So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Confirmed for Hong Sisters Drama The Sun of My Master

When new broke a few weeks ago that Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were offered the leading roles in the Hong Sisters upcoming drama (of the Big, You’re Beautiful, Best Love, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho fame, NOT the Hong Sisters of The King 2 Hearts and Beethoven Virus fame), there was a collective jaw drop all around. I really don’t know why I have never thought of these two pairing up together, though really the odds were so high they would. They are around the same age, from the same acting generation crop, both quirky and odd in real life, have questionable taste in attire, and considered genuine acting talents in both movies and dramas. It’s like they are the male-female version of each other, minus So Ji Sub’s propensity for rapping. Today both have confirmed they will be starring in the upcoming The Sun of My Master (or Master’s Sun), the Hong Sisters return to drama-land after last year’s failed Big. I hope the name has a meaning because right now it sounds weird, and not in a good way. I never like seeing the word “master” in any title unless it refers to being an expert in something. Early reports that this will be a supernatural tinged tale is true now that a more detailed character description has been provided. It’s not like the Hong Sisters can’t do supernatural – tons of folks loved MGiaG which had the whole human-gumiho love affair, but only a handful enjoyed Big with the body-swapping premise. So Ji Sub plays a high powered executive described as being stingy and greedy, while Gong Hyo Jin plays a depressed and likes to cry secretary. The story concerns So Ji Sub, who is a self-centered arrogant ass who thinks money solves everything, and his maturation and transformation after meeting with a girl who gives up and runs away from life. She is a woman who can see ghosts after suffering an accident, and he becomes the man who believes her and they fall in love. The Sun of My Master airs in August so we will have plenty of time to find more about this intriguing premise as production gets closer to filming.

As I was typing up this post, I suddenly remembered that both Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub are Lee Kyung Hee alum! And not just any regular Lee Kyung Hee alum, their careers can be traced back to breaking out in a very impactful way thanks to Lee Kyung Hee. Gong Hyo Jin did Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School with Rain, still on my top-10 most favorite drama of all time list, and Gong Hyo Jin and Rain are also one of my all-time most perfect and favorite OTPs. Ever. Chemistry that melts the heart and warms the soul. So Ji Sub most famously sported the ugliest hairstyle known to man and cried a lot with Im Soo Jung in I’m Sorry, I Love You (MiSa). I’m one of the handful of folks who liked but didn’t love MiSa, but he was undoubtedly impressive in it. Knowing they excelled at two of Lee Kyung Hee’s best works makes me very optimistic this will be a great pairing. Gong Hyo Jin will be the first Hong Sister’s alum to be the lead in two of their dramas (Jang Geun Seok did Hong Gil Dong as the second male lead and came back to headline You’re Beautiful), and So Ji Sub gets to try his hand at a combination of comedy, melodrama, and maybe even some horror? I remain curious and curiouser about this project.


So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Confirmed for Hong Sisters Drama The Sun of My Master — 33 Comments

    • Oohhh that would be nice! I think that can happen because this pair of Hong Sisters love inviting actors of their previous dramas to cameo in their next project.

  1. I’m sooooooooooooooo glad he picked this role! I hope to see his comic sad! Pleeease SJS, show you can be more than a melo dark sad guy.

    • It isn’t a drama but he did a comedic chinese movie, Sophie’s revenge, if Im’ not wrong. But yeah I’m happy he picked finally a comedy drama.

  2. I’ll be very excited of its new drama to come. It’s going to be an interesting pairing, a broody SJS and gentle GHJ. I love them both actually.
    Oh gosh, it won’t be airing until August, what a long time I have to bare….

  3. What’s up with the king 2 heart ! It’s amazing and I loved every single lead and second lead ! It was heart breaking !and it stars LEE SEUNG GI ! ha ?
    I love the actress from best love !

  4. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing gong hyo Jin in a drama again and this would be my chance to catch something of SJS. I don’t think there is anything he has done that interests me, just coz it all sound too melo.

