Alice Ke is Sultry Red and White for Miss Modern Look Magazine

Taiwan actresses are by-and-large way more natural still than their Korean counterparts. I haven’t seen a lot of plastic surgery to the degree that seems to be dominating Korea in the last decade, and for that I am actually way more appreciative of how there is such a diverse range of looks that are embraced in Taiwan when it comes to female beauty. The cute girls always have a lock on the hearts of fans, and there will never be a shortage of sexy bombshells, but it’s the quirky girls that really leave an indelible impression with me. Before I watched Alice Ke in Office Girls, she was simply the girlfriend in Monga, a very different performance and look, but that movie belonged to the guys. She was similarly overshadowed by her co-star in OG Roy Qiu, but it was how she managed to be a perfect foil for the antics of other more flamboyant characters that etch her in my memory. In a recent photo shoot for Miss Modern Look magazine, Alice goes red and white for a sensuous and sultry spin. I especially love her tousled hair look with the stunning white dress, showcasing her fine features and great figure. All of which were hidden away in OG so she could effectively be dowdy and thirty Shen Xing Ren. Alice doesn’t have a project in the works though she is the voice of the lead character for the Taiwan dubbed version of the animated movie The Croods. Her boyfriend Kun Da is in the news for his new drama Happy 300 Days and mentioned they are in a very steady and happy relationship.


Alice Ke is Sultry Red and White for Miss Modern Look Magazine — 6 Comments

  1. Hope the Taiwanese leading ladies never go for plastic surgery. Though not “perfect” perfect, each is distinctive and memorable. I actually find Alice Ke to be really beautiful!!

  2. I actually feel like she’s a mini Gwei Lun Mei when I first saw her in Office Girls. Maybe it’s because they are both not the super pretty type but there’s this aura/charisma that make them stand out and not tiring to look at. She’s gorgeous!

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