Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 14 Recap

Just when I thought Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love was hopelessly lost forever in a sea of makjang, stupid posturing, and painfully childish plotting, somehow this drama found a glimmer of its former thoughtfulness and glory in episode 14. It didn’t resurrect it completely, but the moments of sensibility here and there felt like a refreshing drink of water in an oasis for a thirsty traveler like me. A good sageuk, even one with a romance novel core, is about a world of people who only have one purpose in life. A yanban leads, a slave serves in sufferance, a King rules, a woman is validated by whom she marries. It is not a world we modern people need to deem acceptable, as a viewer we are asked to judge and view on the standards by which they live. For the last few episodes, JOJ was just a modern drama with lots of screaming, plotting overtaking a greater purpose, and all the lush picturesque strokes of this beautiful love story sinking into the quagmire of everyone operating under a “I’m gonna get you” philosophy. The world needs to be about living in it, the plotting ancillary as a point of survival, and the machinations delicate because one wrong step could mean the end.

Episode 14 brought back a bit of the delicate touch, with a flower arrangement session between In Hyun and Ok Jung that almost made me cry it was such a wonderful reminder of what this drama was and could still be. These two women are not enemies, they merely represent different avenues of life and living. They can coexist but for greater powers that seek to preserve or overturn the current world order. And in it, one has found love but at a great price of security, and the other will never experience love at the price of fulfilling a destiny. I love In Hyun because she’s essentially doing a job she was born and trained to do, except she’s facing a mountain called Ok Jung she cannot co-exist with. I love Ok Jung because she is essentially stepping over and above everything she was born and trained to do, except she will not take for granted her one chance at love even if she has to scheme and fight to keep it. I miss this drama’s core that people who inhabit it are not sociopaths but are simply ruthless competitors in a winner take’s all battle. The plotting is by-and-large still stupid but at least a tiny bit of the original heart seems to have seeped back.

Episode 14 recap:

Ok Jung is rightfully furious that her mom was purposely humiliated at this banquet and confronts Dowager Queen Kim about it. Dowager Queen Kim says that the person with rank as Sukwon is Ok Jung, not her mother, hence she’s still a lowborn woman who has no right to sit with nobles. Ok Jung is so angry she sends a slap flying, not towards Dowager Queen Kim, but her court lady.

Court lady goes down for the count and Ok Jung rips into her for promising to take good care of her mother and then failing to do so. In Hyun warns that striking the Dowager Queen’s court lady is akin to striking the Dowager Queen herself but Ok Jung doesn’t care. She can take humiliation heaped on her but she will not take it when it’s directed at her mom.

Ok Jung glares daggers at all the no-longer-haughty bitches gathered at the banquet and everyone quickly turns away in fear. Ok Jung storms off while Dowager Queen Kim looks like she might have an aneurysm.

Ok Jung walks over and asks her mom to come to her residence. Her mom wants to just leave and go home but Ok Jung asks her to stay.

Lee Soon arrives and everyone bows to greet him. He only has eyes for Ok Jung and her mom and walks over to greet them warmly. He apologizes for intruding last time while Ok Jung’s mother apologizes for the time he was injured but she didn’t know who he was so that was a grave disrespect. He says she also helped to save his life and he never got to thank her until now.

In Hyun brings her step-mother and new wife of Minister Min down to greet Lee Soon as courtesy requires. Lee Soon nods his head and In Hyun’s step-mother greets him. Lee Soon makes it clear he’s spending time with Ok Jung and her mom, wanting to know more about Ok Jung. He beckons them to follow and then turns to walk away, pointedly cutting In Hyun and her step-mother, who turns to look at In Hyun with pity.

Lee Soon, Ok Jung, and her mom have tea at her residence. Lee Soon wants to know more about Ok Jung when she was a little girl and there is much happiness and laughter as they talk about how feisty and mischievous she was as a kid. He’s very envious that Ok Jung’s mother knows a side of Ok Jung he never saw. He invites her to the Palace often. Lee Soon takes his leave as he has an appointment with Prince Dongpyung.

After Lee Soon leaves, Ok Jung’s mother is truly moved and reassured to know her daughter has received so much love from the King. She asks if this is a dream and Ok Jung says its real. Both mother and daughter are so pleased to spend time together, though Mom is still worried and tells Ok Jung to go apologize. Ok Jung says no, she is taking it one step at a time. Unless she is reborn as a high class woman, those people will never stop looking down on her.

Dowager Queen Kim sits with In Hyun to discuss what happened at the banquet today, how Lee Soon favored the low born Ok Jung’s mother and ignored the high born In Hyun’s step mother. In Hyun tells her not to fret too much about it.

Lee Soon and Prince Dongpyung discuss what to do about the Qing encroachment. He is using a new bull horn carved bow that he wants to issue to the military. He’ll get the money from Jang Hyun.

Minister Min meets with Chi Soo, who’s adopted father is Lord Chen in the Qing dynasty and very high ranking with large financial reach. Jang Hyun is using his profit from the ginseng trade to import bull horns for the King’s army. The Qing will never allow that since it strengthens the Joseon military. Chi Soo asks Minister Min to arrange a meeting for him and the King, and also to obtain for Chi Soo the rights to sell bull horns. He’ll give to Minister Min all the double profits that come with the ginseng trade.

This scene is one of my favorites and heralds a return to what made this drama so intriguing and lovely – quiet interactions littered with meaning and a reflection on the world of this story. Ok Jung and In Hyun are arranging flowers with their court lady in tow. Ok Jung notices that In Hyun is only using peonies and asks why? In Hyun remarks that she loves peonies, it is the King of all flowers, regal and elegant.

Ok Jung points out that these two flowers are very similar but In Hyun says the flowers have a different class and value. Ok Jung doesn’t have the same taste, she loves paeonias because in her mind, love and a person’s worth is unrelated to rank and position in life. The worth of a flower is based on how many butterflies it can attract and not what a human being determines.

Court Lady Joo speaks up and chides Consort Jang for being rude to In Hyun. Ok Jung immediately scolds her for daring to interrupt while her master is speaking. In Hyun doesn’t respond to that.

Court Lady Joo is carrying a vase of flowers and rushing somewhere when suddenly Ok Jung steps directly into her path and cuts her off repeatedly. Ok Jung’s scary bitch face is SOOOOO awesome. This is totally warranted. Court Lady Joo asks why Ok Jung is blocking her path and Ok Jung says she is merely blocking her path, conversely she almost died because of her.

Ok Jung warns Court Lady Joo to stop doing anything that offends or harms the woman that the King loves dearly. Ok Jung asks if Court Lady Joo will finally know her place after Ok Jung reveals the truth to the King? Her warning hits home as Court Lady Joo fairly shakes in fear and drops the vase before kneeling to beg mercy. She promises never to do anything to cross Ok Jung.

Ok Jung says to save one’s life and take another is perhaps understandable. So what if Ok Jung takes Court Lady Joo’s life now to save her own. Is that fine? Court Lady Joo begs for her life so Ok Jung makes her agree to do whatever she asks of her in the future. Court Lady Joo agrees. Ok Jung also warns her never to interrupt again whenever she is speaking to Queen In Hyun, that makes Ok Jung very angry. She steps on the flowers and with her loyal Court Lady Uhm walk away triumphantly.

Lee Soon is meeting with Minister Jo and Jang Hyun and discussing the trade arrangements with the Qing dynasty. Jang Hyun is angling for the lucrative bull horn trade and Lee Soon can see through it.

Minister Min arrives and turns out Lee Soon has already asked him to acquire the bull horn and he succeeded. Jang Hyun and Minister Jo look shocked.

Chi Soo meets with Minister Min who asks about the bull horns Chi Soo opens a box containing lots of expensive bull horns and Minister Min takes one and is pleased. Chi Soo asks about the meeting with the King and Minister Min pooh poohs it and says a merchant doesn’t need to meet the King. He can get Chi Soo anything else he wants. Chi Soo says he doesn’t need anything else and then sets the bull horns on fire, which pisses of Minister Min. Chi Soo is nonchalant, does he need to push things to the limit before Minister Min will take him seriously and arrange a meeting with the King?

Jang Hyun goes back to his residence and throws a monster temper tantrum. Oh crap, don’t tell me Dowager Queen Kim’s “crazy eyes” is a contagious disease? He wants to know about this merchant that is behind Minister Min. All Hee Jae knows is that the man is living at a gisaeng house for the time being. Hee Jae tries to calm him down and promises to investigate.

