Prosecutors Drops All Charges Against Park Shi Hoo After A Dismisses her Complaint

The Park Shi Hoo case, seemingly in limbo for the past month and a half since the police submitted their investigation summary to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation to indict Park Shi Hoo for rape, injuries stemming from rape, and quasi-rape, has reached a sudden and definitive ending. Alleged victim A has just dropped her complaint against Park Shi Hoo and K. With the complainant unwilling to pursue the charges and provide testimony, the prosecutor has also dropped all charges against both Park Shi Hoo and K. The media is writing that there is no information available as to whether Park Shi Hoo and A settled quietly, but in all likelihood the two parties reached a financial settlement because all counterclaims are also in the process of being dropped. Is anyone surprised by this outcome? I’m actually surprised it took so long for the two sides to reach a settlement and all charges dropped. If the two sides could have settled earlier, perhaps Park Shi Hoo’s career wouldn’t have taken such a devastating blow. Whether or not the allegations are true will never be determined now. Park Shi Hoo’s fans will obviously take this as a victory on all fronts, sticking with the story that their oppa is innocent and they always believed him and that slut A dropped her charges because she got paid off as she wanted all along. Others who believe a rape did happen that night won’t take this as an exoneration of Park Shi Hoo’s guilt, but will instead be a sad validation that the rich and famous can buy their freedom at the price of a pretty penny. I’m relieved this ordeal has ended for both sides, in the end it was an alleged crime that impacted only one alleged victim, and if that alleged victim wants to drop the charges for whatever reason, who am I to care on her behalf? I do have my final opinion on this all – I don’t think I will ever be able to watch a Park Shi Hoo drama or movie again. In my mind, he’s sleazy for sleeping with a young inebriated girl that night whether or not it was forced or consensual. He should have known better by virtue of his age and experience, and I’m not keen on wasting my limited drama viewing time on an actor that fairly exudes douchebaggery in my eyes.

I doubt A will ever enter the entertainment industry after this matter dies down. Her name and face is plastered everywhere online and Korean starlets are required to have either a girl-next-door image or quirky ingenue. She’s been painted as an aspiring fame whore and/or gold digger with a body made for sin (not my words, mind you) so her idol career is probably kaput before it’s even taken off. As for Park Shi Hoo, I must say he has some…..dedicated fans, who have stuck with him through this experience and may have never wavered about his innocence. Even those who think he did it, when enough time has passed he’ll be back on the screen and viewers will grow to accept him again. I may as well, one never knows, and frankly he’s just an actor whose job is to act and who am I to pass judgment on whether he’s “qualified” to resume his acting career. Criminals who have paid their dues (served time, paid a fine, settled with the alleged victims) have resumed their lives and ought to have such a right. I think this matter died a slow death long before news of this settlement broke and its with a disenchanted heart that I conclude my coverage of this sordid tale of a one night stand gone wrong.


Prosecutors Drops All Charges Against Park Shi Hoo After A Dismisses her Complaint — 190 Comments

  1. WHUT!!! Is this for real???
    What a sad state of affairs for S. Koreans and women in general!
    I am no longer eager to watch his dramas unlike before 🙁

    • Totally agree. I am sure this woman had had enough, that a settlement became easier to bear than the protracted hell of a jury trial. And her career will definitely, definitely never happen – frankly, she should probably move to another country at this point, one where she can be at peace from crazed fans whose zeal is only surpassed by a jaw-dropping lack of judgment.
      I also agree that I will never be able to watch Park Shi Hoo again – I can’t look at him without thinking of a total sleazeball who slept with a drunk, vulnerable woman young enough to be his daughter, and who then relied on his money and his mommy (and three teams of lawyers) to get him out of it.

      • What bullshit! I think these two 20 year olds thought they could wrangle some money from a famous actor. I think that’s sleazy. It was that bitch’s behavior for becoming drunk whose fault it was. Why did she even get involved with an older guy?

    • Park Shi Hoo’s career will suffer and he is too old to have time for recovering. As for the girl, going out getting drunk luring a man then claimed rape, a young girl who can strip off her clothes easily cannot be trusted. I am sure she is paid handsomely from both ParkShiHoo and his enemy so she doesn’t need an acting career.

      • I think you are judging her too harshly. As for me I was never a real fan of PSH and this case didn’t change much. I never was able to make a final judgement about who’s the victim, and I think that no one will really know only those involved do, and maybe the reality is even more complicated than that, with alcohol involved and all. With that being said, I’d have to agree with koala that what that case really showed, is PSH’s poor judgement. Even if its consensual, having a one night stand with a girl he just met who’s about a decade and a half his junior doesn’t say much about him. Whether it was rape or not, we know he will not risk such a thing again. As for the girl, I don’t think she’ll have a future in Skorea thats for sure. I think one thing both parties would agree on is to hope that case is forgotten fast from people’s memories 😛

    • Im sorry but 1 bottle of soju cant get three people drunk so i beleive the girl is a liar. If any of you women assume that every cry of rape is real, wake up and smell the gold diggers.

  2. If “A” drops all charges…. and she is the victim here… what´s wrong with here! where is justice in this! is sad that money resolve it all!
    If “A” drops all charges… and she was a liar! damn you! park shi hoo reputation is tammed forever!
    In my opinion either he is guilty or not is not the case! i´ve never understood WHY this girl!! of all the girls in the world that will sleep with him gladly!!! you have to choose this girl… drunk and in love with your friend, and above all, a girl you just met! i cannot believe it! the magnitud of his stupidy! really! mans!!! they all think with the “other” head! never believe him his story of love! please!!!!!!!! just tell that you just want to habe sex with her! period!

    • The bitch dropped the charges because she got some money. Not because she was wronged. I think she planned in the first place and it went overboard! First of all, she was sleazy enough to go after the actor and make him believe she was interested in him. Probably thought herself lucky and he was stupid enough to fall for it.

  3. I would not be surprise if he paid a big sum of money to get out of this…but whatever, the world is very fair, if he doesn’t pay for the consequences now, he’ll pay it sooner or later. So who’s next in line to get charge?

      • +1

        his acting career is basically Justice may not be fully served, but life aint gonna be easy for him… from here on out.

    • There was no like botton for me to press 😛 but really like what you said!! Who ever is the victim will get their justice in the long run. I I believe in that 😉

  4. How can someone take a side when no one knows the truth?? They all made big mistakes that night, and I am sad that the truth is not revealed, but that’s it, I am still going to watch my favorite korean drama – Family’s honor – any time I’m in the right mood.

    • I agree Irene. They mutually chose not to have a judge and jury decide what happened. Who knows what really happened other than them? Did he commit a crime? Did she try to scam him? I’m not going to pretend to be a judge or juror. They resolved it. Move on.

