Who Do You Want in Heirs Now that Jung Yong Hwa is Out?

The drama gods giveth and the drama gods taketh away, so is the revolving door of K-drama casting that even when the role is confirmed it can still change. Last week Jung Yong Hwa confirmed he was in the upcoming Kim Eun Sook-penned high school drama Heirs. This week he officially is back out after turning down the role over purported “differences in opinion.” LOL, I’ve watched On Air (also a Kim Eun Sook drama) and based on that I have a good idea what “differences in opinion” might have gone on behind the scenes. Oh wells, it wasn’t a casting I loved so this is not an un-casting that leaves me perturbed. I’m more worried about either Lee Min Ho or Park Shin Hye bowing out, not that there are any indications they would. But sometimes a drama in pre-production turmoil can cause a successive ripple effect. Now the million dollar question is – who is going to land this coveted role in a high-profile drama with two very high profile young stars already onboard? Will SM try to strong-arm a male idol in, such Min Ho and maybe throw in some female idols as student extras for the heck of it? Will Keyeast reunite the Boys Before Flowers besties and get Kim Hyun Joong cast? Will JYP succeed in ushering one of its idols in, perhaps Taecyeon or Jinwoon? Will my Shin Won Ho make a triumphant return to the small screen? Or will the current crop of young actors win the role and the likely exposure that comes with it? I don’t know but I’m sure this is going to be highly anticipated news whomever the role goes to. I won’t speculate as to why Jung Yong Hwa turned it down, but I doubt its because he doesn’t want to be paired with Park Shin Hye again or it conflicts with his CNBlue world tour since he was aware of both going in. I am really excited for Heirs to be the crazy popular, internet light up, crack K-drama that has been sorely missing in the last few years. Good or bad, at least it’ll be a memorable ride.

Let me go through the possibilities in batches. First are the gorgeous but cannot act their way out of a paper bag brigade. My #1 pick here is also the worst actor of the bunch – Changmin. What? He’s my DBSK bias, I make no bones about it. Yunho who? Yoochun what? Jaejoong huh? Junsu hmmm? Changmin drooooooolz.

I could live with it being Jaejoong.

Min Ho. So good looking. So so stiff.

Kim Hyun Joong. Baby I miss the old you.

Taecyeon. Cutie pie!

Next comes the so-so actors who could rise to the occasion. My pick here would be baby Lee Min Ho. I also would pay double to watch the two Lee Min Ho’s fight for Park Shin Hye.

Yoon Doo Joon. He was really not bad at all in IRIS 2.

My baby boy Shin Won Ho. SHIN!!!!! Do I even need to explain. *___*

Im Si Wan.

Finally are the good actors who probably won’t get tapped. Jung Il Woo is the top pick of mine. He’s best friends with Lee Min Ho in real life so this would be epic if he joined.

Go Kyung Pyo.

Seo In Guk.

Baek Sung Hyun.

Lee Hyun Woo.

There are a bunch of young age actors who I think are not available for heirs – Kim Bum is likely doing Goddess of Fire Jeongi, Lee Jong Seok is off in I Hear Your Voice. Others are too high profile now to take second lead roles – Yoochun, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Seok. So who is your choice (if you had a say) in casting the role just vacated by Jung Yong Hwa? I think the best all-around choice remains Jung Il Woo, if he is available and wants it. And no – this post was not an attempt to corral all the young hotties all together. That was just a side benefit.


Who Do You Want in Heirs Now that Jung Yong Hwa is Out? — 96 Comments

  1. i don’t think taecyeon is soemone to be considerated becuase he is going to be shooting a movie, but i wouldn’t be against jinwoon.

    i pray to god that no sm idol actor will get the spot, i love all the ones you mentioned but they are so incredible stiff and charisma-less when it comes to acting.

    my dream cast would be jung il woo or maybe an upcoming actor, like kim woobin! but i wouldn’t mind kim hyun joong.

    but i do have to admit that i am more curious about the second female casting.

  2. hahaha…I was waiting for your post about this I love the way you move on on choosing who could take JYH place in The Heirs…I Think I too love JLW it would be a sure epic…but any of those guy would be OK too…She sure have done CF and MV with those guys…Can’t wait for Oct to come…Thanks Ockoala you made me laugh with glee with this post,it sure made my day happy.

