Kim Bum Confirmed for Goddess of Fire Jeongi with Moon Geun Young

Just as the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi starts shooting next week for the kids section, the last main cast member has finally confirmed his involvement and leaving me so giddy I did the happy dance on my chair and almost tumbled over. Kim Bum, who has been in Vietnam this past week for entertainment activities, will indeed make his sageuk debut opposite arguably the best sageuk actress of his generation Moon Geun Young. Talk about starting off with the big guns blazing. Poor Lee Seung Gi made his sageuk debut opposite……Suzy. Love her, but it’s like acting opposite a clueless no-expression puppy. With Kim Bum finally making his sageuk splash, he’s now joined all the major A-list actors in his age group who have all taken the sageuk plunge recently. I think Jung Il Woo was the first leading role way back in 2009 with Return of Iljimae, but since then Lee Min Ho has donned the all-black for Faith, Kim Soo Hyun was lovelorn and yelling a lot in The Moon Embraces the Sun (along with Jung Il Woo again), Lee Seung Gi is currently in Gu Family Book, Yoo Ah In is knocking it out of the park right now in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love but he started from Strongest Chil Woo to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which also starred Song Joong Ki but he made the biggest impact in Tree with Deep Roots, Jang Geun Seok was in Hong Gil Dong and Hwang Jin Yi, and Yoo Seung Ho went for a double hitter in Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Arang and the Magistrate. I’m soooooo happy Bummie is finally joining the club, and either he’ll show a different and better side of his acting stills to meet this challenge, or else he’ll seem woefully out of his element with Moon Geun Young and very qualified sageuk leading man Lee Sang Yoon. Either way, he’s never going to reach the next level if he doesn’t try so I’m on pins and needles to see how to turns out.

Bummie’s character is described as the perfect man, knows martial arts and grew up with Moon Geun Young’s character. They are like brother-sister in relationship but he loves her like a woman. Later on he becomes the bodyguard to Lee Sang Yoon’s Gwanghae Gun, and also becomes Moon Geun Young’s husband (according to early reports). Park Gun Hyung also joins the cast as a pottery rival to Moon Geun Young, Lee Kwang Soo plays the useless older brother Prince to Gwanghae Gun, and Han Go Eun plays a royal concubine who plays a strategic political role behind the scenes.


Kim Bum Confirmed for Goddess of Fire Jeongi with Moon Geun Young — 25 Comments

  1. I’ve been checking everywhere each day for the news of Kim Bum’s confirmation….I’m so giddy with excitement now.

  2. A part of me is still crying for Kim Jae Wook to be in this drama. Thankfully I’m excited for Kim Bum as well.

  3. MGY looks really beautiful on the pic..glad for Kim bum..i just hope that he adds a little flesh on his cheeks like his bof days..he looks a little pale to me this days.

  4. I am super excited to see the chemistry between these two! His character sounds a hell lot like the typical oppa second male lead in many a sageuk but since Lee Sang Yoon’s character also sounds more a like mentor type figure who doesn’t really end up with Jung Yi, so one can hope right? Mostly it sounds like a show that won’t end well for anyone in the romance end of things

  5. Kim Jae Wook was just (as in May 4th, so I read)discharged from the Army…..sorry he wasn’t picked but looking forward to see what he does do….missed him alot….had to re-watch Antique & MSOAN 🙂

  6. So there is still one more male to be cast? The Japanese man who she will marry according to some sources. Or then that was just a rumor.
    I’m just happy he wasn’t cast as the Japanese person because he is not even the slightest bit fluent. I wonder are they going to film in Japan at all, after all the countries look different.

  7. So happy with this news….i’m very sure there wil be a good chemistry between them……can’t wait to see our Monnie act in sageuk again…

  8. I’ve been eyeballing ಠ_ಠ the casting of this production since it was first mentioned — and now I must say ~ A-OK.

    I like. (let’s get this party started) 🙂

  9. Exciting!!! I am looking forward to this. I hope these youngsters will raise to the occasion. Fighting!

  10. Do we know who her leading male is? Is it going to be Kim Bum or Lee Sang Yoon? I’m a little confused but excited haha.

  11. Yaaaay!! I also had hopes for Kim Jae Wook in the role, but Kim Bum is more than fine by me, I hope he does well in this. MGY is outstanding- I’m really looking forward to this drama!!

  12. super duper excited. squealed when i heard the rumors, but so happy now that it’s been confirmed. i think that mgy tends to have better chemistry with leading men who are closer to her age. kim bum is a good actor. i’m sure he’ll hold his own.

  13. So happy to know kim bum the next sangeuk actor, and i’m so sorry koala, i think you have a little bit prejudice here for suzy..its not fair to said it that way, suzy really improve her acting, to compared her to someone like miss moon is so not adorable..moon in other way are really a sucessful actress, maybe you shouldnt or never attach suzy to your article altough you said you love her..and i know you love jang ok jung more than gu family book (which broken my heart)..but its ok coz i love you writing so much..

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