    • Seriously. I don´t understand how an investigation on a violent crime can just be dropped even if the plaintiff drops their charges (if their complaint has not been proven wrong).

  5. Boy it was hard keeping quiet through all the insane comments coming in.

    At the end of the day, PSH slept with a girl. And then it all went wrong.
    My conclusion- even as a foreign fan I find it hard to stomach any of his dramas now.

    Also,it’s not only his career but any of his future ? relationships ? future one night stands is just too much to even contemplate at this point. He’s definitely not going to end up in a relationship with a female celebrity after this. His reputation will rub off on her. Maybe. Or not.

    Either way, thank goodness it’s OVER. I never want to read about this ever again.

  6. Yup. The only unsurprising thing is this took so long. If A were pure as virgin snow, who would blame her for opting out of a long and excruciating trial? And if A did consent (kinda), why not settle? Her settlement can’t be taken as evidence of either innocence or guilt. And, to be honest, even if this went to trial, the truth may not surface anyway if there’s no clear evidence and it came down to just his word against hers. An altogether sorry affair, with no winners.

  7. This is unexpected for me in the fact that it took so long. In such cases usually settlement is reaced not long after. We will never know what really happened except for the fact that PSH doesn’t mind sleeping with drunk young girls (when himself is sober). And to think that I just began to like him (having watched The Princess’ Man) 🙁

    His fans are probably happy now.

    • How do you know this girl drunk? Are you with them? For me, if PSH had wanted to settle, he would had done at very beginning.

      • Did you even follow this case? The girl was unconscious when carried into the apartment where according to PSH and K, she threw up all over the place. Sounds pretty drunk to me. And also, he did try to settle at the very beginning. His mother met A’s father. I don’t really care what happened at this point but you seem super determined to prove PSH’s innocence, even when all clues point to him being a giant douche.

      • “For me, if PSH had wanted to settle, he would had done at very beginning.”

        Sadly, For YOU, PSH did try to settle AT VERY BEGINNING.

        It is fine if you want to take side & voice your opinion, but, don’t be ignorant.

  8. As a women, If someone rape me, I won’t drop the case Against whoever rape me. I will fight till the end and hope the rapist going to jail forever. Because rape case hurt women’s dignity. At this case I doubt PSH rape miss A.

    • It’s easy to talk when we’re not in the person’s position.
      If everything is as simple as what you have stated above, we won’t see rape victims being afraid/scared to press charged against their rapists. Not saying that he indeed rape her. I’m talking about rape in general.
      There are so many other factors that can make her drop her charge against him.

      • If miss A being afraid against her rapist, she won’t report her case to the police first. She will seal her mouth. But I never saw she is afraid, she knew well that her report will be a big news because involved a celebrity.

    • With all the slut shamming, I can see why she doesn’t want to drag things out. I mean it’s not even clear if she can win (even if PSH really is guilty) If she can get financial settlement, why not? She’s going to be labelled as an attention whore/slut either way. Might as well get something out of it.

    • You can try to rationalize this all you want – there is not ONE way for a rape victim to behave. People are different and will also react differently especially in a stressful situation. Just because you personally cannot comprehend her actions doesn´t mean she wasn´t the victim of a crime.

    • you hv no idea how much the settlement n you haven’t got blind rape yet so yr statement “if i were ” is just hallucinations

    • As a women, if I am so drunk that lost my consciousness I am the last one to complain that someone raped me, so shame on me to be so drunk that I can’t rememeber properly to the night (or a part of it), who knows what I told to him to encourage, etc.
      Poor guy. I’ve just seen him in Princess’ Man, he is a great, talented actor so I hoped very much I can see him in another dramas. Your are horried here, maybe it is just I am a european and sex is not such a big deal in this society, it is great shame that such an unclear story can ruin such a talented guy for his whole life. He is handsome, why the fxck he should have sex by rape?? And you big drama funs just cruel and such hypocrites. Almost every of your dramas ends wiht forgivness and about hig hearts and compassion.:-P Not this story killed this talented guy, you did!

      • I agree. He is an actor;thus, he can have any girl, and she would be honored to have him in her bed or in her ?. I hate the fact that people people are so judgemental without really thinking of that simple fact. Any woman are Gold diggers, many many woman are truly raped. We weren’t there thus we do not know the story nor will we know for the cases supposedly settled.
        In this case it was all planned meticulously. I live in USA and might have liberal ideas or conservative. But in my eyes PSH is innocent of rape. My first question is why did she drink with two men in the first place. When I go out with friends and drink there’s many reasons as to why and with who I drink. If it’s a man drinking with me and I am attracted to him, I will drink with him only if I fully trust him. If this is my first time meeting a man well I’m sorry, getting drunk together would be the last thing on my mind. I would just use my common sense that once you get drunk: you lose your mind, you lose your judgment, and you lose your ability to clearly think through situations.
        Another thing that pisses me off is that why was all the evidence all over the media before it was even solved. Of course this case would not even go to Court because everybody already knew about the news then they started making presumptions and opinions and on and on and on… this is PSH’s case and it was supposed to be private but not posted all over the place without any evidence nor truth behind it. So he even had every right to sue the Korean police men who unprofessionally told everyone about the case in general and didn’t keep it private.
        This actor in fact became my favorite for I started synthesizing and caring for him more. I see the fact that mr. K and Miss A both were involved in butchering a good actors Fame by: pretending to be friends enjoying each other’s company drinking- than framing, lying, and dismissing the case by settling it. It just does not look like a rape case to me. When a person is raped, they do not talk about having fun via text messaging like Miss. A with mr. K or going to another bar and having more drinks. Nor does the person worry about getting pregnant. Know when a person is raped he either shouts right away ” I was raped” or that person keeps it a secret. In both cases their secret is only disclosed or should be disclosed with detective, family or psychologist.Basically professionals or family members who can protect their secrecy and help them through it. Instead the girl waits a couple of days and texts mr. K more inappropriate messages. Then she text her other friend about the whole situation which apparently they already planned to frame him and get a settlement from him. I’m sorry but a girl on the footage is was smiling when she got out of his house. Okay she did not know that she was raped at that moment according to her. But wouldn’t a girl who gets out from a man’s apartment after knowing that she is been at his house all night after getting drunk, not be skeptical worried or sad… suspicious or annoyed? Nope we see the girl get out of his apartment with a smile on her face. Actually none of us saw it, but the evidence of that is there. No woman on this Earth who truly wants Justice settle only for the money when being raped. Every decent woman who has been truly raped by a man will fight even if her life depends on it. No million dollars or billion of dollars would truly make her happy if she was truly raped.
        Now let’s be truly honest here who wouldn’t want to be in bed with this cute actor? Even fans and people who are not fans can admit that he’s pretty cute. He was pretty successful and he’s sexy, and most importantly he has a good heart that can be seen through his: actions, acting, eyes, body language smile, everything… I wont only sleep with him once, but I would forever be his. It’s obvious that it was all pre-planned by this girl who wanted Fame and money. I don’t care about his Fame nor his money I want his heart and his love. ?? I believe he will find a wonderful girl who could see through him deep into his soul and never listen to nothing else but him and his true hear. PSH I wish you the best in your career love life and marriage. Love you more than life.

