King Flower Episode 20 Recap

It was the best of episodes, it was the worst of episodes. King Flower might be the stupidest drama ever to merit borrowing the iconic line from A Tale of Two Cities, because really, this drama has all been a tale of two writing extremes. On one end there is Terry, amazingly nuanced and brilliantly acted Terry, and on the other end there is a landfill worth of stupidity in everyone and everything else (okay, except for adorable Cheng Hong who returns to bring cuteness in this episode which was sorely needed). I spent the first 30 minutes of episode 20 cowering and waiting for the other shoe to drop, and then I spent the last 30 minutes cursing expletives at Da Hua that a lady should not have in her vocabulary. But then the previews rolled for episode 21 (the confirmed last episode of this drama), and I knew with a certainty for the first time since this drama aired that Da Hua is going to pick Terry. She might have made mincemeat of his heart by the end of this episode, but we know our Terry is made of the strongest of stuff since he lost Liang Yen so perhaps his journey to waking the stupidest female alive up to her true feelings needed to take this narratively craptastic detour. I have to say that re-watching this episode for recap purposes after I’ve calmed down really helped to make sense of it all. I don’t think it makes sense necessarily, but I think that what happened was like a phoenix needing to die so it can rise from the ashes in a true rebirth.

I think the writers really shafted Guan Jun and Da Hua big time in order to evolve the love triangle this way. Rather than letting Da Hua have the capacity to figure out her complicated feelings towards first love Guan Jun and the stirrings of female attraction towards Terry, the drama made her denser than a brick and had Guan Jun do the “noble idiot” routine just to force Da Hua to consider Terry. Was this a way to make Da Hua not come across as a girl who dumped her poor first love for the rich hot guy who came along later? Sadly it backfired and turned her into an even worse female type – the clueless passive love idiot. The penultimate episode of KF was equal parts pain and pleasure, and really I would have taken a hatchet to my computer (who is innocent but for streaming this show) had the preview for episode 21 calmed me the hell down. Then I realized that everything that happened in this episode at least confirmed not just for the viewers but for the characters themselves that Guan Jun and Da Hua are not in love with each other inasmuch as they love and care for each other and really needed a kick in the arse to get over that pre-ordained hump that they ought to be together. Poor Terry got dragged through the ringer on account of those two, except that man never takes happiness for granted and always treasures what he can do for the one he loves. He is simply indescribably wonderful.

Stage 20 recap:

Terry’s car pulls up outside the Jin family store and everyone runs in give presents to the delight of Jin Mom. She can tell everyone had a great time by the look on their faces. Da Li is especially giddy to describe the fabulous lodgings to his mom.

When Mom remarks on Da Hua’s genuinely happy glow, Ah Xi suggests that Da Hua is so happy because Terry publicly confessed to her on the trip. Da Hua quickly says that was just for fun. Da Li reminds Ah Xi that he also confessed to her but Ah Xi shoots him down again.

Mom suddenly notices the honking diamond ring on Da Hua’s hand and asks if that is……… Da Hua and Terry exchange a look and then Da Hua nods and says yes, she and Terry are getting married. Everyone freaks out and Terry speaks up, telling Mom that he is serious about Da Hua and will treat her well for the rest of his life. Da Hua has accepted his proposal so he wants Mom to agree to let them be together.

Da Hua speaks up and apologizes for not discussing with Mom before accepting such a big decision. But she put a lot of thought into it and knows Terry is someone worth entrusting the rest of her life to. She wants to experience what it is like to be loved, and asks that her Mom be okay with it. Hhhmm, she does not say she loves Terry. Sigh, oh Da Hua, it’s like you’re lucking into the right decision for all the wrong reasons.

Da Hua walks Terry out and everyone else sits down to discuss this shocking news. They think it’s so fast and Mom especially looks very concerned. When Da Hua comes in, Mom gets right to the point and says getting married is a lifetime decision and she needs to think carefully and not decide on the lark. Ah Xi says Terry is awesome but Da Hua shouldn’t pick him just because she got rejected by Guan Jun and is looking for a substitute.

