SETTV Reunites George Hu and Annie Chen for Follow-up Drama to King Flower

TW idol dramas are exactly what its name implies – the lure are the actors and the story is merely the canvas to showcase them. Rarely are the stories memorable or worthwhile to ponder, but occasionally some fantastic acting or chemistry makes the drama a satisfying outing. Initially King Flower was supposed to the vehicle to reunite Sonia Sui and James Wen, famously playing a married couple torn apart by infidelity and divorce in The Fierce Wife. KF would change their images to country bumpkins and give them a sweet love story. But Sonia turned it down and Nikki Hsieh stepped in and the rest is history with the name of Chris Wu. That’s how drama production can be, unpredictable and more interesting because of it. SETTV’s currently reigning couple du jour is George Hu and Annie Chen, last year’s onscreen sweethearts from the daily drama Love, Now. I’m not sure how they got to be so big, because storywise Annie’s daily Inborn Pair with Chris Wang was much much better, and she had great chemistry with him as well. But Taiwan audiences have taken to Annie and George like you wouldn’t believe, probably because there is all this tabloid talk of them dating in real life plus the previous relationship gossip of George with his last co-star Gui Gui. Neither have admitted to dating (yet), but the proof is in the pudding. With KF’s comparative low ratings (its still leading Sunday nights but not by much), SETTV is pulling out the big guns and have confirmed that Annie and George will be headlining the next Sunday night idol drama tentatively called True Love Black & White Pair (meaning true love likes to pair up opposites). KF is airing episode 16 this week and SETTV Sunday night dramas typically run from 20-24 episodes, and the follow up drama hasn’t even started filming yet. I put the premiere at mid-to-end of June.

I’m biased towards this new drama taking its time to air, because I think KF needs more time to develop a believable Terry-Da Hua love line now that drama appears to be willing to go there. In a funny connective way, Chris Wu also has incredible chemistry with Annie Chen when he was the second male lead in Inborn Pair showing up mid-way through the drama and stealing the show (yet again). Because I’m not crazy in love with the Annie-George pairing (they’re cute enough but doesn’t tickle my shippy bone), knowing SETTV is crafting a drama story just for them leaves me without a solid hook to look forward to the drama. Clearly its going to be star-based vehicle with the story as an after thought. I’m sure I’ll end up checking it out but right now I’m pretty blase about the whole idea of these two doing another drama so soon after LN.


SETTV Reunites George Hu and Annie Chen for Follow-up Drama to King Flower — 15 Comments

  1. Wah! GH & AC are going to another drama again. Hopefully this time, the new drama is not dragging as LN was so dragged that I could never finish watching the whole show.

  2. Er I am sorry Ms Koala, I am rabidly in love with this pair.
    I saw both dramas and Inborn Pair was a better written. And Chris Wu was a nicer guy.
    But somehow maybe because they made more couple moments for those 2 in Love, Now? Those 2 in that drama just zinged. They gave off a comfortable couple vibe. Like they are 2 halves of a whole so you didn’t need to ship them. It’s like they are fated.

    Sigh * shippy fangirl * heart in full shipping mode.

    • yeap, i totally agreed with you. I watched Inborn Pair and fell in love with ChrisWang-Annie at that moment, I am not even a huge fan of George, But after watching Love,Now without any expectation, I must say that George-Annie is by far the most natural couple I’ve ever seen on screen (I watched tonsss of Kdrama, TWdramas already) and if there’s a contest for couple chemistry, I would definitely choose George-Annie as the winner. It’s like they are not acting. So natural, believable, compatible and like you said, “fated or made for each other”. I can’t wait to see their next project!

      • Haven’t seen their drama but based on these 2 photos, they are very in tune with each other.