  9. I agree with you 10x+% He should have know better because of his age and experience. I know we are humans and make mistakes and wrong decisions. But in my eyes is not like he ran a red light or decided to drive drunk(both VERY BAD, people die from those mistakes and wrong decisions)!!
    He was full aware that he was having sex with a girl under the influence of alcohol or whatever she had. And that is just totally wrong.

  10. I completely concur with Ockoala’s last statement. I will not be able to see him the same again, not so much for the rape charges but more for a douche bag he was/is. Can’t really respect his moral values and how dirty he played with the media against A. He and his family had tried hard to settle since the very beginning. Well, they finally got their wish to settle outside of court. No, I am not surprised with the outcome , I still give her the respect for sticking up this long without wanting to settle until now.

  11. If this case comes to court it will affect the reputation of their country as well & a case like this would definitely be the spotlight of foreign countries if it’s terminated by either party victory b’cos they considered as shameful case. I’m sure there must be government intervention to close the case & made such cases unfounded misunderstanding. Once it’s all over, the girl will be recommended to continue her life in other country & as for him it would be advisable to take a break from his business as an actor. I predicted it would end up like this. Well, i can only comment that no matter who’s fault, i had no interest to watch his movie if he return to act again someday. He’s already in my dissapointed list of actor which i don’t admired anymore.

  12. Yes, if you can no longer watch him then don’t watch him. As simple as like that. I will not judge his moral for slept with this girl at their first met ( both are adult) and her moral for drinking with 2 men in the middle of the night. ( this is Asia, if a girl going with a men in the middle night, many people will see her as a not good girl). PSH no need antis and hater to support him. Just enjoy your own idol and STOP bad mouth about PSH and his fans.

    • It´s so funny to me how you get on your high horse proclaiming that you will not judge his morals – and then go on clearly judging HERS.

      By “badmouthing” you mean talking about this high profile case and about how his conduct might have changes people´s opinion on his character? You just might have to live with that, I think.. I mean, celebrities are critizised harshly if they make just a small mistake, so you can hardly expect people to let go of this case immediately, can you?

      You know, I personally don´t know whether he raped that girl or not – what I do know is, that the behaviour of quite a few of his fans was so despicable that even if I cannot judge his behaviour for sure – I certainly am judging some of his fans for their slut-shaming, misogyny and very hateful attitude.

  13. In my country this would NEVER be possible. If a victim charges somebody she/he can’t just drop it after doing so – because the prosecution is obliged to investigate due to the fact that rape/murder/assault is a serious crime and the suspect could do it again.


      • The prosecutor drop all charges based on their review of evidence as this is a criminal case, not civil suit. Civil suit can be dropped if both parties settle out of court, but criminal case cannot, so prosecutor’s decision to drop the case is based on lack of evidence of wrong doing! South Korea justice system does work!

      • cava, I don’t know what drama you are watching, but it can’t have anything to do with this case because everything you have said so far is not factual or is unsubstantiated. The above comment is just wrong for the Korean justice system. Your comments about A “luring a man” or “strip off her clothes” are unknown by anyone except the prosecutors and those involved.

  14. Ah. The fans will be eccstatic and pin down A forever as a liar. too bad for her- it makes me really angered. On the other hand, we will never know the truth. Tricky bastard, Park Shi hoo. I think I am done with dramas and this entire idol obsession. Park Shi hoo be damned and all other actors too. I can;t tolerate this. Thank you Miss Koala for the updates.

  15. Please, Koala or someone please help me with this. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. If a person commits or is suspected to commit a crime, is he or she going to face justice or that will depend on whether the victim brings up a complaint?

    2. If a person commits or is suspected to commit a crime AND the police already proposes prosecution, to what extent an agreement between the suspect and the victim may affect the prosecution process? Can the prosecutor proceed with the case regardless of the agreement between the suspect and victim?

    3. Imagine that a persons intentionally killed his girl friend. Fortunately, the girl friend did not die. But they both reached a settlement and she dropped the case. DOes this mean that that guy will be free? Does this indicate that money wins justice?

    Thanks again for your responses.

    • This may answer your questions… it is an excerpt from an article about blood money on the “Ask A Korean” site:

      “In Korean law, there are two forms of private crimes — direct-action crimes [친고죄] and no-prosecution-contrary-to-intent crimes [반의사불벌죄]. (The translations are the Korean’s own and not official.) The difference between the two is that the direct-action crimes require the victim to actively ask the prosecutor to pursue the charges. These include rape, defamation, libel/slander, etc. In contrast, the prosecutor may pursue no-prosecution-contrary-to-intent crimes on her own, as long as the victim does not express the wish to stop the prosecution. Such crimes include battery, extortion, negligent driving, writing false check, etc. The difference is legally meaningful, but in practice, they operate in a pretty similar manner. (Note: except for rape, the most serious crimes (e.g. homicide) are not categorized as private crimes.)”


      • Thanks for sharing this info.

        “Except for rape, the most serious crimes (e.g. homicide) are not categorized as private crimes.” Methinks something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I mean Korea.

  16. Either way I still think he is sick in his mind for wanting to have seks with a girl who was puking all over the place. Any other man would have been turned off by that.

  17. I thought if a person is raped they tell police the case goes to trial
    but in korea if the victim withdrawal no case

    oh well watching to see what will happen with his career?

    • He will still have a career, maybe not on Korean TV, because TV actors are supposed to have good, clean image. I am sure he will concentrate on doing movies. there be plenty of roles for the likes of psh in movies – rapist, scumbag,etc. he doesn’t need to act for roles like that anymore, he IS one.

      • Oh, his career will survive this. He´s male, attractive and rich – a lot of people would forgive him even if there was definite proof that he committed a crime.
        He probably will go on a few talkshows and give some emotional interviews and after a while the general public will forget about this case. Which is terrible, if he did rape that woman.

