King Flower Episode 18 Recap

I had an epiphany today when watching episode 18 of King Flower. It was an amazing moment of clarity made all the funnier because of how crazy this drama is. This episode confirmed for me that it no longer matters how it ends and which guy Da Hua picks. I finally realized there is some method to the writer’s madness – its clear by now with at most 2-3 episodes to go that the end game is most likely still Da Hua and Guan Jun, but the writers are almost doing a wink-wink at how Terry has become the heart and soul of the show and he’s getting more and more scenes to showcase his awesomeness. So the essence of the ending boils down to – Guan Jun may get Da Hua (I can care less because Da Hua isn’t good enough for Terry), but Terry is getting the drama, the viewer’s love, and all the care that goes into writing exquisite dialogue and scenes for him. The inanity of Lin Guan Jun publicly dumping Da Hua because of his own insecurity and because he wants her to have a better man than him only goes to showcase how mature and thoughtful Terry is. He doesn’t need to get Da Hua to have a happy ending, that is my epiphany, and with that all my rage went out the window and I am the happiest Koala alive again. I look at Terry and realize he’s going to be just fine no matter if he gets the girl or not.

Losing Liang Yen was the most difficult experience of his life and luckily Da Hua was there to help him through it, but his happiness isn’t predicated on winning Da Hua’s hand. He said to Da Hua in this episode “We did nothing wrong, and it doesn’t matter what other people say or or think, as long as we earnestly live our lives with meaning.” Amen to that. King Flower was a wonderful watch because we all got to meet living, breathing, caring flesh-and-blood Terry brought to life by Chris Wu. Terry isn’t a sad-sack second male lead, how can that be when he is the narrative focus, not to mention heart and soul, of this drama. Da Hua is the ridiculous one in clinging on to her childish love for a man who treats her like a object to be won or given away, who never has a mature conversation with her, and who ultimately keeps fucking up but everyone around him gives him a pass. If KF ends with Terry and Da Hua I’ll be happy on principle that the right guy got the girl, but if it doesn’t then I’m thrilled to have spent hours with one of the most fascinating male character ever to grace the TW-idol screens. Hold on to your hats – this recap is chock full of my runaway train of meta plus I have lots of thoughts to share afterwards.

Stage 18 recap:

Guan Jun announces to the media that he’s just siblings with Da Hua. The reporters are surprised since it doesn’t look like that to them. Erm, it totally looks like that to anyone with functioning eye sight. Guan Jun closes the gated door on the media and then walks away.

Da Hua follows him to the playground where Guan Jun is laying on the see-saw looking all stressed. Da Hua asks why he would say they were siblings if he admitted he liked her and he was serious about her! What has gotten into him? Guan Jun says he’s been thinking about what he can give her, what kind of happiness can he bring her? Let me just preface by saying this conversation bears zero resemblance to how normal, thoughtful, mature adults in a relationship would discuss legitimate concerns about a future together.

Guan Jun thinks he has no future with Da Hua since his career is based on Hu Jing Biao giving him a job so he’s at the mercy of another. He doesn’t believe anymore that hard work equals success (did he ever? didn’t he laze away in the marketplace for 30 years?) so he wants both of them to pick someone better. He can’t compete with Ouyang Tai (truer words have never been spoken, but its not because of wealth but because of personality), and he tells Da Hua to think long and hard about why she even likes him in the first place. He says people change, he’s not the same Lin Guan Jun as before and she’s also not the same Jun Da Gua as before.

Guan Jun walks away but stops to look back at Da Hua again and thinks to himself that she deserves a better man than him. Da Hua stands there crying. I swear she makes me want to slap her for being such a gormless doormat. And then I realized – she was always a gormless doormat with Lin Guan Jun. This is the real Jin Da Hua, the one that spent time with Terry was influenced by his awesomeness but in no way actually learned from it. I also realized that our collective freak out over Da Hua picking Guan Jun in the end is misplaced. Of course Dumb and Dumber should be together. Their gutless and/or insecure useless personalities should not be allowed to procreate with others.

Da Hua goes to Sheng Da and walks through the office and is the object of gossip and stares. She knocks on Terry’s door and he’s surprised to see her. He goes over to help her sit down since she’s still limping.

Terry can tell Da Hua is upset and tells her he knows what’s going on and asks if she’s hanging in there. It’ll pass and the truth was bound to come out. He tells her not to worry, he’s here with her and won’t abandon her. They can weather this storm together.

Da Hua stares at him and says she isn’t worried about that. The truth coming out she expected, but she’s upset because Guan Jun said she’s just a sister. What happened and why would he say that? I don’t know, maybe because he’s a moron. How do we even attempt to make sense of why Lin Guan Jun says or does anything?

Terry looks away and Da Hua asks if he thinks Guan Jun is angry at her? Terry turns back to look at her and says he doesn’t know whether Lin Guan Jun is really angry at her, but he knows that he’s about to get angry at her. He asks how she can talk about another guy in front of someone who likes her? He’s really hurt right now.

Da Hua remembers that Guan Jun said that Terry is sincere towards her and he can tell. Da Hua looks conflicted and she then blurts out that she is not Liang Yen, she is Jin Da Hua.

Terry laughs and says he knows she is Miss Jin Da Hua. He then asks if she’s hungry, and when she says no, he tells her that he’s hungry so she needs to go have lunch with him. I love how he just effortlessly gets her mind away from useless moping and going out to do stuff.

Terry and Da Hua sit at the market having street food. Da Hua happily explains that this stand is famous at their market and even the television shows have done reports on it.

Terry laughs that Da Hua knows everyone and everything at this market, and he’s really happy spending time with her because its always something interesting. Without her he wouldn’t have tried this noodle, or the snacks at the night market. Da Hua says its mutual, without him she wouldn’t have tried red wine, the pricey steak, and the awesome face cleaning thingamadoodle. They smile at each other and start eating.

Terry suggests that if she wants the kind of food he’s familiar with, she can find come find him and he’ll take her. And if he’s looking for someone to go to the nightmarket, he’ll come find her and they can go together. Da Hua nods and says sure.

Da Hua picks up a fried chittering and offers it to Terry, who grabs her hand and eats it right off her chopstick. We see a paparazzi snapping photos of them. Terry smiles and says it’s delicious but tastes even better off her hands. Sigh, even his effortless flirting is a billion percent sweet and perfect. He asks if she can get him another one but Da Hua doesn’t and tells him to get his own food.

The next day, Da Hua and Terry’s picture is splashed all over the newspapers with the headline that “Rich tycoon falls for Poor market girl”. Da Hua reads it at breakfast and rushes out.

Guan Jun picks up the paper on the way to work and a few market folks ask if its true Da Hua is dating the rich Managing Director of Sheng Da? Guan Jun says it’s a good thing for Da Hua to meet a rich guy who is good to her.

