Written Preview for Episode 13 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

I’ve been thinking about Bu Bu Jing Xin often these past few days, the sequel is filming right now and the producers of the currently airing Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love referenced their drama as a Korean version of BBJX before it aired. I actually thought the first 8 episodes was a worthy successor to BBJX, with a heady aura of love blossoming in political and social quagmires and the feeling of delightful discovery with interesting characters and lovely cinematography. Episodes 8-9 were good but not great, but starting this week the drama took a bath in traditional K-drama makjang and shed any resemblance to the epic love-that-cannot-be that is BBJX. What made the early parts of JOJ work, and what made all of BBJX work, was that the characters all had motivations that were intelligent and understandable, so even if they were at-odds it wasn’t based on irrational decisions and spur-of-the-moment chicanery. That in turn led to the love story having such incredible depth and pathos, because it felt hopeful and hopeless at the same time, like the characters could do everything right and still the world and positions they inhabit will create a divide between them. Ruo Xi and 4th Prince never had any misunderstanding, it was always that they understood each other’s actions and reasoning too well but they simply didn’t have the same point of view. I worry that Lee Soon, once he stares tiring of the fighting because of Ok Jung, will be susceptible to his love for her wavering. Especially when she is no longer so innocent, even if she’s only doing what she needs to do to survive. I expect and want Ok Jung to have a backbone and push back against Dowager Queen Kim and Minister Min, I just didn’t expect all the scheming and fighting that happened recently to be so impulsive and direct. What happened to the subtlety and nuance of earlier?

Written preview for episode 13:

Dowager Queen Kim summons the shaman to determine the right date for the consummation of the wedding night between Lee Soon and Queen In Hyun. On the other hand, Hyun Chi Soo finds Minister Min and offers to finance the Soron faction, in exchange all he wants is the head of Jang Hyun…….

A few novel leaks:

Someone who read the novel posted a few leaked plot developments – In Hyun remains classy and a victim of other’s machinations when she is stripped of being the Queen, Ok Jung rises through the ranks but her position is not secure due to the arrival of scheming Choi Sukbin, later on Lee Soon listens to all the whispered words of Choi Sukbin in his ear at night when they are in bed and she is the main reason for Ok Jung’s fall from grace, in the end Ok Jung lives banished to the far edges of the Palace for some time before she is eventually ordered death by poison by Lee Soon. The drama has thus far deviated significantly from the novel even starting in episode 1, so I don’t know whether any of this will be how things do down in the drama. I sure hope not, because I already can’t stand Choi Sukbin’s smirk. Jang Heebin 4ever!


Written Preview for Episode 13 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 65 Comments

  1. I HATE SUKBIN here!!!! And i hate LEE SOON even more if he discard ok jung that easy…I want chilsoo to be the backbone of OK JUNG once he choose sukbin over her whatever but ONCE she achieve more money by (chilsoo) + a son( soon to be king)= then more POWER

    • so true!! i hate sukbin too!! if jang ok jung cannot bear the king’s son, i’m done.. the history will be end… jang ok jung is nearly becoming my all time favorite korean historical drama and if the drama screwed by making the main’s loss her true love, uh uh not fun at all… i hope the story line will be more interesting…

  2. Wow. Usually when i see posts like “written preview” or “preview to ep –” for JOJ i get so excited but I couldnt help but notice for this one, I was bracing for the worst.
    Although the show took a turn for the worse, i will watch till the bitter end, because this OTP is the only thing that i’m holding onto.

  3. I was glad you posted some information of JOJ (hence I do not have any knowledge of KOREAN history). I truly pity her, what a FATE!

  4. The heck?! This is absurd. The novel sucks if the King truly loved Ok Jung he wouldn’t listen to Sukbin and will not be the one who caused her death. I don’t know if I’ll be ale to take Sukbin no offense but I don’t like Seungyeon for this role. I agree that smirk, is really irritating. I pray to the Drama Gods that this show redeem itself for the succeeding episodes left and will not follow the novel I bet the fans deserves better than that. 🙂

  5. OMG – Capt K! My jaw completely dropped at the leaked parts of the novel. All I have to say is my thoughts about Lee Soon were right from the get go. He was so not worth everything that she sacrificed for him. 🙁 I really have to give this drama up to save my sanity. I’ll revisit it once it’s finished. Crying tears – this novel doesn’t really sound much different from Dong Yi’s version of OJ.