Chi Soo is practicing his sword in his courtyard late at night. He’s very angry and his sword thrusts are powerful and reflect his pent up frustration. I think you need a girlfriend, Chi Soo.

He remembers confronting Ja Kyung after the fire and learning that a man with a scar set it, and connecting that it’s the same guy who works for Jang Hyun. He remembers always loving and protecting Ok Jung. Chi Soo thinks to himself that he worked so hard and he’s finally back to protect Ok Jung. Dude, you are so late even the word “late” thinks it’s not adequate to cover your situation.

Lee Soon and Ok Jung are strolling hand in hand. Lee Soon asks Ok Jung what her idea of a strong King is? Ok Jung suggests one who receives the love and admiration of the Sungkyunkwan scholars and ministers?

Lee Soon says a strong King is one who has received the love and admireation of the people, but also has the fear of the yanban ministers and their ilk. He wants his ministers to live as if they cannot have a King, because everything they have comes from the King. He asks when her mom is coming back to the Palace, he wants to hear more stories about Ok Jung’s childhood.

Lee Soon and Ok Jung continue their loving stroll while In Hyun passes by and sees it as does Prince Dongpyung. The two third wheels notice each other.

Prince Dongpyung walks with Queen In Hyun and he brings up their funny first meeting. In Hyun is glad that he seems to have his old happy personality back and wonders what happened recently. Prince Dongpyung says some worries and everyone has worries sometimes. She asks to hear it but all he says is that he’s thinking about a wall he cannot climb and a flower he cannot reach for.

The ever sickly Dowager Queen Kim meets with In Hyun and offers her more medicine to help her get pregnant. She is still sick and doesn’t think she is long for the world. She needs In Hyun to bear a child for the King. In Hyun is not angry but sad and resigned that the King’s heart is simply not with her.

Dowager Queen Kim suddenly gets a great idea. She wants to take In Hyun and leave the Palace to go to the side Palace with the King. They can divert Consort Jang and In Hyun can spend time along with the King, I knew this crazy witch couldn’t last an episode without plotting something.

Dowager Queen Kim and In Hyun goes to tell Lee Soon her plans to visit the royal tombs and introduce Queen In Hyun to the ancestors. Dowager Queen Kim says they need to introduce the royal family and aura to the people. Lee Soon asks that Consort Jang come along as well. In Hyun agrees despite Dowager Queen Kim’s annoyance.

Lee Soon and Ok Jung are cuddling in bed and he asks if she’s always sad because of her mother? She says yes. He ask if she remembers how long he waited for her, and how he wants her to carry his child. Ok Jung asks if he wants her to give birth to a girl or a boy, likely worried about succession problems. Lee Soon smiles and says it must be a son, he wants her to give him his firstborn son.

The happy couple embrace and they promise to spend some happy time together. Okay, the fanservice for the OTP is getting out of control. I’m not amused, I much rather have them taking tea, or reading, or her sewing, and discussing politics and governance and doing something useful as opposed to post-coital times and lots of strolling around the Palace holding hands so conveniently folks can see it, like poor ignored In Hyun, or lovelorn Prince Dongpyung, or man-with-a-grievance Minister Min.

Jang Hyun and Hee Jae come to speak with Ok Jung about the bull horn trade situation.

Ok Jung is at the seamstress wing trying on new clothes. She feels a bit faint and is assisted back to her room.

Dowager Queen Kim bitches to Minister Min about her praying for an heir plans but the King wants Consort Jang to come along as well.

The royal physician is summoned to check on Ok Jung and he confirms that she’s pregnant. The royal physician asks whether the King should be told right away and Ok Jung asks for it to be kept a secret because she wants to tell him herself. Everyone is ecstatic.

The royal physician leaves Ok Jung’s residence and of course he runs right into Minister Min. Does that man have an evil radar or something? The physician tries to stay mum but Minister Min drags it out of him that Ok Jung is pregnant.

Minister Min goes back to the minister chambers and sits there angry and upset. Minister Kim comes by and can see something is wrong but Minister Min doesn’t reveal the bombshell news.

Minister Min rushes to Dowager Queen Kim and shares the information that Consort Jang is pregnant. Dowager Queen Kim starts to freak out and asks if the King knows but Minister Min says not yet. Dowager Queen Kim isn’t yet into infanticide and this is still the child of her son, so she asks what to do. Minister Min says she needs to be decisive and get rid of Consort Jang now. Dowager Queen Kim actually looks conflicted (awww, is her capacity for evil going down?), though she’s more afraid of what her son will do if he found out. In the end Dowager Queen Kim agrees to the plan to off Consort Jang before her pregnancy gets out.

Ok Jung is beaming with a maternal glow and a woman in love. She walks to the chambers where Lee Soon is holding a meeting. She gazes lovingly at him hard at work but leaves without bothering him.

Lee Soon notices her and ends the meeting to quickly run after her. He catches up to Ok Jung and promises to go by later in the evening when his work is done. Ok Jung can only smile adoringly at Lee Soon and he wonders what’s gotten into her.

Lee Soon asks if she’s got a fever? Lee Soon is called back to work and he quickly gives Ok Jung one more sweet back hug before leaving.

Minister Min finds Court Lady Joo, who apparently forgot her promise not to hurt Ok Jung, and she agrees to carry out the deed. In Hyun and Dowager Queen Kim walk by and In Hyun finds it weird her father is talking with her court lady alone. Dowager Queen Kim says its nothing In Hyun needs to be concerned with. Can these people be any less obvious? Court Lady Joo goes to add something to the horses feed.

The day arrives to pray to the ancestors and the Heavens. Everyone gathers outside the Palace and while In Hyun and Dowager Queen Kim are given a palanquin, Ok Jung is told she has to ride a horse since only a first class rank person can ride in a palanquin.

Ok Jung protests that she doesn’t know how to ride a horse and Dowager Queen Kim chides her for not following the rules set by the Palace just because the King loves her. Ok Jung thinks back to Lee Soon wanting a firm rule and agrees to ride the horse. The procession heads out to the countryside and Ok Jung is visibly uncomfortable riding the horse.

As the procession passes through a small lane, Ok Jung’s horse suddenly goes crazy and bolts, throwing Ok Jung off its back.

Ok Jung lands on the ground and clutches her stomach. Everyone is shocked, even mastermind Dowager Queen Kim. The servants quickly rush to tend to Ok Jung while In Hyun and Dowager Queen Kim get out and look on in horror.

Lee Soon hears from his eunuch that Consort Jang was thrown from a horse and is injured. Lee Soon is furious and upset and rushes off.

The royal physician tends to Ok Jung and sadly informs her that she suffered a miscarriage. Ok Jung is so devastated that she can only cry, murmuring that it can’t be true, her baby can’t be gone.

The royal physician asks if the King should be told and Ok Jung says no. He cannot be told because she doesn’t want him to be sad and suffer. Since he didn’t know about the baby, he doesn’t need to know its gone. Everyone cries and cries.

Dowager Queen Kim and with In Hyun and all Dowager Queen Kim can keep saying is pregnant, pregnant…… In Hyun asks who is pregnant and starts to suspect its Ok Jung.

Lee Soon arrives and asks them about Ok Jung’s accident and both assure him that she’s fine.

Lee Soon rushes to Ok Jung’s chamber but stands outside not going in when he hears through the door Ok Jung crying about losing the baby. Ok Jung says it’s all her fault for not protecting her baby, but Court Lady Uhm says it’s the fault of the Queens for making her ride a horse. Ok Jung cries that she doesn’t want to lose anything else she loves so much. Lee Soon clenches his fist in anger and rushes off.

Lee Soon summons the royal physician and forces the man to tell the truth. He learns about the pregnancy and the miscarriage. He demands to know who else knew about the pregnancy! Did Queen In Hyun? The royal physician says the Queen didn’t know. Lee Soon asks if his mother knew. The royal physician says yes, Dowager Queen Kim knew.

Lee Soon asks his eunuch to investigate the accident further. I hope Court Lady Joo is chopped into mincemeat.

Dowager Queen Kim is talking with In Hyun late into the night when Lee Soon suddenly makes an appearance looking extraordinarily calm all of a sudden.

He sits down and his mother tentatively asks why he is here? In Hyun asks about Ok Jung’s welfare and Lee Soon says she is surely a very caring Queen. Lee Soon turns to In Hyun and asks her as the head of the back Palace to make Consort Jang (currently Sukwon fourth rank) into a first rank Heebin.