Da Hua goes to Terry’s house and he asks if she woke him up early because of this as he raises an eyebrow as he reads out loud the ridiculous headline “Real Estate Tycoon Eats Chittering For Love”. Terry’s recitation is filled with bafflement that this is even news, and at how stupid the headline is.

Da Hua apologizes but he says there is nothing to apologize for. They are humans and they need to eat, and they did nothing wrong.

Terry instead changes to the subject to grousing about how the paparazzi couldn’t even take a good picture of him. Da Hua asks him if this is a point worth discussing? Terry says absolutely and pulls Da Hua to sit down next to him.

This picture they printed was awful and he’s so much better looking in person and why did they print a picture of him eating. He points out Da Hua’s picture is no better, in one her eyes was super wide open like a goldfish and in the other she looks like she saw a ghost. LOL. Da Hua thinks Terry looks great in the pictures but he insists he looks better in person. Terry looks aghast and asks if Da Hua has problems discerning beauty, he totally looks better in person. OH MY GOD! Yes, Terry totally nailed it on the head. Da Hua clearly is blind to prefer Lin Guan Jun, whether in looks or personality. Unless she lives in Bizarro world where unattractive and douchy are characteristics to look for in a spouse.

They go back and forth until Da Hua laughs that he’s just super good looking all the time so is that good. Terry smiles and tells Da Hua to hold her current smile. He wants her to remember this smile and keep it always. Guh, Terry, why so awesome. Especially to someone who just doesn’t have the capacity to get it. It’s like the Chinese saying goes 对牛弹琴 (playing piano to a cow – it does not have the capacity to appreciate it).

Guan Jun is at work and Xiao Fei asks him to go shopping with her. He reluctantly agrees but tells her not to hold his arm. Xiao Fei says arm holding isn’t going to kill him and then huffs off behind him.

Da Hua and Terry are walking down the street and she doesn’t want him to walk her home for fear that Guan Jun will misunderstand if he sees it. He offers to walk her just to the end of this road and call her a taxi when they suddenly come face to face with Guan Jun and Xiao Fei.

All four of them looked shocked and then Xiao Fei moves to grab Guan Jun’s arm, almost like she want to show Da Hua that someone else is sticking up for Guan Jun if Da Hua wants Terry. Dang, I really do like her.

Da Hua walks over to ask Guan Jun what is going on, didn’t he say he was at work? Guan Jun grabs Xiao Fei’s hand and says he likes Xiao Fei and they are dating now. Da Hua doesn’t believe it but Xiao Fei is ecstatic and kisses Guan Jun on the cheeks.

Xiao Fei tells Da Hua not to be angry at her. They agreed to compete openly and now Guan Jun has chosen her. Da Hua asks if Guan Jun said they were siblings because he likes someone else already. Guan Jun smiles and says yes. Da Hua runs off crying and Terry stares at Guan Jun, who avoids meeting his eyes, before he goes after her. Guan Jun drops Xiao Fei’s hand and walks off.

Terry grabs Da Hua before she mows a guy down and tries to calm her down. Da Hua insists that it’s just a misunderstanding and Terry is fed up with her stubbornness. He points out Guan Jun told the world they are just siblings, and back there he revealed that he was dating Xiao Fei. How could that be a misunderstanding?

Da Hua claims Guan Jun wouldn’t like Xiao Fei since he told her he didn’t like Xiao Fei. Terry says Guan Jun just said he liked Xiao Fei in front of them. Da Hua stubbornly says its because he is angry at Da Hua because he saw her with Terry. Okay Da Hua, let’s assume you are correct. In that case, is Guan Jun’s behavior acceptable to you?

Terry knows she’s very hurt right now…………Da Hua plugs her ears and screams at Terry to stop talking! Fuck this, what are you, Jin Da Hua? A five year old throwing a temper tantrum. If you don’t hear it then it’s not true? I. Can’t. Even. Terry lost Liang Yen so the writers could let him fall in love with……her? *headdesk*

Da Hua suddenly spots Ah Xi and runs crying into her arms. She tells Ah Xi that Guan Jun is dating Hu Xiao Fei.

Ah Xi and Da Li are comforting a sobbing Da Hua in the flower ship. Ah Xi tries to make sense of how Guan Jun could have changed like that. Da Li remembers his conversation with Guan Jun in the truck where he said people change.

Da Li shares that conversation with Da Hua about how the world is changing and people change. As long as people are happier, Guan Jun is willing to change. Da Li asks if Guan Jun is acting this way because he thinks Da Hua likes Terry. Da Li reveals that Da Hua’s recent behavior is odd as well. She used to be all about Guan Jun, but now that she’s back all she talks about is Terry this and Terry that.

Terry sits there listening and he hears this. Da Li whispers that Da Hua’s relationship with Maserati makes everyone think there could be something going on. Didn’t they just get snapped by the paparazzi? Ah Xi thinks perhaps Guan Jun is upset about Terry and just being mean to Da Hua, though it’s taking a huge chance that Da Hua might leave him in the end.

Ah Xi asks Da Hua what to do if Guan Jun really misunderstood what is going on between Da Hua and Terry? They suggest Da Hua go clear things up right away with Guan Jun. Da Hua stands up and asks to speak with Terry privately.

Terry calmly tells her to just say what she wants to say. Despite her earlier saying they could stay friends even after their contract has ended, but she does not want Guan Jun to misunderstand, and she doesn’t want Terry to misunderstand. Terry understands that Lin Guan Jun is the most important person in Da Hua’s heart. He asks her what she wants him to do?

Da Hua asks that they don’t meet anymore. Terry stares at Da Hua and she continues by saying that now the contract is over, seeing each other only makes it more difficult. Da Hua doesn’t even meet Terry’s eyes as she says this but he stares at her without blinking before looking away and asking if she really feels this way? Da Hua can only apologize.

Terry smiles and asks why she is apologizing, she has done nothing wrong. He nods and says he knows what to do now. He walks out of the flower ship and Da Hua looks very sad. You know what, Da Hua, you are now officially a shitty friend as well. To toss someone as good to you as Terry aside just because insecure Guan Jun can’t handle being less of a man around Terry, I hope some karma comes back and bites you on the ass.

Guan Jun sits with Xiao Fei and reveals all to her – that he doesn’t see himself with a future with Da Hua, so that is why he is using Xiao Fei to push Da Hua away to Ouyang Tai. He apologizes for using her and he knows its wrong to her, but he has no other choice. He tells Xiao Fei to be angry or tell her dad, he will accept anything she does.

Xiao Fei can tell that Guan Jun really likes Da Hua and asks if he’s not afraid Da Hua will hate him for doing this? Guan Jun doesn’t care as long as it can bring Da Hua happiness. Xiao Fei agrees to help Guan Jun and be his pretend girlfriend. She asks if he’ll try dating her? Guan Jun is happy if she helps him but he can’t exchange his feelings for her help.

