. I’m naming it Da Hua Number 1.

Da Hua: Wow, it’s like Aircraft Carrier Number 1.

Guan Jun: In the future there will be Da Hua Number 2, 3, 4…

Da Hua: Can you buy until Number 28?

Guan Jun: Ms. Hu, you and I have no future together.

Xiao Fei: From now on, all the deliveries at this market will be done by Lin Guan Jun’s delivery company.


Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 13 — 15 Comments

  1. I thought your next post was going to begin with …..” In another note….” Lol
    Because the previous one (that has nothing to do with this one) has gone
    Anyways…. I have a feeling that your right and they’re going to chop him up and feed him to the wolfs :/

  2. Hmm. I am going to wait this one out, especially after my near hysterical multi-posting in the last King Flower update (*ahem* cough* O just had a Miss Rose attack. Sorry). I am waiting it out because I am just not that bothered by these previews. I am sure that they could make Terry worse (cough Yi Chun cough), but I am not as angry about the smirking at Guan Jin in the wedding picture scene or any of the previews. Could it be the number of times that they have him saying “So how come I wish more and more that you won’t be like Liang Yen”? Or is it just that Guan Jin needs to be more jealous and proactive than he has been? Or because I agree with Terry that he (at least right now) is the better man for Du Hua (and not because of the money either).

  3. Koala unni, we have been bombarding the official FB that we want Terry…terry…terry. That the only reason we watching the show is purely becos of Chris Wu. settv better listen up!

  4. Thanks for the post and update. I’m looking forward to see what happens next and hopefully the upcoming episode turns out the way I like it. Which is Da Hua being with Terry of course.

    If this show does not go to the way I and other fans are hoping for, then I will just turn to my other most favorite Taiwanese Drama, “Borrow Your Love.”

    • Aha! Someone is also appreciating “Borrow your love”! It’s quite silly I know but the silliness is the reason I’m watching it. King Flower, though I followed it earlier then when Ms Koala started the reviews, he he! I just waited for it & left me with the feeling that “I can let it pass without actually watching it” so unlike RMPW! At the moment I’m actually really annoyed with the ending of “the thousandth man” – ooops sorry , out of topic but the discussion abt the pairing & OTPs clicked my thoughts back to the K-drama that left me fuming – lol…

      Happy Watching though to the fans of KF 🙂 cheerio!

  5. Oh I feel you. I also have this kind of foreboding but I am not losing hope in the writers. I think that they know that Guan Jun’s character lacks “umph” that’s why they are trying to salvage the role to better suit the actor. But I have faith that they are not going to make our Terry the villain.

    Sometimes trailers and previews can be misleading.
    But if GOD forbid, you are right. I’s going to spam their site like hell saying that I hate it! lol

  6. I am so pissed off with the prod!
    That’s so not the Terry they wrote at the beginning 🙁
    And DaHua is distancing herslf as well :(before she had no issues with the skinship and was happy pretending to be LYen.
    Oh drama, you makes me sad.

      • What I want to see is Terry hit rock bottom and then ….DH comes to his rescue because she realized he’s the one that makes her heart beat!

  7. I know. I keep having a feeling that this ep 13 trailer is too obvious so hopefully it’s just misleading us and Terry is just doing that to strengthen or test their love HAHA! My own thinking. Koala don’t give up yet. Wait till after this ep then give up haha, that’s what I’m totally gonna do.

  8. Ugh…Even if Da Hua ends up with Terry in the end, it will be worthless if Terry’s character goes down the drain 🙁 I really hope the writers can develop Terry’s character in a consistent and believable manner. On another note, I adore the budding romance between Terry and Da Hua…but it’s way too soon for him to be getting so blatantly jealous. After all, his soul mate is barely cold the grave.

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