Jung Yong Hwa Confirmed to Rival Lee Min Ho for Park Shin Hye in Heirs

I’m not shy about posting casting rumors (with the requisite caveats, of course) because it sheds light on the casting thought process. Back on April 1 I wrote that Jung Yong Hwa was in talks to join Lee Min Ho in Heirs as guy 2, which was bandied about earlier than Park Shin Hye being cast as the leading lady. I thought Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue being guy 2 to Lee Min Ho in a school drama was like mashing up Boys Before Flowers (where Kim Hyun Joong played that role) and You’re Beautiful (where Jung Yong Hwa was wingman for Jang Geun Seok). And in a weird casting catch-22, Jang Geun Seok was originally offered the role of Gu Jun Pyo in BOF but he turned it down because he wanted to play Ji Hoo-oppa and that’s how the legend that is Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo was born. Back to this casting for Heirs, which has now been confirmed that Jung Yong Hwa is indeed getting a three-peat chance to woo Park Shin Hye, not to mention rival Lee Min Ho, I don’t know what to think. Okay, I have thoughts, but most are quite pessimistic. Let’s get the positive one out first – this drama is going to get so much pre-airing and live-airing and quite possibly post-airing publicity and interest that I’m going to have to go back to Boys Before Flowers to compare the likely levels of hysteria and fandom schism. Let me put it this way, chances are those who love it will LOVE it, and those who hate it will HATE it. There will be no in betweens. Now that I am looking forward to. It’s been too quiet around dramaland lately.

First off, apparently my initial sources were slightly off when it reported that this was a college-aged campus drama, when it’s actually a high school campus drama about rich kids. An early description calls it a cross between Boys Before Flowers and US show Gossip Girl. This will only rock my boat (in a good way) if Park Shin Hye’s character is written as the K-drama version of Blair Waldorf and she does her best Leighton Meester impression. It’s a K-drama so let’s not expect a Serena van der Woodsen type to make an appearance. I mean, drugs and promiscuity and questionable judgment, oh my lord!

The concept alone is enough to make me raise my eyebrows, and then you want me to jump onboard Lee Min Ho reverting to playing a high school student a nearly 5 years after he did it? After he played city protector in City Hunter and a supposedly full grown adult general in Faith? I also thought Park Shin Hye moved past that stage as well, especially with her taking on college-aged and beyond roles. It’s not that I think any of these three are TOO OLD to play high school, I just feel like its some sort of walk down memory lane for them and a type of wink-wink inside joke to revisit campus hi-jinks with actors who have successfully transitioned out of that stage.

Then you have writer Kim Eun Sook tackling her first non-adult drama theme. I can critique her penchant for slick linguistic showmanship but I have no clue if she even remotely understands the mental psyche of high school students and can convincingly tell their story. Lastly, the third-time pairing of Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye will not be a charm, since he’s back playing second fiddle and vying with Lee Min Ho for her heart. Been there-done that seems too inadequate a pithy saying to describe how redundant this all feels. And in a final trod on any optimism, all three have been cast without even reading the still-unfinished script. Talk about leap of faith.


Jung Yong Hwa Confirmed to Rival Lee Min Ho for Park Shin Hye in Heirs — 105 Comments

  1. I seriously have a feeling that Park Shin Hye is dating Jung Yong Hwa. I used to ship her with Jang Keun Suj but there are too much tell-tell signs that they are indeed dating. Two young lovers always love the idea of being glued together.

    And PSH is one lucky girl who always been sandwiched by pretty boys and goodness, they boys sure love her company. I believe she sure has ways with boys. . I am looking for her

    • don’t think they are dating or anything ,how yongwha talked about her(see her as friend from same gender) and about the rumors show there are no chance to be more than friends.. work with eachother 3 times don’t mean anything work is work , she work with jgs for years ,and about lee min ho she is so luck to be with him .

      • oh please, he is lucky to act with her as well. It’s an upgrade from his previous partners LOL
        JGS is def a downgrade for her now though

  2. i read somewhere that this drama will have individual love lines for all pairs(possibly 4). So Yong-hwa will not be vying with Lee
    Min Ho for PSH’s heart.

    • Yes, it’s very hard to tell in the beginning (what to speak of before the beginning) with what cast a drama will look the best. Surprises happen every now and then. That’s why I better not say anything at this point. But I’m tuning myself to a positive wave. I want to like this drama, and so, I wouldn’t mind even a 108th pairing of Shin Hye and Yong Hwa, if that’s what they themselves want.

      • Other actresses would have made better Jan Di than Goo Hye Sun (I hope I spelled correctly). Man, GHS’s so stiffed. I used to think Yoon Eun Hye is the perfect Jan Di. I enjoyed BOF for Kim So Eun and Kim Bum interactions.