Da Hua understands and she has put thought into her feelings for Terry, who has been so good to her this entire time. She thinks this is the right decision. Mom admits that she can see that Terry is a good man that is hard to come by. If Da Hua chooses him Mom won’t oppose, but has Da Hua really let Guan Jun go? Da Hua says Guan Jun has found his own happiness with Xiao Fei so she’s let him go.

Mom supports Da Hua but asks her to deliver the new to Guan Jun since he’s family and needs to know. Da Hua nods with a smile.

Guan Jun and Xiao Fei are leaving work and she invites him to lunch and he agrees which makes her happy. Da Hua walks up to them and Xiao Fei reminds her that Guan Jun is her boyfriend now. Da Hua knows and is here to tell Guan Jun the news that she’s getting married. Guan Jun and Xiao Fei both look stunned.

Guan Jun and Da Hua walk home and stop by the playground. Guan Jun says Ouyang Tai is a great guy and he supports her marrying him. Da Hua thanks him. Guan Jun brings up how this playground was a place they came to a lot when they were kids and now in the blink of an eye she’s all grown up and getting married.

Da Hua remembers falling off the jungle gym and it was Guan Jun who took her to the hospital. He’s really her life saver. Guan Jun says he was always causing trouble as he grew up, getting into fights and making a mess of things. Da Hua always cleaned up after him, so she’s really his life saver.

Da Hua asks if he’s coming to her wedding and Guan Jun jokes that he’s a bit jealous so he isn’t sure plus he doesn’t exactly fit into the rich new world Da Hua is marrying into. Da Hua says he’s family even if she marries rich. Guan Jun laughs that he was joking, she’s his most dear sister and stupid rice ball, how could he not be there when she’s getting married.

Da Hua says she will be happy, she will be very very happy. So he and Hu Xiao Fei must be really happy as well.

Terry sits with Cheng Hong who notices that he’s in such a good mood. Terry reveals Da Hua accepted his proposal and Cheng Hong is positively giddy with glee about how Terry totally deserves happiness after being so patiently by Da Hua’s side this whole time. Terry laughs that Cheng Hong is more excited then he is. Cheng Hong has seen all Terry has done for Da Hua this whole time and he knows she feels it. All of Terry’s effort has paid off.

Terry smiles and asks Cheng Hong how long he’s worked for him? Cheng Hong says 7 years and Terry thanks him for all that he’s done. Cheng Hong says its nothing, assisting Terry is worthwhile for him. He offers to handle all the wedding arrangements and promises it’ll outshine Prince William and Kate. Terry just smiles at Cheng Hong’s enthusiasm.

Terry takes Da Hua shopping and she’s very frugal and doesn’t want him to buy too much. Terry gives her a sweet look and says that his wive is a very frugal person and he won’t argue with her and will instead follow her example from now on.

They leave and Terry holds out his hand to Da Hua, who smiles and put her hand in his and they lock fingers before strolling away.

Terry and Da Hua get in the car and before driving off he pauses and confesses that he bought a present for her today secretly. She doesn’t want anything and he’s bought so much already. He’s sure she will like it and then hands her a bag with a new Clarisonic. You know, the sheer gall of this drama to promote this product has veered from the obscene into the cute. Because goodness the producers have cojones to keep trotting it out.

Da Hua smiles but reminds him that they already have one in the house. Terry says this one can be left at her parents and Da Hua is sure her mom will love it as well. Terry says they are almost done but there is one more important thing they need to do.

Da Hua and Terry visit Guan Jun in his office to hand deliver wedding invitations to him. Terry hopes Guan Jun will attend the wedding because Da Hua really wants him to. Guan Jun says he will because she’s his sister. Terry asks if Guan Jun and Xiao Fei will be willing to be their groomsman and bridesmaid at the wedding? Guan Jun immediately accepts and Terry and Da Hua thank him.