Dowager Queen Kim says that cannot be, Heebin is only for a consort who has born a son for the King. Lee Soon says Ok Jung did carry a son for him, and then demands to know if they knew she was pregnant!

Dowager Queen Kim cowers at this angry questioning and In Hyun speaks up for Dowager Queen Kim saying the horse riding was part of Palace protocol. Lee Soon asks In Hyun if she knew about the pregnancy and In Hyun says both she and the Dowager Queen didn’t before the accident and only found out afterwards. But she defends the horse riding as the requirement of a fourth rank Consort in the Palace.

Lee Soon is furious and says In Hyun’s focus on protocol is what will forever keep them apart. People is more important than protocol. Lee Soon says he will make Ok Jung Heebin no matter what. He asks his mother to understand how much rage he has in him and how much more he has to endure of the things she did. He is enduring not because he doesn’t know, but because if he publicly censures her it will cause national problems and might even affect Consort Jang. Dowager Queen Kim starts to cough uncontrollably and then agrees to do what he asks.

Lee Soon walks over to Ok Jung’s residence as he deals with the pain of losing an unborn child. Ok Jung is dressed and walking in the garden as well. When she sees Lee Soon, she acts fine so he doesn’t suspect her sadness. He says now is the time to fulfill his promise, the promise about being her clothes to wash away her low birth.

Lee Soon solemnly declares that he has now made her Heebin and then she will bear him a son, that is the clothes he promised her. And when she does bear him a son, he will make their son Crown Prince and he will inherit the throne.

Ok Jung cries to be so loved by Lee Soon and rushes into his arms for an embrace. In Hyun had arrived outside the residence likely following Lee Soon to try to explain more what happened. But she stopped when she saw them talking, and after hearing the conversation and watching the embrace, In Hyun breaks down in tears of utter despair.

Thoughts of Mine:

It’s indisputable that the sole reason for the dramatic and undeniable decline in quality of JOJ in the last few episodes was due to the writing, which substituted “action” for “interaction”. That is a big no-no in sageuk writing, where the action comes from a pent up conflict of interaction until it powers through and triggers a narrative breakthrough. It should be used sparingly and always with much build up in logic, careful thought, and a sense of the inevitable. Take Prince Boksun’s coup, that thing was years in the making and even though he failed neither the viewers nor anyone involved in the coup felt like it was pointless or rash. It had to happen and when it did all the pathos was unleashed and the aftermath was devastating. Since Ok Jung entered the Palace, all the “action” have come across as cheap tricks leaving a cheap aftertaste in my mouth. I miss the intelligent conversations that built up character development and was so grateful to see some of it back in this episode. But even then, the entire plot to off Ok Jung was once again one big FAIL from the get go and I’m appalled the writer even went there with the Dowager Queen Kim. For someone all about the royal family, the second Ok Jung was pregnant with the King’s son, even if she hated her there was no way she would kill Ok Jung or the baby. If In Hyun was cruel and evil she might since Ok Jung is competition, but Dowager Queen Kim understands her duty above all else and family is important to her and that baby belongs to the royal family even if Ok Jung is her hated foe.

I feel like the writing is so slapdash in concocting whatever needs to happen to string along narrative milestones, even if comes at the expense of character consistency or logic. I’m kinda over-it with Lee Soon and Ok Jung’s love story since the network has piled on the syrupy sweet rather than let it feel organic to his world as King and her world as a woman with a purpose to live her life with dignity. I like In Hyun so much not because I like who she is, I simply like how the writer has stayed true to her character narrative the most in showing us a woman who lived her life with one purpose (to be Queen, and a good Queen at that), who is suddenly thrust into an uncertain new world order. Does she accept her lot in life, a loveless marriage without respect or even the modicum of Palace etiquette from the King? Or does she say enough is enough? Ok Jung has said enough is enough to being pushed around, and that I can respect even if I think some of her tactics are so myopic and short-sighted. It feels a lot like how JOJ has veered towards makjang with a complementary shift in directorial flair from the elegant panning shots to the in-your-face camera shots. I felt like episode 14 delivered a bit of the old JOJ magic but I don’t have much hope its not a last shot in the dark.


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love Episode 14 Recap — 97 Comments

  1. I think this drama is going way too romantic than it should be. There may have been a love story between the King and In Jung but I doubt everything in his life (his decisions, ecc.) have been revolved only around her. Its starting to sicken me. I like Queen In Hyun way more. In Jung is being the evil and mean one – wanting to climb on top.

    I dearly hope the script writers won’t stray too much from the history and we will see the Deposing of Queen In Hyun, concubine Choi, the reinstating of Queen In Hyun and the death of In Jung.

    • The drama is based off of a book, and the book is kind of like Wicked, or the Ugly Stepsister, telling things from Ok Jung’s POV. I like Dong Yi more, it’s actually the history behind it, but I like JOJ too. I just want the Queen Mother to die already.

      • FYI, nothing much has been written in Dong Yi’s life. So you really cannot guarantee that the character Han Hyoo Joo portrayed in Dong Yi (2010) is the real Choi Suk Bin.

  2. Thanks for prompt translation. This drama is interesting so far, but I wish the writer continue to write creative, exciting story.

  3. It’s the first time I like and support the second female lead in a drama,and I wish she can crush that cocky Ok Jung!

  4. I don’t think one needs to pick liking In Hyun or Ok Jung. I actually like both ladies equally (despite Ok Jung’s rather abrupt steeliness).

    Ok Jung doesn’t want to climb on top for the sake of climbing on top, she simply cannot survive in the Palace unless she is on top. It’s either/or for her. Minister Min and Dowager Queen Kim are always going to try and destroy her. Her actions are motivated by self-preservation and a sense of getting even with them for trying to kill and sterilize her. She’s totally justified as far as I’m concerned. A bit of subtlety in method wouldn’t hurt, though.

    In Hyun is also perfectly justified in doing her duty running the back Palace, bearing a son for the King though he won’t sleep with her, and generally trying to maintain order despite OJ and DQK trying to torment each other. She’s totally caught in the middle and she has feelings too. Even if the King loves Ok Jung, he’s totally disrespecting In Hyun who is his Queen and there are propriety and traditions he needs to uphold. He is not Lee Soon, a man who can do what he wants. He is King Sukjong, a ruler who is bound by duty and the mantra of authority.

    • Nicely said. I agree with you 100%.

      Your comment about Ok Jung is well made. I agree that what she’s doing is simply self-preservation. Power is everything. I think the only thing that bothers me are her snarky retorts, comments, and actions to Queen In Hyun. Her enemies are Minister Min and DQK, not In Hyun. From the beginning, In Hyun welcomed her into the palace with open arms.

      I think the one thing In Hyun and Ok Jung are similar in are the troubles they faced due to their birth statuses. Because Ok Jung is of “low” birth, she’ll always be ridiculed and abused, that’s why she worked so hard to raise her own status. Likewise, In Hyun had to bear being born to Minister Min. Because of who her father is, she’ll never receive any respect or kindness from Lee Soon. They both face prejudice based on who they were born as, not who they are.

      Also. . (with your last paragraph)I think that’s the one thing that bothers the crap out of me about Lee Soon. Yes, it’s great that he found a love that transcends social status and his mother’s objections. . BUT, he isn’t living in a time period where love can be freely distributed and reciprocated. Above all, his duty as a king comes before his love for Ok Jung. I just find it humorous that his power comes from his women. To promote or demote one would either be empowering the Soron or Noron factions.

      I’m honestly very curious to see where they’ll take the story when Dong Yi comes in. I feel like my dislike for Lee Soon will grow =/

      • I have to disagree with you about the queen welcoming her with open arms..she did not actually..did you not see the part where she saw ok jang during her ride into the palace and pull down her shades as she rolls into the palace..This was after where she promise the king that he would find her ok jang herself..she could have stop her carriage ride into the palace and said to ok jang “found you!” she just making “empty promises to the king” so she can make queen and later on hoping that lee soon will forget about ok jang and come to her. She never liked ok jang in the beginning..even when “uncle’ aka the prince saw her as she was walking into the tailor maid chamber carrying the king robes and in huyn was all jealous that she made that face..”Why does everyone like that low birth girl” Is not that I do not like In Hyun..she isnt bad..is just she looks down on you if you are low birth..