  3. This is gonna be hard for me. The high-school setting anyways. I love the cast and even more love the idea of 4 different love stories going on.
    I just cannot buy any of these actors as high school anymore. They’ve all moved on and it’s just too hard to see them at that age. I’m bummed. A college campus would have been much more enjoyable…at least for me.

    • Yep. And if they include a teacher-student romance, I’m totally out. That stuff is just so off-putting to me… probably because I know so many teenage boys and the thought of a grown woman being interested in them is legit mind boggling.

      • It will be especially creepy if the person with a crush on a teacher is Jonghwa, because he just did that in Heartstrings. Granted, that was the best “acting” he did in that terrible show, but still…just more horribleness. And I agree with Rina – in real life, only a sociopath adult would be interested in a teenage boy.

  4. Koala, I share your concerns about this show. Based on what we know so far, my annoyances are:
    – LMH, I feel like I’ve been punked. We were supposed to believe him as an adult, in Personal Preference, City Hunter (where he was supposed to be old enough and smart enough to have an advanced degree from MIT) and most epically Faith, where he was supposed to be a thirty-ish battle-hardened general. I tried really hard, and for most shows (couldn’t do it with Faith) I believed he was there, I was going along with his trajectory as an actor. But now he goes back to high school – whut? So we aren’t an adult after all, we are running back to your comfort zone?
    – PSH. I am tired of her roles, I am tired of her because she just keeps playing the same sorts of young ladies with the same expressions over and over again. I can tell she works hard, she seems like a very nice person but she puts me to sleep because I can’t see any fire in her. She has zero sexual chemistry and physical contact is always so stiff and awkward for her that it makes me uncomfortable to watch her. She seems stuck in some sort of 16-year-old limbo, and so the thought of her playing a high schooler yet again just gives me the creeps.
    – Jonghwa. Sigh. He can’t act. Is he trying the same sort of role over and over until he gets it right? I am embarrassed to be a kdrama watcher, because obviously the producers think we are incredibly stupid, stupid enough to watch the same tripe THREE TIMES THROUGH just because he’s from CNBlue squeeee and he is so ‘cuuteeee.’
    – Ordinarily I could just laugh off this horrendous casting and take everyone’s advice – ‘If you don’t like it, just go watch something else.’ But City Hall is one of my all-time favorite dramas, and even though I had issues with SG and hated AGD I keep hoping she will knock another one out of the park. I can’t ignore this approaching train wreck, even though I am embarrassed by the casting and the premise, because I keep hoping for more from this writer. Sigh.

    Sorry for the rant, so far this drama is nothing but disappointments for me.

    • Pretty much agree with your (and Koala’s) concerns.

      The going-back-to-play-high-schoolers-after-adult-roles doesn’t bother me so much outright though – I do think that really good actors can pull this off, as long as they look youngish enough. Tsumabuki Satoshi (at age 30!) did manage that for me in Ai to Makoto, that said that was a film of extremes so it might have been easier to pull that off in such a work).

      Some people seem to have faith in the writer, but I haven’t watched any drama by her so I can’t even put my hopes there.

    • “– PSH. I am tired of her roles, I am tired of her because she just keeps playing the same sorts of young ladies with the same expressions over and over again. I can tell she works hard, she seems like a very nice person but she puts me to sleep because I can’t see any fire in her. She has zero sexual chemistry and physical contact is always so stiff and awkward for her that it makes me uncomfortable to watch her. She seems stuck in some sort of 16-year-old limbo, and so the thought of her playing a high schooler yet again just gives me the creeps.”

      I thought I was the only one. She’s pretty & she’s hardworking enough that she might improve but so far she don’t appeal to ME. I hope she’ll change my mind with this drama.

      • Wow, lots really, but I’ll just confine myself to ones who might be believed as high schoolers. I thought the casting for White Christmas, SUFBB and School 2013 was well done. Woo Bin and Sung Joon are some of my favorites, I think they’ve got the chemistry thing nailed. Ladies are harder, but I like Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung.

    • Lee Min Ho’s case is similiar with Shun Oguri (1982)
      SO in Hana Yori Dango; LMH in HYD
      SO in Hanakimi (as high school student); LMH in Heirs (probably, because we still don’t have official synopsis)

      Another example, from korea we have:
      -Jung Il woo (1987) in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)
      -Seo In Gook (1987) & Shin So Yool (1987) in Reply 1997 (2012)
      -Cha Tae Hyun (1976) & Song Hye Kyo (1982) in K-movie My Girl & I (2005)
      From Japan, we have:
      -Yamapi (1985), he acted as swindlers in Kurosagi (2006), then he back again to high school drama in Proposal daisakusen (2007)
      -Tomoya Nagase (1978), he acted as collector debt in Tiger & Dragon (2005), then he acted as student in high school at My Boss My Hero (2006)

      Actors/actress work under the director who advises them on how to portray the characters. To bring the character to life, they change their voices, dialects, facial expressions and other traits. So, i don’t have any problem with LMH or PSH act as student again.. that is the challenge as actor, to be a student when you’re not

      • the jdramas you mentioned don’t really count tho. In PD, Yamapi was playing a character that goes back and forth in time (so he was also playing an adult character), while Nagase was playing an older student.

