Awesome Preview for King Flower Episode 16 and Heartbreaking Final Scene from Episode 15

With this restrained yet tour de force performance by Chris Wu in the silliest of all silly TW-dramas, he’s officially in my top 3 TW-actors list. It was always just two guys there for the longest time (Zai Zai and Roy Qiu), but now Chris has earned his way into my affection forever. I will watch him read a phone book in Klingon while dressed like a Hobbit. I’ll recap episode 15 later, but I have to talk about Chris giving yet another drama stealing performance at the end of this episode when he revealed Liang Yen’s death to her father President Du. I like that King Flower hasn’t pulled a feint yet, when Guan Jun figured it out it happened quickly, when Da Hua slipped up to her mom it wasn’t covered up, and now when Terry finally comes clean (after trying to many times and getting dissuaded by Qin Mo and Da Hua time and again) it’s for real and HOMG so so sad. I cried for poor President Du, never able to say goodbye to his only precious daughter. And when Terry got on his knees and cried in such a raw but controlled way, I vividly flashed back to how much he loved Liang Yen and how wonderful their relationship was. If I have to castigate KF for anything, I have to add to the litany of complaints the decision to off Liang Yen. I could have lived with keeping her alive so that Da Hua’s adventure could end when she recovered and both male leads could have a happy ending.

In electing to kill her off, the drama effectively made Terry the sole main character in this story. I’m saying this to include Da Hua, who’s name is in the drama title but her story is flimsy and without emotional substance. Her face change made her beautiful and her family accepted it now so what else is there to any tension alive? The only way would be if this adventure actually made her realize she might have feelings for Terry, and then feel torn before her loyal devotion to Guan Jun and her unexpected affection for Terry. But the drama keeps treading at the line and not crossing over, with Da Hua clearly caring a lot about Terry but also cluelessly bleating at how much she wants to live forever and ever with Guan Jun. This frustration makes me want to quit this drama, but Terry’s journey keeps me checking in week-after-week because I care so much about his character. This isn’t even about any OTP anymore, I simply want his character to find closure in such a traumatic and life changing experience and find happiness when he moves on. When Terry cries, a little piece of my heart shatters and I just want to shake some sense into the screenwriter. Why write such a compelling male character when you only intend to shaft him in the end? Please prove me wrong, writer. The upcoming AWESOME kiss scene between Terry and Da Hua in episode 16 better be a turning point between them or imma going to flip some tables.

Episode 15 (part 5) – start at the 4:00 minute mark (do not miss the hella awesome preview for episode 16):


Awesome Preview for King Flower Episode 16 and Heartbreaking Final Scene from Episode 15 — 18 Comments

  1. Totally agree with everything you said Koala… honestly at this point the only reason I’m interested is because of Chris Wu and his character. Everything else about this drama is so skippable… even if he does not get the girl, I wish the writers could give him a satisfying ending after all that he’s been through. Of course the drama would be a whole lot better if Da Hua clues in… fingers crossed! 🙂

    • I think the writer will give him a satisfying ending no matter what. SETTV at least acknowledges how much the fans overwhelmingly love his character more than any other in the show.

      • Like you said, only his character makes sense in the show. Everyone else just reacts in response to him. I don’t even know how Guan Jun became some kind of big shot in business all of a sudden. This drama should be renamed Terry’s Extravagant Adventure lol.

  2. The first half of this episode was such a snore (I basically skipped all the boring Guan Jun bits and only watched Terry’s scenes) but that last scene totally made up for it! And yes that preview for episode 16 looks potentially awesome! It all depends on what will happen after that hot kiss… will Da Hua finally realize? Will we REALLY be going there?

    • The prelude AND the kiss were both perfect. The way she turned around and looked longingly at him. The way he called her name so decisively. Jin. Da. Hua. And the kiss! OMG it was just the way I love it – going in for the swoop and the rain and the intensity. XD I’m not going to hold out hope she’ll be kissed into having a brain but at least I’m seeing some action on Terry’s part. He’s so wonderful I have no words.

      • Agreed on everything you said but a nagging question after watching the kiss. Is he kissing Da Hua or Liang Yen goodbye? I know he calls
        her name but it’s more like last kiss with Liang Yen since he had acknowleged her death and did not want to lose her/someone like her 2nd
        time. It’s good that the story had moved on to next level.

  3. Omg, that was heart pounding and wrenching at the same time! I love terry! Anyhow, I would have expected director du to be demanding to see LY’s body and all, but he doesn’t? Of course this is a drama/movie and all but I suppose nothing goes logically.

  4. I keep forwarding until Terry is back on the screen. I want to throw something every time Guan Jun makes a jerky remark or Da Hua keeps dithering. What’s there to decide? Childhood crush or a man who truly cherishes you.

  5. thanks mucho koala sis! only cared for Terry. 🙂 sigh! am holding on to what you think the writer will do to his character in the end. i wish so much good for Terry in the end.

  6. Terry has been so lonely. Since GJ found out about DH, she’s just not been there for him. It’s ironical that since she went back to help him, her mind has just been on GJ.
    I am wondering if that kiss is just Terry’s imagination.

    • I have that feeling, too… who is really on Terry’s side? The love of his life is dead, his parents only care about the company, his secretary spies for his Father-in-law, his doctor friend is an amoral whacko – and Da Hua is busy mooning over her vile boyfriend. The only friend he has is his driver, and I just see him tearing himself to shreds trying to meet everyone’s expectations and keep it all together. Somebody give that boy a hug!

  7. I am watching this for Chris Wu and only Chris Wu! His acting is awesome. Hope to see more of him in future dramas. Incidentally how many more episodes to go?? Getting quite tired of da hua and guan jun ke!

  8. Wow. I haven’t even watched this drama, but that acting is superb! It’s just so genuine seeming that it really tears at my heartstrings, particularly the scene after he fell down to his knees. How captivating!

  9. I agree with everybody. Terry deserves a happy ending. I hope Jin Da Hua will quickly get over her crush and realize Terry is the right man. Chris Wu is such a great actor. I can almost feel his emotional turmoil. I haven’t been this smitten over a actor in a long time.

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