Xiao Fei doesn’t mind, she’ll be his shield and in public he’ll be her boyfriend and she’ll playact his girlfriend. Guan Jun asks if she doesn’t mind knowing he likes Da Hua. Xiao Fei doesn’t mind, if Guan Jun can sacrifice for the person he loves, she can also sacrifice for the person she loves. Guan Jun smiles and thanks her.

Dude, you two are able to have mature adult conversations, why can’t you just try dating for realz? Does Guan Jun not realize he behaves like a mature adult only around Xiao Fei, and she responds candidly but sincerely? Not to mention James Wen looks fantastic with Yuan Ai Fei, whereas he looks like a sleazy ahjusshi with Nikki Hsieh. James can only look great with statuesque model types like Ai Fei, Cheryl Yang, Sonia Sui. With a petite cute thing like Nikki, all his greasiness comes out.

Guan Jun comes home and finds Da Li waiting for him. Da Li asks what is going on and Guan Jun sticks with his “people change” story. Da Li doesn’t believe him since Guan Jun is always jealous of Maserati. Guan Jun says he missed Da Hua when she was away and that made him think he liked her. But now that she is back, he can see that it’s not romantic love.

Da Li is angry but Guan Jun says he doesn’t like Da Hua so he can’t be forced to be with her. There is nothing wrong with being with Xiao Fei, she is rich, pretty, and treats him well. Being with her means he gets all of Hu Jing Biao’s wealth one day and can not work so hard. Da Li asks what Guan Jun is saying? We are all asking that, Da Li.

Guan Jun says Da Li also thinks Ouyang Tai is rich, handsome, nice, all the girls like him. Da Hua will be happier with him. Da Li once asked Guan Jun if he has the confidence to be with Da Hua and bring her happiness. He can answer that question now – there is no future for him and Da Hua.

Da Hua goes home and mopes in bed, looking at pictures of her and Guan Jun and clutching her Grey Bear. Terry stands outside her window and thinks to himself that he’ll always protect her no matter what happens. He stays until he sees her light turn off.

Da Li tells Ah Xi and Da Hua his conversation with Guan Jun last night, how Guan Jun wants to work less and be with Xiao Fei. Da Li doesn’t think its that bad since Maserati really likes Da Hua for real, it’s probably better for their family. Ah Xi is angry at how opportunistic Guan Jun has become.

Jin Mom is asking Da Hua what is going on later that night. Da Hua says there is a misunderstanding with Guan Jun is all. Guan Jun comes home and Jin Mom asks why he told the world that Da Hua was his sister? Guan Jun says he only sees her as a sibling, nothing more. He also tells everyone that he’s dating Hu Xiao Fei right now.

Jin Mom is so upset and asks how things got to be like this? Jin Mom tells Da Hua and Guan Jun to get married quickly to stop making the four-way love triangle so complicated. Guan Jun says he can’t marry Da Hua since they are siblings. Mom asks if he won’t regret saying this? Da Hua starts crying and Mom looks very disappointed in Guan Jun. She doesn’t need him to marry Da Hua, but she’s upset why he gave Da Hua hope earlier?

Guan Jun said he made a mistake – he thought he liked her when she left for Australia but he realized that he was just missing someone he took for granted and didn’t want to lose her. Da Hua cries in her usual pathetic way.

Guan Jun says now that Da Hua looks like Du Liang Yen, it’s more suitable for her to be with Ouyang Tai. Everyone is upset that he would say something like this. Jin Dad comes out and says Mom shouldn’t force this. Mom knows Dad just wants the two kids to marry rich prospects. NO MOM. Rich aside, they would be marrying better prospects in terms of compatibility and personality, i.e. better people. Stop being so hung up on the money.

Guan Jun apologizes to Da Hua and leaves. Dad thinks Da Hua is lucky to have Ouyang Tai but Mom yells at Dad for causing this whole mess to begin with.

Da Hua finds Guan Jun stressing out at the park. She tries to talk maturely with him about what is going on, asking if he misunderstood anything about her and Terry. Guan Jun insist he didn’t misunderstand anything, he is like a brother to her. Da Hua brings up all the promises Guan Jun made to her before. Lady, trying to talk maturely with him is like talking human language to a pig.

Guan Jun tells Da Hua that he chooses Xiao Fei and returns her bracelet to her. Guan Jun tells her to wake up from her silly dreams, he will never succeed at his delivery service. Right now his position is due to Hu Jing Biao, without it he’s just a useless lout. Da Hua doesn’t care, she is willing to work hard with him and achieve their dreams. She asks if liking someone is that superficial. She doesn’t care that he doesn’t have money. Guan Jun says he cares, he wants Hu Xiao Fei because she has money.

Da Hua doesn’t believe he’s that kind of man. Guan Jun says he is exactly that kind of man and tells her to stop bothering him. Da Hua runs off and Guan Jun touches his wrist where the bracelet use to be.

Da Hua wanders home clutching the bracelet and it starts to rain. She suddenly sees Terry standing before her, both of them soaking wet.

Terry walks up to her and they stare at each other. Da Hua asks why he’s here when they agreed not to see each other again. Terry answers with the most honest of words – “Because I miss you so much.” Guh, why so perfect? And is anyone shaking their heads over the director’s desire to keep getting Da Hua and Terry wet (1x pool, 2x pouring rain).

Da Hua and Terry sit under an awning and he tendering dries her hair. Dude, I really don’t think she’s worth it. He knows she’s in a bad mood, so no matter what she wants to say, he’ll keep her company. Terry reminds her how she used to encourage him to say what’s bothering him. Can she treat him like a friend right now, a friend who is willing to listen to her problems.

Da Hua starts to cry and he wipes away her tears, asking how things went when she explained the misunderstanding with Lin Guan Jun? Da Hua says she tried to explain but Guan Jun doesn’t care anymore. As much as she doesn’t believe it, Guan Jun might really be in love with Hu Xiao Fei.

Da Hua asks Terry if she’s really that annoying? Can I answer that question, Da Hua? Terry says no way, in his heart she is the kindest person in the world. Terry keeps wiping Da Hua dry as he assures her that she’s not annoying.

Da Hua asks Terry if he thinks she’s Liang Yen again? Guan Jun said that her face is identical to Liang Yen, so Da Hua rightfully belongs to Terry now. Da Hua says she was merely pretending to be Liang Yen, but she is still Jin Da Hua. Terry stands up and says he knows, and Guan Jun wasn’t wrong. He confesses that he once thought she was becoming more and more like Liang Yen. And he struggled, he tried to make sense of his feelings.