    • I mean Park Shin Hye is so stupid, you go from rejecting a role in `Sword and Flower` a drama that has a female character in the center of the story, that is challenging and grown up , so you would play a high school girl in badly written drama and totally regress your career? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

      And now i hear Yoona is gonna get the lead in `Sword and Flower`! I mean i cant stop laughing , this is ridiculous! Park Shin Hye missed on the amazing role so other less talented actress would get it for what? So she would get to make out with Yonghwa again?

      I seriously hope Yoona will pull a miracle and have an amazing performance in SAF , and steal the `it young actress` thunder from Park Shin Hye , so she would realize what dumb decision she made!

      • Lol okay. Why don’t you just not watch this drama if you really don’t like it. Oh and yoona is a shitty actor. Period.

      • I think park shin hye made the right choice. The sword and the flower was a bomb and I loved the heirs. She is a good actress and can change from a laughing face to a crying face in an instant. How many actresses can achieve that. Stop picking on her. She is a very very excellent actress.

  5. In the U.S older actress and actor are able to play high school student for the hit show Glee . than why not these korean actor and actress be able to play high school student ?????? come on people, Excellent actors are able to make you see beyond pass that.

    • According to my teenage daughter, teenagers think it is a big fat joke that adults are acting as Glee teenagers, that adult audiences like and believe in these adults acting as teenagers, and that the adults-acting-as-teenagers think they are cool and are acting out ‘real’ teenagers. According to my teenage kids, very few shows get it right; the stories don’t ring true, and the actors are too poised and self-assured and, well, adult.

      • All I hear is ” my teenager daughter”.
        If the acting is believable, than that’s why their actors. Actors are to convince people and to be able to make audience see it.

    • The difference is these actors (especially Lee Min Ho) have been playing nothing but late 20s / mid 30s lead characters for the past couple years. His last high school role was BOF so its a bit ridiculous and a step back for his career to go back to a high school role. PSH has been playing high schoolers for YEARS and finally stepped out of that with FBND. Yonghwa simply can’t act, but he has only played high schoolers since he started acting so its a bit redundant.

      • But their actors. Actors are to adapt to any role if they can pull off the part.

      • PSH has been playing highschooler for year???? What? I am a big fan of her and what have I missed? LOL. The last time she wore uniform was in 2007 ( goong S) I believe, and a bit of the flashback in FBND. Please don’t stretch the fact. YB doesn’t relate school and HS was in college. She hasn’t wore uniform for ages

  6. The pairing better be PSH n Jung yong hwa…dont like LMH, never liked him and never gonna like him :/ (yeah i hate him! :P) Actually none of the 3 r my fav …bt as a pair PSH n JYH look cute together!

  7. I’m kinda worried about LMH and PSH’s chemistry. I just don’t feel it. But I’ll reserve my judgment until this drama comes out.

  8. I can’t wait to see the drama, I love all three leads. As for the story line no one really knows what it’ll be, everything about the high school story line is a rumor. Don’t forget all three leads signed on to the drama without knowing their character and story line. The writer personally gave a love call to both Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, there has to be a reason. Everything about this drama is so secretive and it just makes it more alluring in my book. I’m excited and can’t wait for October to get here. I also hope they start doing promotional stuff for this drama just like they did for FBND. Come on ladies we have Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa in a drama, that’s enough to make me want to fan myself lol.

    • Me too..I’m gonna wait and see…There has got to be something with this drama that though Shin Hye and Yong hwa has rumors boldly accepts this one….I’ve learned my lesson in TWTWB..I was kinda skeptical at it first but it turn out to be one of my faves now…So gotta wait and see with this one…

  9. 90210, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, they all had people over their teens playing High schoolers. Yes I would mock them sometimes ( actually I mock them a lot). Yet if you like the show, you forget that they are actually way too old to be playing high schoolers. Seriously when Lil Salvatore (vampire Diaries) walks into my screen, all I care about is the pretty.
    But im still keeping my fingers crossed that they make them College students. ..

    • True. But considering there is another high school drama in the works that stars Yeo Jin Gu (15) and Kim Soo Hyun (13), its going to be hard to visually believe that the likes of Lee Min Ho and company are the same age as these youngsters.

    • The original 90210 was good not sure of the remake. Dawson’s Creek was good too. So is One Tree Hill in the beginning was good. Vampire Diaries was sooo much better in the book but it is popular now. They can pull it off. But, I am soo not sure of this one. I think at least they have newbie actors. This drama is LMH, PSH, Yonghwa no new actors.