    Koala – you really put all the feelings that I had in the last few episodes into words about JOJ. Thank you!!!!!!! You are absolutely right. The great part about BBJX was that there was never a misunderstanding between the 4th prince & RX, but they did not see eye to eye on some key things. Can I call that mature and it was love that was deep but could not be. I keep harping on JOJ LIL because I just don’t feel like that Soonjung love is that deep. They need to show me something more. It’s clear that Lee Soon does waver. That to me, is just… sigh… I should go back and rewatch BBJX yet again with my boxes of tissues that I was going use here. I just wish CS could be the knight in shining amour and take OJ away. CSB – I really do not like you!!!!!!!!

    • Just to add:

      Ok Jung fighting!!!!!!!!!! I support you until the end. Too bad it couldn’t have been Prince DP or CS. Why or why?!

      • me too.. i like Prince DP the best.. hope for the best for this drama… *finger cross*

  6. Uhmm! The revenge!?! So Chi soo found out that Jang Hyun ordered his men to set a fire to Mrs. Kang’s cloth boutique which she died while tried to save Ok Jung.
    I read a comment somewhere that the mastermind behind Queen Inhyun and Jang Hee Bin dead was the one who got the most benefit. I couldn’t think of anyone else but Dong Yi. 🙁 “

    • … surely you need to differentiate this show from historical record? The real life In Hyun, JOJ, and Choi Sukbin likely all had shades of grey but there’s nothing to suggest that the latter had anything to do with JOJ’s death. Imagining JOJ as some sort of helpless victim is just as reprehensible as reducing her to an evil temptress.

    • Ahhhhhhhhhh so that’s who CS was. I had actually forgotten who he was amongst all the drama changes. Oops.

      I have to say though, watching “Cruel Palace War of Flowers” (btw awesome drama), I have a big soft spot for the Grand Queen Dowager Jo (I know…different dramas etc but I just really love the actress playing the young Queen there – she is just calm and composed so it;s nice to see the GQD go all fiery in this drama).

  7. After watching Dong Yi (not all of it as it was very long drama and I was manager of that drama.) version and read your recap of OK Jung, Koala Unni. I think it is interesting of the novel leak information. I love reading your recap of this drama but pass on not watching it. I wonder why they did not also show Queen Inwon too?

  8. I am already hating the SukBin character. I am super mad at Lee Soon too. How can he sleep with her? I thought he is the wise one when it comes to people using tricks on him. How can he be swayed by this little young thief girl? No matter how I look at it, I can’t understand how he can do this to his baby’s mama, okjung. Why cant he be more understanding for her after everything? So what she becomes more evil ? It’s only because of her greed. That’s normal for every individuals in life. They all want to have something more they love in life and not content with what they have. If he puts in more attentionand shows more affection for her, she wouldnt have become so lonely in life and wouldnt have gone through certain evil things. Please just love her lee soon and forget about suk bin. If only I can sit down face to face with the king. …

    • if i sit down face to face with lee soon, i will slap him right on his right cheek if he ever dares to sleep other than with ok jung.. boy, the girl surely devastated her life to him and he’s gonna threw her over that little thief just like that?! bad king!

  9. I’m so distraught with the plot leaks. Omg how could Lee Soon do that to his beloved OJ? Why was she ever painted the villain again? To me, LS is callous and mean, undeserving of love of any kind! He is the ultimate villain in my book. I don’t blame the other woman. There’s always going to be the lure of other women for a king, but its his unfaithful “love” and awful betrayal that destroyed their love. And to order her death, gosh piss me off. I really really hope the drama will somehow give a more sympathetic version of LS or I’ll definitely hate him.

    • Although I must say I dislike Choi Sukbin already. I can already see how the drama will playout. LS will turn to her probably out of jealousy or distrust of OJ. He’ll impulsively order OJ to die in her face never believing she would go through with it. He’ll find out Sukbin never loved him and regret his reckless command for the rest of his life, and ends up living a sad lonely existence forever. *sigh* what an ending to a supposedly beautiful love story

    • Because historically Jang Heebin was a villain, she was responsible for the murder of Queen In Hyun and was caught and punished.
      Lee Soon as the king could not pardon her for such a grave crime even though he had feelings for her.

      • Holding some kind of Shamanic rite and praying for queen IH’s death does not make OJ responsible for her death. It certainly isn’t murder. But I guess they believe in that stuff back then. Still, to paint her a villain because of that is going too far.