      • Haha! Maybe if there’s a role reversal. Kim Soo Hyun earns more than Lee Min Ho, isnt it?!!! I’m not from Korean, but saw in his Wiki, he could earn 18x more from his exclusive deals compared to most A-lister Korean celebrities does.

  3. Either K-entertainment world is really small or you and I think alike way too often. Can I call you unnie? But my dream would love Jung Il Woo, Im Si Wan, Minho ( yes he can’t act, but goodness is he gorgeous. Watch him smile)

  4. how about kim woo bin????? or yoon shi yoon? ;D YSY too strong to be second lead but it can be an equal match for the girl to choose ;p

      • Ha yeah, I never had to scroll through so many actors before. Half of whom I don’t usually watch in dramas. Minho is handome though. Chaebol handsome.

        🙂 I would add one more criteria. Being able to carry a girl.I still wince at LMH confessing that he couldn’t lift GHS in BOF. Remember how low he carried her?
        So yeah whomever is the 2nd male lead- better have some muscles.

  5. just wanted to ask Koala if you intentionally picked the first picture of Yong Hwa, because his horrified/stunned/shocked expression would be an apt response for bowing out of the casting 🙂 nah, just feasting my eyes on the delicious pretty that Koala has kindly spread forth before our famished eyes! Thanks 🙂 I especially like how Baek Sung Hyu’s eyes are thrown into stunning contrast, and of course Jaejoong’s hottie shot and Changmin’s doe-look 🙂

  6. I would really glad if the drama gods are giving us Jung Il Woo as the 2nd lead! when was his last korean drama? is it 49 days?

  7. Everyone in your “good actors” category is totally approved in my book. I also like Sung Joon and Jung Ui Chul from Shut Up Flower Boy Band. But I have a feeling they are going for an idol so the drama will have more hallyu success. If so, Lee Gi Kwang from B2ST was pretty funny in High Kick and Me Too Flower and usually takes on second lead characters. Also Lee Dong Hae wasn’t too bad in Panda and Hedgehog either.

    • PSH and LMG has more Hallyu power than many idol actually. They don’t need one here I hope we won’t have idols in this drama

    • Like u said, the “good actor” category are most suitable (with the leads, not with the group the drama is trying to portay) The young LMH could suit the age group aimed but he’d be proof that the leads are too old for the roles. Finally I’d add anyone from the Shut up Flower boy band except the drummer (I’m not too convinced of his acting). I’m not too sure about watching this drama though, got turned off every since knowing it’ll be a “high school setting” with bratty kids. It could’ve had SOO MUCH POTENTIAL if it was a university setting!! We don’t have enough of those!!

  8. …while the DBSK boys are my forever loves, I don’t think either Minnie or Jaejoong would quite fit this role (although I may be the only person in the world who didn’t think Changmin was terrible in Paradise Ranch).

    But, Jung Il Woo, it’s been far too long! He is definitely my top choice, but if it went the idol route, I like the idea of Im Siwan. Coincidentally, I haven’t seen either in anything since Moon/Sun, so it would be nice to see either again.

  9. Well..I’m a bit sad about this news…..

    but anyways….I want Shin Won Ho to star in this as he totally stole the show in episode 1 of Big….and I kept waiting for him but never got a chance to see him back in action…..

  10. Although being a “too high profile to take a second lead”, Jang Geun Seok would be my choice. I would really like to see him against Lee Min Ho.

  11. Baek Sung Hyun just so that I can see the stairway to heaven coupling again!!! They were so adorable at that time. But wait a minute, the second lead doesn’t get the girl. Okay maybe another drama

  12. AKP…Please put your mind right..!!
    You shouldn’t write about Song Joong Ki.,Lee Seung Gi.,Park Yoo Chun.,Yoo Ah In or even Jang Geun Suk here…
    Because right now one of them not in that standard anymore..I though if one of the name you mention like SJK.,LSG.,PYC.,YAI & JGS will join this drama…then the 2nd lead one will be Lee Min Ho..You should pray for Yong Hwa replacement will be someone whose not in high profile like them..that the only way for Lee Min Ho to keep as the main lead..

    • hahahahhaa..I think of the same think with you but slightly different. in my opinion,YAI and PYC still have a chance to be second lead of Lee Min Ho. but for LSG,SJK,and JGS, I think Lee Min Ho will be their second lead.