  10. Hey Koala!

    You crack me up! I LOVE LMH (although I am not blind to his acting flaws; it’s just that I can forgive A LOT of wrongs where he is concerned. :-P) PSH is adorable & enjoyable without a doubt. JYH gets my goodwill/good faith vote. Liked him in You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings (he was good; drama was so-so). I know Mr. 2nd Lead won’t win the girl, but this should be a fun outing for these three -which means it will be fun for me.

  11. As far as I know this will start off in HS then go to college and so on.
    And there is not love triagle between the 3 leads
    I started to wonder if your info is reliable anymore…

  12. Well well well Like I said on other sites I’m super excited for this! LMH oppa will provide the needed Chemistry cus they are both adorable they can work it out but the other guy hahaha I honstly hate his acting and never liked him in other dramas ! And stop calling them a pairing they wont be together ! Cuz he is going to lose the girl ( now twice ) for a better guy ! Haha ha !

  13. And why did no one ever complain about the casting age in School 2013 though?
    They are older than PSH, that’s for sure… LOL The hypocrisy!
    If the cast didn’t know what they are getting themselves in, we know a lot less … so can we just wait and see how it will turn out…

    • the problem is not really age as much as LMH has done this before 5 years ago. PSH is an established actress whose done mature older role so it was a bit of a regression age-wise but really i don’t think people have a problem with her age here. The School 2013 kids were mostly rookies who would logically take any role they were offered in a moderately high profile project.

      • this is a very high profile project coming from KES who has the power to get her leads accepted without the script. This is there ever 1st time she does young drama so it’s so hard to pass away. But I guess because they ( mostly PSH and LMH) have done harder and more mature roles so it’s hard to accept this…
        But as far as I know this is NOT a high school drama. The leads will start from High School, then go to college and compete in business…
        I really don’t see the problem…
        People also has NO prob when the whole AGD cast wore high-school uniforms at the age of 40… Why are we ranting here now?
        I don’t get it

    • couldn’t agree more.. haven’t seen High School 2013 though, but personally, the title (no offense meant) sounds a whole lot like introducing a certain batch from high school. honestly, it sucks! anyways, why can’t people just mind their own business and let LMH, PSH & JYH do their work? i mean, it’s not as if they will accept just any drama to make a fool out of themselves or they will do something that will make them look stupid. i don’t have anything against the blog, if Koala thinks that the casting is extremely disappointing, who am i to oppose that? but surely, these celebs, before they accepted the roles, read the script. and obviously, as most of us here pointed out, they are quite mature and apparently, they should already know what they are doing. hold your judgment until the drama comes out.

      Blair Waldorf? Gossip Girl? Honestly, Blair is Blair and PSH is PSH.. there is no need for PSH to imitate nor to turn her role into something Blair-like to be appreciated.
      And as far as i know, the highlights of Gossip Girl did not revolve in the high school scenes so comparing it to The Heirs is unnecessarily pointless as of this moment.

  14. I loved GG and I do hope PSH will play the role of Queen B and LMH as Chuck.. then we have YH …ummm as Dan? Nate? Dunno…..the only ones who did not sleep with each other were chuck and serena…
    If this turns out to be true… it will get very interesting!! Cant wait!!!

  15. Thanks koala , but no he is no rival for LMH there is simply no comparison ! He can’t match , at least not in my universe !
    Srry to all his fans I don’t know why I hate. Him ! Its just I don’t like anyone compared to LMH ! Hh yeah I’m that kind of a fangirl !

  16. I see no growth in Park Shin Hye’s acting whatsoever. All her dramas have nothing been but crap except Stairway To Heaven which was ages ago. Since then, all her roles and characters has no progress stuck in highschool drama setting. It’s like she is stuck in the same image forever…she only does dramas with idols and hearthrobs and similar roles. I think her management company doesn’t care that she is stuck in one image as an actress as long that she’ll get more popular by keep pairing her up with internationally famous male leads like Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho and even pair her up with Lee Seung Gi as host. Her company almost seems like they are just whoring her out, to the most popular actors, so that being paired with them will make her more famous.

    How I wish, Park Shin Hye will do another drama, that has depth and that will show her growth as an actress. It’s tiring to see her in the same roles over and over again.

    • (cont from my prev comment)
      Actually she isn’t popular because of the flower boys she worked with as … some fan girls think. Those roles with the hotties didn’t help her popularity at all ( YB, HS)
      The roles that she is winning are the roles when she acts with mature, not handsome and senior actors ( “Dont worry I’m a ghost” got her the 1st “best actress” award and “The gift of room 7” are putting her on demand along with Best supporting Actress and Another popularity Award for Paeksang ).
      She is getting bigger thanks to those roles not the so-called popular actors as you mentioned. They have nothing on her and their company is too small to have such a power anyway. SBS always love pairing her with LSG and LSG himself chose her to be his partner for his JP MV because of her popularity in Japan. Let’s get that fact straight. Shinhye is really big in Japan and he was smart to use her popularity in Japan