      • There is this guy that had a hit and run and killed someone… he paid the victim’s family off and is in the TV right now, just was in a Kdrama not long ago called ”goodbye my wife”

  18. He was one of my favourite actors. I felt sorry for all the parties involved and don’t wish this saga on anyone. A moment of folly, a lifetime of regret – it’s a heavy price to pay. If he were to act again, I will still watch him, for the entertainment value most k-dramas are 🙂

  19. Well, I commented on the very first post when this broke out and then stopped. I have no idea what the truth is. All I do know is what capt k said, I will not be able to watch any of his works again, which had been the case since the news broke.

    Lots of poor decisions made that night.

  20. Oh society. Those saying A isn’t a victim after this need to get their heads checked. She was training to be an actress. Who knows, if this whole ordeal never happened, she may have been a top star in 5 years… If she truly wasn’t a victim, why place charges in the first place? Why risk it all? She knows PSH is a celebrity, she knows that eventually her name will get wrecked. Korea’s society is very conservative, so she knows that people won’t look at her innocently again. Even if she dropped the case, she got the best revenge by ruining his career, and basically runing the rest of his life. He may have not gotten jail time, but nobody will look at him the same way again. (Which is another reason why I hate society. But I’m a hypocrite like that. )

  21. Ever since this scandal broke out in February I can’t watch PSH anymore in dramas and I don’t think it likely that this state of things will change in time now, later or ever. I still haven’t seen CA and I don’t intend to, although I tried for MGY’s sake, but naaah, in the back of my mind I still saw him as a possible date rapist and unworthy onscreen partner for her. I’m curious what will happen to his career, as I don’t see his reputation cleared in any way by the rape charges being dropped. Who knows in a few years after staying out of the public eye if he can make a successful comeback, because now I feel he doesn’t stand a chance.

    I assume the case was financially settled and can’t blame either party for doing that for their inner peace or for whatever other reasons. Seems like we’ll never know what exactly happened that night. Case closed! Meh…

    • Her name is all over the internet – even though it should not have been made public. What does it matter though? She is not famous and after all this she will never have the chance to work as an actress.

  22. I wonder if this will at least stop some of his more fanatic fans from spreading their conspiracy theories about how EVERYONE in South Korea was out to get poor rich man PSH. Since why would anyone settle if their ambition was to destroy him?!
    But well, why use common sense when you can instead be frothing at the mouth and demanding that “A” should be “taught a lesson”.. I hope she is under some kind of protection since her identity could not be kept secret.

    That’s what this conclusion is…the pros..PSH and his disciples of darkness would want to jump for joy now…the cons? well he wasn’t able to prove his ‘innocence’ through the proper legal process and won’t be able to shout to the world that he was tried and proven innocent. So this sordid scandal will be hanging over his head like an ominous cloud..or he will be dragging it by his feet like a cold, heavy chain. A nagging question about him like hushed whispers in the four corners of the Korean entertainment industry.

  24. He might have escaped the law now, but he might as well wish, that karma will not make him pay in a more horrifying way, sooner or later.
    He might have gotten easily this time, but next time, it might not only be his career that he loses, BUT SOMETHING MUCH, MUCH MORE…

  25. I’m not sure about the laws in the US but can prosecutors drop criminal cases even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges?

    I’m not at all surprised at the outcome. It was an uphill battle for the alleged victim to go against a wealthy celebrity. PSH may not be a rapist but he is amoral and a douche bag in my eyes and I will not watch any of his dramas if he manages to get casted after this.

    • In the U.S the ultimate decision lies on the prosecutor whether to dismiss the case, but the alleged victim has some say. In the case where the victim changes her story/testimony then there’s not much a prosecutor can do beside to dismiss it.
      If PSH gave her financial statement, he probably also included a clause that she would retract her own words, as such, prosecutor had no option but to dismiss the case.

  26. Not sure if I’m glad this is over or that I wanted the victim (whoever it was) to get justice. I understand that this is the best solution though – this case was a he said/she said anyway. It’s gonna be hard to come up with concrete evidences to prove someone guilty.

    Although it baffles me how the case is just closed down because someone took back their complaint. Is it actually that easy? What about the police’s time, the prosecutor’s time, all the resources wasted to investigate a case that was shut down by one person’s withdrawal. What if PSH rapes another person (if he did rape her) or what if someone accuses another celebrity (to extract money)? All I’m saying is that once you’ve accused someone of crime, the police must investigate till the end, irrelevant of if the person takes back the case or not. This isn’t a minor case – it’s rape for heaven’s sake!

    As for PSH – I never was a fan. Dunno if I’ll watch his shows or not – but so many celebrities have received horrible publicity and somehow made a comeback. I think he might just manage one… And it’s prob gonna be high profile. But if the people accepts it – that’s gonna be the big question.

    • the police has finished their investigation that they find enough evidence to indict him for rape , IT is the procecution who do not pursue further for A drop the case

      • Must not be the same movie., His real life actions speak very loudly. Sleeping with a drunk person makes him a douchebag. I will not watch anything that he does in the future if he is lucky enough to get another role. Guilty of being a jerk.

  27. Cannot understand why PSH has to sleep with an unwilling drunk woman when there are probably dozens of attractive young women willing to jump into bed with him… Stars and their egos..

    • Because stolen fruit is sweeter than you bought _ his being in some disgrace _ principally in allusion to the temptation of pleasure _ which cause the depths of hell.

  28. I keep getting shudders every time I see Park Shi Hoo on screen even in ads of his dramas that keep showing ad nauseum on tv…

    While actors need not be good role models of moral uprightness in person (after all they are paid for their ability to act well), I think that their clean image is important in giving the character that he portrays, especially if it’s a romantic male lead, an air of credibility that the audience can plausibly believe that the actor is the character. After all, romantic male leads are ideal imagined Mr Right that I secretly hope I’ll meet someday if I have the fortune. Who would want to date someone who has a dubious history of being a possible rapist? But not all is lost for Park Shi Hoo, he can choose to dive into other genres, perhaps revenge?

  29. He might of course continue his acting career, but for local and international audience who have been burned and repulsed, it would be so creepy, laughable, and ridiculous to see him acting the sooo very considerate, gentlemanly, gallant, respectful, boyishly sweet leading man. You know in those type of some Kdramas were the OTP/ couple are already in a relationship yet all the man ever does (out of sweet respect) is lightly touch her hand or just say goodnight (not a even a goodnight kiss) at her door step.

  30. this is expected , since PSH do not hv other evidence can proof A wasn’t drunk that night then three is only one solution for him is must find settlement with A to prevent the ordeal of long procecution if he is indicted and further ruins his image
    whatever IT is, I quit finish watching his drama after QOR, his acting is sooo boring after QOR sorry just say my opinion

  31. I really wanted to watch his recent movie about being an upfront criminal…oh the irony. I guess I can’t do that anymore, since I’ll probably be disgusted by him, rapist or not.

