Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu Share their Sweet and Fun Romance with their Fans

I’m sure Ethan Ruan is getting this comment left and right, but I’m going to have to join the chorus. Just put a ring on her, dude! Since finishing his military service earlier this year, Ethan has been relatively busy with his entertainment career, leaving his long-time agency Catwalk and starting his own with director-actor Doze Niu. He filmed a guest appearance in Shu Qi‘s upcoming wuxia movie Shadow Lady and he’s headlining Doze’s new movie called Military Entertainment Band. LOL, isn’t Ethan sick of the military already? In between he’s been chilling with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu leading to media speculation that the couple is nesting and getting ready to walk down the aisle. Despite denials from both sides, the clamor is getting louder since they have dated for going on 6 years and clearly this relationship hasn’t affected either’s red hot acting careers. Last week Ethan participated in a racing event down in the Southern Taiwanese city of Pingdong. Tiffany accompanied him down for the race and they arrived a few days early to prep and get organized. One night they went to town for some seafood in the coastal city of Haigang and fans spotted them and immediately asked for pictures as they walked in. Ethan sweetly asked if they could wait until he and Tiff ate dinner first and the fans complied. During dinner they posed for the store owner while the fans waited outside, and afterwards Ethan and Tiff greeted their fans and took lots of pictures. Ethan ended up doing quite well in the race despite nursing a bruised wrist injury. Considering he was driving a Lotus Exige in the race, he better not have ruined such a magnificent driving machine by coming in dead last. After the race, Ethan was celebrating with his friends and race crew and got totally wasted. Tiffany took care of him, but managed to play a few practical jokes and captured it on his phone camera. She had to leave early back to Taipei for work but when Ethan got up he saw her handiwork and then hilariously posted it on his own weibo to out his girlfriend’s naughtiness and ruin his cool guy image even more. LOL, they are toooo cute! Check out more Ethan and Tiffany cuteness below, some of which involves their mutual good friend Eddie Peng. Lately TW-celebs are really going to town on sharing their personal lives with fans and I for one really appreciate it.

Eddie filmed LOVE with Ethan and they’ve been good friends ever since. I love how chill these guys are, and Tiff is always the straight man in these goofy shots, like a very patient girlfriend. Below are the pics of Ethan at the racing event. Apparently the blood type of the driver is placed on the outside of the car in case of an accident so emergency crews can immediately get to work.

So the pictures below are all Tiff’s handiwork. She snapped Ethan passing out in the stairwell, then drew eyes on his closed eyelids as he was sleeping, and finally gave him a new towel turban hairstyle. I love how he publicizes his own drunken pranking for the world to see.


Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu Share their Sweet and Fun Romance with their Fans — 16 Comments

  1. Oh mi god! They are so freakin adorable and cute… Gah! I love how they’re so open about their relationship unlike most other couples. And although I totally agree that everyone has the right to chose if they want to be discrete or not, I still think its kinda lame to say “we’re just friends” when you’re clearly not. But anyway; waiting for the wedding! Step on it already, Ethan! 😛

  2. He was up against veterans driving lamborghinis & ferraris in the race though! And not only did he not lose – he was first in the race yesterday!!

    The celebratory party was for another race back in March, which he won as well.

    And… Eddie & him have been best friends since forever (well ok not forever hahaha but definitely since 2007 after wayward kenting)

  3. They’re like the equivalent of korea’s Seven x Park Han Byul. Gd to see Ethan x Tiff proving its possible to get gd jobs & fan support. Keep it up!

  4. this is probably too late to point out but if look closely at the first 4 pics, he seems to have already put a huge diamond ring on her ring finger (photo 1 and 2) and she seems to have done so for him as well as he’s wearing a gold wedding band on his left hand ring finger as well (photo 2, 3, 4)… they’re mostly already hitched … cute couple regardless – best of luck to them

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