      • and I doubt that you even watch all her dramas anyway to even speak. Tree of Heaven was awesome, so were FBND and DWIAG. Those aren’t idol dramas either

      • she was known for her acting in Stairway To Heaven and Tree of Heaven, but you can’t deny the fact that her popularity shot through the roof after doing You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk who is the biggest star in Japan after Bae Yong Joon. Since then, her company has taken advantage of JGS’s fame in Japan and would always include her on promotional stuff. Even her invitation to the Philippines was in conjunction with JGS concert stuff. Since then, her company only pushed her to do teenybopper dramas that lacked depth and paired her with popular young actors or popular idols. Pairing her with popular stars increased her popularity 100x more, but for me, it depreciated her as an actress, cause all the dramas that she’s been getting are like the same stuff teenybopper type, romcoms that mostly caters to younger viewers.

        The movies that she was in which were big hits like Miracle in Cell No.7 for supporting role, so not that much responsibility on her shoulders when it comes to ticket sales and the little girl on Cell No.7 also performed well and had more airtime than her.

        KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress in a One-Act Special Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost not even a big deal. Awards are no longer credible in Korea, cause anyone who’s popular even if they can’t act, can get an award.
        Even in Cyrano Dating Agency, Lee Min Jung, who can’t act to save her life, got more recognition and awards than Park Shin Hye which shows you how ridiculous it is nowadays.
        Popularity Awards at Baeksang are laughable because fans pay to make their favorite actor/actresses win that award. Even agencies pay big money so that their talent can win that award.

        I want Park Shin Hye in a movie or drama that has more depth and focused on her for once. Something that will showcase that her acting has matured. I want her to get more credit than what she’s been getting, because it pains me to know that she deserves so much more, but her agency is more bsessed to make her more popular with too much mediaplay while sacrificing and wasting her talent.

    • Actually I disagree with you Park shin hye be partener with older actors for Eg: Don’t worry I am Ghost , TGOR7 and The next one is Love’s Rock Paper scissors .
      Actually Shin hye Deserve to be famous not because any she worked by herself without company Power or sponsor and her Company actually Do nothing only make her as a step 🙁
      Not bcz Idols she being famous The writer and PD offer the role and she accept it Not bcz anyone bcz she found something in the character.
      I think you didn’t watch her Last work FBND from 1 to 16 to see the character depth
      IF shin hye ‘s job is acting and KES who offering the Role to her you should know that she accept bcz KES not bcz LMH or Idols .
      Shin hye look for the character 1st .

    • @soya ITA! I couldn’t help but laugh as I read your post coz I remember when possible leading ladies for HEIRS was floating around online, my korean friends and I had a bet. They all said PSH will do it for sure, bcoz of her past trendy drama roles track record Goong S, YAB, Heartstrings,FBND & etc…she seems to be gravitating towards towards that type of role & my friends were so right about that.

    • I agree with some of her point, but YB made her and the whole ANJells popular oversea, not just JKS. I don’t even think she and JKS are even close anymore but their company do have connections, they even used the same staff sometimes…
      But my point is her popularity in Korea wasn’t really affected because of YB or any hot guys… And it’s true her role wasn’t big in tgor7 but it’s a key role and left strong impression to everyone. The role put her on demand whether you say how small it is. The fact that it’s so small but she was able to get nominated for Best Supporting actress just say how good she was…
      But I do agree with you her company really pushing her popularity instead of helping her growing a strong career. That’s why I wish she could change her agency… and started to get back the way she challenged herself years ago
      And your last paraghraph is what I want and wish ” a project that focus on her character” instead of the guys. I want her to get the credit she deserves too, because girl is capable… it’s just she isn’t doing the right thing for her careers with those roles

  17. Jung Yong Hwa is the same as Park Shin Hye, as much as I love this couple, but JYH’s acting is also stuck in the same frame. No improvement, no growth as an actor. How is he going to improve if they only keep giving him projects that lacks depth and continously be dependent on his partnership with Park Shin Hye? He needs to be paired with other actresses inorder for him to learn something new if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor.

  18. I agree with you on certain extend that her agency really doesn’t care for her career and just want to max her popularity for their profit, which it stupid.But they don’t have the power to choose her partners. The PD picked her and they guys!!! And there is no doubt she has improved a lot since YB days, even her choices of roles are still in the safe zones. Have you ever watched her movies btw? She is actually different there even she isn’t the lead. If she hasn’t improved, how can her 5-min performance in movie TGOR7 get her to nominated The best supporting actress in Paeksang award this year? I’d be amazed if she actually won it though? I mean she has to go against JJH ( the thiefs) after all.
    I would like her to get out of her safe zone after this role like she has said but she just passed the chance in a sageuk drama to be in a KES’s. She is a fan of her so…. I can’t blame her choice here tbh
    But you should give the girl some credit, even if you only watch her dramas FBND is another level of acting with YB, alone

  19. I will wait until more info on scripts, how many casts members and first eps out before saying anything.
    So far, I like the three of them. 🙂

  20. So I’m going to understand this the following way:

    Lee Min Ho playing Chuck Bass? Hell yeah!

