King Flower Episode 15 Recap

If Terry and Da Hua are telling each other “fighting” in episode 15 of the increasingly bipolar but still totally addicting King Flower, then who am I to refuse to believe. I believe with my whole heart that SETTV will grow brains, heart, and a pair of balls and steer a drama that has taken on a life of its own towards the realistic and satisfying ending almost everyone wants. Terry has come clean to President Du now, who is down one precious daughter. Let Da Hua take Liang Yen’s place both with Terry and be a surrogate daughter to poor old dad. At this this dad is nice, rich, and responsible. Unlike Da Hua’s real dad, who someone said ought to be shanked. Hahahaha, so true, and so violent. But still so true. For my recapping duties I watched the entire episode, and I kid you not every scene not involving Terry put me to sleep. It was like a narcoleptic trigger and I had to rouse myself to write down what happened.

Guan Jun apparently took intelligence and maturity pills from the last episode to this one, having suddenly become a savvy businessman and great negotiator for complex real estate transactions. He also seems to have cut it with the intense antagonism towards Terry, though he still sneers too much for me to handle. Da Hua is less bumbling or clueless, and her heart is in the right place but still her actions end up accidentally undermining Terry. I’ve discovered that Terry really is a true gentleman and a real decent human being. He never talks badly about Guan Jun to Da Hua, and he always looks at the situation and not the person. I have mad love and respect for him, and honestly the drama offing Liang Yen is a travesty unless its going to replace her with Da Hua. I don’t even care that she’s the heroine and gets to pick her man – she picks Terry or else she’s dead to me. Yup, I’m done with being considerate and patient, this girl needs to wise up and see the man who stares at her with so much affection in his eyes I just want to yank her out of that screen and crawl in there myself and soak up all those stares. Mmmm, delicious.

Stage 15 recap:

The Jin ladies find out that their no-good family patriarch gambled again and this time lost an even bigger sum of money. Even selling their little store isn’t enough to repay the debt.

Guan Jun comes home with Dad and announces that the debt is taken care of – he will be working for Hu Jing Biao going forward in his legitimate real estate investment company. It’s a good opportunity for his career advancement as well.

He can tell Mom isn’t happy and claims he will not take this offer if she doesn’t want him to. She knows the family has no choice so reluctantly agrees. Guan Jun reveals that Hu Jing Biao will resign his Chairman position of the Marketplace Commission and promises not to interfere with this local market anymore.

Guan Jun sits with Da Li later that night, with Da Li pissed at their Dad for constantly ruining their kids lives. Guan Jun points out that without Mom and Dad taking him in as a child, he would have starved to death on the street long ago. Guan Jun missed an opportunity to shoulder the burden of this family and this time he won’t leave it to Da Hua to deal with anymore.

Da Hua comes out with drinks and is sad Guan Jun is giving up his delivery service dreams. Guan Jun is okay with it, claiming that as long as he works hard, he can succeed in any profession. Operative word is “work hard”, Lin Guan Jun.

Da Hua thinks perhaps its all meant to be and this is their fate. Like when they family was in a debt crisis, suddenly Terry showed up and helped them overcome it. Guan Jun sneers that it was all for Terry’s selfish reasons. Da Hua doesn’t agree and says Terry only wanted her to pretend to be Liang Yen until she could recover, who knew she would die.

Da Hua says that because their family took Guan Jun in years ago, that is how he is able to help repay this debt now for their Dad. It was all fated to be, so as long as he remains loyal and works hard, he can succeed anywhere. The three of them toast to that goal.

The Lun Chuan Real Estate Investment Company officially opens for business and Hu Jing Biao throws a huge party in the neighborhood. Everyone congratulates Guan Jun on becoming the Managing Director of this new company.

Hu Jing Biao officially resigns his Chairman position of the Marketplace Commission and selects Da Hua’s mom to be the new Chairman. He vows to go legit saying that investing in real estate will pay even greater dividends than his previous shady businesses. He puts Xiao Fei next to Guan Jun and the whole group takes a picture to commemorate the occasion.

Terry is in his office working and Da Hua comes in to ask how things are going with acquiring the E22 land deal. Terry reveals that the new Managing Director of the Lun Chuan Real Estate Company is coming by to discuss selling it.

Cheng Hong announces the Managing Director and Terry welcomes him in only to stop in shock to see Lin Guan Jun. That would be my expression too anytime I see that guy show up. The two men cordially shake hands and then sit down to talk business.