Da Hua and Terry get up to leave and are naturally holding hands as they walk out.

After they leave, Xiao Fei rips up the wedding invitation. She asks how dare they come gloat about their wedding, and assumes Terry is purposely asking Guan Jun to be part of the wedding party to goad him. Guan Jun says he really is genuinely happy for them and Ouyang Tai doing this is not with any bad intention.

Xiao Fei refuses to be part of this charade anymore and Guan Jun begs her to help him until the end. Xiao Fei asks if he’s gone crazy, the person he loves is marrying someone else. Guan Jun says as long as Da Hua gets happiness, he is happy for her. If he’s standing there as the groomsman and sees her walking toward him in a wedding dress, that makes him happy as well.

Terry and Da Hua are taking wedding pictures outdoors. Terry waits for Da Hua and she happily calls his name as she walks over. Both of them smile so sweetly at each other and with such unbridled joy.

Da Hua and Terry walk towards each other and he reaches out to hold her hands like he always does. They gaze deeply into each other’s eyes and smile.

The photographer snaps cute picture after picture and its clear both are really really happy together.

As they are leaving, Terry sees two kids playing with a bubble gun. He asks Da Hua to wait and runs over to ask to borrow their guns for a few minutes.

Both kids say no and Da Hua and Cheng Hong laugh at Terry getting totally rejected.

Cheng Hong runs over and offers to give them money in exchange but he keeps getting turned down despite increasing the amount. Terry laughs at his attempt to bribe kids and both guys keep begging the kids.

Da Hua walks over and takes Cheng Hong’s phone and pulls up a video game and successfully exchanges it with the kids for their bubble guns. Terry is suitably impressed with his future wife’s ability to bargain with babies.

Terry grabs a bubble gun and starts chasing after Da Hua and the photographer comes by to snap these inpromptu pictures of the happy couple goofing around.

Da Hua, Guan Jun, Ah Xi, and Da Li are by the river banks celebrating Da Hua’s impending marriage. Guan Jun raises a roast first and everyone follows. Ah Xi gives her a new lip balm so that Da Hua can kiss Terry all day long. Everyone has a good laugh.

Da Li’s wish is for Terry’s business to be successful so he can take care of Da Li. Everyone yells at him for being so useless. Guan Jun says he doesn’t want Ouyang Tai to take care of him, he wants Ouyang Tai to take good care of Da Hua.

They toast and drink to Da Hua’s future with Terry. Ah Xi asks Da Hua if she could have imagined things would turn out this way when she agreed to pretend to be Liang Yen. Da Hua says the world is so big and things change. Da Li asks Guan Jun if he feels any regret? Guan Jun says there is nothing to regret, things and people page. Da Hua is with Ouyang Tai now, and he is with Xiao Fei, and they all need to look towards the future.

Da Hua agrees and wishes Guan Jun a happy future with Xiao Fei. And Da Li needs to work hard for Ah Xi to like him more and Da Li says he’ll try. Da Hua suggests they are scream out their wishes tonight like they did before.

Guan Jun runs up and does it first, he raises his beer and wishes Da Hua happiness. Da Li yells out that they will always be Da Hua’s support. Ah Xi threatens to beat up Terry if he’s ever mean to Da Hua. And Da Hua wishes herself happiness because she is so loved.

Da Hua is closing the store for the night when she looks around with some wistfulness that she’s leaving soon.

Mom comes down and takes a good look at her daughter who is getting married tomorrow, noting that time has passed so fast that she’s about to get married. Da Hua asks if her mom will miss her and Mom says of course.

Da Hua promises to come home every day but Mom says no. Their families are so different that even if Terry treats Da Hua well its not clear how his family will view her. If she’s always home and helping out at the store, people will talk. Da Hua says Mom has worked so hard and now all three kids are grown if they don’t help her who will? There is nothing to be embarrassed about since they work hard to earn their money.

