Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 14

Episode 14 of King Flower might be called The Episode Where Da Hua Finally Gets a Clue. Or it could be called The Episode Where Terry Gets Naked and Da Hua Unwittingly Paws Him. Or really this episode ought to be called The Episode Where King Flower Might Actually Get Back on Track. There are no signs that the writer intends to tar and feather Terry to make Guan Jun more palatable, with our beloved woobie’s little waist pull/cheek kiss gesture in episode 13 not a sign he’s going down the path of darkness. It really was him finally showing that he’s in the running. I loved the written and video preview for the upcoming episode, because there are Da Hua-Terry scenes that I’m going to love, and a detailed synopsis of Guan Jun and Da Hua’s date by the river that allows me to FF over that snoozefest and get to the good stuff. Everyone cool with that approach?

If the writer does allow Da Hua to not only realize Terry has feelings for her, but also to have a startling moment of maturity where she realizes she just might be feeling something back for him beyond friends, then that is where this drama has the capacity for great pathos. What happens when a simple business arrangement becomes more than that? How to reconcile what her dreams used to be and how it differs from the present reality. If Terry does open up about his feelings, however nebulous and confused it is, then I applaud how the writer allows him to continue to be straightforward and sincere with Da Hua. Now the question is – when faced with a loser like Guan Jun and a…..guy like Terry (I’ll just leave it at that), how will Da Hua have the emotional knowledge to figure out what to do?

Written preview for episode 14:

Guan Jun vows to be industrious and has opened his own delivery company and now wants to make it up to Da Hua. He brings Da Hua to the river for a date, complete with a romantic candle light dinner and a very small but considerate gift as a gesture that he will patiently wait for her and count down to the day she can return home. After going through an adventure and ups and downs, on this very night, they are finally not interrupted by anything and can enjoy the bliss of being in love and the heart can be closer together.

Da Hua and Ouyang Tai take a business trip and need to spend the night in one room to keep up the engaged couple relationship. A very mischievous Ouyang Tai plays a small practical joke on Da Hua, which unexpectedly leaves to a sorts of mishaps, causing a very blushworthy heart pounding close encounter. Ouyang Tai actually says that he hopes Da Hua never leaves forever! Da Hua finally realizes that her relationship with Ouyang Tai is not as simple as “friends.”

President Du is recovering in the hospital and his precious daughter comes to visit him that night, but Ouyang Tai is not with her. He is told by his tearful daughter that she cannot marry Ouyang Tai! What exactly happened between Da Hua and Ouyang Tai? Will President Du be able to accept this completely shocking news?

Preview for episode 14:

“Never leave in this lifetime.”

Ah Xi: Business trip? This means Da Hua and Ouyang Tai are spending the night together alone somewhere?

Guan Jun: No way! Da Hua would never agree.

Da Hua: What are you doing?!

Terry: Taking my clothes off to go take a shower.

Da Hua: Take a shower!

Terry: What are you staring at, come here and help me.

Da Hua: Argh….

Terry: Da Hua, what if I said that I hoped you would never leave me in this lifetime?”


Written and Video Preview for King Flower Episode 14 — 16 Comments

    • agree with you… that would be great for story wise.

      thanks Ms. Koala, i’ll definitely watch ep. 14 start from minute 10+…

  1. Hahaha. I saw the preview and was wondering whether to read it or not. You’ve not been really happy the last few weeks. I still haven’t started the drama but happily reading your recaps. Your wet Terry though… maybe I will have a sneak peek tomorrow.

  2. WHo are we trying to kid? All Captain Koala had to say was “wet, naked Terry,” and everyone would have opened the link and watched the preview.

  3. I would like to see that test at the end……. see which guy will stick around if Da Ha pretends she had reversed her surgery back to
    her original self.

    • Same here! One of the reasons why I like Terry is that he is falling for her in spite of what she looks like, and I think guan jun really didn’t decide he loved her until after the face change.

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely fast forward until 10+ minutes of the show! I can’t wait for the scenes between Terry and Da Hua. 🙂

  5. I just watched episode 14… there’s definitely forward on both parties but I still can’t take DH seriously. She talks about helping Terry but all she does is back out of everything that’s related to him. Especially now that her family and friend know her real identity, she doesn’t think about Terry situation much and just wants to spend all her time with them. Which, I understand, but I don’t sympathize with her =/

  6. For Da Hau this episode could be the start of something big with Terry. It’s appearing on the horizon that GJ will disappoint DH because of his decision to work for the Gangster Boss however noble his reasoning. This will also put GJ in close proximity to HXF and cause more problems between he and DH. Only guessing but I would say that HXF will be working with GJ. This should be fun! Also it looks like GJ will offer to sell the land to Terry for an unfair price and DH’s protective instinct will kick in towards Terry.

    The attraction DH is feeling towards Terry is the budding of her more mature adult feelings coming to the surface. The dude is gorgeous! I would like to hear DH private thoughts thinking of those moments she had with Terry. Is her brain going to kick in and start working? The feeling are there. There is no where to go with this but back and forth and then back to Terry who’s prediction that DH now has a different fate and that she will see that for herself and understand then. Can’t wait for episode 15 to air.

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