Preview for Episode 15 of King Flower and a Long Overdue Rainy Kiss Coming Up

I was dragging my feet translating the previews for episode 15 of King Flower for one reason only – it was pissing me off big time. Now both the Taiwan and China fans are up in arms over how the writer is forcing Lin Guan Jun down on throats, but in the process only making him more of a despicable loser. The way he attacks Terry is unbelievable, and even how quickly Da Hua is totally fine with him stealing the land auction and then constantly showing up to drag her out makes everyone lose affection and patience with her. Yes, this story makes no sense to begin with, but there were so many feels from Terry (and sweetness with him and Liang Yen) that it was impossible not to root for him to overcome all obstacles and somehow get a happy ending. Now the fans are clamoring for Liang Yen to get resurrected, because no one thinks Da Hua is good enough for Terry anymore. She might have Liang Yen’s face, but she doesn’t have a smidge of Liang Yen’s brain or heart. One fan wrote a very thoughtful farewell letter to Da Hua, explaining that perhaps we (as fans) really expected too much of her, held her up to too high a standard.

We expected and wanted her to be like Terry, thoughtful, considerate, and with the ability to grow emotionally and intellectually. She’s not like that, she probably does deserve to be with a douchebag like Lin Guan Jun and live her life in that little marketplace running her little family store. I don’t recall any TW-drama in memory that has a pre-ordained OTP as collectively disliked by the majority of the viewing population to the extent everyone loathes the pairing of Guan Jun-Da Hua. I probably am harshing on Da Hua because when she’s with Terry she shows growth and a willingness to step out of her comfort zone, but the drama has been increasing Da Hua-Guan Jun scenes and each time she’s with him they just fall into this back-and-forth that is astonishingly inane. I was planning on skipping the preview post until the latest official stills were released for the upcoming episode(s) of the drama showing Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu filming a nighttime rainy kiss scene. SETTV sure knows how to lure me back like a bad boyfriend promising to be good and treat me right. Or they know my weakness – passionate kissing bandit Terry.

Written preview for episode 15:

Lun Chuang Real Estate has its new Managing Director in Lin Guan Jun and joyously starts operations. His first task is to handle the bought at auction E22 land. With Hu Jing Biao’s consent, Guan Jun goes to Sheng Da to meet with Terry, who desperately needs the land to maintain his Managing Director position. Who knew Guan Jun would name a price wildly beyond what Sheng Da will pay! Is he trying to rob a house that is already on fire? Or is he getting revenge on Terry because of Da Hua? Will Terry successfully buy that piece of land?

Guan Jun takes Da Hua to see that E22 piece of land and the two of them are happily on a date. They discuss their future home and a simple marriage as husband and wife. Too bad they are seen by President Du, who is already not happy about the delayed wedding and he’s even more shocked to see his daughter interacting so closely with Lin Guan Jun. Will he discover on the spot that Da Hua is pretending to be his daughter? And how will this dire situation add to the stress that Terry is already feeling with the land purchase?

Seeing President Du arrive at his house, Terry can no longer hide his guilt and sorrow about Liang Yen, and the agony of living in a lie. This time, he kneels in tears before President Du, resolved to take responsibility for everything………

Preview for Episode 15:

“I am sorry to Liang Yen:

President Du: You guys were so in a hurry to get engaged, but now you keep delaying the wedding. Is there a problem between you two? Liang Yen?

Da Hua: Dad.

President Du: I gave you my most trusted Liang Yen. You didn’t take good care of her. You let her, you let her…….

Terry: I am so sorry. I am sorry to Liang Yen.


Preview for Episode 15 of King Flower and a Long Overdue Rainy Kiss Coming Up — 24 Comments

  1. Omg Koala, same Thoughts. Why kill Terry girlfriend if they are sticking to loser guy and DH???

    Terry deserves better. DH says she will help Terry but she is never really on his side… never see what loser boyfriend does is wrong and petty.

    I really don’t want DH to do to Terry because she found out what loser guy has been doing or because he starts to disappoint her and so she goes to cry on Terry arms! Don’t you dare!

    At this point even the secretary that always loved Terry is better. Grrr

  2. i still have hope this will turn the way we want, maybe they just wanted to do it in a roundabout way to fill up the episode count, but it was getting ridiculous, because it never made sense why liang yen had to die if Da Hua wasn’t going to take her place and take care of Terry. And i know he loves her and everything, but really, how can he not yell at her just once saying that she needs to be mindful that people could see her with whatshisface and their whole thing will be over! it’s so infuriating, really. however, these stills have given me the courage to watch the next few episodes ^^ they sure know how to bring frustrated viewers back though lol

  3. First, Eye Kiss! Now, now passionate kissing bandit Terry!
    Koala, May you never ever stop recapping dramas.
    I was getting so frustrated with Da Hua and her stupid gang. But that kiss has made up for all the disappointment. Now that they have given us a kiss……I don’t know how they will make DH end up with GJ. Did you all notice …..there’s been no passionate kisses between DH and GJ?
    Things are looking good for Terry. Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beginning to feel very optimistic.