He asked himself constantly whether he saw her as a replacement for Liang Yen. But he knows now what he feels and call tell her without a doubt that he likes her for who she is. He loves Jin Da Hua. My goodness – WOMAN, here is a man telling you that he put time and thought into figuring out his feelings for you and arrived at the honest conclusion that he loves you as you. And you are hung up on Lin Guan Jun, who has never said he loves you, and likely doesn’t know which way the sun sets or whether his ass is facing down or up. Do you need a brain transplant to go along with your face transplant, Da Hua? Qin Mo probably works for free on this one.

Terry knows that she loves Lin Guan Jun, and feelings can’t be forced. All he wants is to keep her company when she’s sad, to see her when he misses her, to know whether she’s doing well. That is enough.

Da Hua stares at him and thanks him for talking with her today but says she has to go now. He offers to drive her home but she declines. He wants to give her his jacket and she also declines, saying she doesn’t want Guan Jun to misunderstand and she knows she’s been an idiot. Truer works have never been spoken. Jesus, if that man can misunderstand everything and anything and treats you like shit, how the hell can you keep justifying his douchiness and accepting it?

Da Hua runs off in the rain leaving Terry staring after her.

Terry goes to see Guan Jun who thinks he’s here about the land co-development project. Terry says no, he’s on a leave of absence at work so he’s here for personal matters.

Terry asks why Guan Jun is purposely hurting Da Hua? He doesn’t know why he is doing this since he likes Da Hua and treats her so well in the past. Guan Jun says lying to Da Hua about his feelings is the wrong thing to do.

Terry says Guan Jun is lying, he’s seen the way Guan Jun looks at Da Hua. He’s also seen Guan Jun being jealous about Da Hua, and when he thinks Terry is mistreating Da Hua, Guan Jun gets angry and wants to punch him out. So it’s unbelievable to say Guan Jun likes someone else. Forget Da Hua not believing what Guan Jun is saying, even Terry doesn’t believe him.

Guan Jun says people change, for example Terry claimed to love Du Liang Yen but now likes Da Hua. Terry says he did love Liang Yen, but she’s dead. And his feelings for Da Hua came after a long and arduous emotional journey.

Terry says Guan Jun has no right to give up Da Hua. Guan Jun asks why Terry has a right to think his feelings didn’t change after a trying journey? Uh, let me answer that one – as viewers we have seen you undertake not a single hardship or emotional journey of awareness. You figured out that you liked Da Hua after she left for Australia. Boo hoo, so trying. You saw a better man likes her and felt unworthy. Cry me a river.

Terry asks why Guan Jun is doing this? Da Hua is back with him and she still loves him, so how can he treat her this way? Guan Jun says he is being honest and he would rather hurt her now rather than pretend he still loves her.

Terry sighs and says he can clearly see that Guan Jun is purposely giving Da Hua to him, right? Guan Jun stares back at him.

Thoughts of Mine:

Where do I even start? Let’s all say a collective “we don’t care about who Jin Da Hua picks – if she grows a heart and a brain and picks Terry then great, if she remains clueless and goes back to Guan Jun then its her loss.” I was sooooooo angry last week with all those leaks that point to her picking Guan Jun, but having that epiphany made me so happy because the dreaded miasma lifted and I could enjoy every wonderful scene with Terry. From the preview it looks like Terry will propose, and based on the leaked spoilers that make sense he’s the groom and Da Hua is the bride. Then the leaked script page shows Da Hua running off from the wedding to look for Guan Jun after Xiao Fei confesses that he loves Da Hua. My rage was doubled hearing of that lame plot development coupled with Da Hua hurting Terry AGAIN, but then I realized after this episode I was worried for nothing. Terry loves Da Hua and he loves her the way a woman can only dream about being loved. He loves her honestly and he puts her desires first, with no expectation she will love him back. So if Da Hua leaves Terry at the altar and runs to Guan Jun, Terry will only be happy that she’s happy even as he’s sad that he doesn’t have a future with her. But he will deal with his sadness the way he dealt with the loss of Liang Yen, with courage and candor, and he’ll be fine in the end. I even think that Terry proposing to Da Hua (so early!) is a feint, he’s doing it to get Guan Jun to admit he still loves Da Hua. So he has no expectation from Da Hua, and for that I love him more, and also worry less about him. He’s the only Big Boy in this pre-school romance and I’m just content I got to meet such a memorable character and performance.

I joked a few recaps before that this drama ought to be called “Ouyang Tai’s Wild and Crazy Ride” rather than “Jin Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure.” As this drama comes to a close I am now fully convinced that the drama focused on the wrong person and discussed the wrong adventure. This story was about Terry’s journey from have-it-all rich guy with the pretty and nice fiancee to someone suffering the great loss of a loved one and learning how to grieve and grow as a person. Da Hua has learned NOTHING from her adventure. Zero, zip, nada. And don’t even get me started in Lin Guan Jun, who has actually regressed as a human being if you ask me. At least the old Lin Guan Jun wouldn’t say one thing and do another when it comes to the people he cares about. Now he’s fallen into a noble idiot trap that is not noble in the least but totally idiotic. It’s motivated by insecurity about his worth and jealousy about Da Hua’s closeness with Ouyang Tai. Both of which could be dealt with in a mature manner with thoughtful conversation with Da Hua, taking time apart to think through their current predicament, and learning to really assess whether they are suited to be together. You know, the type of relationship conversations mature couples have as relationships hit bumps in the road. The biggest failure of this drama was the lack of believable romance between Guan Jun and Da Hua, which only highlighted how much development awareness was between Terry and Da Hua. And now the story just barrels ahead as if the former was the end all be all of the story while completely ignoring the latter to the bafflement of the viewers.

Of course this drama can still end with Da Hua and Terry. It could, why ever not? Anything could happen. This whole thing could be a dream Liang Yen had and in the end everyone wakes up and everyone is in the same place paired up the same way. Da Hua can run after Guan Jun at the wedding just to tell him that she understands and forgives him for pushing her away, but she did discover she was in love with Terry so she goes through with the wedding. Or Da Hua can ditch Terry and go back to Guan Jun and their old life, and Terry feels like he did everything he could to make Da Hua happy and for that he is content with his relationship with her being platonic. Da Hua and Guan Jun was seriously pissing me off SO MUCH in this episode until I had that epiphany that they have no meaning to the story because their characters are static and one-dimensional. Whereas Terry has worked through a life changing experience, stayed true to his principles and honor in the end, accepted his punishment and censure when due, and ultimately moves on with his life both personally and professionally. This drama succeeded in writing a character that epitomizes “The Measure of a Man” – Terry has class, dignity, and the courage to face up to his mistakes and the ownership of his own life. Conversely Lin Guan Jun has none of that, and it really is a feat of writing to create a character as deplorable as him. What’s even more baffling is that he’s written as the male lead.

