A MV Walk Down Memory Lane with Terry and Liang Yen in King Flower

I shall henceforth always remember this week in drama-lore as “the week it rained kisses in all of Koala’s crack dramas”, or maybe “the week the kisses were all in the rain in Koala’s crack dramas”. Take that as a spoiler for a certain drama episode imma recapping as fast as my fingers can type. Who knew rain could hurt so good? For King Flower, while I discussed the first half of episode 16 with the perfect parting between Terry and Da Hua, when I recap I’ll get to the latter half of the drama where Terry has this lovely scene alone in Liang Yen/Da Hua’s room. He goes in there and sits down on the bed, remembering that one night when he put a drunk Da Hua to bed and sat beside her after she drunkenly vowed to always have his back against the world. It was so bittersweet yet comforting, to know that he faces even the lose of Da Hua with such strength but emotional awareness.

Terry then looks at his hand wearing his engagement ring with Liang Yen and he finally takes it off. He takes it off and places it in front of the picture of him and Liang Yen. It’s like he finally gets to say goodbye to her because the pretense with Da Hua is over, and because he has finally come to terms with her death and is able to let go of the grief and guilt. I went back to re-watch some of the early episodes and its worth remembering how sweet and kind Liang Yen was. She was a lady but she had no airs, the way she warmly remembered her promise to Da Hua to take a picture of her and Terry on that mountain top as a present because Da Hua was so dazzled by seeing such a perfect couple. Da Hua was right, there was always something connecting her with Liang Yen even beyond Terry. Poor Liang Yen has been gone for a good 10 episodes now but I think it’s worth a walk down memory lane of her relationship with Terry. This MV is awesomesauce and I was a blubbering mess afterwards. Sigh, so satisfying.

Terry and Liang Yen MV (set to King Flower sub-theme “Memorial Day” by Aaron Yan):

Terry rushes to Liang Yen’s hospital room after Qin Mo comes clean that she’s dying and he lied that she could recover. I say again – Chris Wu‘s acting in this entire scene was award-winning good and incredibly gutwrenching. They have one final conversation whether she tells him not to feel guilty about what happened to her. It was an accident and she wants him to keep on living so that she can live on through his memories of her. She asks him to wake her soon because she still hasn’t seen her dad yet. Then Liang Yen dies, and Terry just breaks down sobbing, screaming for her to wake up, to not sleep. Screaming like a child that he doesn’t want this, he doesn’t want her to leave him. T___T

Then the MV goes back in time to tell the love story of Terry and Liang Yen, from their engagement party to going mountain climbing. The kite flying sequence from Terry’s memories of Liang Yen that he shared with Da Hua in episode 9 would have also fit perfectly here. But this short sequence is enough to really convince the viewers that these two gorgeous people are truly in love and happy to have found each other. Terry is the most successful character in this drama (by miles and miles) because he’s journey is convincing whether its his love and loss of Liang Yen to his torment and falling for Da Hua. I hope the final arc of KF brings Terry’s journey to a satisfying conclusion.


A MV Walk Down Memory Lane with Terry and Liang Yen in King Flower — 5 Comments

  1. I went back and watched some of the earlier episodes and you are right about LY being so awesome. For a very pretty, smart and successful girl, she was still very kind and nice.

    She also had amazing chemistry with Terry from the outset even though Nikki was playing her almost like a princess type character.

  2. Awww, they were both so in love with each other that I feel so sad for Terry because he truly loved her, was happy and contented with her.

    Before Terry kissed Da hua in ep 16, and he gets all the memory flashes of him and Da hua; I was just squealing and oozing with love. All the scenes that they had together were so sweet and memorable even though they weren’t in a relationship like Guan jun and Da hua. I couldn’t help but smile and loved that scene, it was perfectly constructed with his tone of voice, face emotions, and short words that had such big impacts. Why can’t SETTV see all of this? Even my mom thinks that he’s the main guy just from watching one episode although she wasn’t a Terry fan.

  3. Awwww… I loved ly and terry. I thought they were perfect for each other. The prince takes care of his pretty princess. 🙂 she was also really down to earth and capable in her own right too. I liked that I felt like they genuinely loved each other. It was so sweet and just so sad when she died. I was hoping for a rtp miracle. I am also happy that he has grieved and is moving on.

  4. Liang was a classy lady. Even with GJ and the kid brother…..she wasn’t condescending. People would get dazzled by her beauty but she was never vain. She was graceful and refined.
    We are also finding out what a classy guy Terry is. I love the way he gives his 100% whether in love or work.

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