Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying are Red Hot as the Latest Breakout C-drama Pairing

The existence of these two is why I continue to dip a toe into C-dramas even when the vast vast majority of its output is pure unadulterated crap. It’s not even addicting bad crap, it’s boring nonsensical crap. But seeing the newest and hottest onscreen C-couple flit around talk shows and leap off the screen at me as I watch the period drama Legend of Lu Zhen, I realized that clinging onto the hope of a needle in a haystack is not always such a pointless proposition. I’m a little behind on Lu Zhen this week, but leads Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying continue to be so cute and perfect and gushworthy together that I seriously have no idea what “plot” (or what passes for plot) is happening onscreen. I just want to coo at them. Producer Yu Zheng is striking while the fire is hot and announced that he is looking into an online novel to adapt into a drama to star Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying. I think he’s over-thinking it, though I can’t believe I’m giving Yu Zheng credit for thinking to begin with. Since he’s already announced that Chen Xiao will be his Yang Guo in the upcoming adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes, he might as well make Zhao Yi Ling Xiaolongnu. Yes yes, I know she looks way younger than him and in the book Xiaolongnu is like 6-7 years older than Yang Guo. It might also not work since Chen Xiao’s chemistry with Zhao Yi Ling is totally older caring oppa to cute little dongsaeng (he calls her Xiao Ying, squeeee!), but hot diggity if Yu Zheng picks this pairing for RoTC and films that baby right away, he’s guaranteed ratings gold when it airs. Heck, it might even be the first time I ship that particular OTP in any version (I always ship Yang Guo with Guo Xiang – yes, age difference bedamned). Whatever drama Yu Zheng picks for them will definitely top my radar, because who can deny they are the most sizzling onscreen C-couple in years that deserve every bit of their newfounded breakout fame.

C-news is abuzz about a possible romance between them. They kissed for real onstage during the taping of Happy Camp, and reporters caught them arriving at Beijing airport on the same flight with their assistants but being very chummy together. They’ve also admitted on a talk show that real sparks did fly during filming, but claimed that it was due to being so in character. Hhhhmmm, riiiiiiight.


Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying are Red Hot as the Latest Breakout C-drama Pairing — 20 Comments

  1. Yes, the plots are nothing new (this is a palace drama we’re talking about and china comes up with tons of them) but since I’ve stayed away from c-dramas unless I’m really interested I find them rather engaging than say ahem the latest palace drama from TVB, which is convoluted but BORING. Not even Yufei can save it for me.

    But you’re right, ChenXiao and Zhao Liying are burning up the screen so bad no wonder fans are clamouring for them to be together in real life. I don’t really care for that but I do think their chemistry is AMAZING. I do feel it would be a total miscast if they play YangGuo and XiaoLongnu so I’m looking forward to that new drama Yuzheng is talking about. I’m already up to the latest episode and it’s killing me that it’s a weekend (omg what am I saying) instead of a weekday where we’re treated to three episodes…

  2. Love this hot new couple! I think ZLY is sooooo adorably tiny that I just want to put her in my pocket. It’s been soooo long since I like any c-actress (the last being Zhao Wei) and I’m so glad it’s Sunday! 3 new episodes coming up, hooray! And yes LuZhen is only watchable totally bcoz of ZLY and Chen Xiao because plot and story is kinda…meeeh. Kimi is not too bad in it too but his character makes me want to smack him upside down sometimes for being sooooooo hopelessly in love towards Huanyun, it’s sweet but really dude, grow a spine!

  3. I got confused at the title, but then it’s easy to misspell Zhao Yi Ling, no I mean Zhao Li Ying as both are common Chinese names. LOL

  4. wait wait which happy camp espisode is this?? They really kissed???

    Lu Zhen is amazing because of chen xiao and his damn smiles!! the chemistry between chen xiao and zhao li ying is great too!!

  5. It has been a while since C-Drama caught my attention (the last was BBJX). I thought the title was interesting but I got hook soon after. I like the chemistry! Not ashamed to say that I mostly look out for their scenes together.

  6. This was filmed a while ago and only looking at the released stills, i could tell their chemistry would be amazing. And they did not disappointed. Too bad this drama took too long to aired, or they would have ‘break out’ a little sooner. And perhaps Yun Zhong Ge would have included them … i could only wished

  7. That’s what I was thinking. Yuzheng might as well as cast her as the main lead actress in ROCH. At least in that one, we know that they got a happy ending. Heck, it would be the first time that I would actually finish ROCH just for them since Huang Xiaoming turned me off in that series, he just looked too old and acted so hard to be kiddish.

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