      • Sjk is def bigger but lsg n jgs isn’t bigger than lmh tbh
        In fact jgs never has a good rating drama under his belt even he has a solid i-fanbase. Lsg is alway between an idol and an actor. His acting get criticized often too.

    • Umm. I think the only person that might be above LMH is Song Joong Ki, because he’s actually reached critical acclaim. The rest, LMH is eons ahead of in name, since he hasn’t been a second lead ever since BOF. (Jang Geun Suk I’m not too sure of though. I don’t think he ever plays second leads)

      This is the point in which you cry for Yoo Seung Ho to come back from the army, and then go hope for Lee Minho #2 to take the spot.

      Idol-wise, well, no Changmin, because he’s much better in darker/serious roles, no Jaejoong for he is much too old, Min Ho is stiff as Ms. Koala said, Taecyeon might work, and Shin Won Ho might work too.

  13. I don’t care about who the male casts are gonna be, I just want to know about the female cast! There’s going to be 3 more right? Considering it’s going to be like AGD, maybe? As long as the male actors are decent looking and can act then I am ok with any. I just need to know about the actresses! They’re the reason why I watch kdrama~

  14. jung il woo, yoochun or lee min ki.. cmmon! but i’m leaning more towards jung il woo 😀

    i saw park shin hye irl and i doubt they’ll put midget siwan next to her. go kyung pyo would be a good choice too btw.. 🙂

  15. I would only watch if they cast Jung Il Woo, simply cuz I wanna see these two besties together…other than that my top pics would be Lee Min Ho ’93, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Woo Bin and Baek Sung Hyun (Go Kyung Pyo will be one of the supporting actors but most likely not second lead)…but honestly, i’m more torn on whether I want to see these actors with potential in subpar material (I don’t expect much from Kim Eun Sook) or whether I’m willing to let it go for the sake of them gaining some exposure through what is bound to be a popular show so that they will later be considered for more meatier fare

    • Also since I’m watching Sirius right now and am really quite taken by him, I think Suh Joon Young would be a fantastic replacement for JYH….that guy really needs to be noticed more

  16. Why does it have to be a boy-band ?? Just choose the “REAL” actor. I really don’t like the boy-band turn actor. they should just stick to one thing that thir super passionate about. Sorry ladies. 🙁

  17. Given the premise of the drama, I think I’ll be O.K. with an idol getting cast. However, that idol should have at least some experience as a secondary or tertiary character, even – not like Minho who had pretty unjustly snagged the lead role of Hana Kimi with zero experience, and Yoon Doojoon to a lesser extent. If an idol happens to be cast, though, I may just check out the first episode and bow out right away if the acting (see: Kwanghee) is awful enough to ruin the other aspects of the drama for me.

    Still crossing my fingers for a qualified actor or experienced actor-idol to snag the role.

  18. IF my bias YSH is not in army I WILL WONT HIM LIKE A CRAZY FOR THIS ROLE BUT NOW I WANT Kim Woo Bin he is perfect for this role .maybe can be JIW OR SIG WHANT KB BUT I GUESS IT WILL NOT HAPPEN .But I dont want IDOL but if that happen hope it will be Lee Joon OR TOP><IT CAN BE JAEJOONG TOO HIS ACTING IS BETTER THEN THE OTHERS

  19. Is it going to be hs or college.. I’m a little confused.. I though i read somewhere that its college drama… I can’t remember his name … But he was ky in heartstring …. The one that can really sing and he was also in operation proposal.. If he come on board… He will re-unite with psh… I think he is a good actor and has nice chemistry with psh… I’m also bias abt the 2 guys in full house take 2… Jiw and Kim woo bin will be great

    • Lee hyun jin!
      Yup, why everyone never thought abt him. I think he is the same age as LMH. He is quite pretty decent in acting. He stole my attention in heartstring. And he ever in one of CF that shinhye as the model, the freehug clride.

      That man surely is very tall an good looking and has strong performance on camera. Aahh.. Please someone tell to the writer to cast that Lee hyun jin.

      I think he will be a good match with LMH.

      • you mean Joo Ji Hoon the free hug with PSH in cf clride..
        he is much older than LMH..