Terry offers to buy the land at NT500 million over the price the company bid for it, knowing the company must be scrambling to come up with the astronomical sum to pay the bid. Da Hua speaks up and suggests this is a great win-win for both sides. Guan Jun cuts to the chase and opens the sale price at NT10 billion point blank, that is his lowest price.

Da Hua’s eyes widen while Cheng Hong angrily speaks up and accuses Guan Jun of being an extortionist. Guan Jun says this is the final price and Terry can think about it. Terry looks floored and says nothing.

Afterwards Da Hua asks Guan Jun why insist on such a ridiculous price to make it difficult for Terry? Is it because of her? Guan Jun says its his job to get the best price for his company and its purely work related that he needs to start with such a high price.

Da Hua accepts his reason but says the result is more woe for Terry. She’s afraid his sleazy cousin Johnson will use this to push Terry aside and take over. Guan Jun says every family has their problems and they can’t help Terry on this one. Da Hua says Terry helped their family, so if Guan Jun can help him, she wants him to.

Terry is brooding in his room and can I say this man broods beautifully. Da Hua comes in with hot tea and apologizes for Guan Jun making his life difficult.

Terry smiles and holds her hand before guiding her to sit down. He asks why she’s apologizing for something Lin Guan Jun did? Da Hua explains that Guan Jun was just doing his job, and to her surprise Terry says he knows that. If he was in Lin Guan Jun’s shoes, he would have started with an even higher price than what Guan Jun asked for.

A business deal is all about negotiation, one wants to sell and one wants to buy. Guan Jun wants to force Terry to buy, but he has the choice of saying no. Da Hua points out the Board Meeting is coming up and he’s going to be forced to step down. Terry fist bumps his own chest and assures Da Hua that he’s not that easy to defeat.

Terry asks Da Hua if she remembers the night she got drunk and promised him that she would always have his back? Da Hua sorta remembers. Terry brings up that she asked him that night if being a Managing Director was a very heavy burden to bear. He’ll answer her question now – yes, it’s a very heavy burden, and he’s very tired by it. Son tired. So perhaps this is fate, and it’s time he let down that burden of being the Managing Director.

Especially right now, when he has to lie to the man who handed his beloved daughter to him for safekeeping. The guilt and sadness is eating away at him. Da Hua worriedly asks if he’s planning to come clean to President Du about Liang Yen? Terry shrugs with a smile and says maybe. He ushers Da Hua out to go to bed.

Terry goes to his desk and takes the picture of Liang Yen and him and puts it in his drawer. He voiceovers that the day has finally come – everything started with him and now he needs to end it. He closes the drawer containing his picture with Liang Yen, and it feels like emotionally he’s saying goodbye to her.

Da Hua washes her face (yet another Clarisonic PPL) and thinks to herself that she can’t let Terry come clean to President Du since it’s too devastating. Terry washes his face (this time a Biotherm Homme PPL) and wonders to himself if after he comes clean to President Du, will Da Hua still stay beside him? He looks so emotionally worn down, poor baby.

Guan Jun and Da Li come home and Mom returns from her first day as Chairman of the Marketplace Commission. Mom says everyone at the market is so thankful to Guan Jun for being catalyst for their nemesis Hu Jing Biao to turn to legal businesses and stay out of the marketplace. Mom asks Guan Jun to work hard, but he needs to always take care of Da Hua and never let her be in a bind. Guan Jun thinks back to Da Hua being upset about Terry’s situation. Guan Jun nods and says he understands.

Terry and Da Hua are being driven to work and Da Hua can tell Terry’s got a lot on his mind. She tells him to cheer up and then adorably gives him a “fighting” rally cry. Cheng Hong peeks at them from the front seat and smiles. He’s such a sweet supportive subordinate to Terry.

Terry suddenly tells Cheng Hong to turn the car around and take them to Lun Chuan Real Estate Company right now. Da Hua smiles at him and he smiles back. Lordy they are so perfect together.

When Cheng Hong does a u-turn, Da Hua and Terry slide into each other in the backseat and laugh. Why give us such sweetness, writer-nim, if you are only going to take it all away so cruelly? She gives him another “fighting” and he reciprocates.

Xiao Fei has turned into the perfect OL (office lady) and is sweeping and doing work to impress Guan Jun.

