Roy Qiu Graces the May Cover of S-Pop Magazine

Taiwan’s hottest new entertainment magazine, the just launched in December 2012 S-Pop, has landed my man Roy Qiu on its cover for the May edition. I’m pretty sure this magazine is bankrolled by SETTV because the cover models since its launch have been a string of SETTV hot stars from Chris Wang to Annie Chen to George Hu and last month was James Wen. Good stuff, but when is Chris Wu getting his moment to shine? I hope Roy doesn’t think I’m loving him any less just because he’s been off my screen for the last 6 months since Miss Rose limped to a finish. While I spend my days and nights exclusively fangirling Chris lately, I have enough love to share, so Roy better come back with a good project soon. Roy is having what I would call “a very bad, no good, generally crappy” first half of 2013. His high profile outing and breakup with former co-star Tang Yan still dominates headlines, especially with her off discussing her heart break and healing process at every media event. Roy has been very low key, but at the fan meeting for the S-Pop magazine release, he revealed that he’s turned down a lot of roles lately to spend time tinkering with his cars at home as a way to unwind. When asked about his string of bad break ups, he confessed that being raised by his grandmother with his parents divorced since he was young really gave him no role models on how to have a sustainable relationship and he’s really learning as he goes with each relationship. I appreciate his candor and honestly, anyone who thought Roy would be a great BF is either clueless or willing to take the chance to change him. 男人不壞女人不愛, right? (Famous Chinese saying that if the guy isn’t a bad boy, then the girl wouldn’t love him). Roy also revealed that the character that changed him the most was Qin Zi Qi in Office Girls – he is as wicked sarcastic and tiny bit evil with mouthing off like Zi Qi, but playing a character undergoing such growth and maturity really transformed his outlook and opened him up with looking inward and reflecting on his own limitations and trying to change. 

Roy’s S-Pop May edition spread titled “Flower Boy”. Not a fan of the spread but Roy pulls off the awful attire and flower poses without seeming femme. He manages to be in-on-the-joke at times, and looking like he doesn’t give a fig in others.


Roy Qiu Graces the May Cover of S-Pop Magazine — 8 Comments

  1. Roy’s candor is nice but doesn’t change my mind toward him. He’s a a decent guy and no one knows what happens in his relationships but he, the girl and God, no matter how many are published or how loose his exes lips are. But I am glad he looks good and he’s taking time to enjoy himself and lay low, while getting his life and thoughts on love together.
    And just an aside, any women that thinks she can “change” a man, needs counseling.

    • Another spelling variant of “Qiu” is “Chiou”. It’s pronounced “chi – oo” (not as separate syllables, but together in rapid succession.)

  2. I will love him again if he stops with the fast cars and picks up music as his hobby. I thought he loved music.

  3. I had the same thought…….I need to see Chris Wu on the cover! He would rock a purple suit with his manly broad shoulders and wide hips. Roy looks so much better when he’s doing the gangster/ rock star with long hair like in EFHL than metrosexual hipster.

  4. So happy that he is now an A-lister!! I first saw him in Easy Fortune Happy Life and was shipping him badly with Chen Qiao En! I had a second lead syndrome when i saw his acting!! He was great and am so glad he has his game now.

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