Kim Ji Hoon Tweets Vacation Pictures from His Sunny and Silly US Trip

It would have been nice for Kim Ji Hoon to give a heads up before he popped up on the Pacific Coast of the US for what appears to be a relaxing vacation. For the last two weeks his twitter page have lit up with a photo bomb showing him all over San Francisco and Nevada. The first thing I noticed is how good looking he is even as a tourist. Even posing like a tourist, dressed like a tourist, going to all the touristy places, he’s still freaking insanely gorgeous Kim Ji Hoon. Ain’t nothing going to dull that charisma. Second thing I noticed was his hair. It’s red! And not just any red, it’s Enrique Geum red! Did Kim Ji Hoon swipe the remaining red hair dye from the set of Flower Boy Next Door when filming ended. Or did he made a pack with Yoon Si Yoon to swap hair colors, because while he’s ginger on the opposite end Yoon Si Yoon has gone back to all black. The red hair doesn’t quite suit him, and I wonder if he was able to remain incognito with his new look since SF has tons of Asians and I’m shocked drama fans haven’t been tweeting about running into him on the Bart or at Pier 39. Kim Ji Hoon continued his photo bombing after leaving SF and posting glorious vista pics of him with a red desert backdrop. He’s in the Valley of Fire in Nevada and obviously blending in with the surroundings, heh. He then headed to Vegas and then Hawaii. I’ve also learned through this trip and he appears to love eating burgers. It’s so good to see him enjoying life and when he comes back to Korea he’ll start filming the weekend drama Goddess of Marriage with Nam Sang Mi and Lee Sang Woo.


Kim Ji Hoon Tweets Vacation Pictures from His Sunny and Silly US Trip — 26 Comments

  1. OMG!! He was in SF?!!!! Do have known ahead of time. So, close and yet so far. LOL. And you’re right Koala, nothing can dull that charisma. He is looking as good as always. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous pics. He was even on Bart :).

  2. I think he must enjoy not being noticed and Americans are great at not recognizing famous people when they’re not on the big screen or printed press. In real life people look so different and this permits the anonymity one longs for when on vacay I guess. I hope he enjoyed his trip and the burgers. I would also recommend Five Guys burgers which are great!

    BTW, he looks great! Now, Lee Min Ho, is identifiable anytime and anywhere because his looks are a definite rarity (which I don’t uunderstand).

  3. Hate the hair and the unshaven look on him. But he is still a beautiful man. Only wish his Pacific Coast trip reached as far north as Seattle because that is one tourist I would have loved to run into at the Pike Place Market. And how can you not love an In and Out Burger!

  4. Oh… He took BART and walked along Embarcadero Blvd. to Fisherman Wharf. Shoot… I missed him. He could have let me know so that I could pick him up and be his tour guild. Too bad.

  5. While looking at the pictures i was like Enough with the subglasses!! We cant see his face!! Lool its funny he’s acting like a total tourist!!

  6. if I saw him, I’d be thinking “damn, that guy is CUTE…wait a second, why am I having flashbacks from Stars Falling from The Sky…HOLD UP….is that Kim Ji- *graps phone and aims furiously in his direction* I’d be too dang shy to actually talk to him LOL. He’s looks such an everyday guy here with the scruff but still dang attractive.

    I agree it must be nice for him to just chill without much attention. I remember reading an interview where Justin Timberlake attended a comic con while wearing a character costume. He said it was the first time he could walk around freely in 10 years!

    • My reaction would be just like yours!

      I live on the east coast, but I visited friends in San Francisco a few months ago and totally did the same touristy thing he did. Why couldn’t our schedules have crossed!!! 🙂

  7. How unfortunate, he was in California (albeit the opposite end from where i currently reside) just when I happen to be on the opposite side of the country in Boston for a 5 day conference. If I ever saw him on the BART I would probably double check on my phone that it was him and then leave him alone but maybe comment to him that I loved his dramas.

  8. These are adorable. The hair, hats and sunglasses make him look about 19 – a really coooool 19, that is.

    I would have stared if I saw him, whether I recognized him or not, he just is so smexy.

  9. K O A L A !!!!!!!!

    News update in case you haven’t heard. Yoon Shi Yoon has becoming a regular member of a new Reality TV show called Barefoot Friends. First episode just aired. I had no idea he was so funny!!!!

  10. Started followog him on twitter durig FBND and forgot to delete once it ended, so I actually loved getting these tweets earlier in month. But I actually had fo laugh at myself when it took the Hawaii pic for me to notice they were all in English. I just read them like I normally do and kept going. Lol. Love this kid!

  11. Cool! If I saw him there will also being a tourist, I sure as heck would never recognize him. That probably for the best… He can actually enjoy a vacation. In and out is seriously the best. I must say that Shake Shack is really close behind. 5 Guys I find to be overrated. But I digress… Nevada!!! How fun for him! Haha… Riding the BART… I haven’t ever ridden it, always had a car or someone with a car. The sea lions – are still there. 🙂

  12. First time i saw him in FBND casting, honestly, okay guys you can throw me wif burgers, i hooked up wif this hottie, even i like him more more more than YSY, and wish he was the one who ended up wif go dok mi. how can i not blankly stare at his photos? Manly..

    I think he is the playful, relax but manly type

  13. Dam dam dam! I totally missed him in San Francisco! I should just lay on the wharf with the seals and wait for the next hottie to come around.
    “Bang, bang, bang”….that’s me head-desking!

  14. He had an Inn N Out Burger!!! Wah, I want one now.

    Boy, looks like he got the royal treatment in Hawaii. How come that never happens to me? LOL

    Nice to see these hardworking actors take some much deserved vacation.

    Hey, KJH, come to Vancouver and I’ll show you around.

  15. Back from vacations and straight to Shinhye’s mini MV premiere. He is looking great. Holidays seem to have done him good.

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