    • don’t be sad, there are a bunch of handsome good actors out there,
      time fly fast, good acting n good actors can be replaced easy

  32. I personlly dnt knw what to think! If the girl was going to excpt the money, why drag it for so long!
    Im really dissapointd, I wanted to knw the truth, I had just proclaimed myself a fan of his, nw im not so sure.
    I think I can stil watch his projects, in a way its like Ill be watchng in disbelieve, like I might tell if he did the deed or nt, crazy huh?

    • well my theory is that it could be at first P treat her claim lightly and pissed off A family so there goes all of the rape big drama and to top of that police wraped up their investigation that find enough evidence to recommended rape chrages against P then his entire team started to scrared for no more evidence can be uded to proof it was consensual sez that night and then work hard to must get settlement with A for no matter what in order to save his career, that is the most suitable theory i can thik of right now

    • After the police submitted the case to the prosecutor, A actually had the upper hand with all the sufficient evidence enough to possibly prosecute him. PSH’s side fought really hard to keep the case from the prosecutor but failed in the end. PSH and the lawyer promised to never settle and continued to fight for the truth (his truth). What happened since then made them agree to reach a (financial) settlement.

      1) What happened to PSH’s side to never settle? he got nothing to lose if he’s truly innocent by fighting all the way to the court and his charges will be dismissed (if he’s innocent). But why settle now? when by settling, there is always a public assumption that A (and the prosecutor) has enough evidence to prove that he’s guilty as such he paid her off to shut her mouth. Further, it’s difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt when it comes to a date rape, but yet he agreed to settle. What happened to the BIG talk that he will prove his innocence, etc?

      2) why settle when A has the upper hand? probably from the pressure to settle from PSH’s lawyer and public slut shaming.

      • Have the same thoughts too. He was making such a big ruckus suing everyone. His media play can only get him that far cuz he cant fool everyone for a long time. Take that right’s group suing him and his lawyer (PURME) who “accidentally” didnt blur pertinent info of the accuser. But then agreement has been reached… its over.

      • Yeah. most likely “A” can’t deal with the whole ordeal and seeing her family suffers too, she will want to end the nightmare as quickly as possible. That’s expected. Hoepfully, she is at peace with the settlement and won’t regret it in the future.

  33. Well this was surprising. Especially that it took so long and didn’t go to trial.
    There are two sides to every story and we’ll never know what this was. Was it simply that he slept with a young woman who regretted it later or did he take advantage of a young intoxicated woman.
    He’ll bounce back though, there are Korean celebrities who have done worse and been able to continue with their careers. There was a actor who ran over and killed a woman and got away with it.
    I know that I will not be seeing him the same way as before.

  34. Not surprised. They definitely came to a mutual settlement. Probably was in talks of ageement when PSH delayed the countersue. I wonder what will happen to the rights group that sued PSH?

  35. So, here is the end of the story. They reached the consent: he paid for been fool an immoral in that night and she got the payment because she made some noise. Both of them, they made a mistake in that night. PSH is already a mature man so, I expected from him to be more decent. I am really sorry, I don’t believe he raped her. I don’t believe her. I am sorry. It is only my opinion. I think she was blackmailed to do so.
    From my point of view, a drunken man or woman is disgusting. A young woman should never get drunk in public, never, for her good image and for her security. A man should never sleep with a woman he met first time and should never invite in his home someone he met first time at restaurant or bar, also for his good image and for his security.
    But , what an actor do in his privet live, it is his own business. I will watch PSH in his dramas or movies , because I like him like actor. Any way everybody deserves a second chance.
    I don’t know who Miss A is, I am very sorry for her. To start her life with a story like this it’s very sad. But, like I said, she also deserves a second chance.
    So, I wish both of them good life and success in the future.

    • @green rose

      I agree with you. I’ll still watch his acting in the drama/movie.
      His acting in CDDA was very cool. He can really get into the role as Jean Thierry Cha/Cha Seung Jo very well. I think there is no other Korean young actor who could act and be able to interpret the scenario like him. No matter what anyone says I love him in the drama. While in the real life I don’t know him and instead he also doesn’t know me, so why should I feel dizzy with his personal life? and issue an opinion that we do not know exactly what happened there. Usually the audience feel smarter than the player, because the audience only see from the outside.

    • After all the smearing and making “A”‘s a living hell, it will be hard for her to start over. May be those PSH Fans who have been smearing her should help clean her name and appologice to her too. Will that work ? In general, Females tend find it hard to get forgiveness from the society.

  36. Wow, that’s an underwhelming end to this drama…in a sense I’m glad its over since every post that ever talks about this on any site always has the ugliest comments section ever…people making the worst remarks and judgments whether its the fans, the haters or just the people that want to make comments on sex, rape or sexuality…its always like seeing the worst of humanity all in one place, every single time…..the idealistic half of me would’ve liked to see some sort of legal judgement come to this but the realistic half knows its not possible…I still don’t know if he raped her but I do know he had sex with someone in a really inebriated state and whether this was bad judgement, stupidity or a reflection of poor character, I won’t see PSH in the same light again considering his actions….I might be able to watch him onscreen if he is convincing in his characters…I have been able to do this in the past with other actors, directors etc in other film/tv industries and probably will be be able to here too…Its only a question of what kind of comeback PSH will be able to make now…I think he will, but I think his career as he knew it — ever-climbing, A-list, top Hallyu — might be over

  37. I am disgusted by this news – sorry for any rape victims that may be encouraged to stand up for themselves by this case!

  38. Hear, Hear. I’m with you Koala. Regardless of the truth, I don’t think I can watch his movies or dramas again in the near future. As you stated, the fact that he had unprotected sex with a drunk girl many years his junior, does not sit well with me.

  39. After I keep seeing all the real life age differences in the k ent (and in general), I don’t fault PSH for (if he really did JUST that) sleeping with a young girl. They’re both adults.

    Curiously, I did watch Confessions of a Murderer a few weeks ago since I’ve always been curious about the story. It’s true that I felt wrong watching it…. and I don’t know if I’ll ever end up watching any of his dramas (if he does make a comeback).

    • sleeping with someone can consent is ok but sleeping with someone who is drunk unable consent is called RAPE,
      base on police investigation i can’t think any other else except HE DID IT, it is the mercy of A want to drop after got settlement which is the only right thing to do from P side i for no other evidence can proof it is consensual and for him want to save his career n move on

  40. Well we will never know what really happen… what we learn though is that women have STILL a looooong way to go to be equal to men when we see some of the comments…

  41. @doink
    who knows how karma’s ways work, maybe first all his precious hair falls off.. then everything else follows..with some unknown, mysterious medical condition without any cure.