Terry and Da Hua arrive and sit down to talk. Terry ups his offer price another NT 1 billion but Guan Jun isn’t interested. But then Guan Jun offers to co-develop the land together as a 50/50 joint venture.

Terry and Da Hua smiles and Terry goes through the list of why this would be beneficial to both parties. Guan Jun speaks up directly to Director Du and says this is great for their two companies to work together. Terry agrees to quickly write up a joint venture contract and leaves with Da Hua. He offers his hand to Guan Jun first and the two men shake. Da Hua notices that Xiao Fei is still very close to Guan Jun.

Da Hua and Terry go pick up President Du who is leaving the hospital and tell him about the successful E22 land development joint venture. President Du is happy work is going well and urges them to quickly get married then. He can tell they are hemming and hawing and wonders why? He wonders if there is a problem with the happy couple? Kai Le knows the truth and glares at Da Hua, but she steps forward to urge the President to get some rest.

Guan Jun meets with Hu Jing Biao who is pleased with the way he handled the deal and looks forward to working with the top dog in the construction business that is Sheng Da. He happily tells his daughter Xiao Fei that people won’t be talking about her behind her back anymore now that her dad is legit.

Hu Jing Biao tells Guan Jun to take the afternoon off and go out with Xiao Fei. Guan Jun declines and Hu Jing Biao knows he insists on being with that Jin Da Hua. He offers him advice – if Guan Jun stops being so stubborn, both him and Jin Da Hua can find better partners each. OH YOU SPEAKETH THE TRUTH, YOU HORRIBLE MAN!

Da Hua hangs out with Guan Jun, showing him her card file that he gave her showing there are 180 days left before she goes home. If she can help Terry pass this obstacle, then she can hang out with the family more. Guan Jun thinks his career will have taken off by the time she comes home. Guan Jun says he helped Terry this time also for himself, he doesn’t want to owe him.

Da Hua and Guan Jun go to the E22 land and picture living in one of the units in the buildings to be built here. As they are goofing off, President Du drives by and spots her. He gets out of the car and walks over to ask what is going on? Ruh ruh.

Terry is at home when the doorbell rings and he opens it to see President Du. They sit down to talk and the President immediately brings up seeing Liang Yen very close with another man, the Managing Director of Lun Chaun Real Estate Company. Terry tries to explain it away but the President doesn’t buy it, he’s worried that his daughter is cheating on Terry and he won’t stand for it.

Terry sits in silence for a moment before making his decision. He tells President Du that the girl he saw today is not Liang Yen. He shows President Du pictures of him and Liang Yen on the mountain. Liang Yen begged to go and Terry took her. But Liang Yen got in an accident and fell off a cliff. Terry got his doctor friend Qin Mo to bring rescuers who saved Liang Yen. She was taken to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Because of Terry’s cowardice, he didn’t dare to tell President Du. And turns out Liang Yen couldn’t be saved, but his friend Qin Mo didn’t tell Terry because he didn’t want Terry to break down. It wasn’t until Liang Yen was critical that Terry was called and learned how serious her condition was. He went to the hospital to say his final goodbyes.

President Du refuses to believe it. Terry tells President Du to think about how weird this Liang Yen has been acting, why she is so hesitant with him and also reluctant to get married? This secret has been in his heart for too long, he lied to President Du and to everyone. Liang Yen is already dead.

President Du thinks back to all the recent interactions with Liang Yen and realizes that Terry is telling the truth. He asks Terry who this current Liang Yen is? Terry says her name is Jin Da Hua and she’s the daughter of a small grocery store owner. He was the one who brought her here to be Liang Yen.

He looks absolutely stricken and cries out for his daughter Liang Yen. Terry gets down on his knees and apologizes to President Du.

Terry says it was all his fault. He didn’t take good care of Liang Yen, it’s all his fault. President Du cries and slaps him hard across the face. Terry takes the slap and looks completely devastated. President Du cries that he gave his most precious Liang Yen to Terry, and he didn’t take care of her and let her………….

Oh wow, what a killer ending to an episode. To help calm our nerves down, have some stills from the preview for episode 16. Yup, absolutely perfect together.


King Flower Episode 15 Recap — 22 Comments

  1. I know I’m the only one but I feel weirded out replacing one’s daughter and fiance with someone who looks exactly like the dearly departed. It’s icky to me.