      • the questions: “Is there such a thing as an objective history? Is history a bare chronicle of facts listed year by year on a musty historybooks ?

  10. just what i though! he didn´t really love her!!! selfish man!!! hate you!
    my poor heart!!!!
    im going to cry all the way!!1 ok jung forever!

  11. OH MY!!! i hate LEE SOON!!! i thought you love her!! you should be true to your promise!! I’m sooooo disappointed right now.. i should stop watching this drama.. sigh… what am i gonna do now??????

  12. OH NO 🙁 i was hoping it wouldn’t be like this…… WHY LEE SOON WHY?!?!?!!? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BETRAY HER?!?!?! i thought you love her…… omg my heart is breaking for ok jung right now 🙁 i’ve always supported her, even in other dramas… she is not at fault for trying to fight for her love 🙁 but this is my favorite version of ok jung and now im so sad to see that her future is so dismal….. i hate lee soon so much right now…

  13. siiiighhhh.. so there is really no excuse for lee son having a change heart to SB… looks like i need to stop watch this drama.
    I can’t bear to watch man like that …. hopefully the drama will deviate far from the novel ..
    thank you so much ms koala =)

  14. I’m still confusing, the novel Lee Soon loves Ok Jung so much why does he take Sukbin as another concubine.
    So maybe they will show Jang Heebin getting rid of the In Hyun as she did in reality or are they going to make it that she is too innocent in that.

    The real Lee Soon I think most like did have some feelings towards his wife, a friendship and affection. After all he did take her back as his queen, I think that was the straw that broke the camels back and so Heebin decided to kill her.

  15. thnk u!!!! my gosh, good riddance w/ Chi Soo & Choi Sukbin man!! no need for them here! lol theres enough drama as it is! lol

  16. if this kind of story plot pushes up the ratings, i am really really speechless… surely koreans love makjang too much…

    i am so ready to kiss JOJ, LIL good-bye. i don’t even see any good reason for tormenting myself watching OJ transforming herself into the much-told ruthless power hungry Jang Hee bin.

  17. I too am very invested in SoonJung couple and will watch till the very end with enduring support for OJ!! I love a drama that can evoke strong emotions in me cause I rarely find a drama that even catches my interest. I’m also very interested in how LS will be portrayed. A sad ending can still be beautiful. It’s actually getting more interesting lol. I’ll be mollified if OJ goes out with a bang, like the fireworks she mentioned, leaving them all unhinged in her wake.

  18. after re-watching episode 12 with English sub You will find a section where Lee Soon is one who are responsible for Ok Jung’s turn personality, inocent to become ambitious. And look back to some previous episodes, Lee Soon is person that do not believe in anyone. Lee Soon even has ever doubted Ok Jung in some previous episodes. I believe that Chi Soo and Suk Bin presence will make a lot of misunderstanding between the Lee Soon and Ok Jung

    • Agree. LS’s characteristic is that he doesn’t believe in anyone. If he ever doubted OJ several times before, there’s always a chance that he will doubt her again in the future. Yes he loves her but he’s got this kind of “paranoid” and that could win over his feelings toward OJ.

  19. Dramas are reflection of real life to some extent, but another important reason why dramas are addictive is because the parts got you usually do not happen in real life. Reality is more harsh and the KING’s job is really not to please any woman … this is way over exaggerated in dramas … it has always been the other way around, unfortunately and sadly…

    I like YAI in the PUNCH much better than this where I can tell he is not just standing there looking pretty which means very little to a real good actor. You gotta let go …

    • YES, HE IS.

      I don’t mind if YAI got “bad” or “good” role, as long as he can portrayed it with all his ability and looks real on the screen, he is truly as a good actor. I proud of him

    • I liked the Segeuk. That period is one of my favourite and interested parts of history, so it was fun to see which bits they’d kept and which bits they’d mangled. And Yoo Ah In is a great actor, and he does a fine job as eye-candy. 🙂 Personally I found him to be vastly entertaining.

  20. Actually when I watched episodes 11 & 12, LS knew that OJ was planning her plot to make a stand against the Soron faction when she wanted to kneel the grass mat. He even told prince DP that he awaits to see how it goes. And the part where LS wants his queen to help put OJ in his back palace- the smirk, his noticing his queen shaking. Wow, those r really good acting and make me shiver. I really don’t see how stupid LS is, but scheming.

