Go Hyun Jung Readies The Queen’s Classroom for Kim Sae Ron and Seo Shin Ae

When Korea gets on a thematic rampage, it usually takes a good year to get it out of their system. Who can forget the year with the sports drama theme, or when time-traveling heroes and heroines for de rigueur? I noticed that 2013 already has one super-woman-in-control drama Queen of the Office on, but in three weeks another queen will be bringing the fire power. MBC’s The Queen’s Classroom (following When a Man Loves) starring Go Hyun Jung looks and feels like a J-dorama, which makes sense since it’s a remake of the J-dorama Joo no Kyoshitsu (The Queen’s Classroom). This feels like a female version of God of Study, or perhaps a button-up version of Gokusen. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing powerful and competent actresses headlining dramas, and other than these queen ones there will also be Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire Jeongi and Ha Ji Won in Hwatu, all stories written around the dynamic life of a woman. I’m also reaching a point of sageuk fatigue, and there isn’t a single rom-com around the corner which leaves me grasping at anything to change up the mood, and perhaps TQC will be it. I’m indifferent to Go Hyun Jung, but she is surrounded by the most incredible sprawling child actor cast I’ve ever seen in any K-drama and that’s the reason I’m tuning in. Led by Kim Sae Ron (The Man From Nowhere), Seo Shin Ae (Thank You), Kim Hyang Gi (Hero), Lee Young Yoo (Bad Family), and Chun Bo Geun (Pa Rang from Wish Upon a Star) among an entire cast of child actors making up the San Deul Elementary sixth-grade Class Three. This is different than having child actors play the counterparts to famous adult leads, this drama is really banking on the collective fire power of Go Hyun Jung plus a sea of precocious talented kids. I smell a hit in the making and might just be a welcome respite in the deluge of sageuks and more sageuks.

First teaser for The Queen’s Classroom:


Go Hyun Jung Readies The Queen’s Classroom for Kim Sae Ron and Seo Shin Ae — 17 Comments

  1. This is my dream come true.
    A drama where the kids don’t disappear after three episodes. Not that all kid actors are great to watch, but with in some series the kids were better than the adult counterparts.

    GHJ + anyone thrills me to the marrow, but throw in Pa Rang/Chun Bo Geun? Just him without any of the other actors – and I am in.

    Who is directing? This isn’t up on Dwiki yet.

    • Just found on Hancinema
      Lee Dong-yoon.
      Hits and misses there. The one that worries me is Feast of the Gods. It dragged a lot. One of those shows where the PD uses long looks and silences to kill whatever momentum the story has.
      But also Greatest Love, which I liked – at least until last few eps.

      Doesn’t look like she has a romantic lead – that makes it more Japanese, too. Julien Kang is there, but not counting on romance there…Should I?

  2. I Watched the Japanese version of Queen’s Classroom and it’s way darker than this kdrama based on its trailer. Also the set-up for QC is a lot similar to Nanny McPhee but minus the magic and much, much scarier. It centers more on the growth of the students than on the main teacher’s life/love life.

  3. Oh my… I love school-themed dramas. The child cast is amazing. I can’t wait for this. I am also getting sageuk fatigue. I can see this doing well just because there are only sageuks out there lol

  4. I adore the child cast….I don’t see Kim Sae Ron or Jin Ji Hee in these pics but I cannot wait o see more of them in here…also Chun Bo Geun too??!!!…adorable little Parang?

  5. This feels definitely more “softer” then the Jdorama version. Amami really was fantastic as Akutsu-sensei. And she definitely did not have a love interest but kdramas love to add that so I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t made it as dark as the original was.
    Go Hyun Jung can play dark but we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Amami is awesome in that drama and boss, she’s great…
      I actually hope this will be as dark as the j-drama version but I think it’s not gonna happen as parents will complain.
      I’m indifferent towards GHJ too, Amami have the pretty-masculine face that can pull of the cold-blooded teacher. Not sure how will GHJ fare but Amami’s version is gonna be hard to forget.

      • Amami is generally just awesome, but she’s overworked had a heart attack and was just well I’ll get back to work.
        She is more handsome looking and that’s a reason she was a Otokoyaku in The Takarazuka revue.
        The Japanese version is going to be hard to beat and I don’t think it will succeed if we look at how Korean companies adapt Jdorama. It might be ratings wise a hit but the story will be terrible.

  6. This will just be j-drama lite so I’m not expecting much. It’ll be interesting though to see how long Go Hyun Jung can get leading roles before her age starts to catch up with her.

  7. The Japanese Queen’s Classroom was a masterpiece and the cast was exquisite.I hope the Korean version won’t butcher this wonderful drama like many other Korean adoptions before.

  8. The 1st pic had me think, “Ah, has Son Ye Jin suddenly gotten chubby?”. ^^

    I am def NOT gonna watch this piece cuz I love teaching and kids way too much to see a dark school-themed drama. Even with multilingual Julien Kang having a minor role there.

  9. I really loved the Japanese version. (Aku)tsu (Ma)ya [Akuma – devil] is one of the few female characters I can still remember the name until now. Amami Yuki was really great in that drama, and I don’t think that this version can stand a chance against the original.

    Also, I super loved Shida Mirai and Fukuda Mayuko in that drama (esp. the “kawaii baba-chan” line of Shida)

  10. she looked just like the lady who played Mishil in Queen Seon Duk at the end of that teaser? Is that not her? Sorry if i’m wrong 🙁

  11. Koala,
    I just wonder if you watch this drama. I love the child actors and actress, they are very talented. the first 6 eps was really emotional . I hope you watch it too ^^

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