Jung So Min Straddles Two Fashion Extremes for March Magazine Pictorials

I love Jung So Min dearly, for her down-to-earth nature and innate acting talent, but I often wonder if she burst onto the K-ent scene too fast and too early. Now that Kim Nam Gil is out of the army, looking back at the last three years that seemed to have flown by, I realized that her biggest roles and projects were in her first year of acting. She was the third female lead in Bad Guy, which was Kim Nam Gil’s high-profile revenge melodrama which was curtailed in terms of a making any sense towards the end because he was forcibly schlepped off to the army before filming was completed. I actually thought the entire cast was on fire in that drama, even the usually bland Han Ga In, and Jung So Min hit everyone’s radar with her immediate presence. I remember disliking her character and then realizing that was because she was doing such a great job at showing us this naive and self-absorbed rich girl. She initially reminded me of Yoon Eun Hye but quickly that resemblance went away because they have very different onscreen presences. What I think might’ve tripped up her career path was landing the leading role in super high profile Playful Kiss opposite Kim Hyun Joong. I loved that drama and both of them in it, but it was a resounding flop domestically though relatively popular elsewhere and online to not render it an obscure presence. She took some time off for college and returned to acting from her hiatus with a leading female role in the sitcom Stand By and then the leading female role in the cable marriage drama Can We Get Married? I skipped Stand By an watched CWGM and found that she’s really matured nicely looks-wise as well as improved steadily acting-wise. I’m just not sure why she’s not been getting the prime time network drama lead roles again? There are definitely lots of similar aged young male actors I wanted to see her paired up with, and while she did well with Sung Joon I’m ready for something different. Here’s to hoping she does another drama in 2013 and one ventures into yet another genre. In two different magazine spreads out this March, Jung So Min does both playful and flirty as well as mod and fierce with equal aplomb, a great reminder that the girl is quite the chameleon.


Jung So Min Straddles Two Fashion Extremes for March Magazine Pictorials — 20 Comments

  1. i really like Jung So Min. She’s so sweet and yet elegant. she also acts naturally..hope she can be paired with the likes of Lee Min Ho, Jang Keung Suk and other big time male stars..:-)

  2. When I see this it’s just a bitter reminder that she did not get cast as the lead for Heirs, cause I really want her to be a big drama. The girl has the acting chops and presence to be the leading lady in any prime time drama in the Bog 3.

  3. I really really think she is a GREAT actress. I think she should pair up again with Kim Hyun Joong either for a Drama or Comedy. They were great together and she brought out the good in acting of Kim Hyun Joong. HE needs her (~.*)

  4. I love her! Thanks to her, I discovered a great new rookie actress called Han Groo. I wish both will be cast in Heirs! Both will looking amazing there!

  5. This is not meant to offend her legion of fans, but I think Jung So Min is fortunate that she is very attractive and after watching her in the Bad Guy, Playful Kiss and Can We Get Married, this attribute helps compensate for her lack of acting skills. She is about on par with Ha Ga In.

    • Completely insane indeed. Jung So Min wasn’t the best actress back then in Bad Guy but she was also young. She is – unlike Han Ga In – improving her acting skills with every project she does. 🙂

    • about on par with Han Ga In

      Haha, funny joke. (you have to be joking or delusional and I’d prefer to believe the former)

  6. It’s just sad that at age 24 she’s not judged to be ‘ready’ for leading roles. It seems like audiences are a lot tougher on actresses than on actors -as long as the actors are attractive, who really cares about their acting, right? smh.

  7. I wish she would’ve been the lead actress for Heirs. Jung so min+ Lee min ho would be like magic. Or if not lee min ho, Kim soo hyun. Since yong hwa will also be in heirs, the dating rumors with park shin hye will only be the talk of town instead of the drama:/ Hope to see jung so min as a lead actress in a fun drama!

    • Or Lee Min Ho as well! There are so many actors around her age/a little older. I feel like Park Shin Hye is getting main role after main role, but I find her similar to Han Ga In’s acting and Jung So Min should definitely be getting the 3-Big network main roles.

  8. Love the 3rd shoe from bottom! I like both spreads too. I liked her in Bad Guy. Couldnt stand PK. I remember, I hated the main heroine’s character(not the actresses). I finished the TW version and I was ready to throw my TV. Didnt wanna sit thru the Korean version.

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