Mom assures Da Hua that she handle the store by herself and she knows Da Hua is a very kind and filial daughter. Mom sits Da Hua down and hands her two gold bracelets that her mom gave her when she got married. Over the years she’s pawned it anytime Da Hua’s dad got in trouble and needed money, and she always saved to buy it. Now it’s time for her to hand it to Da Hua, who promises to cherish it since it means so much to their family.

Mom worries the most about Da Hua enduring so much in the past and all she’s ever wanted was for Da Hua to marry a good man and live a comfortable life so she’s not like Mom. Now her dream has come true for Da Hua, who in turn thanks her Mom for being the world’s best mom to her. Mom reminds Da Hua to come home to tell Mom if anything happens. Even if their family doesn’t match up to his family, if she’s suffered any mistreatment she can always come home and her family will stand up for her. Da Hua nods and gives her Mom a hug, promising to be happy from now on and her mom needn’t worry anymore.

The wedding day is here and Cheng Hong is greeting all the guests. Da Hua’s parents arrive and go to greet Terry’s parents. LOL, I thought they fell off the face of the Earth.

Da Hua is getting prepped and Terry walks in to check on her. I love that Terry’s eye brow raises ever so slightly in a flirty way, like “oh hey, what do we have here?”

He kneels down and his eyes twinkle as he tells his bride that she looks radiant today. Da Hua smiles and says thank you.

Terry grabs her hand and they just stare at each other quietly.

Ah Xi and Da Li arrive and tell Da Hua that she looks beautiful. Da Hua teases Da Li for saying that she only looks beautiful today.

Guan Jun arrives and walks in with a smile, everyone greeting him happily. He has a present for Da Hua and it’s a little electronic chicken that can crow at a set time. He wants Da Hua to use it to remind her husband to take her back home regularly.

Guan Jun asks Terry to take good care of Da Hua and Terry says he will. Da Hua also says Terry will treat her well and Guan Jun believes them because otherwise he would not have approved of their wedding.

Xiao Fei is getting dressed and upset at the ladies helping her. Guan Jun asks why she’s throwing a tantrum on Da Hua’s wedding day and Xiao Fei refuses to participate in this charade anymore. She’s really upset on his behalf and Guan Jun asks her to calm down and just treat this as doing something nice for another person.

Xiao Fei wonders why she’s doing something nice for Da Hua, then who’s going to do something nice for her? She knows Guan Jun will never like her no matter what she does for him. So she can’t stand watching him sacrifice himself for Da Hua’s happiness. As Xiao Fei rushes out to tell Da Hua, she runs into Ah Xi in the hall who has overheard everything.

Ah Xi confirms that Xiao Fei is telling the truth and Guan Jun asks Ah Xi to keep the secret because its the only thing he can do for Da Hua that can bring her happiness. Ah Xi wants to tell Da Hua now and let her decide. Guan Jun stops Ah Xi, asking when Ah Xi has ever seen Da Hua look so happy? Ouyang Tai genuinely loves Da Hua and she will be better off with him than with Guan Jun. Ah Xi is Da Hua’s best friend, doesn’t she want Da Hua to be happy when her happiness is right before her?

Xiao Fei is so upset and asks why everyone is doing this for Da Hua? Guan Jun begs both ladies to keep the secret and they both reluctantly agree.

Ah Xi walks over to see Da Hua and asks her hypothetically if she would have agreed to marry Terry if Guan Jun didn’t dump her? Da Hua asks why Ah Xi is saying this? Da Hua is agreeing to marry Terry because he really loves her and will treat her very well. She thought about it a lot and decided she should accept this hard won happiness and accept his proposal.

Ah Xi asks if Da Hua would still make the same decision if Guan Jun was forced to turn Da Hua down. As Ah Xi is about to tell Da Hua, suddenly Terry comes in with some juice for Da Hua. He holds the juice with a straw for Da Hua to drink, and then notices that its so cold in here and takes off his jacket to drape over her.

