Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Headline New SETTV Thursday Night Idol Drama

So last week all the employees of SETTV had a collective hernia when everyone received a memo titled “Work place romances are hereby prohibited.” It went on to detail why and how to behave at work and so on and so forth. I’m sure lunch that day was a gossip fueled rant, probably about how their boss must’ve gotten rebuffed at work and is taking it out on everyone. Turns out SETTV higher ups had quite the sense of humor, coming clean with the employees later in the day that this was all a case of fiction getting a real life test run. The memo is a page from the script of SETTV’s next idol drama tentatively called I Will Make You Fall in Love with Me. Starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo, this drama will air on Thursday nights in the time slot currently occupied by Big Red Riding Hood starring Cheryl Yang and Yao Yuan Hao. Don’t ask me how that one is, I watched a few minutes and ran away screaming. I normally like Cheryl but her last few projects have been a miss for me, and I can’t stand that douchebag Yao Yuan Hao onscreen or in real life. This new one actually has an interesting story and paired with two leads I like, it’s already calling my name.

Premiering on June 20th, the drama just had its costume fitting this week and Aaron met the press to discuss his role. He plays a Manager-level executive at a company who is notorious for being OCD, bitterly angry, and generally a big miser. He issues a company-wide decree that no employees are allowed to date at work. This causes lower level employee Puff to embark on a “lion hunting” mission to get Aaron’s character to fall in love with her and thereby violate his own decree and get a taste of his own medicine. I already like the set up, which sounds cute and has the potential for lots of funny interludes. Most people know Puff from playing the crazy delusional antagonist bitch character in Miss Rose, but in real life she is totally adorable and actually a much better actress that her Dreamgirls groupmate Tia Li. I like her even if I loathed her character in MR. Aaron has also improved leaps and bounds, with his last starring performance in Alice in Wonder City quite a decent outing. He looked deliciously handsome and the drama was intriguing but derailed for me because of its slow pace and the fact that the leading lady had no chemistry with Aaron and they looked dreadful together. Puff and Aaron already pass my looks test so let’s hope this one turns out to be enjoyable.


Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Headline New SETTV Thursday Night Idol Drama — 10 Comments

  1. I read about this a few days ago but had no clue it was coming out that soon, super excited I’ll watch anything with Aaron in it, so in love with him …

  2. I’m excited about the cast and Aaron Yan collaborating with SETTV for the first time. It seems that SETTV dramas always kept me on hook.

  3. I like the direction of the plot! Sounds cute. The character for Aaron however, seems similar to his previous characters, always the cold, mean and mysterious types, nonetheless looking forward to it.

  4. I liked Aaron a lot in Love Buffet.
    The lead girl’s role in MR was more like a Kdrama crazy lady. Usually TW dramas second leads are not that mental.

  5. Love Aaron’s intense screen presence. One of the few that came thru with
    so much strength, not just a “vase”.

  6. I still wish Aaron and Guigui will have at least another drama. They’re the perfect couple in Pi Li MIT. Do you watch Global We Got Married Ms. Koala? What’s your take on it??? I think Guigui brings out the best on every male partner she has. She has chemistry with every male actors she’s ever paired up with (she’s like an electric pole) heheheh.

  7. I really love Puff! And I love the way she acts on Just You! She made the whole story and fun and exciting! With her innocent and witty aura! I love her pairing with Aaron Yan! Wish that they will have many projects together in the future and and I can’t wait to watch those! Zhadou Puff Guo Wo ai ni! :))

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