    • I totally agree. Conceptually its awful to stomach. That’s why when I heard the story I could never ship Da Hua-Terry. But then watching it unfold its not icky at all. Nikki does a fab job of making the two girls completely different, you don’t see them as the same at all.

      • Yes, Nikki is doing a great job. The way she was standing in the bathroom while plugging Clarisonic……legs apart….I remember thinking LY would have been much more lady like.
        I think Terry never saw her as LY except that first moment when he saw her after surgery and when he was drunk.

  2. LOL the PPL.
    I’m amused that when I see a phone appear on Two Fathers, it has to be one of the latest HTC smartphones.

  3. I really hated the PPLs in the episode. They were such charged, anxious scenes so it was all the more jarring to cut to them face cleansing. Chris Wu is a terrific actor! I feel so stressed on his behalf when i watch how he shoulders his burdens.

    • That’s why I recapped the PPL, because it was so awfully inserted to almost ruin the scenes. But Chris brought his home in the end. I could feel his sadness.

  4. thank you for the recap, you’re awesome. It doesn’t really make sense to me that the gangster would turn over a new leave just for Guan Juan and his daughter that fast. i can’t accept that Guan Juan can right away be business savvy. It is non sequitur.

    If Terry doesn’t get Da Hua, he should obliterate everyone in the show hahaha.

    • I’ve stopped expected this story to make “sense”, and while I don’t need Terry to obliterate everyone on this show, I would have him leave at the end and go somewhere filled with normal thoughtful intelligent people. Not these bunch of bozos.

      • He should leave dramaland altogether. Sane and thoughtful characters are few and rare in between. Dummies are pervasive in dramaworld.

  5. ooooo. All I can see is wet Terry. And the jawline and wet Terry snacks. Oh, more Terry snacks. Keep them coming, and they will ruin my dinner, but who cares? I did not want a dinner of Guan Jun anyway.

    • trotwood! I miss your witty comments, sweetie. How’s school?

      I’m more than happy to keep doling out the Terry snacks. He’s beyond yummy.

  6. Your recaps make me love Terry, and I haven’t even watched the drama.I’m definitely waiting until the end to see how he ends up.

    • I see I am doing my job. Thought honestly, if you already love Terry just from the recaps, you will love him a BILLION times more watching him in action in the drama. The recaps don’t do him justice. I just captures a tiny bit of his perfection. XD

    • I started watching the first bunch of episodes when Ms. Koala was squeeing over E10ish. But stopped soon after… I usually read the recaps and ogle at His Hotness Chris Wu!!

  7. I started watching this after your recaps around episode 12…..I have definitely fallen in love with Terry despite watching him in other T-Dramas and not really feeling a whole lot towards him but now—-whooo, bring on all the topless, wet, shower scenes as possible! As for Guan Jun and Da Hua, they advanced from 12 year old love to 16 year old love in this episode. Not as annoying as past episodes but jeez why would the writers even think we would pull for such a stunted relationship????? When we have Terry on the flip side showing us his beautiful muscles and just taking this drama to town. At this point I would watch him sit in silence for 12 hours straight, no shame. 🙂

    • Completely agree. The writers tried to trigger an adult relationship between DH and GJ in a matter of minutes in the episode where she leaves. The audience isn’t stupid.

      More importantly, DH is in her late twenties and has been, with her mother, shouldering the burden that passes for her family. Again, with regards to the last episode, we’re also supposed to believe that GJ has become responsible now despite a history of being negligent?

      Terry is perfect for someone like DH because he’s kind, considerate, responsible, intelligent,..(the list goes on). He’s also a total hunk of hotness. The girl is an idiot for not seeing what’s in front of her.

  8. Guan Jun, you finally grew up & are doing right by your family. It’s not enough for me to forgive you for your negligence in the past. Da Hua, Terry is a million times the better man. If you don’t pick Terry expect a lot of expletive filled cursing from me!

  9. all i care is the last pic! lols. 🙂 thanks so much koala sis! i don’t care anymore about the story as long as it’s terry who gets the girl in the end.

  10. Anyone remember Chris’s 12/21/10 interview:

    He has been named the most promising star in the new era. However according to him “If I do not win an acting prize within 5 years, I will leave show business. When asked about his previous relationship with Alice, he wouldn’t say anything except that that 2 are still good friends and keep in contact.

    CW: “Men need to protect females, I will respect whatt she says……..

    Such a gentleman & serious actor. Hope he wins a price for this drama.

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