I think we’re two episodes away from the end (maybe three depending on whether there is enough footage in the can), and it’s way too late for the drama to realistically convince me that Da Hua has grown to love Terry and is merely too dense to acknowledge it. This episode completely washed away all the great romantic tension and awareness between them built up in the last 12 episodes. Suddenly Da Hua is cold and withdrawn around Terry, which is a far cry from the girl who wouldn’t leave him, left her Grey Bear but remembered to bring her goldfish, and cried after she got kissed and sent home because she couldn’t be around him anymore. The writers for this drama really are as random as can be, and can’t even get their plot points straight since Da Hua goes to the office to see Terry earlier and later Terry tells Guan Jun he’s taken a leave of absence at work. This type of inconsistency really highlights the core problem of KF – the drama is tied into a quandary where the original story doesn’t work but it can’t figure out how to satisfactory end it differently without likely pissing off its lead actor and its fans. So in the end its like a puppy chasing its tail in circles, leaving everyone dizzy and confused and wondering what that was all about. For me, this story is all about Terry and I’m going to finish the recap project happily now that I have come to terms with the ending quite possibly being the most gag inducing thing ever. Assuming the ending is trite and ridiculous Da Hua accepting Terry’s proposal, then on the wedding day ditches him for Guan Jun, and the two of them happily pledge their love – if I can accept that horror story ending, then I’m in a good place and I suggest you all start getting ready for that. Then afterwards we can throw a party for our perfect amazing Terry~ Everyone with me on this?


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  1. I’ve been lurking around your blog waiting for this recap. thank you!!! I agree with you that no matter what happens Terry will be okay. Now I won’t feel too bad if Da Hua does end up with Guan Jun

    • Welcome! Delurking is worth it for Terry. Let’s celebrate his existence in drama land rather than bemoan and ending that has no impact on him because he’s already made an indelible impact on all the viewers.

  2. You make good points. Terry would be happy for Da Hua regardless of who she chooses because he is just the better man, and the best character in this entire drama. Da Hua has obviously learned nothing and Guan Jun’s “sacrifice” is such crap…it makes me want to throw up. I am even starting to appreciate Xiao Fei just because she can have an adult conversation with Guan Jun. Da Hua will learn absolutely nothing from being in a relationship with Guan Jun and if the writers really wanted to sell it to the viewers, they should have had more interactions. The only meaningful conversations have been between Terry and Da Hua. I honestly can say that Da Hua’s mother is annoying the HECK out of me and I wish she’d just go away. Same with Da Li. Ugh. Everyone in this drama is just annoying except for Terry who can do no wrong in my eyes! I am really sad it’s over in 2 episodes but looking forward to Chris Wu’s next project. I hope he’s the male lead and gets a worthy enough female lead and not some blind girl with no backbone who can’t tell the difference between a real man and brother figure haha.

    • Every word that comes out of Terry’s mouth is gold. He’s sincere, thoughtful, and direct. When he went to confront Guan Jun at the end of the episode, I just knew the drama was going to have Terry bring Stupid and Stupider together. Perhaps he’s repaying a debt to Da Hua, and that really is how I sleep better at night knowing he’s going to be sad for a little bit to lose her as well. Despite what he paid her to substitute as Liang Yen, Da Hua is a good person and treated him sincerely, and for that he’ll always be grateful. If that means getting her with Lin Guan Jun, he’ll be the better man and do it for her.

  3. Count me in for partying for terry-fic Terry!

    “Dumb and Dumber should be together.”—so true. You enlightened me, dear Koala.

  4. It’s amazing how each ep has made Terry even more perfect and Dumb n Dumber even more stupid. DH is seriously stupid and the dumbestestest female lead ever!!!!!!!!! Can anyone be that stupid?!?! Obviously!

    Koala, glad you had that epiphany but what a waste! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the amazing characters get merged into one drama and make us all happy?!? Such a waste! But then again, maybe Terry is simply too perfect!

    • Terry is perfect NOT because he’s flawless, he’s perfect because he’s flawed, makes mistakes, cannot control everything in his orbit, can get jealous and controlling – but what he does is acknowledge his limitations and strives to be better and do better and try harder. That is why he’s so damn perfect and why everyone loves him for good reason. The super good looking and rich part is so ancillary to the package. With his personality, he could be Lin Guan Jun and I’d pick him in a heartbeat.

      • Ditto.

        I think the major issue with this entire drama is just how totally unbelievable the whole GJ loves DH storyline is + GJ is a total waste of oxygen character. IF GJ even remotely shows any form of sweetness or consideration for DH then I think as much as the audience loves Terry, we can understand if they end up together. But the storyline is far from that hence all the angst.

        Anyways, will be sorry to see Terry leave the screen but good riddance to pretty much everyone else! Arrrrgh.

  5. “With a petite cute thing like Nikki, all his greasiness comes out” LMFAO should we add pedo-like to our list of Guan Jun’s flaws now? lol

    Ugh and if Da Hua does leave Terry at the altar, FUDGE, Terry (the good man that he is) will probably be content that Da Hua left him so she can pursue her “happiness”. Terry will probably smile as Da Hua leaves him while we all cry and throw bricks at Da Hua and Guan Jun.

    Honestly, I’m somewhat on the same level as you. I’ve come to terms that Da Hua-Terry might not end up together and even accepted the high possibility that Da Hua-Guan Jun might end up together. However, I hope the writers won’t make an ending similar to ‘Fierce Wife’. I have honestly never seen that drama (as I don’t want to see Chris Wang making out with a woman other than Annie Chen) but just the thought of an ending where indecisive Da Hua doesn’t choose Terry or Guan Jun would piss me off more than Da Hua-Guan Jun. I’d rather she pick Guan Jun and live their immature “love” life together so Terry can find his happiness and rid of them.

    • I need her and GJ to get the fuck away from Terry if they end up together, move to another planet so that he doesn’t need their annoying relationship around. I don’t want an open ending, DH needs to pick and then live with the consequences of her choice. SETTV will probably make GJ magically a successful CEO like Terry just to boost up his ego, but his personality will forever read “LOSER” to me.

      Btw, if anyone has watched What is Love, the “loser” bit is an inside joke.

      • I’ve never watched “What is Love” but since you’ve mentioned it, I might watch it. I’ve been looking for a drama to watch too nowadays anyway.

        Just researched it and it’s with Chris Wu ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ugh, my heart is still beating for Chris Wu-Nikki Hsieh that I don’t think I can watch him with another girl so soon. BUT DARN IT. I want to see more Chris Wu ㅠㅠㅠㅠ maybe in a few months where I rid myself of these feelings for Terry ㅠㅠ

  6. Aside from the fact that your recaps are so hilarious (and I wait for them more eagerly than the episodes), I love the honesty and analysis you bring to the table. This entire week has been a torment for me whenever I thought about KF because the idea of DH ending up with GJ was horrifying to me. However, the more i thought about it I realized that you are absolutely correct: this is about Terry and Terry does NOT deserve DH. He and Liang Yen were so amazing together because the love they had for each other was selfless.