  42. Wow so much controversy! He should come back to film a drama with A on what really happen! Seriously no one cares really what happen that night… except their families or love ones…. and we are definitely not. Funny to see people trying to judge him or A or K when we dont know the real stories at all. Frankly, we are all here to read the hot gossips to satisfy our own curiousity… His fan don’t care about the real him…. They dont even know him personally…. Obviously A didn’t care since she dropped the charges. And I really don’t care about how he conducts himself privately as long as his acting is good.

  43. Pfft, it’s over and exactly how it was speculated to end. In a settlement- which no one knows what the parties agreed upon to move on with their lives.

    This circus act has left all of them burned and blemished. If watching life unfold has taught me, it’s time for image control. I see PSH doing a ton of community service, some PSA’s, and maybe even get married to show he has settled into adulthood.

    Regardless, as a watcher of dramas- if it’s a good premise, and sounds interesting. I would still watch it even if he was in it.

    My 2 shiny pennies on the matter.

  44. Why all the talk of a settlement the reports I read all said it was stated that there is NO SETTLEMENT no monies paid on either side, can someone post where it says there was a settlement please I cant find it anywhere.

  45. I totally agree about the absurdity of how long this took. I also don’t think I will watch another one of his dramas or movies because though his acting may be laudable, his morals are against mine and so I wouldn’t be able to sit through them.

  46. Im just relieved that its over now.. the real reason behind the girl’s decision to drop charges may never be known unless either side say something.. like evryone i could only speculate.. ive read before that psh will never settle and is ready for a long fight.. so either he changed his mind, or the girl’s been advised to just drop it since its hard to win the case after the prosecutors ruled there is actually no injury, and there are no solid evidences.. and as the girl is dropping the charges psh may not want to prolong it more by dropping also his counterclaims.. whatevr the real reason im just glad its over now and i hope everyone will move on.. as for his coming dramas i will still watch them.. he will forever be my favorite actor..

      • it is expected from u all dellusional fans even he is RAPIST you all will him let alone now the case is DROP

    • @sally
      you are also a good example of those who will think the worst of him whatever the outcome had been, right?
      even if the case had pushed through and the court judged him innocent or not, i dont think you will ever change your bad opinion of him.. so as his fans, like i am, will always continue to support him whatever had been the outcome.. so we are delusional and you are what? full of logic? lol
      funny how some call PSH fans who stood by him many foul words but some are very easy to say whatever they want to say against him and his fans.. so its really fine to hate him and his fans but its delusional for fans to continually love and support him?
      i hope he’ll make a comeback soon.. its hypocrisy for viewers to think that actors with clean public images are the only ones who have the right to play leading man roles.. actors are human beings too like us viewers.. they are not perfect.. well who is clean here? we can commit grave mistakes but they could not? lol actors are actors.. judge them by their acting and not by their personal lives..

  47. this story has long gone from my mind..PSH never was the actor that I watch…in general I don’t watch drama because of the actor ,I go for the actress its a bonus if the actress has a chemistry with the actor.Anyway Ockoala you have put a closure..for this story…It was a mess from the start.

  48. we don’t need to know what has brought about the dropping of the sex allegation by the complainant or if there has been a financial settlement at all. all speculations should stop now. what is important is that both sides have decided on it. they have learned from this unfortunate and horrible experience now and have to move on with their lives.
    i will still watch PSH and hope that he can bounce back because i believe in him. as for A, i just hope
    that she can make it in life,too. i think that they
    may have forgiven each other. all the best.

  49. Wonder if there will be a drama inspired by these event? Who am I kidding – the news media had already made one!

  50. Since the end of CDDA , i hate PSH because of his crazy fans and gossips launch unfounded rumors and this rape story i can not see him and his fans never want to hear from them , fans are supposed represented their idol giving him a good image , but they are in the same mold either the actor or stupid crazy fans! > Who will look like assembled <

    Thanks Koala for everything !!

    • Well what type of a person he is…is reflected by what kind of fans he has. they snarl, they hiss, rabid much.

      • @Tired of anti fans @Hades

        If PSH fans like you said. Is it becomes a problem for you?
        You have the right to dislike PSH, otherwise the fans also have the right to like him. If you don’t like PSH, please don’t blaspheme his fans. Be wise in issuing the opinion, because of who you are what you say. Thank you

      • @Jakarta
        For we exactly know how you operate, how his fans attack, abusive towards even his innocent and well meaning co-stars who have not done anything bad towards PSH and your group. Fanatics gone bad and delusional.
        Negative vibes begets negative vibes. If you bully you’ll sure to get your own dose of medicines. Respect are accorded only to those who deserves them.

      • @Jakarta
        his fans is very offensive and I bet you are one of them
        even A drop the claim, from police investigation cobclude he is guilty for me and he is RAPIST
        you fanatic fans like it or not his team has not presented any concrete evidence to clear his image from police investigation charges

    • I guess, what Jakarta means is lets respect one another and live by the golden rule so to speak. Everyone has a valid opinion without the need to degrade another for their personal point of view.

      Live. Love. Laugh. My 2 shiny pennies

  51. Incidentally he was described as “shy person” o.0 shy in the point of bedtime with a girl drunk besides of -12 years younger than him and first evening >you have to admit that it was stupid to have consensual or not with someone you do not know sex, life lesson learned <PSH,lawyers and will all his fans have questioned the integrity of the police (this is reasonable if one is innocent?)

  52. What an underwhelming conclusion. But maybe it’s best for both parties no? It was pretty quiet for a while, that a settlement seemed inevitable — at least in my mind. Like koala, I don’t think I can stomach anything he will be in, as much as I want to be objective, it’s a personal preference. Never was a fan anyways.

  53. Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct seems treated very lightly in the Korean legal system. Even the South Korean President’s chief spokeperson’s sex scandal will be left out of the hook, albeit being dismissed. That’s his worst predicament. The South Korean’s law enforcement system may be sick, but I believe its society is very much built on shaming to the family and self. Hence, all of the involved parties will have to face their respective karmic effect and natural justice will prevail at the end.

  54. The lesson I learned from this debacle is something I have known for a long time already – MONEY TALKS!

    Although both sides are not saying that there was money involved in the settlement of this case, you have to be a delusional fan of psh to believe that there was no money involved.

    MONEY TALKS, people!