        I honestly love the first queen..if she was alive..all three of them can live happily ever after..the ok jang, nice queen , and lee soon..the nice queen refer to ok jang as a friend..

      • She even tell ok jang not to aim high for anything..that is nice a kind person ..that is just a mean girl talking! If I were in ok jang shoes I would have to fight too to get to the top because if you dont fight you will die in the palace.

      • I think for Ok Jung’s point of view… after all, all QM and minister Min to her is for queen in hyun. So it’s understable if the way ok jung glareing at her right now….it’s unserstable if she thinks queen in hyunis take apart from all QM bad deeds. I will assume the same thing. Too. And add to the fact queen in hyun benefits about min min and QM bad deeds. and We viewers Don’t see it that way… Because we know what happen. She is not an amgle either.

      • I think what Brenda meant to say was that In Hyun graciously accepted Ok Jang and officially announced her new status as concubine. That also means she has taken her under her wing and will teach her the right etiqutte as Queen. In Hyun is very well justified(in my opinion) in the coldness towards Ok Jang in some cases. If you see it from In Hyun’s perspective, you would see Ok Jang as a mistress that seduced your husband, the King. Now he’s taking her in even though she may very well threaten your status as Queen. Also, In Hyun has to deal with the jealously and emotions watching her husband fall in love with a girl of low birth. That definitely takes a big hit to her confidence for someone who’s been groomed all her life to be the mother of the nation. I personally think that most of our 2nd leads that play “villain” in this case would have not even accepted Ok Jang and instead devised of a plan to off her. Join in with her evil dad, or something. But In Hyun has consistently shown her graciousness, all the while being human. Who’d be nice to someone who seduced your husband on your consummation night? Not me for sure!
        And i think her telling OK Jang not to aim for anything high is also realistic. In her eyes, even accepting to take her in was already big enough, don’t really want to push it.

      • Am I the only one that can see how pathetic the queen is? She basically forced herself onto him and wonders why he hates her. The fact that she can’t seem to see through the kings mother and her own father’s blatant schemes is disturbing. She is an idiot that is completely unaware of the motives from the people around her. Call me crazy but in order to be a “good queen” one must be aware of things that are happening around them in order to make conscious and diplomatic decisions. She is a dumbh@@ who doesn’t know her place in the palace lol. He agreed to make her queen but that doesn’t mean he has to give her a chance foe romance to happen. I mean who the Fu@@ agrees to being set up to fool the king into thinking their encounter was by fate.

      • @Eww=_= Yup! I can see the same as you see.
        Because this drama is so compact we need to watch without blinking our eyes, and forget everything we thought we knew about and follow the storyline carefully, about the characters, the setting, the atmosphere, previous events and so on. When we watch a drama, we are aware of all of the different parts of a story – the different scenes and how they relate to each other, we are shown various moments and ideas which reappear later on in the story. These ideas are like threads in a piece of string they all come together to weave into the story.

    • responding to ilikemango post: In Hyun tells ok jang that before she was even queen. Saying you are low birth dont aim for royal not even the prince. In huyn just wanted to be queen. Remember how jealous she was with the first queen..The dude didnt pick you..get your pride on and walk away. She doesnt love lee soon just the her title as queen. I dont hate In Hyun but the king already said that he already have his “first love” and you still want to be my queen? He directly say it to her face! Plus he told her that his first good queen was very kind but he neglect her because he was in love with someone else. In Hyun is like her dad but not to the plotting evil but..the apple doesnt fall from the tree..she just want to be queen with or without love. So you cant hate JOJ and the king to fall in love in front of your face. No one lead you into a lie or trap ..you want to go straight on knowing in full that you dont have the man heart. YES she is his queen only because she promise him to find ok jang..so in the end you cant hate joj and lee soon for throwing their love in her face..she just never thought it was hot and heavy love..It does suck if I was in hyun but i never would take the deal if I knew I have to bring in your first love to be queen..is her choice and she has to live with it.

      I dont hate the queen..she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. But if I were JOJ position and I knew my husband gonna go sleep with someone I will try and prevent that too! He doesnt want to sleep with the queen he has to because if his mom and everyone telling him to. That era is different then now but I’m just saying..I were in the queen shoes..and I knew that my husband doesnt love me..I would not put myself thru this.

      • Is the price you pay to be queen..I know she graciously accept and announce to everyone that there is a new Lady Consort..To be honest she probably have to do this because she promise the king she would do it for him.

        In the end I just think JOJ should just peace out and be with Chi Soo…let the queen and whats her face: choi suk bin fight over the king..not worth it for a guy/king! not at all!

      • Yes, exactly in my thought, IF we’re watching this drama with openhearted, forget about other previous ones or history book and figure out the actual meaning of something, that which is not stated outright. This is a historical FICTION which focusing on famous historical figures of the popular personalities that have been featured into a new vision.
        (It is merely as present in the lives of its characters as a trust in the reality of angels, or a dread of demons, would have been in the minds of people take their pleasures and endure their sufferings with a plausibility that puts to shame a good deal.)
        Sadly neither their original script plan A or B or C couldn’t be popular (ratings?) in Korea. At the moment they’re in the mess but I believe they’re trying hard to find their professional way back. Keep fingers crossed 🙂 FIGHTING 🙂

      • I think its not fair to call In Hyun pathetic or paint In Hyun as someone who has such a thirst for the seat of the Queen. You can see her being hesitant to become queen until after her mother died. She became determined to gain the seat because that was one of the things her mother wished her to achieve. She is filial daughter and the model joseon women.

        In Hyun warns JOJ about status because that is what she was taught her whole life to do. This is indoctrinated in In Hyun so you can’t completely blame her for that. And what about the merchant daughters who not only remind JOJ of her low status AND bully her?

        In Hyun did understand that the marriage she is getting herself into isn’t what a loving marriage but she did expect the King would at least respect her as a queen. Lee Soon does not. He doesnt even respect her as a person because he is so caught up with her father. He never saw In Hyun as a seperate person from her father and this is entirely his fault. She is fulfilling all the duties as Queen.

        Yeah she saw JOJ but she was hesitant and scared which is completely human. Honestly if we were in her shoe would we hop off the cart and welcome her. There are many obstacles that can come from this. JOJ could have inspired a rebellion of low status people and by law this is not allowed and that would mean she fail as a Queen to protect joseon. By bringing JOJ in, she can destroy the current ruling party which is failing her duty as a daughter.

        I think people need to see how human she actually is. She is trying her best to survive in the palace like JOJ but in different ways. And In Hyun has so much more to lose than JOJ and she is also bound by so much more than JOJ. I feel like In Hyun has been nothing but gracious to JOJ. And I don’t hate JOJ and I can see where her motivation is coming from but I feel as if she is too wrapped up in her self-pity of being low born. And this obsession started because of her uncle too.

        Honestly the worse people here are the men controlling these two vastly opposite character in joseon society.

    • Agreed on every count.

      I honestly thought I couldn’t hate Lee Soon anymore than I did, but this show surprises me everyday, and I actually hate him even more than I did yesterday. King or no-King, Lee Soon has no sense of social responsibility that’s independent of the time period he lives in. He basically shows zero respect to his actual mother-in-law, who is someone he has to at least provide decent hospitality towards regardless of whether he loves In-hyeon or not. The fact that he gave nothing more than a nod to his “mother” shows that the his kingly power has certainly gone to his head. All of that “How to be a Good King” stuff just seems like utter BS when he can’t show basic humility within the palace. Ugh. Lee Soon makes my blood boil (as does DQK) and neither In-hyeon or Ok-jung need a guy like him in their lives. In-hyeon is lucky by being unloved, she isn’t tossed aside like Ok-jung will be in the future when Choi Suk-bin comes around. It really is unfortunate that two smart ladies had to have their lives intertwined with the two aforementioned block-heads.

      @Jo: Despite what In-hyeon had said in the past, but as queen, she does everything in her power to make sure that Ok-jung is not mistreated to an unreasonable level. She always attempts to ease the pain that Ok-jung has, not add to it. In-hyeon may not be BFFs with Ok-jung, but she knows how to respect other people in the palace, including Ok-jung. She’s no Lee Soon. In-hyeon takes her responsibilities very seriously, and plays smart politics between all the different people she has to satisfy. I think it’s safe to say that she will be both a better queen than Ok-jung (not that Ok-jung is a worse person or anything, it’s just that Ok-jung will need to be focused entirely on her survival and power) and a much better queen than Lee Soon could ever be King (who is horrendous). In-hyeon could easily find ways to seek hefty revenge on Lee Soon and Ok-jung’s relationship, but she does none of that. If that doesn’t show her regal quality, I don’t know what does.