    I think the reason why I’m still bothered that Terry won’t end up with DH is two-fold:

    1. That will mean that somewhere out there, in a fictional world, Terry does exist and he is single!

    2. That even amazing people like Terry suffer heartbreak.

    All in all, the only ending that will satisfy me is one where Terry is granted the happiness he deserves (be it with or without love). I sincerely hope Chris Wu is recognized for his talent in this drama and how he has made the second lead the central character (forget even the male lead position).

    It’s a really sad world when the main character doesn’t grow and in literary classes we call novels like that tragedies. KF’s saving grace is the magnificent Terry. I’ve watched Terry scenes so many times because he is someone, even with faults, someone I aspire to be. Honest, reflective and kind.

    Lol my thoughts became a diatribe but to me he is the equivalent of a Mr. Darcy and, man, that’s saying something.

    • Thanks, Gaia. I was also tormented all week until I literally had that breakthrough and got over my frustration that the drama keeps shoving GJ down our throats as a good man or a man who deserves DH’s love and devotion. TBH, honestly DH has an epiphany in the last few episodes, she and LGJ are failed characters through and through.

      My love for Terry just might equal my love for Darcy, and that is a high compliment indeed.

    • I now hope that Da Hua and Guan Jun end up together, stupidly making each other’s lives miserable. I never want to see them or their miserable family again. Instead, King Flower Part 2 will focus on Terry – how he recovers from being abandoned at the altar and finds real, reciprocated love with a woman just as epic as he is. I would so watch that drama…

  7. Thank you so much for the recap. I definitely agree that Terry doesn’t need Da Hua to have a happy ending although I prefer that they get together in the end.

    I have to disagree, I think Terry and Da Hua are suitable for each other equally. I actually believe that Da Hua is intelligent in many different areas accept in the romance arena. She doesn’t understand her heart.

    I give her some leeway, she doesn’t have much experience in the romance department. She had only one crush her entire life, it’s understandable that she is confuse at what romantic love is. She had her first date, her first kiss, her first many things, all this year (at the age of 28). She’s so inexperience that I can’t really look down on her for it.

    Her love for people, her love for her family, her genuine heart is what won not only my heart, but also Terry’s heart. That’s why I find them so compatible. They are both lovely people.

    I don’t consider her a crummy friend when she told Terry that they have to stop seeing each other. Terry likes her more than just a friend and she is at the confused stage where she believes that she love GJ, so her explanation makes sense that she doesn’t want any misunderstanding between her and GJ. I personally don’t think I can remain chummy with someone who is in love with me while I am in a “special undefined” relationship with someone else.

    All that said, I would be upset if she doesn’t get an enlightenment of some sort and choose Terry in the end.

    • I think DH is a good girl, a kind person, a girl deserving of lots of happiness. But I don’t believe we ought to give her a pass at being so passive, so stubborn, so refusing to look at her feelings with some attempt to figure it out. Clearly she feels something for Terry, and clearly her love for GJ might be sibling-esque in some ways. But she refuses to assess the changing nature of her life since the plastic surgery. That makes her really annoying in my mind. She can be inexperienced, but she has no excuse for being willfully clueless.

      LGJ actually said one thing I agree with – what has been the basis for DH’s love for him all these years? Romantic love, hero worship, sibling affection. She has never thought about it, and she needs to because right now two guys are in her life and she needs to pick one.

      I don’t think DH and Terry are incompatible and I love how he has grown to love her. I just don’t like her anymore as a character in her current “see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, do-not-think” state.

      • Actually you made a good point. I hope in the remaining episodes, DH will spend some legit time in examining and analyzing her “all over the place” feelings. I love that Terry confessed that he took ample time in sorting out his feelings and that he does wholeheartedly love DH.
        She definitely need to brood over Terry’s wise words that the plastic surgery won’t just change her looks but her fate as well.

        You are correct, she froze when GJ asked her what is the foundation of her love for him. That’s should had turn on the motors in her brain.

        Although I give DH some slack, I feel like she is going to annoy me in the next few episodes, judging from the spoilers. Surprisingly to myself, I have being rather patient with DH. However, the bear costume and the possible runaway bride scene may throw me over the edge. Enough is Enough may soon be my mantra. Where is the Terry in my life?

  8. Da Hua and GJ are definitely going to end up together. Why else would Terry go rock climbing with crazy doctor friend towards the end of the drama.

  9. I glad that you have come to a place of peace about the likelihood of Da Hua picking Guan Jin and not ending up with Terry. I have naively held on to the belief that she and Terry would end up together. So this whole episode (except the cute Da Hua and Terry moments in the beginning)made me want to RAGE, QUIT!!! I don’t get it, the love story no matter which way you slice it is between Da Hua and Terry. The montage featuring Guan Jins romantic moments were weak by most second lead standards! I somehow got really invested in this drama and despite Da Hua inanity I thought they would have her realize the attraction and mutual

    • Sorry got overly excited and hit the enter button midrant….

      mutual respect and friendship make Terry and Da Hua the only logical and satisfying (From a viewer perspective).

      Anyway thanks for your recaps. Chris Wu is still Awesome, so at the very least this drama helped me to discover that. (I like Nikki as well but the writers have basically crapped all over her character).

  10. Urgh! I don’t comment, but had to say my piece. Terry is such a wonderful character!! Da Hau is so annoying!! What’s with the mixed signals coming from her?? First she’s all mopey and sad when Terry leaves, and then he returns and she pushes him away! I think Terry needs to leave her for some time so she knows who it is she wants! She doesn’t deserve Terry one bit!!

  11. I am glad that you have had that Epiphany Koala, but I am not as forgiving. This is my first and likely last Taiwanese drama because there is no way I can watch dramas where the writers are so dense as to reward the actions of a passive aggressive loser like Guan Jun and the inane stupidity of Da Hua.

    I am going back to Korean dramas where at least the writers put an established OTP together for a reason, believable or not.

  12. First up, I want to say that I don’t watch King Flower and I never read the news that said that James Wen is the leading character while Chris Wu is supposed to just be the second lead. From the perspective of an uninformed person, the trajectory of the plot really points to a Da Hua and Terry ending. I can’t see why it would be a Guan Jun ending. I am putting my money on a Da Hua and Terry ending.

  13. GAH, just saw that there’s actually a subbed episode 18 right AFTER I read your recap OTL so I had to watch it.

    I think it’s interesting that Da Hua still refers to Guan Jun as “Guan Jun Ge” which literally means “Brother Guan Jun” (if the little chinese blood in me is right) That rings to me how a sibling or a close friend would refer to him and not as a lover. They don’t even drop the formality/honorific to show that they’re lovers in an intimate, emotional level. Sure they’ve kissed and held hands, but that’s physical attraction. Anyone can do that. Should there was even a scene where Da Hua drops the ‘ge’ formality and simply call him ‘Guan Jun’, even that change of name would show to me some sense of intimate attraction. If you compare that to Da Hua refering to Terry as “Terry” and not as “Ouyang Tai” which everyone else pretty much refers him, there’s a difference. Though I don’t know if that symbolizes something or if its just me looking too deep into this.