  55. for me both of them have their own mistake,so that eventually lead to this matter.
    for PSH,he have money,power and look,so he can do anything for satisfied him,maybe he thought he can do something with the girl for the 1st meeting,but that was his big mistake ever.if his mind is only bout sex,why dont he try to ask her in the 1st place..that how adult people deal with their maturity..
    and for A,drink with stranger is not a smart thing to do..did she ever heard bout all parents said”Dont talk to strangers,and the most important thing dont TRUST strangers at all”..why dont A ask her girl frens to accompany her?normally u will do that when u 1st meet a guy, right?im not saying that PSH is right,A is wrong..this is natural comments for both of them,nothing happen without a reason..
    This is not bout who is GUILTY,who is also not thinks rape case slightly but both of them have their own mistekes with/without they realized it.this is from my point of view,i do have my right,right? 🙂

  56. I’m just glad its over … I don’t think I can judge either party since only they themselves know wat happened … I just hope they can start afresh in their lives bcoz the last thing I want in this matter is a suicide. I’ll continue to watch his drama/film bcoz to me, he’s only an actor, I hope ppl don bash others just bcoz they said they will still continue or not to watch his drama/film, it’s a personal choice so kindly don quarrel over these things

    • Agree with your statement. So many commentators opinion in others opinion is quite disrespectful. Freedom of speech, what to do lol. Whether a PSH fan or A cheerleader. Lets all live in peace, it’s Done.

      Be at peace that we will never know the absolute truth.

  57. I wonder if any A-list, top actress would want to work with him after this..and be associated with..attending press conferences or being interviewed with him, it would be ‘awkward.’ And if i would be the manager of the actress i wouldn’t allow my talent ever next to him, let alone act with him.
    Maybe for his next drama project he can have a trainee actress to work with, since we know he has something for trainees.

  58. I want to know when he will publicize his wedding. It’s the ultimate ‘I’ve turned a new leaf & found someone that I trust and love to share the wonderful journey of life’ aka the game changer.

    Clean his image quickly from “pervert” to family man.

    Side note: I don’t believe PSH is a pervert for having sex with a woman 13 years younger than him. Adults can make their own decision in who to have sex with.

  59. @fnr
    It also should apply, that them being actors does not mean they can get away with wrong doings, they cannot commit a crime and expect to get off expect people to just look the other way and let it pass.

    • @violet
      crime? did he commit a crime?
      i agree that no one should get away from his wrongdoings.. PSH made stupid mistakes that night.. but did he get away with it? did he not suffer in the past months? now the charges had been dropped and they are not disclosing their reasons..
      now people would want to believe what they want to believe.. with fans and viewers who did not believe he committed a crime, we are hoping for his comeback.. and for those who believe him guilty and do not want to watch him anymore because he does not have a clean image now, that’s their choice.. i just find it absurd that some view that leading man roles should only be given to those with clean public images.. lol

      • Actors, actresses, idols – whether they like it or not 1) have a social responsibility to their audience 2) they are considered as role models 3) they serve as motivation for us to be good at what we do, and be inspired to do good as well to others.
        When you admire an actor might as well be able to accept his totality, not just his make-pretend-acting persona.

      • @mila
        yes.. you are right.. but if someone, an actor, a friend, or whoever had made mistakes, will they forever be judged because of that mistake? no forgiving? no accepting the fact that people do stumble.. unlike in korea, seems like viewers in our country are more forgiving when scandals break out with actors and actresses.. life is not perfect, no leading man or lady should be perfect.. what happened to PSH is real.. i believe viewers should be more mature.. separating the private life of an actor and the role in a drama he is playing..
        now they are settled.. and latest news is both sides will remain silent.. so maybe they had forgiven each other? so why can’t we?

  60. The next time he will have to use the head before sleeping with a woman not with his penis unless it his wife

  61. Interesting development- no monies were exchanged for the settlement. Wtf happened in the past month in the prosecutor office that made A, give up her complaint?

  62. @fnr
    we should forgive people who made mistake for lesson learnt i agreed but what we debated here is most of the fans still thinks he is 1000% pure innocent he may look handsome n u all probably love his acting but hey a love for his look or acting should not disillusion into become he never tell lie whatever he speak n did represent truth
    and i emphasize again till now his team unable presented evidence clear his tainted image from police conclude recommend charges, it was A drop the complaint not prosecutor innitiative drop

  63. Yes, as far as I know there was no mention of money settlement… I am thinking it was a case of “you drop your charges I’ll drop mine”….similar to JYJ’s lawsuits…yes I am a follower of PSH, and I am very glad it is all over for him….just wish it was more clear cut. Now he needs to have a LONG rest and regroup….will look forward to seeing him back on either the little or big screen, which ever, as long as he doesnt give up his Art……in time, eventually for him too, this will all be a REALLY bad dream…one that should NEVER be repeated! 🙂

  64. How can one WHO IS NOT AT ALL A LITTLE BIT REMORSEFUL be given forgiveness? instead of showing humility and conscience, even had the audacity to be snooty and indignant. Relying on celebrity status, connection, influence and money for his salvation. A day of retribution will befall him if not now, that day will come.

    • @Mila
      he has the money to buy his freedom ,yes it is suck but that’s how all actors do to save life career n move on

    • @mila
      how can you say that he was not remorseful? have you been with him personally during his ordeal? i just can’t get it you use those adjectives as if you’ve been there.. haters will always be haters.. i’d rather love than hate..

      MOST fans? kindly cite here comments of those fans who say that he is “1000% pure innocent” or that he is a saint or a perfect person or someone who never tells a lie? how exaggerated.. lol as i’ve said before, whatever really happened, or could’ve happened if the case pushed through, your low opinion of us will never change.. so i guess defending ourselves is really useless..

      good day..

      also.. we dont know what really happened when the case had been with the prosecutors.. but i think one deciding factor was when they decided that there really was no injury.. so with weak evidences against him and PSH’s side hard up to prove it was consensual sex, its totally a he said she said situation so better to just drop the cases? maybe they thought pursuing the case is not worth the money, effort and pain for themselves and their families.. who knows maybe they had forgiven each other?

      • you are dellusion again,read the news correctly, the prosecutor can’t continue investigation because A want to drop her complaint not visa versa

  65. @fnr
    The case was dismissed because A dropped the charges. Can you post the article that proves your claim about the non-injuries?
    You seem to claim that we’re harsh, but the 3 big broadcasting companies, KBS, SBS, MBC mirror our opinions- since the case was dropped PSH has no ‘legal’ means of proving his claims of innocence.
    Don’t wonder so much why our opinions of his fans are like this. WE JUST LEARNED IT FROM YOU! experts on viciousness, bile, black propaganda. anything or anyone, even well meaning colleagues getting close to PSH and all of you see red! determine to destroy with your hateful criticisms. Choose your battles wisely, and never burn bridges. What goes around, comes around, instead of allies that will give you support and sympathy what you harvests in the end are karma effects. No wonder he is the one you idolize.