  5. No matter how is this drama stories, history already records that Queen Inhyeon is the best Joseon Queen and Jang Heebin is a concubine who died because throne.
    So i hope that the writer wont change too much from the original history. Sukjong in this drama is not the Sukjong, who i’ve been known from the original history.

  6. I really wish Ok Jung would show respect towards In hyun. She hasn’t done any wrong to OK Jung, yet she continues to torment In hyun mentally and emotionally. And we get it, the King only has eyes for Ok Jung, yet she continues to flaunt her relationship in front of In hyun. I really wish the story would move along more and focus less on the skinship between the King and Ok Jung.

    • I think that if the script writer had more delicacy, she could show Ok Jung being nice to In Hyun while plotting more behind her back. This overt disrespect is going to cost her her life. However, while In Hyun hasn’t personally done anything to Ok Jung, she would never know that, since it’s her father and her support that’s tried multiple times to kill her, humiliate her, and make her unable to have kids. How is Ok Jung supposed to know that In Hyun had no part in it? Her striking back is childish, but I think it’s warranted (at least in her view).

      • AGREED! Can you imagine being in JOJ shoes..being called low birth and amount to nothing all the time..I would be pissed too! You cant blame her..she was very nice to being with ..but Lord Min pushed her to the edge..if he didnt kidnapped her and tried to burn her alive..none of this would happen..she probably want a piece of the king and share with in hyun too. And dont forget the king mom ..was very hateful towards JOJ as well..kicking her out of the palace.She never wanted the king..he was the one coming after her..as soon as she found out he was the king…she back off ..she was in love with the officer..the man!

    • Agree. Respect is a huge thing in sageuk land, especially in the land of joseon and the royal palace. I think it’s time we all accepted that this show is not holding onto any traditions since they mentioned it’d be a fusion sageuk. But what seems so out of place/nonsensical is how childish everything just seems. I’m okay with conspiracy or devising a plan and whatnot — you just got to be smart and mature about it. Not flaunt it off and ask for a death wish. You want to be as slick and sly as possible — and ok jang has proved in past episodes where she blackmails Lord Min and stuff, but whenever it came to In Hyun I cant help but wince because it’s just not well-played on ok Jang’s part.
      I can see how Ok Jang would assume in Hyun would know everything that her father is up to and would group her in the same category as her enemy, but that doesn’t excuse her lack of respect for the Queen of Joseon in front of her face.

      • i think that in Ok Jang she just doesn’t respect in Hyun as Queen because like she said, in Hyun got her crown thanks to her tears and screams…i mean in Ok Jang’s point of vue in Hyun only got to marry the King because her father locked Ok Jang away, going as far as trying to kill her. Hard to respect someone you think knows that and still seat on her “flowery cushion”. even if now it’s established that she didn’t know anything about that it’s a little too late for Ok Jang to change suddenly the way she feels about in Hyun.
        i don’t really get the hatred agaisnt Ok Jang. I mean for me her evolution was really well explained. How she wasn’t interested by power, just tryng to buy her mother’s freedom and get away just to get caught up in so many things that her only viable option was to go to the palace to protect herself (and maybe find the man who she developped feelings for). then she finds out he’s the King, tries to stay away but can’t because he can’t stay away from her either, then getting kicked out, kidnapped, almost killed… i think that’s quite enough to change something in her…
        She just wants to stay with her man, get revenge on the occasion and so what if in Hyun isn’t aware or anything? why should she start to look really closely and think “ho yeah maybe she is innocent and didn’t know so i should be kinder to her”? i mean it’s not like in Hyun isn’t by that really annoying Queen Dowager’side when that one’s plotting. can understand why Ok Jang would take it on ehr too (not that i’m saying it’s ok but Ok Jang is only human)
        as for the King i’m quite biased. i love that he’s taking his love’s side even though looking at it from an historical point it’s not correct but still, he too is entitled to be selfish and protect one person of his choice. as i said for Ok Jang even a King is only human and have feelings.
        well that’s how i see it, can’t wait for the next episode>_<

  7. JOJ’s personality was not evil, in fact she was a gentle good person. She became what she is now because of circumstances that force her to defend herself to survive.

  8. I feel the opposite. I have seen JOJ as portrayed in various kdramas already so I was interested in this one because it was going to be a little different.

    I have given up on this being a traditional sageuk (it’s totally not) and am just hoping that they can finish telling a good story. I have a lot of gripes with the show right now but I’m not going to lie, I am enjoying the fanservice. 🙂 Shamelessly at that. It will only last so long (maybe 1 more episode or so). I imagine the downhill decline is going to be steep and fast.

    • I really enjoyed their OTP goodness in the first third of the show but that’s because the show didn’t constantly show them going at it like rabbits all ok jang forever lee soon forever. It was enough not to be considered too prude or too frisky. Now it just seems sort of overplayed and leaves little to the imagination(but that’s me anyways. I like a little bit of teasing here and there, with the real action saved towards the end.)
      It’s sad because this OTP owned my heart so much. I would have loved if his love for her developed slower– their romance was sort of passionate and lust in my mind now — because they left little time to develop their romance. The first third showed they were smitten, but things escalated and for the worse that there was no longing or yearning or time apart for the OTP to develop their romance, and for the viewers to feel a gradual and organic love.
      I might give this show the benefit of the doubt and say they had planned this all along — to show the fast, passionate romance between King SukJong and Jang HeeBin all to end as fast as it started. Remember in episode 3 with the foreshadowing of In Hyun and Ok Jang during the fireworks display? Ok Jang would rather be a firework since a person only has one lifetime to live and rather be eye-catching even if she flames out quickly…..

  9. I honestly love lee soon in the beginning as a man outside of the palace but as a King he is lacking a lot. In reality he has no power and can not even protect someone he loves. Ok Jang would probably turned out much better without him in his life. She would have a happier life with chi soo and live a normal life..chi soo is rich now and he could have provide for her and take care of her and she could continue making clothing outside of the palace. It is such pity that her life is with the king. Sad that it is too late for that…or is it? I guess one would only hope.. 🙁 I wish the drama went a different route like she saw what palace life was like as a maid and peace out and lived happily outside with Chi Soo. I’m rooting for him because just a brief clips that I’m seeing him in..he is such a upstanding guy. He doesnt have people telling him who he should sleep with and when he should sleep with them..the freedom is nice! I see Lee Soon being carried to the In hyun chamber..and he has this sad look on his face like death was waiting for him and he couldnt do anything about it. For god sake..you are the f*** king! You can say “No”!!! And why was he being carried to the queen chamber?…Do you not have 2 legs?? You can’t walk there? you have to be carried?…I wish Ok Jang would wake up and leave his ass!..I’m sorry if I offend anyone ..but I really fall in love with him during episode 1-10 but afterward..it just went downhill from him..Chi Soo looks more manly..I get that back in that era ..things were different there but still…The episode where Ok Jang seduce him..and while they were cuddling in bed..he asked her “why did you block my way to the queen and seduce me?’ I would’ve been like “dude, maybe I dont want you to be sleeping around.” If I were ok jang ..the queen and that dong yi aka cho suk bin..can have him… ok jang should get the hell out of there and be with chi soo..plus he is rich now..her life with him wouldn’t be that bad..

    I know there are a lot of scene of lovely dovey with the king and ok jang but that love wont last that long..and that is the sadness part..esp for the girl. For-shame on the damn king! I really did fall in love with lee soon during the beginning episode…sigh…thanks for reading this rant..

    • I love lee soon’s char in the first 1-6 episode… That’s lee soon’s char I love the most…. He just seems real as a man to me…

    • Agree. Ok Jung is too greedy for the love of the king. But it is her job to obtain power and support the southern faction right?
      I’m on team Choi Suk Bin/ Queen Inhyun now 🙂

  10. There was so much active COMMENTS and I was glad many were following the drama. I just wish that the story focuses the “LOVE” of a King and a commoner. The possibility of having a “CINDERELLA” during the JOSEON era. From the beginning I was fascinated of JOJ passion on designing. It was such a nice start and we hope it will be good till the end! KOALA,thank you!

