Kim Bum and Lee Kwang Soo Join Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire Jeongi

Oh mommy what the heck is going on in the casting roulette that is K-dramas? It’s been a busy few weeks with casting rumors and confirmation left and right with so many upcoming K-dramas I’m starting to lose track. One drama I’m never losing track of is Moon Geun Young’s sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi, because its my Geun Young going back to the world of her sageuk acclaim. So excited! Lee Sang Yoon was confirmed last week as one of the male leads for this drama. He will be playing Gwanghae Gun (Prince Gwanghae, given name Lee Yon), who was a Joseon King that never got a temple name (like Sejong or Sukjong) because he was deposed in a coup. He was the de facto ruler of Joseon during a period when Japan attacked Korea and his father King Seonjo was too weak and old to rule. After a 15 year rule, he was deposed and sent to Jeju in exile (he’s the exiled King from the Tamra the Island storyline) while he was succeeded by King Injo. Joining Lee Sang Yoon as the male lead is now unofficially confirmed to be Kim Bum – his agency is waiting to confirm after he returns to Korea. Let me say it again – Kim. Bum. My smirkasaurus! With my Moon Geun Young! Kyaaaaaaa, brain explode! I know some of my drama friends can’t stand him (poor Dahee will have to suffer more of his smirking and what she deems his constipated acting) while others lub him as much as I do (such as the founder of ICOMYM my langdon unni). I know he’s not the best, but I just adore him and the thought of him romancing Moon Geun Young is like a surprise party someone threw for me on a day that isn’t even my birthday. Someone pinch me.

Also joining this cast is variety show favorite and taller than the average tall man Lee Kwang Soo, playing the older brother of Gwanghae Gun. Bummie’s character is described as a renowned, good looking, martial arts trained, considerate and devoted perfect man type. Ha, Korea loves the perfect man type even when writing sageuk characters. I need another Park Kyu, please, perfect and prickly. Bummie’s character loves the heroine with all his heart and is ready to give his life for her (word is that he will become her husband in the drama). I think King Kong entertainment is pulling some weight here since both Bummie and Kwang Soo belong to that agency. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of KK’s B-list actresses join this cast in supporting roles, such as Jang Hee Jin or Seo Hyo Rim (Honey Lee is off doing Shark while Lee Jin is joining Sung Yuri in Birth Secret). I am so happy Bummie is tackling a sageuk next, he really is choosing good projects for his acting growth, despite my dislike of both his last two projects. Goddess of Fire is scheduled to air on MBC Mon-Tues after Gu Family Book. This drama is written by the screenwriter who did Warrior Baek Dong Soo and the PD did Dr. Kkang and Ruler of Your Own World. I am Koala and I approve of this cast.


Kim Bum and Lee Kwang Soo Join Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire Jeongi — 33 Comments

  1. This is the best news I’ve heard all day! This drama better be awesome — I haven’t loved anything Bummie’s been in since The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. I need him on my screen in something I can unabashedly, wholeheartedly love, and I hope this is it. Plus, Moon Geun-young!!! Please, drama gods, make this epically awesome!

    • I love him but not yet. He’s not yet ready to lead a sageuk. Plus Lee Sang Yoon is a magnificent sageuk actor. He far and away stole the show in The Duo. He’s worthy of being MGY’s male lead in GoF.

  2. I love Kim Bum and I think Moon matches him perfectly. I’m giddy thinking about the chemistry they’re going to produce. I’m a bit worry about the plot and writing for the show…lets hope it’ll be awesome as well.

    • I agree! I already see the amazing chemistry…unless the story pairs MGY with Lee Sang Yoon?

      I loved Tamra’s interpretation on what happened to Prince Gwanghae so I’m excited to see where this story will go.

      And speaking of Tamra and Park Kyu, Kim Bum can totally pull off the Kyu vibe! Heck, they even played brothers in BoF so the similarity is already there

  3. I will adore Kim Bum for eternity! I see nothing wrong with his acting so I am now super stoked for this drama since MGY is one of my favourite kdrama actresses. <3

  4. Bummie! Something to root for him in! Like estel, I love him more than his more recent roles. I suffered through Padam Padam for him, I still haven’t seen TWTWB.

  5. Really good news…. I’m absolutely sure there will be a good chemistry between them. Can’t wait for this sageuk drama…

  6. So excited! I can’t wait! And what about Lee Kwang Soo ‘no? I thought he and Moonie were like old friends (at least for the first episode) right away when she guested on RM 😉 me liking this cast too! Counting the days….

  7. O my lawd yes!! This,is so much more awesome than any of our speculations…I don’t even care if he is not the main lead since I’m a fan of both these guys and the storyline already sounds like not everyone is going to get happy endings (and lets not forget WBDS) My Moonie and my Bummie, LUB IT!! I am a little nervous about his lack of sageuk experience but I’m glad he’s picking decent dramas

  8. Lee Kwang Soo in another saeguk? Wuzzah!!! Ok, I should be spazzing over Kim Bum but there are so many of you who would do that so I’d give some love to our favorite Giraffe instead. I don’t know exactly what it is about him but I just adore him to bits hahaha.

    • I’m in this exclusively for him. He is too darn adorkable in RM. I just want to keep him in my pocket but he would stick out because he’s too tall. I’m actually repulsed by Kim Bum atm, and I’m conflicted because I used to love him. Why TWTWB, why?

  9. My Bummie back on screen…. Yes!!!! My Bummie in a Sageuk…. 🙁
    I see once it starts. Trying to imagine him in costume..

  10. A part of me still wishes that Kim Jae Wook could have been a part of the cast, but I have to say that I’m excited to see Kim bum together with Moon Geun Young.

  11. Kim Bum’s role is Baek Pa Seon’s husband, Kim Tae Do. Although he is not the male lead, we can see their marriage. kkk

  12. Okay… This is great news. However, I do hope the Writernim who do WBDS do not mess this up. I love WBDS due to Mr. HOTTIE Spy Lord the first half of WBDS drama. The second half is mess up so please Writernim of WBDS do not mess this up. Also, Is the PD who did the Dr. KKang/Ruler of Own World a good pd. I never heard of him before. I do hope they great music as I love love the ost of WBDS. =D Please be good drama please be good drama!!!!

  13. My hopes came true. Kim Bum (drool) with the lady Ms. Moon. Absolutely awesome news. Got so tired of all the drama in Korean drama that I stopped watching. Time to bring the good blood back and I will go back to watching them.

  14. I think Kibum is going to be the “japanese” guy.
    I still hope they would cast a Japanese actor, like VP 2 had Yoshitaka Yuriko. Because MGY might learn Japanese for the role, even though the language then was different then to what it is today.

  15. Wow! That is both surprising casting news and unexpectedly delightful! I totally approve! Now if only Sword and Flower casting would get its head out of its butt, we can get a move on with the next round of sageuk-y awesomeness coming up this summer.

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