  4. Ugh! When I watched episode 14 last sunday and saw the preview for episode 15… I was ready to take a break from the drama. Da Hua is seriously pissing me off and I can’t even describe my loathing of Guan Jun… Poor POOR Terry! He continues to make my heart bleed >__<

    Your observation about Da Hua showing signs of growing and stepping out of her comfort zone when she's with Terry is so spot on! You'd also think that all the new experiences she's been through outside the marketplace would have had added to her growth… it's really incomprehensible how she can stay the same country bumpkin she was before. And there's a limit to how dimwit a person can be. Although, the new official stills have given me hope that the story might turn the way we all want (just like threebear wrote). It sure is about time, I think most of us are losing all interest to keep watching if things continue the way it has!

    Btw, I'm curious about one thing. Haven't all the official pics released by SETTV been of Da Hua and Terry? Doesn't that mean they're supporting this couple as well (or supposed to)? They most definitely know that it's what the viewers want… just doesn't make sense to NOT give it to us. It's like making a promise and then retracting it. What's the point of pissing off viewers? Big sigh. I swear if my newly resurrected hope is getting crushed again I'm totally gonna spit fire.

    • i already took a break from this drama because the lead female character was pissing the hell out of me…but i guess i would continue for the sake of it to see how everything turns out

  5. Maybe the confession (to dad) will force a separation so they can finally see each other as individuals outside of the fake engagement contract. 🙂

  6. Passionate “wet” kissing bandit Terry. We cannot forget the “wet” part. Yes, we do have Guan Jun wet in the ran with Da Hua, but that is nothing to this (hmm. hugging in a delivery truck vs. passionate kissing). Plus we have also had a fresh-out-of-the-shower Terry scene as well. Really show, if you don’t want us to love him, then you really need to stop giving us so many Terry snacks!

  7. This drama reminds me of a japanese drama called “Artificial Beauty or Seikei Bijin”. If guan jun decides to give up and ask da hua to go under the knife again to get back to her old self so as to test if Terry will truely loves her bucktooth and all. I truely wonder. In that japanese drama the groom did felt betray initially but decides to marry her afterall and turn up on the wedding day expecting warts and all but it was just a test and the bride got her answer. I hope the same for Terry.

    • hmm that would solve the whole prickly loves-someone-who-he-made-look-like-his-dead-fiancee situation pretty well actually… I would be almost okay with that..i kind of want her to stay the way she is now though, it kind of maintains the point about Terry saying that people will treat her differently now that she looks different, and her life will never be the same.. idk what i even want from this drama anymore. just Da Hua and Terry to be together really :/

      • I think she just needs to dress and act like she used to. She doesn’t need to go back to having buckteeth. She already seems less like Liang Yen in the last few episodes……..especially when she’s with Terry and GJ.

    • I loved Seikei Bijin -still one of my fav- but they are totally different IMHO. Terry doesn’t see her as LY anymore and DH is known as fake beauty to him.

  8. I may be in the minority but I think Da Hua is showing significant growth. How long have Da Hua being playing Liang now? Several months?

    I don’t expect her to change that quickly, and that includes her feelings. Her feelings towards Terry is growing at the right pace in my book.

    I think she has being very good to Terry. She could had left any time and have her so called happy life with Brother Guan but she still decides to stick with Terry to help him out even though at times she is hesitant in doing some of the requests asked of her. She is human and I think those are natural reactions. Like being uncomfortable with the wedding photoshoot, i can understand how she thought that it would be brother Guan who would be the first to see her in a wedding gown.

    -She one time jumped into the pool to “rescue” Terry when it seemed like he was about to commit suicide although she didn’t know how to swim.

    -She got Terry to smiling again and etc when Liang died.

    -Her country and naive quirks are interesting and humorous, I don’t expect her personality and way to thinking to change at a rapid pace but I think the change has being positive. Her upbringing has an impact on how Terry views and feels of her.

    -Da Hua at times may be slow to understand her feelings and fully comprehend certain situations and people but overall she is a kind girl who has a big heart. Everyone knows that, especially Terry.

    We don’t really know much of Liang, so I can’t really say if Liang or Da Hua would be more suitable for Terry.

    I love this show and thanks for the recaps Koala.

    • Agree! I like DH. She is naive, good hearted and maybe a bit too sheltered in emotional way. I think inside she is still insecure how someone like Terry could love her as DH. She thinks he only sees her shell. It is safer to stay with her first love. As long Terry won’t openly fight for her, there is little to espect.

  9. oh goodness gracious this drama has political and management chaos behind the scenes theyre in a turmoil because they do want to give justice to terry’s character but because the actor who plays guan jun is higher in their world of showbizness they’ll try to force the entire population of viewers to appreciate guan jun’s character. unless there’ll be a cold revolution in the internet anw they can’t get it stopped will they only stop trying to choke us with guan jun supposedly attractive demeanor. Honestly I find this production silly and petty. The writer must’ve liked terry in the process that she forgot she’s supposed to give more attention to guan jun and da hua ‘s relationship development. :/

    • I agree… there seems to be scenes that were previously filmed and then deleted? Some of the previews we saw was not consistent with the actual episode content…. I don’t know I suspect there is major indecision/conflict going on behind the scenes. Maybe that’s why they haven’t been showing behind the scenes footage either. This show is getting weirder… lol. I really enjoy watching it but I feel it’s like a trainwreck waiting to happen.

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