    Like Koala said, OJ comes out as hidding away her good nature and just comes out tough (but I know it looks as if she is scheming to those who want to harm her).

    I hope the drama cont to portray the couple is trying hard to stay together.
    Like LS may feel threatened by presence of CS in OJ’s life and wants to make OJ jealous by pretending to be w Sukbin.

    Or maybe LS got Sukbin to be around for the purpose of managing the different factions, not as in switching affection from OJ to another woman.

    Becos rem the ending of the novel, he knows OJ is the only woman who loved him for him and whom he loved dearly and devoted his true feelings to. And she is no longer ard for him to rest his tired shoulder.

    I have this feeling that OJ may choose to die for LS’s sake, as in helping him to be released from a very difficult predicament that she knows she can help by her death.

    Maybe I’m still hoping this drama can remain as a true blue romance novel 🙂 Even if not as I wished, I must say I had thoroughly enjoyed myself rewatching the beautiful 1st half of the drama and will not hesitate to rewatch them just for the chemistry and feelings created.

      • After rewatching episode 11, I really feel that LS and OJ are really made for each other.

        Both have a passion – for their work and for each other.

        When they are with each other alone, they really share their feelings, confide in each other, truly smile for each other.

        Yet when they are outside together, they do things with intent and even smile intently the same when dealing with others.

        Sigh, so happy to realize that!

    • ditto. Very well said I hope the drama will be like what you’ve said. Stay trued to the novel but slightly different and executed well. I’m still hoping that SoonJung couple will have their happy ending even if its unlikely to happen. Who knows maybe my they will right?

      • Oh yeah, or maybe LS has no choice but to request for her death. But actually he let her go in the name of death (as he realize he no longer can protect her just like his deceased father could not protect the woman he truly love) and got CS or prince DP to take care of her in the outside world. While he mourns for his loss of her in the palace, as he no longer able to confide in her in the palace or see her beside him anymore.

  21. Jang Hee bin won’t give up that easily either, but Lee Soon is always wavering! Who knows he really might listen to Choi Sukbin! But all we would know is that he would regret it, and would be spending the most horrific time of his life with that wicked witch Choi Sukbin!

    • geez this is just drama. The real history, even president of korea wouldn’t know if Choi Suk Bin was that ‘wicked’

  22. Frankly, I have been dissapointed with the last 2 episodes to the point that I haven’t actually watched them, I just read your recaps and skimmed through random scenes in these episodes. First 1/2 was so good. If only they continued on the same trajectory and did not change the genre of the drama midgame. Ok Jung suddenly seems very manipulative to me. Although she did do it in last few episodes, like getting the other girl to confess to making Ok Jung wear the dress in front of the count lady, Ok Jung seems to do it waaaaay too much in the later episodes. She is suddenly outsmarting everyone. It isn’t realistic. She needs to keep trying but she needs to have failures too in the beginning. And yeah, everyone in the last few episodes seems way to emotional and the subtlety is entirely gone. At least they are keeping the fact that both sides aren’t innocent. That is what attracted me to this drama – that there is no pure good or evil, things are driven by people’s motives. But still…. its just too whiny for me (Esp Dowager Kim – that woman needs to shut up! Very poor script writing on their part. The actress does her best with what she is given, but she is either overacting or the writers aren’t doing a good job) and all the romance is not attractive anymore. Ok Jung lost my sympathy in the last few episodes too. I am still rooting for her, but I am not rooting for her love with Lee Soon anymore. And I agree with koala, the only character I actually still like is In Hyun, because she is still the only one who hasn’t lost all of her sense of reason.

  23. This pleasures of historical fiction and of authentic, adrenaline-charged suspense, but knowing who will triumph and who will perish. Imagine watching a drama set in the wars of the power, at the court of Joseon Dynasty, a few established conventions that undoubtedly did influence the audiences’ expectations and the writers’ products. The scriptwriter were making it up as they went along;;;;; what is due to happen, always in our mind.

  24. Queen Dowager Jo has indicated to OJ in episode 12 that OJ cannot trust King’s favor forever. As the queen who has witnessed 4 generation of Joseon kings, she said the queen or concubine should prepare for a time when king’s favor ends. IMO, with LS’s characteristic of not trusting anyone, moreover he has doubted OJ several times before, there’s always a chance that he will doubt OJ again in the future.