    Yonghwa playing Nate Archibald or Dan Humphrey? If he is Playing Nate well his playing a misunderstood pretty boy … I could sortta maybe buy that. A Dan Humphrey errmm nope.

    Park Shin Hye playing Blair Waldorf? for reals? she can either be awesome with it or fail… there will be no inbetween here…. They should have gotten SoMin if they wanted a Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf.

    They need to have a Serena, maybe not the drugs.. but I think Korea can handle the party/ promiscuity if they don’t really see it and its kept to a minimum. Maybe I’m putting my hopes up……. 🙁

    Are we getting a Jenny? and if Yonghwa aint our Dan who will be?

    and who the hell is the 4rth guy?

  21. Okay, I love City Hall. SG was okay to me. If they get rid of that whiny, bitchy, stalker, cry baby gal in AGD and not to mention the main lead actress was not that great. I would love AGD but I can’t because of those two reasons. Therefore, I am waiting to see few more news or at least trailer to see if KES get this one a great drama.

  22. Goodness gracious for how many years have Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa been playing highschooler roles now?

    I used to love Park Shin Hye soooooo much, but these past years I feel that she’s become a lazy actress. Instead of progressing, she is regressing. For many years, she’s been taking tv projects that are so meaningless and compared to her child actress days when I thought she was a certified actress, now I dont see her that way anymore… it’s like I am seeing her in the same level as ‘sucky idol wannabe actresses’ cause her projects are on the same level…popularity level very high, yet meaningless. Even her fame level is starting to look like those idol actresses like Suzy and that is not a good thing.

    • I can relate to a sense of disappointment on her acceptance of a role in high school setting but somehow just because of that I feel there is more to it than meets our eyes. I feel that the characters played by her in the last year in DWIAG, FBND and TGOR7 are by no stretch of imagination the kind that idols can do justice to. I can only quote the acclaimed golden lion award winning director and producer Kim ki-Duk of “Pieta” on her performance in TGOR7
      “…..the recent most glamorous actress and perhaps South Korea’s top actress
      With unshakeable position in the near future.”
      Can you honestly call that meaningless or at the same level as those who cannot act. The reason for her popularity is definitely not the ones mentioned. Personally, I feel her growing popularity is a combination of her as an actress and a wonderful person.
      I am excited about the drama and looking forward to Shinye – LMH pairing and curious about JYH ‘s place in the setup. Since he will not be paired with PSH, it really does not matter if they will be in one drama for the third time. One thing is certain that it is going to be a well watched drama……based on their high popularity as Hallyu stars and big fan base.

    • The funniest thing is that Yoona is gonna play the lead role in that sageuk drama Park Shin Hye rejected! So basically Yoona is gonna be the lead role in sageuk drama opposite Uhm Tae Woong while Shin Hye will go to the high school level of rookie teen actress opposite Yonghwa!

      So ` the sucky idol wannabe actress` is actually playing a superior role to Shin Hye! How ironic!

      • it’s no doubt that PSH plays safe and wants more time for the harder roles or something she never does… But if she took the role she might prepare well for it… It’d not really a bad idea after see how Suzy sucked and LMH sucked at sageuk… Even with less than 10′ appearance in the movie TGOR7 PSH spends weeks at the law school to observe student and learn how to talk like a lawyer.
        She might not accept all the challenging role but if she does, she sure makes sure she has what it take and prepare well for it… unlike some idols actress would take whatever people offer them… for the sake of it

      • Personally, i feel that a “superior” role is defined by a multilayered character in which an actor/ actress is able to show a vast range of emotions irrespective of the age being played or the genre of the drama. A type of role in which the audience forgets the actor and is totally invested in the characters, the story being unfolded and the passage of time.
        I really don’t believe that playing safe is Shinhye’s intention in taking this role. She has been very clear in her interviews that she wants to show new sides to her and she wants to do the roles that she cannot later. KES’ s reputation and Shinhye’s respect for her has also played a big part in her accepting this role. Her agency did say that it is a maturer character…..
        I agree with Haha above that she works hard to make the character as realistic as possible. In DWIAG, she herself did the deep water scene instead of the double. In heartstrings, she learned to play the actual gayageum which is not an easy instrument to play. When she eventually does act in a Sageuk drama, it will be a convincing one too.
        I think that the drama will not disappoint.

    • I agreed … I watched her on Three of Heaven… and that time Shin Hye was so brilliant.. Her tearful cheek kiss were amazing… sexy and wow…
      I wonder why now she became a bit stiff. Hope in this drama she would improve

  23. Excited for Park Shin Hye and will probably watch it for her. Lee Min Ho and Yonghwa does nothing for me… Maybe cause I’m not a huge fan of flower boys.

