The All-star Cast of Goddess of Fire Jeongi Holds Script Reading

The power house cast of the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi sat down for their first script reading a few weeks ago but MBC just released the official stills this week. Starring Moon Geun Young as the titular Goddess of Fire, the story chronicles the life and love of a Joseon-era female potter who lived during the reign of Gwanghae Gun and was later captured to Japan where she ended up spreading Joseon ceramic art there. From the stills it looks like everyone attended the script reading except for Kim Bum, who was overseas at that time and still hasn’t confirmed. While Moon Geun Young may be headlining this drama, the rest of the cast is pretty stellar and will most definitely pull their weight – Lee Sang Yoon as Gwanghae Gun, Kwang Soo as his villainous older brother prince, Kim Bum as the protector/love interest to Moon Geun Young, Park Gun Hyung as the competitor, seasoned veterans Jung Kwang Ryeol, Jung Bo Seok and Song Ok Soon bringing their A-game, and Han Go Eun as a Lady in the Palace. The great child cast will carry the first 6-episodes of the show (the drama is slated for 32-episodes total) with Jin Ji Hee, Park Geun Tae, and Noh Young Hak. This drama looks to have brought back a lot of the same cast members from sageuks The Duo and Warrior Baek Dong Soo (the writer is also writing Goddess of Fire). I just hope this drama writing makes sense, because acting and directing aside, the most glaring problem with all the recent sageuks have been inconsistent or nonsensical (within the context of the narrative world constructed) plot development. This drama is slated to premiere in early July following Gu Family Book, and will be followed in October by Hwatu with Ha Ji Won. By then MBC will have gone an entire year with sageuks in the same time slot. 


The All-star Cast of Goddess of Fire Jeongi Holds Script Reading — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, this will be great! Two of the best KOREAN ACTOR is in this show Lee Sang Yoon & Moon Geun Young! They’re my favorite!

  2. Can’t wait for GoF beggins to air!!!! Love the cast <3 I'm dreaming to watch the chemistry between the characters!

  3. Hi @D, Kim Bum has confirmed. I read from somewhere that the script read session was held before his confirmation, so this explains his absence.

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