  11. Thanks for the recap. I don’t completely agree with you but I like your insights. I was wondering if you have a bias towards the actress who plays IH. The actress is good but I feel how IH’s character is portrayed in this drama does not deserve the praise you are showering her. I feel bad for her and agree she is in a tough position. However, she consciously made the choice, even bargained to enter a loveless marriage for her position as queen and bring back the other woman for her husband. Her character is consistent but she is consistently weak and self-righteous. She has not exercised her power as queen and is constantly hanging onto QM’s skirts, turning a blind eye to the schemings and ugly pickerings that’s going on. Perhaps she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty but its too hypocritical and self-righteous for her own good. It’s difficult to empathize with her character but I do feel for her. That’s how I feel this drama is portraying her.

    • I like how you explained your thoughts very eloquently about your differing opinions on In Hyun. I can defintely agree with some of your points.
      Personally, i believed koala to feel sorry for both ladies on an equal level (as she’s mentioned). If anything, she’s still rooting a bit more for ok jang than In hyun since we’ve followed more of ok jang’s horrible past. Koala has mentioned that KTH is the best thing about this show as of now, so I don’t think it’s a matter of biases if she’s showing more favor towards In hyun. What makes In Hyun more favorable(as a character) is that she has been the most consistent in her actions even after our main characters have gone awry and changed for the worse. I think it’s more of ok jang and lee soon leaving a bitter taste to the mouth after watching recent episodes, while In hyun neutralizes out that bitterness.

      • Because IH is written as passive character. Not so much done from her part. Those who get bigger part of active parts get the bitter taste, it seems. I feel sorry for JOJ & LS’s character script writing.

      • @Ellie and Plumeria:

        IH may seem like a passive character, but think back to what her goals are. She wants to be the ever present moon, who is remembered throughout history. For that she has to act the way she does, restrained and focused on her queenly duties. She has no active interest in the love affairs of the King and Ok-jung though she may have fallen in love with the King. Therefore, we’re not going to see much action from her besides maintaining her status as a quasi-switzerland (with some political leanings).

        OJ has different priorities, and those are just as valid as IH’s. To say one person is better than the other is very close-minded. Just because IH’s father is Minister Min doesn’t mean that she has to be treated like dirt by Lee Soon. To those who say that she chose to be queen and has to take that treatment in stride, I agree; but so does OJ, who also chose to take the spot as a Court Lady/Royal Consort. (Aka. don’t be hypocritical.)

        OJ doesn’t deserve all the crap she gets from palace folk either, but we all know that, since the story is all about her.

    • Totally agree with you. IH’s only wanted to be Queen (Mother of the Nation) since the day she was born no matter who the king is. It’s more family duty than heart plus her father is a greedy minister, done nothing for the country since King Hyeonjong reign. LS’s fully acknowledged Min’s power-game.
      IH’s seemed to have a clean-image bcoz she got 2 powerful Weapons to do all the dirty job for her. I think she’s a snobbery and no motivation, unlike IK (same noble-class) she may be clumsy that i think bcoz of her poor health and her kindness, but she’s determined and followed her own heart to marry LS (he’s her dream man not bcoz he’s a Crown Prince). Yes, LS’s using her and her father to bland M-Min’s power.
      OJ loves LS before knowing he’s king, but being lowborn in the Royal family is the crime that she’s committed. 🙁 And to survive (LIVE) with her heart (LOVE) in the palace she must turned into a villain. (It’s a ugly part of OJ.)
      I talk about the character in the drama NOT their personal life. I love them all even DQ-Kim, GDQ-Jo, M-Min, JH 🙂

      • Yea, I think the very best historical drama will inspire the audience to investigate the fact behind the fiction.” Historical figures are often treated with reverence, and anything marring their image is criticized, there is a distinct difference between historical accuracy and emotional accuracy, historical drama plays an important role in society: “What most of these dramas are trying to do is shed a light on something happening by using historical events. If they can do that successfully — and in an entertaining way — then why not?”

    • Agree with you, blows my mind that Queen IH gets a lot of sympathy. She may not be directly involve with the schemings and devious plots but I don’t see her as a saint. Lee Soon was right in saying that she would rather obey palace protocols than respect for human beings. Don’t know much about the Joseon era but treating low caste subjects the way they did, gave me the reason why it’s extinct. IH was raised to be an aristocrat, her life was never threatened, nobody doused cold water on her, embarassed her to the brim, tried to burn her alive, poisoned and went through hell losing a baby. Lee Soon is punishing her bec. of her hunger for power. If she has shown a little bit of that love towards the King though unrequited, I am sure the King will be more sympathetic. I like this version of JOJ, despised and dejected yet fighting until the bitter end.

  12. JOK is fighting for her rights. I wish to see Lord Min and Lady Joo send to death..serve them right. Queen In Hyun and Dowager Queen Kim..they can live in fantasy coz in reality the only one woman for King and mother for his future son is JOJ!

  13. this drama is just wanting you know that king is also a man who loves and will do everything to protect and caring his beloved one.
    He warned In hyun that he won’t love her from the first time, if In Hyun want to be a Queen, She’ll get it but not his heart..
    JOJ is just simply woman who like live together with her man, She prefers to have Lee Soon as a man not a king, since become a King is Lee Soon’s destiny she can’t avoid it, she has to fight to get her love..

  14. Why the heck is chi soo only in 5 mins of ep 13 and 14!!! He is more of a third lead instead of 2nd..showing mid way thru the drama..what a waste..Jae Hee is a really good actor ..wish he has the romantic scene with JOJ..sigh

  15. thnk u!!! I absolutely love the romance that goes in between OJ & LS! it’s so rare, but I don’t feel as if its over done. it’s the icing on the cake type of feel, and it keeps people from going insane w/ fury. hehe I hope they pop them bbys! & pop them quick! lol!!! 😀

  16. OMG I’m so loving all the lovey dovey, snuggles huggles, backhugs and hugs and skinships in this episode! I think the drama is selling the great chemistry of YAI & KTH. This is now the only best thing I see in JOJ that keeps the show running. I just want more! If this show stays true to its title >> Jang Ok Jung, Lives In Love << I'm not complaining with all the skinships.

  17. I’m really interested in the arrival of Dong Yi. How will she change things? Dong Yi is the concubine that bore the most children for Sukjong… that does seem to be a good indicator of who he favored the most lol. If I remember correctly, Jang Ok Jung only bore him one child. If Dong Yi does make her appearance, I think it’ll be interesting to watch Sukjong fall out of love with Ok Jung. The OTP is being portrayed in such an aggravating manner, I think I’ll find it quite vindictive.

    • I admit sometimes…. I’m just so annoyed with this OTP…. it seems they don’t know a proper place, or proper timing for lovey dovey.
      They seems didn’t know their action will bring more enemy and it will add more fire…

      Sometimes I just feels… “I got giddy watching them, sometimes they are sweet… but… why I feel this is so wrong? I don’t enjoy 100%”
      I this intentional?

  18. LMAOoooo
    I’m glad in here I’m not the only one who dislike Lee Soon the most…! God.. he thinks as if the world revolved around him… SOmetime I dislike his action the most for not care about woman’s heart and seems doesn’t know how to treat a woman…

    Queen In Hyun’s and Ok JUng’s behaviour (also his mom) affect from his decision and action… I hope he will realise this..
    He is being childish right now…. and doesn’t seems to understand how to react and act properly

    I keep wishing if only Lee Soon is not a king… just a mere chief palace guard…

  19. I’m just not pleased with the way things are going because all the past dramas about JOJ and even in history, she’s seen as the evil overtly ambitious/power hungry character so even if its Kim Tae Hee acting it out, I feel biased towards In Hyun. I feel so bad for her. The king is totally disrespecting her. I’m sick of all the lovey-dovey scenes.

  20. I read YAI’s latest tweets and I think even he knows that this script is not going anywhere. Sigh…his character degenerates the most since Lee Soon is encountering a 180 degree character change.
    From episode 9, this drama is becoming the worst drama on Jang Ok Jung among the five different dramas I have watched. It is one thing trying to redeem one historically demonized figure. It is another by making all other characters completely farcical and unrealistic. Everything is for the sake of rating now. I even wonder whether since KTH is the biggest star in this drama, at least the production company wants to keep her character intact so that all the CF sponsors can bring in the profit for the TV station and the production company. And poor Jae hee. Although I am not his fan, if I were him, I would completely sue the production company for including his picture in the cast.