  24. Since I’m a big fan of yh n cnblue, I like his chemistry with shin hye, so try to be positive till the whole cast and story come out, hope at least this drama will entertain us

    • Jonghwa’s chemistry with PSH? They may be friends, but they are one of the most awkward couples I have ever seen. Watching them try and kiss was downright painful, it was so obvious they were not into it. “Chemistry” is supposed to be about sexual attraction, and they have zero.

      • How can it be zero chemistry when there is a huge following for the “dooley couple” and “shinwoo couple ” from heartstrings and YB?

      • Agree with all the comments from haha to csmand. If chemistry is supposed to be about sexual attraction, then after shooting those kind of kiss scenes they gonna need a room. From what i understand in K-dramas for kissing scenes, actor/actress is supposed to just touch/brush lips and that’s it. But in movies and cable TV they could go into deep kissing.They also need to follow the director’s instructions. PSH and JYH are good friends and although they felt awkward with the kissing scenes, in my opinion it showed the right emotions. In the last episode: after a break up and trying to make up of course you got to take it slow. After all it’s not like they were going to jump into bed. We’ve all had deep kissing before I’m sure, so we should know where to put a stop. I admire K-dramas because their love scenes are respectful and i can watch it with my grand children. It’s okay that the guy does all the work and the gal responds in a shy way, it makes her all the more respectful and the guy will want more. The same as it is in real life. When i see the actresses trying to respond to hot kisses and having to throw themselves all over the guy, i think they are trying hard to impress the audience and hurting themselves in the process. That’s pathetic. It’s okay if it is a kiss scene of a married couple. I don’t understand why demands for hot kisses on K-drama now. Just to see hot kisses i think there is a lot to choose from out there. i hope we can give encouragement to the actors/actresses and not pressure them with harsh comments. It’s sad and who needs this in this harsh world already. Let’s support them all so we get to watch great entertainment from them. Peace. God Bless.

      • The problem of heartstring is not about chemistry. The problem is about yonghwa acting skill. But their chemistry is not as bad as what you saw I think. Maybe you don’t want PSH pairing with Yonghwa, so that you think like that ^ ^

  25. I think it should not be High School theme, it will be OK if it’s College/University theme. I love Park Shin Hye. But I realy don’t like Boys before Flowers, not about the casts but the plot and charactors. That’s why I don’t fall for Lee Min Ho. I’m OK with Yong Hwa though.

  26. i try to associate PSHye’s case with Porter’s management strategy: Differentiation Strategy & Focus Strategy. Of course each strategy has advantages and disadvantages, that’s why we need to combine to maximize benefit and reduce loss.

    -For drama, they use focus strategy. Her previous dramas (YAB, HS, FBND) targeted in young market segment. That’s why she being paired with hottest young male (JGS, JYH, LHK, LSG, LMH, YSY)
    -For movie and other project, they use differentiation strategy that has a wider market segment. She being paired with veteran actor (Uhm Tae Woong in Cyrano, Bong Tae Gyu in DWIAG, Ryo Seung Ryong in TGOR7, Yoon Kye Sang in Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors)

    IMO, her management has combined well between the two strategies. She is getting more popular in overseas and K-netizen also start to acknowladge her talent. She is 23 years old now, of course she still has to learn, learn and learn, to improve her acting skill. But until now, i think she have taken the right path.

    FYI, according to this article (ttp://www.obsnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=702505)
    “Official said “Park Shin Hye will show a fresh look, bigger expectation through . She has charm and appeal on her acting and through the upcoming drama, she is expected to enhance to another level and more mature.” Source : tmoonsun

    See? It is not ordinary high school drama anyway 🙂
    What kind of high school drama that needs her to be more mature? We will find the answer when this drama airing in October 😛 Be Patient 🙂

  27. hahaha…I love the rant about Park shin hye and all the flower boys she acted with…I watched almost all her drama and her old movies…she was quite different in Tree in heaven ,love her with Lee Wan,it took me 4 years to re watched it again ,it was so sad..she has the most beautiful chemistry with Joo Sang Wook in Kimcheed radish cube..the only drama I did not watched was Goong S..She maybe as frozen as Gu Hyesun comes to kissing scene as beautiful as Yoon Eunhye..but she is an entertainer as far as I am concern, going to watch her even she fall flat on her face…simply love her..I don’t think all of them can act but that is not important as long I have this warm feeling after watching them in a drama.By the way I love her in HS..love the music,the cinematography and how the story unfolds..and I only watched drama with my favorite actress, the leading man is always secondary…all the actress mentioned here are my favorite and Lee Yo won too.