    Also, so much Guan Jun in this episode! Makes me feel like the writers are trying to make up for the lack of depth in Guan Jun’s character in the last 17 episodes and crammed it all in one =”= Also, I’ll be honest that I was actually liking Guan Jun’s little speech on why Da Hua needs to figure out why he likes him: As a brother or the idea of liking him. I was actually thinking, “Oh, he’s actually trying to think what’s sincerely best for Da Hua and taking her feelings in consideration.” But then, UGH why did he have to say this, “You deserve a better man.” For a second there, all that speech sounded like he was sincerely caring for Da Hua when in the end, it was just all about him and his insecurities again.

  14. I wasn’t able to watch this episode until I started reading your recap. Your recap is written so beautifully about how Terry loves her for who she is and when she ends up hurting Terry, Terry will just deal with it maturely. I didn’t even think of it that way. I love this recap even though it was a disappointing episode!!!!
    On a side note…I really want to knock some sense out of Da Hua. Clearly, Terry is the best guy and she secretly knows it.

  15. You know, what I do understand about DH is, she has been the “ugly girl” for most of her life. She has lived with people mocking her for her looks, making the “barf” sounds behind her back. The guy she thinks she loves ignoring her (only when she’s good-looking, he “magically” realizes he “loves” her).
    Along comes Terry, who is in love with his wonderful fiance, a really classy person that everyone would want to be around. When DH is whisked into his world, she’s even more painfully made aware of how she would never have fit in being her true “ugly” self. Does Terry love her? He says yes, but if I was in DH’s shoes, I would have a very hard time to believe that. Even after all the things Terry has done, all the beautiful words he has said… would he have equally fallen for DH if she had only been the “ugly” self? Would he even have spared her a glance?
    So she sticks to what she knows. Her “true love”, no matter how much she might be hurt by that, because at least she knows that he knew her from the beginning, as the “ugly self”.
    You know, I think that, had DH suffered some accident in between that would make her “ugly” again, and Terry would still have stuck with her, fought for her and done the things he did, she would have given GJ the stinky finger. At least, when you are ugly, you know you are loved for yourself and not your pretty face.
    As DH is “cursed” with her beauty now, she suddenly has two guys who “love” her. With Terry, she thinks she is just the replacement of his dead fiance. It will take more than what Terry has shown now to persuade her that it’s differently. Much more.
    With DJ, she “knows” he just “loves” her because she is pretty now, but she has chased that dream for so long that she hasn’t realised that “winning” him will leave her empty. Her heart has already moved on to Terry, this much is clear even after episode 18. But she doesn’t trust the love that Terry has for her. It’s just another self-illusion to her, because in her eyes, she will always be the replacement.

  16. Thank you, dear Koala, for such wonderful recaps and thoughts of yours.
    Since you mentioned it, probably the writer(s) decided to play it this way: [s]Wolfy dies and Piggy lives[s] Terry stays single so every fan watching this show can easily dream to get him some day. It’s like an idol status demands to hide any trace of private life, like having GF/BF or kids. so they are always free and you can take a chance on him/her.
    If they follow fans’ comments and checking out the pol, the writer(s) know for sure who the audience would pick without any doubt. Plus, I’m more than sure, they read your blod as well, because it became very-very popular throughout I-net. At least that what I’d do, orienting not only on local viewers’ opinion.

  17. Once again a hilarious recap. I am resigned to an ending that gets crazier. You know it is bad when the only person who seems mature in a show (besides imperfectly perfect Terry–can Chris Wu wear v-neck sweaters ALL THE TIME, please?) is Xiao Fe.

    There were so many perfect lines in this recap, I wish I was allowed to copy and paste them elsewhere (to make t-shirts to seel and raise money for the “free Terry” campaign).

    Maybe if they had called the show “Playing Piano to a Cow,” none of us would be so upset.

    • He looks so good in navy…….I knew he would! And gray is great too. Terry wears his clothes so well. On the other hand GJ’s suits seems to be wearing him. Usually James Wen can really rock a suit. I don’t know what’s happening to him in this show. It’s just been no good for him. I can’t believe this is the cool ‘senior’ from My Queen. That reminds me of Lucas, my fav male character of TW drama universe. But now Terry is my fav.

  18. On another note, I would watch Chris Wu in the rain for hours. Keep it coming, writers. At least you do this well. Wet Terry snacks, yum.

    • I think there was a shower scene earlier . I might go back and watch it. Earlier I wasn’t paying much attention to Chris Wu because I didn’t know him. ….but now I want to rewatch all the scenes with him. I think one of my favs’ is when DH saves him in the pool. Yes, wet Terry is yummy.

  19. Thanks for the recap Koala. Lately I have been reading your blog a couple days late and since I concur with most of the comments, I figured I need not give my 2 cents worth. However, I could not help it this time. I wish Da Hua had an epiphany too regarding her feelings and really know the reason why she was so obsessive about Guan Jun or understood her melancholy when she left Terry. This might just entice me to continue watching. The lack of depth in Guan Jun’s character and immaturity of Da Hua just grates on everyone’s nerves. What’s even worse is that SETTV is shoving it down in everyone’s throat as if the viewers are not intelligent enough to recognize that these characters are poorly developed or made to be imbeciles. With the exception of Terry’s character, which oddly enough for the writer to create such a versatile and perceptive role, everyone in this drama can be dismissed. Kudos to Chris Wu for portraying it in such a compelling way. I had lost interest in whom Da Hua ends up with since ep 16. Thanks to your post I can put my outrage to rest and just accept that Terry will be OK even if he does not end up with Da Hua…he is that wonderful. I will be satisfied with reading your recaps from here on out.

  20. Love to read your recap… After watching this episode and even the preview showed that terry propose to DH… But I felt like Terry is doing it to set up not his wedding to DH.. But instead is for DH and GJ to acknowledge their feeling… He love DH so much and he would rather see DH to be with someone she want to be .. Which is GJ … To some extend I wanted terry to be happy but then again… I don’t think DH deserve terry.. She is better off with GJ at this point…

    I am kind of don’t care the ending at this point… This drama makes me love Chris even more.. I thought he was awesome at autum concerto.. He is on fire here as terry.. Looking forward to his next drama already!

  21. Look at the end of the day.

    25 years time jump
    Da Hua in the shop old old ahjumma. No brains still. With the useless, jobless husband. Probably in debt. Trying to pay off the school fees for her useless children who are probably bratty.