      • Not Joo ji Hoon
        But the other guy who held the free hug board on the street. You can serach again that clride cf, you will know which guy i talked about.

        Lee hyun jin play as the lead actor in drama that was played in Lee gyu won’s college. You can re watch again heartstring.

    • Yes me too, I am very much confused.
      Is it a high school drama or college one, because if it is high school drama, sorry ladies and gentlemen, the whole cast is non convincing, but if it is college they will rock it.
      But I have read somewhere, that although it was stated first that it is college drama but actually it is high school one 🙁
      Any confirmation.

  20. This whole thing makes me sad because I cannot see Park Shin Hye as a high school girl anymore (I love her; I just think she has matured beyond that) or, frankly most of the possibilities above. I do have to thank you for this post and all the lovely pictures. So much pretty all in one place, and people wonder why why I watch these things. Is it bad that I am more excited for reading about this show than actually watching this show?

  21. GI was actually thinking of TOP when i read this post. i miss seeing him in a drama, but thinking that he would be wit Lee Min Ho.,aagghh, it can`t be. i cant take it seeing them in one drama and besides TOP should now be considered a top contender for a male lead in drama.

    Jung Il woo, i also miss him in a drama but definitely not this one. He might not be that big as Jang Geun Seuk ang Kim Soo Hyun, but playing as second lead with Lee Min Ho. i think they`re on the same level. heh

    Of course it cant be my oppa Song Joong Ki, he`s just so big as a second lead. Yoo Ah In, Park Yoochun, Kim Soo Hyun, Jang Geun Seuk, Lee Seung should not even be considered as well, they`ve already establish themselves as lead stars.

    I was actually thinking of Yoo Seung Hoo as the best second lead for this but he`s int army right now. Sung Joon can`t do it as well because he`s doing a drama right now.

    At thist time i cant really decide who will it be, i will just be waiting for any update. but i hope that it will not be Jung Il Woo. well he can have a separate drama with Park Shin Hye but definitely not this one. he deserves something better.

  22. It would be cool if they made the setting NOT high school.
    This reminds me of when we had to belive Gong Yu was a high schooler in Biscuit Teacher.

    Sentimental fav would be SHIN baby, but he would again look too young in contrast to LMH. JIW would be fan-TAS-tic – I forgot he and the Hot were friends. You are making my little heart hopeul, Koala, and I am afraid it will be crushed by truth.

    If they were willing to cast an idol the first time, it will prolly be an idol again, right? I will take Siwon!!!! He was soo good in King of Dramas.

  23. I would add Kim Woo Bin to the list… he is a KES-nim AGD alum so maybe now he can be the second lead?

    I would be happy if any of the actually good actors got the role any of them… would do… here is to hoping

  24. If it has to be an idol actor then KHJ. But, he will be too much a reminder of BOF with everyone comparing heirs with it. He is also committed with the variety show.
    In actors there is more choice……KWB, LJS, LHJ.

  25. Oooo I really like a good number of these choices. You definitely chose some actors that I had not been updating myself with. I used to really like Jung Il Woo, but I lost interest during Flower Boy Ramyun. However, I would LOVE to see him in Heirs. His friendship with Lee Min Ho is well known so the cast chemistry would not be a problem 🙂 Plus, I have a feeling he could steal some scenes. Go Kyung Pyo and Baek Sung Hyun are also good choices that didn’t cross my mind. I adored Go Kyung Pyo in FBND while Baek Sung Hyun is just waiting for a chance to break out. On the other hand, no thank you to the idols. The ones you mentioned in the first category… I really have a difficult time watching without cringing except for MAYBE JaeJoong slightly and Kim Hyun Joong only in Playful Kiss (had a lot of love for that drama). I wonder what Shin has been up to. The ones that actually look like high schoolers would probably be a bad choice since Lee Min Ho would just look much older. Lee Min Ho vs. Lee Min Ho would be interesting, but he would look like his younger brother if anything I think…

  26. All those are pretty good candidates! But what about cutie/handsome CN BLUE’s LEE JONG HYUN?? LOVE LOVE him in A Gentleman’s Dignity! 🙂

  27. While I love Jung Il Woo, casting him would probably influence the character of the 2nd lead. It would be a chemistry war. And as much as I almost always have 2nd lead syndrome, I would love to love a solid OTP. 🙂

    I would probably go for Seo In Guk. He’s not exactly unknown and he also has presence which wouldn’t be overshadowed by his more experienced co-stars. He also looks around their age which would make being probably classmates believable.

