Calvin Chen Returns to TW-dramas with Love Touch on CTS

Looks like a bunch of new TW-dramas are starting in the next few weeks, though my gut tells me most will likely be atrocious with maybe one watchable surprise. The bigger serendipity is that all three remaining Fahrenheit boys will be on television at the same time, with two going head-to-head for ratings. Jiro Wang is currently headlining the Taiwan remake of You’re Beautiful called Fabulous Boys, which is getting not terrible ratings though it really is a redundant scene-for-scene remake that adds nothing new to the body of work. Aaron Yan has a new drama starting in late June with Puff Guo but that’s airing on Sundays so no competition there. Jiro’s competition will instead be with Calvin Chen, who is starring in the new CTS Sunday night drama called Love Touch (Chinese title is called I Love Lucky Seven). Co-starring Do Hua Mei (real name Tsai Huang Ru but she goes by her nickname in the industry), Chao Chun Ya, and Lia Li, the drama follows the ratings bomb K Song Lover (which coincidentally Do Hua Mei also starred in).

Does she have friends in high places over at CTS, because getting back-to-back dramas is quite unusual not to mention she is a terrible actress. She gives Da Yuan, the leading lady of Spring Love with Mike He, a run for her money. Even Tia Li of Dreamgirls acts better than those two, and Tia is half-robot. Love Touch actually sounds rather cute on paper – a supremely unlucky hard working girl bumps heads with a magically lucky CF director and they exchange lucks. She starts having everything go her way while he falls into the puts of despair with a never ending succession of bad things happening to him. They start to spend time together for work and hijinks ensue. I’m actually more interested in the second leads who will have their own love story. Chao Chun Ya is always interesting to watch and I actually think Lia Li is a promising young actress but the last drama of her I watched was when she played the worst friend on the planet in Fondant Garden so I hated her there. Here’s to hoping this one doesn’t tank on Do Hua Mei’s shoulders. Love Touch premieres on June 2 on CTS but you can watch the spoilery long trailer below.

Sneak Peek at Love Touch:


Calvin Chen Returns to TW-dramas with Love Touch on CTS — 14 Comments

  1. This drama plot sounds like a movie Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan. In the movie she is almost luckiest person on a planet until she meets a guy (Chris Pine) who has worst luck ever. Everytime they kissed they’re luck changed. All I can say is movie was horrible…

    • LiLo’s movie was the first thing that popped into my head while reading about the plot of this drama. Hahaha. If they exchange luck like in the movie maybe they’ll be lots of kissing scenes then.

    • It looks like in this case the do the forehead touch for luck instead of kissing.

      Why do TW dramas get such long trailers? I feel like I reaaly no longer have to see this to know how things will happen.

  2. *looking up from excel spreadsheets–yes, I know it’s a holiday weekend in the US!* gasping. Did I hear someone mention Chao Chun Ya? Did I hear someone mention Chao Chun Ya with his own love story? Can I stop waiting at the airport for Yi Chun, now or will this show break my heart, too?

    • You are the first one that came to mind when I read Chao Chun Yah and said “I wonder if Ms Trotwood commented on this already?”. I had a huge grin when I saw your comment. 😀

      • I guess I have become too obvious. I thought the hat and sunglasses disguised me at the airport. I mean this disguise always works in dramas, right?

        Really, I just want him to have a good role, meaning one that stays good until the end. He had such potential in Miss Rose only to be turned into a murderer wannabe/corporate espionage liar and then he gets the part of the crazy-eyed, doctor Frankenstein friend to the purely perfect purple-sweatered Terry. He needs a good part soon or he’ll have to resign himself to being a character actor.

  3. Calvin Chen!!!?? I’ll be here waiting for you, baby!!! Actually, I’m salivating and drooling now. J/k…. I’m in and have computer on to be ready for him. He is another of my favorite actor. 1 more week to see my man, I can’t wait…

  4. I’ve always thought this guy was somewhat gay before as I watched his past dramas not to mention the uneasy feeling when he appeared because I always thought there was something really wrong with him and usually blamed it on his appearance secretly. But with this promotional stills on top I think I rather he chose more manly clothing and somewhat more mature roles than the usual school boy character I mean they’re quite old, frankly speaking.

  5. Of all the people, why DpHuaMei? Her acting is like…Plus isn’t she always acting cute or something?

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