Go Soo in Talks for K-drama Golden Empire with Rumored Leading Lady Han Ji Min

The wonderful world of casting K-dramas keeps on turning like a perpetually wound up clock, the only difference is some dramas ink a cast well in advance while others scramble at the last minute and roll the dice. Last year Go Soo was supposed to return to dramas after a two year hiatus since he did Will it Snow for Christmas. The drama was the big-budgeted SBS sageuk The Great Seer, which had a quite a line up of production team and actors. I actually thought that drama would be a sure fire hit, but Go Soo must’ve seen something to make him drop out right before filming started and Ji Sung stepped in for him. The result was an epic mess of a drama that wasted the talents of its sprawling cast. Now the news is reporting that SBS is courting Go Soo for its upcoming period drama Golden Empire, which is slated to be a 30-episode epic airing on Mon-Tues following Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Go Soo’s management has revealed that he’s seriously considering this role, and the network honchos are saying he’s going to do it barring any unforeseen obstacles. It’s set in the 90s and deals with a turbulent time in Korean modernization and surrounds the metaphorical battle for a family empire when the financial crises strikes a chaebol group. What really excites me is the production team reunites the PD and screenwriter from last year’s thrilling The Chaser which also aired on SBS. Go Soo ought to be confirmed shortly and I’ll be excited to see who else joins the cast. The rumored leading lady is Han Ji Min and I’m not ready to render a verdict on whether she’s a good choice here or not.

I think visually Go Soo and Han Ji Min would look stunning together. He’s one of the few not very tall K-actors which he makes up for in charisma, while she is about the teeny tiniest little thing ever. Her pairing with Jung Woo Sung in Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat was a visually funny show in and of itself. I’ve her found very hit and miss in projects, the miss part usually happens when she plays a fiesty or dogged character and she just comes across as one-note in her delivery (think “dig her heels in” look on her face). I think he’s a great television actor, the camera can spend minutes alone on his sad expression and soak up all the feels in his eyes. This will be a very high-profile project because of the production team alone, but if both Go Soo and Han Ji Min are cast, expect this to be one of the top ratings contenders in the Summer time slot.


Go Soo in Talks for K-drama Golden Empire with Rumored Leading Lady Han Ji Min — 14 Comments

  1. LOL, I agree with you on Han Ji Min’s “dig her heels in” look, I think that was like during Capital Scandal or something… She was pretty bad in her past dramas but I think she improved lots ever since Padam Padam.

    Honestly, what is up with all these surprise pairings? First we got Son Ye Jin/Kim Nam Gil, then So Ji Sub/Gong Hyo Jin, now Go Soo/Han Ji Min… I am seriously loving these casting decisions!! I am more excited about them then the current pairings (LSG/Suzy, Yoo Ah In/KTH, Jo Jung Suk/IU, Shin Ha Kyun/LMJ, Song Seung Hun/SSK) Can’t wait!

  2. I saw this drama thread at soompi today and seems like the leading lady is Lee Yo Won.
    Looking forward to watch this drama. I love Go Soo <3

  3. I hope its not Lee Yo Won. She was good in QSD but she was so lifeless in the horse doctor. I know the latter was pedestrian but if Kim So Eun can churn a good performance out of it, I don’t see why LYW couldn’t.

  4. I was hoping that Lee Junki will be the male lead, with Han Jimin as the female lead. Guess there’s still hope since the casting is not finalized as yet 🙂 Frankly I am not so into Go Soo’s acting (based on the dramas he acted)…..

    • I just read that Lee Jun Ki is coming back with a new drama later this year – maybe Han Ji Min can be his leading lady in that one.

    • Yeah Lee Jun Ki has express his desire many times before that he wants to work with Ji Min. and I don’t mind so. at least the lead is not a married man and i can fantasize them being together.

  5. i like han ji min in rooftop prince. I really want she pairing again with yoochun. But it’s impossible.. 🙁
    I agree han ji min pairing with go soo, but it’s ok if the LM is junki, or maybe hyun bin. He’s good actor. He 🙂

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