  28. Jung Il Woo 300%!!! But if not, I could settle for Kim Woo Bin. Farther behind these two are my idol choices (really hoping there’d be no idol) – Jae Joong or Taecyon.

    *sigh… am still grieving over the loss of Jung Yong Hwa. Just because it would have been sick! to see him and PSY burning the screen with their chemistry. That to me trunps up any lack of acting skills. Though it certainly would not hurt.

    Regardless… I would still watch this sucker anyway. I’d never miss any LMH drama.

  29. I’ll take Jinwoon for $300 Alex! I think he’s adorable and I’d like to see him in something other then Dream High 2. If not him then I hope TBTB pick Jung Il Woo. I’d love to see the besties act together.

  30. Wow, how could you list all of those young actors and not give a nod to Kim Woo Bin? You added Lee Jong Suk tho. A bit disappointed. I think I would fall over backward if Kim Woo Bin is rumoured to be the replacement. I know it’s HIGHLY unlikely, but omfg, I want him on the small screen now!

  31. The IRIS boy, “YOO DOO JOON” would be the best in opposite with Lee Min Ho. It would be a best and perfect match. He’s bad, good looking and mysterious, just like Jo In Song!

  32. I’m sorry but SHINee’s Minho can’t act! I mean To The Beautiful You was adisaster beacause of his poor acting skills.

  33. whow about.. Hoya? from Infinite
    I feel the second lead is strong person, more power and manly, so I think about him first 😀

  34. I hope they will choose someone new and give them a chance to practice acting. Also I wont feel sad if 2nd lead got rejected by Park Shin Hye 🙂

  35. I love that you organized them by their acting abilities. I swear, I love all of the guys in your “good actors who probably won’t be tapped” category. My top three from your list of hotties:
    #1-Jung Il-woo
    #2-Baek Sung-hyun
    #3-Seo In-Guk
    I just hope it goes to a guy who can act!

  36. Just my opinion but how come no one mentioned my sexy darling Song Joong Ki
    He has mad potential, hes up and coming so he can still play a second lead, he can ACT hes HANDSOME and he has enough on screen CHARISMA to create a believeable love triangle if there should happen to be one. HE wont overshadow my baby Lee Min Ho but he also wont come off as stiff and boring either. And did i mention his flower boy looks, he totally suits the image of a rich, entitled offspring, can you imagine him navagating the ins and outs of love on screen. He is just beyond universally hot, hes the version of kim hyun joong that can actually act and express feelings an emotions plus hes not too bulky so he still looks refined enough to act rich, plus he knows how to portray high maintainence’ i mean hellloooo (sungkyunkwan scandal)


  38. JUNG IL WOO IS AMAZING I LOVE HIM, HIS MANLINESS KNOWS NO BOUNDS BUT HE WOULD OVERSHADOW LEE MIN HO, THE AUDIENCE WOULD NOT KNOW WHO TO CHOOSE IF THERE WAS TO BE A LOVE TRIANGLE INVOLVING THEM, viewers would be split 50/50 right down the middle. Jung just has this quality to him where he dominate what ever drama hes in. lee needs a second that will not out perform him.

  39. Oh and one last thing, i really hope these k-drama directors, producers and writers have been doing their home-work, we are in the year 2013, they are now catering to an international market whether they intended to or not. So it should be a given that when it comes to actually delivering on the romance hype, after weeks of angst and sexual tension and frustration, that they give us a proper god damn kiss. TIPS ARE AS FOLLOWS:
    no open eyed kisses (doe in headlights)
    no holding heads at one strained angle for prolonged periond of time while camera does a 360.
    If both leads want to portray a realistic kind of relationship, they have to share proper kisses through out the drama, not just one- two kisses
    The female lead must also move into the kiss especially if she has kissed the male lead before. in reality females know what to expect when its time for the second kiss they don’t stare wide eyed while the guy does all the work.
    Lastly the kiss must invoke true passion, have the leads research and practice kissing each other before the actual scene so as to reduce awkwardness and increase the believability factor. the fans love the dramas but dread the kisses and hate the sometime awkwardness between both female and male leads. Start raising the bar.

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