    • I did read an article where the prosecutors stated that she dropped the charges, and that since there were NO injuries there was not any reason or legal validation for them to continue investigating or pursuing the matter. Normal consensual sex can leave physical traces etc.. and what they found fell under that criteria is the best way I can describe it.

      I do wonder why someone who was raped would drop the charges at this stage. maybe the investigation was not in her favor once the prosecutors got hold of the info and interviewed all those involved. who knows.

      • Well then kindly post the link of that article here, your point is ockoala missed that impotant detail, and was not able to indicate it in this post?

  66. @Violet
    they probably read from Hanscinema from P lawyer quoted or the author quoted but they misinterpreted into prosecutor quoted

    Park Si-hoo’s legal representative said, “‘A’ dropped her charges on Park Si-hoo and his junior actor K. Rape charges are subjects to the victim’s complaint. So because the accuser dropped her charges, there is no right of prosecution”.

    “The abuse part of the charges is not subject to the victim’s complaint so he could be sued for that but her wound is very small it doesn’t require any treatment. This kind of injury should clear Park Si-hoo as not guilty”.

      • And this is the statement released by his lawyers, when it was A who dropped the case and not the initiative of the prosecutor. Do they seem to say that the prosecutors are more capable in reading medical findings that the physicians who declared it?

      • @violet
        when did the physicians declare it? isnt it the police’ decision too? the physicians found out the wound.. it was the police that said it is an injury.. the prosecutors considered it as too minor to be called injury..
        so just because his lawyers were the ones who released the statement, it is an automatic lie? can they lie in the interview about something like this using the name of prosecutors?
        or is it you just can’t accept the prosecutors decision?

  67. I try to give my symphaties toward him before, but his fans especially the radical and delusional ones who change my mind afterward…

    • @fnr

      The police will only release an official statement (regarding the medical exam on the injury) upon the authorization from the Physician who examined her AND OF COURSE THERE IS THE SO CALLED MEDICAL RESULT DOCUMENT SIGNED BY THOSE DOCTORS. not just verbal announcements. try to think before you post your claim.

      • @violet
        so why do you think the prosecutors did not classify it as injury?
        oh yeah… was misquoted? or that it should not be believed solely because it came from PSH’s lawyers? of course it came from them since the decision favored their client.. so who should have said that? the girl’s side?
        so what is the news regarding that? no truth at all? is that it? PSH’s lawyer blabbering without basis…

      • @fnr

        Prosecutor drops charges AFTER A dismisser her complaints. Now both prosecutor and A did not released any interview after that. If it was the Prosecutor himself who on camera in front of everybody declair your claim regarding non-injury, then il believe it. not from his lawyers. A Medical Examiner’s findings cannot be twisted in any way even by the police, it serves as a very important legal document. I’ve worked in a Medico Legal office, the findings are concluded scientifically not by hearsay or whims.

  68. Okay, what ever happened that night wether is true what she said happened we will ever know. One thing i am positive of is that Park Shi Hoo is a great actor and that his passion for acting is greater than anything else to him. I don’t know him well enough to be a judge of his character but as they say “what i see is what a get” i am okay with that. What we all read on news articles and sites was not the whole story of that awful night as they mutually agreed to leave as is then that’s what we should all do, Let this story end here, let both sides rest an recover. I know that everything i just wrote sounds like i am defending him but truly i am just saying it like i see it every one has their own perspective not everyone thinks the same way but we have to learn when to let rest. Just to make things clear i am fan but not a die hard fan, at last there is always two sides of story to everything in life.

  69. If his passion for acting was greater than anything to him, then he should have been more protective of his career, and had not been irresponsible and unthinking. Nobody can stop him from acting again, as well as no one should be expected to be so welcoming and interested for his return either. May his one-man agency creates miracle for him, as there might not be big stable agencies to risk having him after all this.

    • I have lost some respect and belief towards him and never want to believe what he said in his interviews again…for me it was just for fans service and he used mask during these period!!!

  70. Honestly, I don’t see why everyone lost respect for him? Sure he slept with someone younger, but why are you judging him from what he does off the screen? He is a great actor and no on should be judging him from that. If you were really a true fan then you should focus on how talented when is acting. I don’t see why everyone is so worried about his personal life…

    • I’ve watched almost his drama from HTMPN to CDDA but i’ve often dropped some of them in the middle.

      I’m not his fan and will never be the ones, i’m just a big fan of his drama Family Honor.

      Sorry for all his fans, from my personal opinion his acting just fine nothing special.

    • @chickabiddy
      have you been oblivious as to what have been discussed here before? even celebrities have moral obligations to the public. they are public figures, if he wants his life private he can just quit acting for good.

  71. Honestly, his fans and his anti’s are getting on my nerve. NOBODY knows the truth, except those involved! (And I’m not even sure about that last part). For the anti’s judging PSH and talking about how horrible he is, you DO NOT know what happened.

    For the deluded fans putting down miss A and calling her a whore… Are you serious??? NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING!!!

    However, I will say that the anti’s seem to think that their opinion is superior because they’re not his fans, and they believe that somehow makes them unbiased. And the crazy fans just believe that he can do no wrong.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you go around saying all the crap I’ve seen (PSH is a disgusting douche who should die; A is a f***ing lying slut), it just shows how much you crave this type of unhealthy drama, and how much you have inserted yourself in this situation that doesn’t require you. At all.

    PS: My two cents? If there were anything I wouldn’t judge a guy for, it would be sleeping with a younger girl. It happens all the time, and I would only find it wrong if she were 18 or under. Otherwise, they are both adults, and who am I to say what age is appropriate for the both of them?

  72. i think both sides are wrong PSH n A but PSH lost more due to all this scandal his career is at stake but i hope he come backs with a bang since we didnt get know even who this A all determined just to destroy PSH n i dont think sex was wrong its quiet common now a days PSH was the fool here believing everyone is good just like him ” a person measure everyone with same yard stick with which he measured himself”

  73. If the girl was indeed raped and was after justice, then why did she agreed on settlement? Just asking.
    I’m not a fan of PSH but I have watched his drama Princess Man and I think he’s a talented actor. I would still watch his other dramas and i don’t think I can judge him as rapist since it seem to me no one here knew what really happened back in 2013!

  74. “In my mind, he’s sleazy for sleeping with a young inebriated girl that night whether or not it was forced or consensual.”

    “Whether or not it was forced or consensual” – Such a ridiculous statement. Not sure where you live (Syria?), but women these days have a right to vote. What you’re saying is that a woman’s choice does not matter, the man is always the one responsible for anything that goes down, even in cases when the woman made a choice and regretted it – still the man’s fault. Wow. Time to get an education, author. It’s 2016 now, not 1900.

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