  28. Yeah.. i do agree with miss koala.. wondering how they actually selected the script and their next character. But perhaps we should have another hope.. that the script writer will offer different theme not only for commercial shake.. i dont how to reverse my mind from choi young to this high schooler.. and i don’t think LMH suits the face of high schooler.. as for jung yong hwa.. as long as the script make him glue to his guitar and singing skill.. i guess it worth watching.. he cant act so the safest way is to make him act as his personality in real life…

  29. It’s not really that I think they’re too old to play high school roles…I think they could pull it off, it’s just that it’s going to be SO hard to buy it as a viewer when you know they’ve played beyond that for the last couple of years now.

    Either way, I think it’ll be interesting. It’ll either be good or a train wreck. I, for one, can’t wait to see how all this pans out.

    • That’s why they are called actors good or bad depending on how convincing they are in a particular role. I believe that they are capable of doing it.

  30. Yeyyyyyy….PSH and JYH will be pairing again…..can’t wait to see them again…and Lee Min Ho…I love him too…I think this drama would be awesomeeeeeeeee……so exicited..!!!!

  31. I find it stupid that there are a lot of anti-fans over the leading actor/actress. Come on people let them be, yea okay you might think that they are not all that great and you might despise them but they are actors and they do what they are told! I mean wouldn’t you have done the same thing if you where in there position. Just stop saying all these negative things about them and let them be, you haven’t even seen the new drama yet and you are either already hating of the drama or either hating of the actors acting. If your think its that bad then why even waste your time on posting here.

    • i know right. some people can be pretty annoying. they keep on saying that they don’t like this and that but they waste a lot of their time posting and reading news about those people they despise. well, maybe the only purpose they have in life is to be an annoyance. i don’t really know for sure but with the way they preceive things, i couldn’t help but think that they are too perfectionist to the point of hypocisy. well, honestly, it’s kinda entertaining to read some of the basher’s comments in here.

  32. I am already on the edge of my seat just hearing about this upcoming kdrama! I love all the actors! I watched all their drama’s and i am excited to watch this one. Fingers crossed for the old heartstring couple 🙂

  33. Lee min ho oppa fighting and sincerely i believe they are all actors and actresses and they can bring out the best in whatsoever role they play. Instead of discouraging them why don’t we just encourage them and have faith that the film will be a good one. I love lee min ho from moji in nigeria

  34. ..really!?!!..keun suk oppa rejected to be Gu Jun Pyo in BOF??..i never get to know about that!..even after watching both dramas twice already (BOF & You’re Beautiful)..what a shame!..it became a hit..and GJP character personality compared to Hwang Yae Kyung in You’re Beautiful is not that far..like they both hate their leading ladies at first..and so so..oh well..i guess keun suk oppa is destined to be HTK..and it’s not that bad either..the drama became a hit too!..it’s just that it only became a second liner as of 2009 dramas..i just hope that keun suk oppa didn’t regret it..whew! (:

    • yes, JGS confirmed about that in a talk show. He chose Beethoven virus instead of boys before flower at that time because he is tired as a lead actor who always win girl’s heart. Ironic when he take as HTK in You Are Beautiful kekekeekk.

  35. LMH is a good actor. But don’t as high school student oh noooo. He was very attractive in personal taste/preference as a young architect. But I am not interesting in city hunter because he is pairing with Park Min Young (sorry for wrong spelling) who is plain expression. PMY is beautiful woman but not for drama.

    PSH is a good actress and beautiful model. She is very charming when I see her in billboard or magazine as a model. But why in whole her drama,her fashion is creepy. Her acting was good,but I felt sorry for her, her role in the past of her dramas not suitable for her image as a model. You are beautiful,heartstring,flower boy next door (its a fashion disaster)really disappointed me. I think in this drama, she will be a glamour girl. I put high expectation for it.

    Jung Yong Hwa is a brilliant young musician and amazing singer. But for drama, c’mon, I think this is not his place for shiny. His level just for reality show ^ ^.

    Kim wo bin —–> an actor who I want to see much in this drama

  36. Why do people to talk shits,a lot of shits!,I love their films,They doing their best!best.is not easily,I know.I believe in guyz.minho lee!you are d best best.let d hater talk they shits it got nothing to change you or effect.I love you guyz.keep it up ok.

  37. I assume that Jung yong hwa and Park shin hye are just being friends including Lee min ho. Doesn’t mean that they sit closer or having a kissing scene in the drama, they are dating.. I admits that they look so matching but I hope people wont get the wrong idea about them. Please those bad rumors don’t have to be spread, the interviewers might also tell lies. But I’m not blaming you interviewers. The director are the ones that give them instruction.

  38. I like lee min ho but he’s acting in the heirs. arrgh! i just don’t get it. He’s a lot better in boys over flowers. He don’t simply his self on the characters that he’s portraying. Rooting for kim woo bin! he’s good!

  39. Omg ?watch the drama and give honest feedbacks for the growth of the cast members & industry .
    The director is smart to choose them because of their credentials . They are many favorites on the Korean drama or pop .
    Chill out . Life is too short .Let spread love and understanding .

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