    Terry- back on good terms with the Chairman.Chain of companies.
    Married a nice rich girl who likes him or rather loves a nice girl who appreciates him.

    Far out. Stupid writers.

    Actually, can we have a sequel? This drama calls for a sequel for a Terry as a main lead.

    3rd Time Lucky
    – story of a man who has lost 2 great loves of his life ( even though I think the 2nd love is a brainless idiot). One day, he meets this rich and successful female architect- who does not know the meaning of love. They meet bicker, fight and ultimately fall in love.

    Our Terry has so much love to give… how does he win her over?

    There. That’s my ending for this whole ridiculous scenario. I actually prefer he doesn’t end up with Da Hua. Imagine how much more stupid she is going to be when she gets older.

    • When I see her mom, it makes me think DH will end up just like her if she stays with GJ. ….The mom irritates me so much. I find her so stupid. ….The way she talks……she’s like this ancient looking bimbo. ….Sorry I feel bad to be mean but I think she was an airhead when she was young. Look at the husband she picked.

    • I would so watch a sequel where the main character is Terry and the characters around him are smart and interesting. Wouldn’t it be great if he met a smart woman? Maybe one who put herself through school? Maybe she is bitter because her own father gambled away her college savings, and so she does not believe in love or men coming to save the day until she meets perfect Terry.

      Make sure they get different writers though.

      • LOLOL.
        Yeah. Different writers.
        I don’t write Mandarin otherwise I would be joining the crowd bashing the writer.

  22. thanks! after watching it last sunday, i had been dying to hear or rather to read what your thought are. glad to read them now. you are so right… Dumb and Dumber together. Terry, you, you, awesome handsome perfect guy need no Dumber on your life. Just come to Koalaland and know you are well loved here. 🙂

  23. Sounds like a bit Miyuki for me. I do not know if I would like an ending like that. The entire show is circling around Terry and DH since she got her makeover. It is like an bad thriller when the murder is the gardener who has just a few scences. Viewers will feel cheated.
    I know why I avoid stories like that normally. Heroines who can’t come clear about what she feels suck. The preview makes me sad since it looks DH will start using Terry.

  24. I continue to watch this drama because of “Terry”… Hopefully his character would have a good “ending”..

  25. Aww Koaalaa, I really loved this recap especially the part where you wrote about terry and his personal and professional maturity! I also really loved the part where you said it’s better for wen sheng hao to be paired with statuesque ladies rather than a petitie Nikki Hsieh because his unattractive greasiness comes out :))) LOOOOL KOALA! You’re the best blogger I’ve ever encountered. You’re blogs are very well balanced from sarcasm,humour and all smart seriousness 😀 LOVE YOU KOALA!

  26. ockoala thank you for the recaps and your always insightful thoughts on the drama. I also would like to thank you for introducing me to this drama when i was checking out your website and read your passionate (really really passionate) recaps and views on the DH and Terry OTP ending. You are right in your comments that this is more like Terry’s journey out of his own hell (after having lost his beloved fiance), bounced back (albeith with the help of DaHua’s encourgement), accepted that he is at fault (faced his father in law and resigned from his GM position) and taking time off to move on. The writers did spend more time in developing Terry’s character with more finesse and sensitivity than they did with the characters of DaHua and Guan jun. Da Hua and Guan Jun are still one dimensional characters – she has yet to moved out of her childhood crush on her first love Guan Jun. Her situation is not assisted by her close friend and her family who have inadvertently continued to “create” and sustained her crush on Guan Jun – setting up the “birthday date” as though Guan Jun remembered her birthday when he did not care for her or even remembered it was her birthday and her mother continues to want to have them both married. It is no wonder that she is still living in “la-la” land where Guan Jun is concerned as the people closest to her are perpetuating the romanticized (her own as well) version of her relationship with Guan Jun. Guan Jun, a layabout good for nothng, is like a reflection of his adopted father, if he continues in this path of life. Even now, working for the ex-gangster boss, he is very aware that his job is depending on his boss’ goodwill. It was pretty unrealistic that the writers would like me to accept the fact that he suddenly missed, and therefore found his feelings of love for Da Hua when left home. The scene at the airport where he couldn’t go inside was ridiculous! How is it possible that he couldn’t get inside when she has yet to checked in and go through the gate following immigration check? If he is really wanting to hold on to her he could have gotten inside the airport building anyhow. His character development is shallow and showed extremely lazy writing and no thought through like Terry’s character. It is totally unbelievable that he found “love” for Da Hua. As for Da Hua – the writers are now developing her character (albeith a bit late) from a candy girl who wears rose tinted glasses, filial daughter, the sufferrer and the one who sacrifices for the sake of the family, who has this HUGE crush (or first love) on Guan Jun and who has not been outside of her comfort zone of her neighbourhood – has had her eyes opened when she “worked” in the corporate world acting as Terry’s fiance; she enjoyed the luxury lifestyle (although we were told that money and this lifestyle will not change her!) and like Terry said – she has changed because the plastic surgery which has changed her physical outlook is now giving her many more opportunities that would eventually change the INSIDE of her. Her thought processes have already changed. I believe we are going to see more changes in her character, preview of episode 19 gives us that – she is sick because of the rejection of Guan Jun and i believe through this she wil be stronger and realized that her “love” for Guan Jun is her first love and she needs to move on with her life. I also think that being with Terry maynot be the answer either. I think that it is too soon for Terry to be involved in another serious relationship so soon after the death of his beloved fiance. The ending that i would like to see is that Da Hua really embarks on a journey of her own – without either of her beau – find herself and do what she really wants to do with her life. Her life should not necessary have to be linked with that of a man. (don’t throw eggs at me, please! 🙂 :))

  27. I jumped with joy,when I saw this recap, I had to contain myself. To be honest I skipped all the scenes with Guan Jun (had to check his spelling) that guy boooooreeessss me, how was he even created! A waste of screen time. My dear,terry was as perfect as ever, moving in,every scene, Da hua does NOT deserve him!! If this drama ends with dumb n dumber, ill have to find closure (somehow) and move on, im trying,to approach,your thinking miss koala…but,its,hard! I want,terry to,be happy, even if it means with HER!
    This drama is a HUGE crack!

  28. I ahhhh’ed at the “Because I missed you.”
    Thanks for the recap.

    Maybe this will be the first drama that admits, “You know, we thought our heroine was too stupid for anyone to really care about, too.” Just let her ride off with dopey on her moped into the junkyard while Terry carries (ONE OF US) away on his private jet to paradise, or his apartment, that would be fine.

    Thanks for the recap and sharing your epiphany because what I would have done if GJ ended up with DH was be really really MAD, and probably throw up.

    Now, at least I won’t throw up.

    I made a banner for you in case the unacceptable happens.
    I used as disconcerting colors as I could.

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