    KTH is doing fine. But with a drama like this, her achievement will be greatly discounted since all other characters are barely written. It’s funny even to read Korean news entries since they all say that JOJ is finally turning evil. LOL. Did they even watch this show? Not at all.

    Again, I will pretend that this show never happens…For next week, I will turn in to Shark by Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin. For one thing, at least I can trust the writers from Rebirth and Devil, two of the greatest Kdramas I’ve ever watched!

  21. I don’t feel bad for Ok Jung if she’s dead in the end. Like seriously?! She has turn into a bitch after she was given the title Suk Won by Lee Soon. She keeps on telling someone who had hurt her in the past to just keep quiet or she will tell Lee Soon.
    Can’t wait for Choi Suk Bin to stole the king’s heart from her! By the way, I love Queen Inhyun! Jang Ok Jung is wayyyy better if she had not enter the palace and ended up with Chi Soo

    • so she should shut her mouth and have people walk all over her or even kill her?
      Where is the logic?
      She did what she needs to in order to survive? Is she harming anyone? NO
      King never had love IH and never will. It’s not her fault when IH asked for the empty queen tittle. Yes, she asked for it!

      • She IS harming Queen Inhyun, step-by-step. If you read history books, she ended up deposing Queen Inhyun from the seat of the queen, but she died because she killed Queen Inhyun.

        Queen Inhyun asked for the seat of the queen. Yes, she asked for it. But Lee Soon as a king shouldn’t treat Inhyun so disrespectfully! Yes, I know Ok Jung must obtain power to survive, but her SURVIVAL is turning to GREED now.

  22. IH manages to stay innocent and be the great queen of back palace thanks to Dowager Queen Kim and her father who do all the dirty works for her. I don’t have sympathy for her. I like IH version in Dong Yi better. I’m SO lovin every single romantic and lovey dovey scene of OJ & LS. I’m craving for more~ minus the cliche scene where IH always shows up behind the tree or wall watching them. LOL creepy.

  23. WOW! long-insightful discussion, me like it

    I love this episode more than previous episode, nevertheless I still think twice to put my empathize to IH character or other character in this drama after nine impeccably episodes has passed. IH is the Queen. But she did nothing as a Queen or mother of the nations. She just sit and waiting her fate. Did what Queen Mother and her father told her, I already think that she just a puppet. She must do something as a Queen. If she want affection from LS, she must fight and learn how to gain not just sit and waiting. She already knew that LS never love her. She could get LS affection by helping LS in the court. Or doing something like LS did and support him. So far I just find her as a woman who want to sleep with the king.
    LS is such a selfish King, even I still perceive that what he did is to strengthen his position and his throne even he use OJ. He put OJ in a dangerous position and he is aware of it, that’s why DP warn LS. I believe at the end he will regret it
    OJ is not evil, she just want to survive. Act that she is strong. If she act pity and passive and wait for LS help for every difficulties she experienced since she decided to be live in the palace, I would like to hate her more. Live is about to SURVIVE. Too bad I hate how she act
    The Queen Mother, I just hate how she monopolize everything in the palace. She is not the Queen. Even she monopolize her daughter in law. And I hate her screaming voice. But at the last episode, is she whispering? Its miracle!

    • Queen dowager is going to be offed in the next few episodes.
      How do i know? She has made an appearance in ep. 1 of monstar(recent).
      She’s goin’ for sure, and i can’t wait.
      I am planning on watching ep 1 of monstar now and hoping she gives a more nuanced performance.. lord.

  24. But that is no excuse for OJ τ̲̅☺ behave that way towards IH. We understand that IH chose this path for herself but has everyone forgotten wat she said τ̲̅☺ leesoon wen they were making a deal, she says she wants τ̲̅☺ become queen for leesoon’s sake. Wat Ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ọ̥ U̶̲̥̅̊ think that meant,i believe this is heя̅ trying τ̲̅☺ protect lee soon’s power and reign because if lee soon D̶̲̥̅̊idn’t marry heя̅, i am sure minister min will go all out in making sure lee soon’s reign was short since he really doesn’t have anything τ̲̅☺ lose or protect. But now thatIH is queen even minister min is treading rather carefully. Indirectly, IH is keeping heя̅ father’s faction at bay. I believe after seeing D̶̲̥̅̊ commotion growing between lee soon and his mother, she made the decision τ̲̅☺ step in. For someone who believes she was raised τ̲̅☺ be queen, heя̅ responsibility τ̲̅☺ the country seems τ̲̅☺ be the most important and paramount. It is also alrite τ̲̅☺ feel a bit jealous of OJ who gets all the king’s affection but she is taking it all graciously without making trouble. I believe that makes heя̅ a character that i certainly feel a high level of respect for.
    As for OJ, as you all said, she has faced alot of pain growing up and especially from the hands of DQ and minister min, S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ dere is only ♓☺w much one canntake for being ridiculed, however, i also believe she is acting with grace and dignity in heя̅ approach.she shuld understand that dere wuld be a strong reaction politically towards heя̅ vonsidering heя̅ status and derefore, wat she nids is people b♈̷̴̩ heя̅ side. She Ȋ̝̊̅§n’t even trying τ̲̅☺ be on a beta term with the QD or IH but instead going all out and confronting everyone who disrespects heя̅ without considering heя̅ status. I feel OJ is J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ being pride as she believe J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ bcos she has the king’s favor, no one has the right τ̲̅☺ offend heя̅.even if you C̣̲̣̣̣̲̣̣A̶̲̥̅N’t be firends with IH and QD, keeping heя̅ head down and trying τ̲̅☺ get on dere gud side is wat she shuld think of if she truly respected the laws of the palace. But instead, she kips flaunting heя̅ favor with the king in the face of everyone who cares.Dª̳͡T is ₪Ö̤̣̇τ̩̩ a noble act and she is truly acting the lowborn everyone seems τ̲̅☺ be calling heя̅.
    As for the ralationship between leesoon and OJ, i also believe it is nothing more than passion and lust. And that kind of realtionship Dª̳͡T D̶̲̥̅̊idn’t get τ̲̅☺ develop into somthing more than skinship doesn’t last long. Right now, OJ seducing the king intentionally S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ Dª̳͡T he wuldnt go τ̲̅☺ the queen’s bed is J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ proves the point that she is playing with fire she won’t be able τ̲̅☺ control in the long run especially wen lee soon sees anoda kind of ℓ♥vε̲̣̣̣̥ in sukbin Dª̳͡T feels pure and innocent.i believe OJ loves lee soon but i also believe it is J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ passion and lust for sukjong.
    C̣̲̣̣̣̲̣̣A̶̲̥̅N’t wait for Sukbin τ̲̅☺ be introduced. Really anticipating how she would break what OJ believes is unbreakable.

  25. They are cramping the whole story to only 24 episodes…thats why low ratings we need more eps like Dongyi and the drama needed more careful thought of the scenes and memorable moment…. For us audience Lol i loved drama dongyi But not here im going to hate sukbin here for sure..anyhow, i just thought id share this craziness love for this drama. I personally love historical dramas like this one, LOVE catfight in this drama wooiizzzzz THAT EVIL GLARE!! I mean Kim tae hee did GOOD job…. I love it SHE’s smart, fierce , confident i love how she slaps that court lady the way she stares at inhyun and the kings mother…i love how a low birth could make palace upsidedown and the play victim innocent works out good for her lol lol i always love jang hee bins character, also in dongyi… And here as well…its not BORING! It makes me shiver huha…

    Though i love watching inhyun… Id rather like it even better if she fights back!!! Ur the QUEEN and u have ur EVIL father i would not sit back and watch. Watch my king doin his thing…no way lol Survival of the fittest…. Lol

  27. is this HISTORICAL DRAMA or FANTASY ?! 😀


    • LOL

      You believe what historical book telling?

      I’m not, even on my country – don’t believe what they said on historical book

      And your caps lock is annoying

      • @shiku : Oh you ask me about historical book? Its out of the topic then. I hope Miss K don’t mind

        Historical Book is not a holly bible, big part of it will tell truth. But actually we don’t even knew what really happen at the moment. History have so many point of view. First from the one who wrote it, they maybe have some political reason. And then from the people who live at the time.

        It happen in my country, our history have different story and version. And I believe it happen all over the world.

        Once again historical book its not a holly bible

      • Out of topic? You are the one who brought it up lol!

        just because you may not believe historical books is written doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
        It’s interesting that you believe in the bible which seems to be a record of past events.