    I watched episode 11-12 without subs and with subs. And I found a very big different feelings watching them without and with subs. I think the last 2 episodes are not as bad as I presumed before. LS is not stupid or busy with his new toy, he’s also a schemer too. I like that LS knows the collaboration of his step grandmother, OJ’s uncle and the Southern Party.
    He makes a deal with minister Jo to keep things in check. The conflict between LS and ministers, how they’re trying to cut off his fund by opposing his coin/monetary policy is interesting. I’m also fine with LS using minister Min’s word to elevate OJ’s status from special court lady to level Sukwon. I think he’s such a sly fox. LS told Dongpyeong, OJ as Jang Sukwon has started a way of politics from her position, a politics to “look after” him. He knows OJ is a smart woman and he’s now watching over her to see how far she can make it.

    The part where ministers asking LS to get rid of OJ is absurd and OJ’s sudden burst in to the queen’s banquet is so out of her character and reckless. That’s makjang for me.

    In the other hand, the inner thought of OJ shows that she has no choice other than defending herself alone because nobody can help her except herself. Yes, she once dreamed to be the best Joseon fashion designer but her decision to come to the palace was to free her mother from the slavery. Meeting LS who’s the king of the country could be unexpectedly a “bonus” for her. And now she’s just trying to stay in her position beside the king and she realizes she needs power to do so.

    IMO, OJ needs to play it out smoothly. She doesn’t have to be so frontal toward her enemies or talking out loud threatening them. The best schemer still can play people’s mind without loosing her grace or doing frontal actions. It’s too bad that she turns to use the king’s favor/love to get rid of her enemies.

  25. the drama need to show them outside the palace. I like them when they were not in the palace..it was more light hearted..being in the palace suck the life out of you. Is true what uncle said to OJ…you can not love the king because you really don’t know where his heart is at. He is a hot commodity and he knows it! Chi Soo need to come in and get OJ out of the palace and they should live happily ever after while the king watches from afar..I know it is a pipe dream but being in the palace will destroy her. Love does not last inside the palace because there will always be “flowers” trying to get the king attention..King doesn’t love one woman..except for the king in The Moon Embracing the Sun..now that is love! Clearly Chi Soo loves OJ forever…ahh how I wish he could be with her..he should steal her away from the king.

  26. I swear I will cry badly in the last ep. How can he abandon the beautiful OJ for that choi? I dunno how can I face this.

  27. even in this drama I can’t like jang ok jung. All I have just pity for In Hyun. Ok Jung maybe beautiful and mistreated and all, I still hate her.

  28. Omg why is everyone freaking out when i dont think its true lol!! This story has been meant for joj live in love and it will not be the same as whatever is said in history orthe original novel. The king never swayed a bit even with the beautiful queen, why would he fall in love over some insignificant girl?? Lol!! How silly.

  29. wait he is gonna kill her?????????????????wooooooooow i haate him poor joj i think the drama is gonna be defferint i hope…. or i should leave this drama now
    T_T but im allready in love with it .. omg i will cry hardly and i think ill hate the actor 4ever lol

  30. Not the way I thought Chi Soo would enter the show.
    Okay, now I’m a little scared.
    Correction: very scared.
    Choi Suk Bin already annoys me just from the opening with her stupid little smirk and I don’t want to see the love story they spent so long building between Lee Soon and Ok Jung just fall apart over this.
    I’m seriously considering whether or not to finish the drama right now. I don’t know if I can face the upcoming bacchanal. Already all the quarreling and shouting in the last couple of episodes – especially Dowager Queen and the ministers versus the king over the Ok Jung matter – is giving me a headache.
    I still want to see Chi Soo’s arrival because I’ve waited so long for it but I might just be resigned to reading your recaps instead Koala, ’cause they seem more enjoyable these days. Thank you for your posts and all your hardwork!

  31. aah i can’t really face it if this beautiful drama will end with OJ’s death!! noooooooooooooooo….. maybe i should just stop watching this melo’s of i just gonna end up crying of sorrowfulness…

  32. Hang on.. super confused. Who’s Choi Sukbin? Has she been introduced into JoJ as a character yet or is that yet to happen? (Haven’t seen last 2 episodes and don’t think I will after what everyone has been saying about them..)

    Can someone post a picture of her or point me towards a picture of her?

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