      • Ditto… Totally agree with both of you. George and Annie are meant to be, made in heaven. They are soooo natural together and both acted very naturally as if they were meant to be. HOWEVER…

        George has improved leaps and bounds. I said this before, with his perfect English and skills in martial arts, and now great acting, he should explore Hollywood. He might be the Asian actor who could break the glass ceiling and bring glory and recognition in Hollywood like Ang Lee the director. Both George Hu and Ang Lee with their flawless American accents can eliminate “Charlie Chan/Fu Manchu” stereotyping by the western media. Together they could be the key to unravel The negative depiction of Asians in mainstream Hollywood films. Not knocking Jackie Chan, but with his broken English, he has been playing a caricature to please the American audience.

      • I want to know what happened to everybody in the end. Did Angus win his pursuit? Did GH’s sister fall for her suitor? I would really like to know. This is so interesting!

  3. KF bias is accepted nut my rational mind wont allow me to hope. I’ll set for pleasant surprise. Lol. And still trying to get my hands on LN. Saw the first ep but never got the chance to see the rest.

  4. I’m sorry ms.Koala…you watched Inborn Pair from the beginning til end, right? But, did you watch “Love,Now” more enough to compare their chemistry with IP? If you only saw the pictures,or early episodes, you couldn’t get it. You have to see the whole story/episodes/scenes to “get” why TAIWAN fall in love with this couple. It’s not bcoz of the scandal with Gui Gui. It’s because these two “sell” it to the screen. Not only for teenagers, but for housewives, single women, etc all go crazy because of this pairing. Their physical features (heights, look, stares) and their acting match perfectly. Lots of taiwan companies using them both (as a couple) to sell their products. From computer “acer” to italy shoes, to 7Eleven endorsed them. So please watch the drama to see why this happen.

  5. I saw the whole thing, but dramas. I agree that the chemistry is better in LN but boy did I get bored to tears by the middle there. Haha – but my mom thought it was a funny show and like it when she saw it. While the chemistry is better, I didn’t think the acting was better. I am probably the only one that thinks this but I think neither Annie nor George act very well but they are relatively new. But if tw is loving it, that’s what settv likes to do – repairings. 🙂 I hope the drama is good 🙂 jia you!!

  6. I am another victim to the Annie and George chemistry and totally shipping them to be together in real life and make pretty babies.

    However the drama Love, Now wasn’t amazing and the acting passable.

    Given the quality of weekly Twn dramas tend to be better thought out and executed I am hoping this drama will do the pairing fairer justice.

    Just my two cents’ worth 😉

  7. Chiming in to agree that although Love, Now, was a pretty lackluster drama, the couple vibe between the two leads was amazing. Actually, I think because they’re not the strongest actors, the couple scenes between the two looked like George and Annie being a couple, not their characters, which is I fell for. I really felt it was the two real life people dating on screen. :p I didn’t watch much of Inborn Pair, but my impression was that the lead couple was good, but it was their characters who were good together. Which is great, but not as cracktastic as Love, Now’s lead couple, I feel.

  8. i rarely agree with you..LOLs.. but now, i totally agree about Inborn Pair couple.. i love them more than LN couple.. aaahhh.. i really do hope that annie and chris would end up together in real love but unfortunately.. the lucky one is george.. hehe.. but not bad, george hu is damn hot too.. 😀

    thanks for this article 😀

  9. I’m actually loving George and Annie in Love, Now because their chemistry onscreen is what makes the viewers want more. Even though Inborn Pair was a better scripted drama. Annie and George just seem so comfortable with each other even offscreen. Have u seen their performance via YouTube of Settv’s New Year party countdown, where George and Annie did a duet of yen-j’s “temporary boyfriend”? They were so cute together!

  10. George hu and anne chen is a good oartner when it comes to drama they always touching my heart and they’re tandem make me feel inlove. I live their chemistry and they are my idol ,i love watching them. I wish someday i can meet them in person.. from toronto canada i am number one fan of you guys. More drama and series to do ..More power and god bless

  11. George hu and anne chen is a good partner when it comes to drama they always touching my heart and they’re tandem make me feel inlove. I love their chemistry and they are my idol ,i love watching them. I wish someday i can meet them in person.. from toronto canada i am number one fan of you guys. More drama and series to do ..More power and god bless

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