  5. The part where she is depressed and likes to cry actually made me happy, I mean YAY for heroines that are not Candys….So I guess this does make this show a little like Chilling Romance, the Lee Min Ki movie

  6. I genuinely have a question: From everyone’s opinion, he is considered a good actor (?), but has he ever done anything that requires him to smile? His face seems in perpetual state of gloom…


      (OMG SMh AND SJS need to make a drama together asap! TOO HOT)

      Gasp! He smiled….! SJS likes dark/depressed/melo roles, he says it suits him more…

      Tbh it is his eyes, they are sad, there is nothing he can do about it. People should let go. Doesn’t have actors that have eye smile without smiling?

      Or like KimBum that seems always to be smirking ?

      • Thanks for nothing. I was perfectly fine categorizing him as brooding and smexy. But now I have to add adorable, too? really? I was perfectly happy of thinking about him with only the sad face because the smiling should be illegal. There should be a law: So Ji Sub is not allowed to smile unless there is a defribulator around and EMTs in attendence. None of this let me make you brakfast in my kitchen or pop you some popcorn while laughing because I am so happy to be here business. That really is far too dangerous.

        I was looking forward to watching this because I LOVE Gong Hyo Jin, but if this means that I might have to see more of his smiles . . .well I don’t think my blood pressure will be able to handle it.

    • he has the brightest of smiles!!! and you come to apreciate it more because he seldom use it, at least in some of his dramas or movies. because if you see his real life videos you always see him smiling in a shy way that is so cute and charming
      plus he did smiling roles like the one from Thousand years of love. and he smiled a lot in cain & abel before they tried to kill him. i can tell you many more examples
      here’s a mv from cain & abel wich i Love
      love him <333

      • Again. Thanks for nothing. Now I want to watch Cain and Abel even though I have been warned against it. What do you say? Should I watch it for my drama marathon Mother’s Day?

      • lol. i watched cain & abel 3 times. recently i rewatched it with my mom and sister and my sister is already asking me to watch it again. she needs her lee cho in (sjs’s character) fix. lol
        i love it! it’s not a perfect drama but it’s good, and north korean sjs is my fave look from him <333 totally worth it. besides lee cho in is adorable when he's not brooding (then he looks Hot!, so no worries) It also has one of the best shower scenes ever! (the best from my humble opinion, and it's on first epi!). the ost is good and SJS couple with Han Ji Min is also one of my faves. they're so cute together!!!
        so i think you should give a try!

  7. So ji sub in a horor-comedy?high five
    Lol at. A hero who is a jerk and think money can solved everything.
    Btw…. So ji sub character sounds like a typical male char in a comedy… A jerk and self centered… Hahha
    But for me it’s abit refreshing a hero is a money oriented. He must be typical hero who hard to please without money.

  8. This should be very different role for SJS, he usually has more gloomy and depressing roles.
    But I’m so excited for Gong Hyo Jin, she’s just awesome.
    This will be a really interesting pairing and I’m not sure how it will work out. Just hope it will be better then Big. Hong sister get it together!

  9. omg. i’m actually shaking… so excited about this. i was afraid this wouldn’t come true because we waited so long for the confirmation.
    SJS… in a new drama… from Hong Sisters
    i can’t even tell how happy i am

  10. I still have that Chilling Romance with Lee Min Ki and Son Ye Jin untouched because I am too afraid to watch it…I hope this is like Arang where the ghosts aren’t really scary (though that Mom thingy was). I am excited because I adore Gong Hyo Jin (loved!!! Sang Doo btw. Only time I ever liked Rain). I never watched MiSa (oh, blasphemy) and have yet to watch Rough Cut, so I don’t really know how So Ji Sub is as an actor. I will trust that this is a good pairing and hope there will be chemistry. Hong sisters have mostly been a miss for me though I did enjoy Big more than other people, so I am very cautious with my expectations.

  11. thats nice both of them are good actors… i just hope cha seung won can play as cameo. that would be great… 🙂

  12. I like Gong Hyo Jin’s Best Love/The Greatest Love! I’m looking forward for this show.I hope Cha Seung Won do a cameo role or be part of the cast! ^__^

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