      • @shiku :

        LOL yes! Its out of the topi9. But sorry, my bible is deferent from yours

      • History….is actually his story, hehe. The winner always get to write his story, the loser have to shut up and to bear all the misinformation and inaccuracies or until the loser’s descendent came back in power to correct all the malingering but oft times, the damage is done. For example, Prince Sado who died in a rice died imprisoned such by his father later had his image rehabilitated by his son who succeeded the throne. Btw, in the drama Dong Yi, the touching romance shown in the tv serial between her the the king is a total fabrication and there is absolutely no such record, not even the slightest hint about their so-called great romance. So much for history.

    • Hahaha… Agree.
      Things had messed up in this episode, and Suk Bin needs to come and make the story more interesting

    • and how would the appearance of suk bin make this drama a good one. and history books are not always reliable.

      • @ohoheli

        Yeah, history can tell lies, you don’t even know it is true or not

  28. Oh how i hate lee soon’s mom right now,she may want whats best for her son but the methods she’s using are so very wrong.what if ok jung doesn’t get pregnant again?im starting to be scared for ok jung about what is going to happen to her,oh no

  29. I’m looking forward for the time Chi Soo meets Ok Jung! 😀

    Both In Hyun and Ok Jung will die before Leeson anyway, you can read it in wikipedia.

  30. i love this drama, kim tae hee and this otp.
    and i can also say that the romantic scenes are definitely increasing and i kinda hope for it to die down?
    i really love this couple, but when you make them meet each other too much you start to not miss them when they’re together.
    like the beginning when ok jung wasn’t in the palace yet, she and the king did not meet as often and when they did it felt good, i actually missed them. but now that they see each other ALOT i sorta don’t miss them.
    no matter what In Hyeon has such a huge heart, I think no matter how they portray In Hyeon in dramas, the bigness of her heart always wins me.
    I still love this drama, I want more interaction from Chi Soo and Ok Jung, can’t wait until they meet.
    And when Dong Yi comes in, all hells will break loose.

  31. I’m rooting for Queen Inhyun. Lee Sun and OJ was exciting at first, but I cant bring
    myself to symphatize with OJ while the Queen is hurting. I know that on a personal
    level, OJ got acquainted with the king earlier than Inhyun. And IH came to the palace knowing that King at the time, only has eyes for OJ. But to think that she prepped and dedicated her whole life to be mother of the nation one day, she must have felt hurt and betrayed just by the King’s indifference towards her. She’s a queen for goodness’ sake.

    I dont hate OJ. But I sure would love to see IH get the chance to show OJ “what true generosity and class is”

    I wish OJ would end up with Prince DongPyung or Chi Soo instead. Or how about the two third wheels aka DP and IH hook up. Prince DP bubbly personality is so adorable. Dongyi can be with LS, everybody’s Happy. But then there’ll be no drama haha

  32. The one thing I do respect greatly about In Hyun is her ability to control her anger. I don’t think that’s an easy thing to do at all. Pretty much every other character has unleashed their anger on someone to some sort of damaging effect before. Lol.. I reckon technically by this stage she should be suffering from extreme anxiety from all those pent-up worries.

    Conversely, there is also a possibility that she just bypassed the anger stage and is already at the despair stage haha.

    As always, thanks for the recap!

  33. I really hope that the drama will not concentrate so much on the loving scenes. I love the couple however almost all or most of the episodes are showing how loving both of them are. How abt the rest of the characters? King is so into JOJ. i thought as a king people under u come first? i feel for the queen so badly. whenever i see how JOJ treats the queen and how the king treats the queen i get really sad. anyone feels that too? 🙁
    I feel that they should not just focus on JOJ and king but also other characters. I am not sure abt the rest of u but I am certainly looking forward to the new girl that the king would fall in love with. And how the second lead will come in and ruin the relationship. Hopes it can get more intense. In my point of view and preference, I really prefer dong yi. Love the plots and how things progress in that drama. I hope this drama will get better! :p

  34. Thank you so much, ockoala for posting the recaps. I enjoy reading the episode stories as much as watching the series on tv. Cant wait for your new recaps….cheers, u r the best

  35. really excited for Choi Sukbin’s appearance. I am wondering if her character will be similar with her character in Dong Yi.

  36. I personally really like JOJ and really want to see her happy with the King, but I just wish that all of this blackmailing and hatred would just take it down a notch. I feel so bad for the King who is ignorant to the ways of the people around him. And, I’m especially disappointed in JOJ for giving in to these bad habits. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that in order for JOJ to be with the King, she has to do these sort of things but I personally really liked JOJ before she got kicked out of the palace. I especially would have liked to see more of their relationship then too! Like how he went to visit her at the sewing area and secretly held her hand! Honestly, that is one of my favorite parts of that episode! The purity of their love and the freshness of their feelings just made things so much sweeter! I would have liked to see them secretly meeting in a garden or something like that! You know, being cute, teasing each other, talking, holding hands and hugging! Just being young and happy and in love! Now what I’m seeing is the Qween Mother is being a total cunt, the current Qween is pointless because she does EVERYTHING the Qween Mother tells her to do, the King isn’t aware of what the hell is going on, and JOJ is going over to the dark side. What the what, guys! I really hope there are more moments of love and happiness and no more evil deeds and blackmail. It’s getting really hard to watch because of it all. I just want JOJ to learn the error of her ways (i.e. “taking” her uncles hand, and realizes that blackmail is bad) and I want her to be happy again, like how her love for the king was fresh and new and lovely!

    Now, on to the Qween IH. I have mixed feelings for this girl. Sometimes you see that she is hesitant about doing bad things to JOJ which says something about her character, but soon after hesitations she agrees to do it and that says another thing about her character. So, she had a good heart for hesitating but a bad heart for going through with it. I hate these kinds of characters. they leave me questioning who they really are and I really can’t stand it. I guess it’s good for the show but I really can’t take it.

    And finally~The Qween Mother. All I can say is STFU and get out. who are you to tell your son to be in love with? What the what, Qween Bitch?! You are irrelevant. (swerve✋)

  37. I personally really like JOJ and really want to see her happy with the King, but I just wish that all of this blackmailing and hatred would just take it down a notch. I feel so bad for the King who is ignorant to the ways of the people around him. And, I’m especially disappointed in JOJ for giving in to these bad habits. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand that in order for JOJ to be with the King, she has to do these sort of things but I personally really liked JOJ before she got kicked out of the palace. I especially would have liked to see more of their relationship then too! Like how he went to visit her at the sewing area and secretly held her hand! Honestly, that is one of my favorite parts of that episode! The purity of their love and the freshness of their feelings just made things so much sweeter! I would have liked to see them secretly meeting in a garden or something like that! You know, being cute, teasing each other, talking, holding hands and hugging! Just being young and happy and in love! Now what I’m seeing is the Qween Mother is being a total cunt, the current Qween is pointless because she does EVERYTHING the Qween Mother tells her to do, the King isn’t aware of what the hell is going on, and JOJ is going over to the dark side. What the what, guys! I really hope there are more moments of love and happiness and no more evil deeds and blackmail. It’s getting really hard to watch because of it all. I just want JOJ to learn the error of her ways (i.e. “taking” her uncles hand, and realizes that blackmail is bad) and I want her to be happy again, like how her love for the king was fresh and new and lovely!

    Now, on to the Qween IH. I have mixed feelings for this girl. Sometimes you see that she is hesitant about doing bad things to JOJ which says something about her character, but soon after hesitations she agrees to do it and that says another thing about her character. So, she had a good heart for hesitating but a bad heart for going through with it. I hate these kinds of characters. they leave me questioning who they really are and I really can’t stand it. I guess it’s good for the show but I really can’t take it.

    And finally~The Qween Mother. All I can say is STFU and get out. who are you to tell your son to be in love with? What the what, Qween Bitch?! You are irrelevant. (swerve✋)

    xoxo ~ cheney

  38. I personally love JOJ,as she endured all the mistreatment given to her by QM, minister Min, and her people. Because she was a low birth people disregard and disrespect her. I don’t blame her when she took the poison she prepared because at least someone would also feel the pain of being accused as she has been accused.I love Lee Soon no matter what. He makes clear about his feelings for example before he got married to Queen In Hyun, he told her clearly that he loves only one woman,JOJ.She acknowledged it, therefore I don’t pity her for one bit by not being loved by Lee Soon.

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