Jung Kyung Ho in Bazaar Magazine and Readies for Drama Return with Undercover

Jung Kyung Ho has been out of the army for awhile now and he hasn’t exactly been laying low. He did the Ha Jung Woo directed movie Roller Coaster (set for a Summer release) but we’ll get to see him back onscreen earlier than that with a pretty interesting upcoming drama. He’s chosen to headline jTBC‘s upcoming cops-and-bad-guys thriller drama Undercover, which sounds a lot like the recent critically acclaimed K-movie The New World. It also sounds like half the HK-dramas out there. It’s about a gritty police officer who goes undercover to infiltrate a massive drug organization and rises through the ranks to become a leader. Jo Han Sung has also picked this as his post-army comeback project and while his character description isn’t released yet, I expect him to play the real bad guy and a likely very scary one at that. The leading lady is Nam Gyuri, always quite terrible at emoting but does have a certain warmness that grows on me (such as in 49 Days). Kim Hyo Sun, last seen in Faith as Lee Min Ho‘s first love, continues her acting comeback and plays Nam Gyuri’s sister. Whatever happens to her is apparently the catalyst for Nam Gyuri to join the drug organization to seek revenge. Hhhhmmmm, interesting. I like that she’s veering the opposite direction from her last drama, the slapstick ridiculous Haeundae Lovers. Jung Kyung Ho might look scrawny but he’s got a blazing intensity that lights up in the right setting. He was the beta-male in Smile, You, but can definitely be an alpha male when playing a character that calls for it. I loved him in Time Between Dog and Wolf so I know he can hold a gun and be badass. These new pictures of him in Harper’s Bazaar magazine are quite nice, nothing groundbreaking (he looks like a male model who got lost at a shipping container port), but I’m always thankful when the more low-key actors I love get any high profile print exposure. Now when is he going to do a drama again with Lee Jun Ki and gimme some more sweet bromance between them?


Jung Kyung Ho in Bazaar Magazine and Readies for Drama Return with Undercover — 8 Comments

  1. He’s so talented… I hope he gets another hit drama under his belt and that we’ll see a lot more of him in the future.

  2. Another wonderful and underrated actor! I loved him in TBDaW as well but my love was cemented in Smile, You. Almost didn’t recognize him in the first picture.

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