Ah Xi sees all this and decides not to say anything, only saying that earlier she saw Guan Jun and Xiao Fei fighting in their room, which is normal of any couple. Ah Xi turns around and sees how comfortable Da Hua and Terry’s interactions are and she makes up her mind and leaves.

The wedding begins and Cheng Hong the happy MC starts the ceremony. The wedding party enters first. Cheng Hong welcomes the bride and groom and Terry and Da Hua walk down the aisle hand-in-hand.

They turn to smile at each other as they walk down the aisle, and Guan Jun smiles from the altar.

The pastor walks to the altar and says the vows for the couple. Terry says I do followed by Da Hua, and both of them turn to look at each other with smiles. The priest asks if there is anyone who objects to speak up now or forever hold their peace.

Terry and Da Hua exchange rings.

Terry lifts up Da Hua’s veil and then leans in to kiss her.

Which is when Xiao Fei screams out that she objects. OMG this is like a total nightmare that I watched squirming the entire time. Da Hua’s dad hilarously tells Xiao Fei to shoo, this has nothing to do with her. Word.

Xiao Fei reveals that Guan Jun is only pretending to date her and he really still loves Da Hua but wanted to give her to Ouyang Tai because he’s the better choice. FUCKING SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH.

Ah Xi confirms for Da Hua that Xiao Fei is telling the truth and she overheard them earlier. Da Hua looks very stricken and the pastor asks if she’s still willing to marry Terry?

Poor Terry just looks at Da Hua and then leans down to whisper to her that if she still has any doubts then they don’t need to get married right now.

Da Hua looks very apologetic and then Terry turns to the guests with a smile and thanks them for coming to the wedding. But something has happened so this wedding is cancelled. Everyone is murmuring at the shock and Terry turns to tell Da Hua that it’s okay.

Da Hua apologizes to Terry and then turns and runs off. Anyone have a shotgun, because there is a stupid moron I need to go hunt down right now.

Terry calls after Da Hua but she’s doing her runaway bride thing. He looks so worried for her as she runs off. Da Hua runs and runs as the entire church looks on. The camera focuses on Terry who tries to absorb everything,

Guan Jun finds Da Hua sitting in the park and goes to talk with her. She asks why he lied to her and how dare he decide her life for her. How can he be so selfish? Guan Jun wants her to be happy and she was so close to it, why didn’t she take that one more step. She can’t accept a happiness based on everyone thinking he’s a bad person. Guan Jun says she deserves him doing this for her, he doesn’t feel bad that folks thinks badly of him.

When Guan Jun realized that Ouyang Tai was a more suitable choice for her, he was willing to step aside for them. Da Hua says he has no right to decide for her nor does he know what kind of happiness she is looking for. Terry arrives at this time. Thank the lord Da Hua’s convo with Guan Jun wasn’t about how she stills love him but more about the stunt he pulled, because if Terry had come check on Da Hua and saw Guan Jun and Da Hua hugging or kissing, I swear I would do something to those those two that would be deemed a first degree felony here in the US.

Guan Jun says he might not know what kind of happiness she wants but she shouldn’t be with someone like him who always changes bosses. Plus he knows that Da Hua really likes Ouyang Tai as well, right? Da Hua doesn’t deny it. But she says that right now she is so confused and has no idea what she really wants. But she doesn’t want to see everyone misunderstand Guan Jun. He tells her not to feel bad, he’s not upset about this.

Terry sighs and calls out Da Hua’s name. Both Da Hua and Guan Jun turn around and Terry walks up to them. He asks Da Hua if she’s fine. She apologizes for embarrassing him in front of everyone. He tells her not to worry as long as she’s fine.

The two guys look at each other.

Terry tells Da Hua to have candid discussion with Guan Jun and then he turns and leaves.

As he takes a few more steps. he lets out a deep breath. My god I want to throttle Da Hua so so badly right now. As he walks off he takes off his jacket.

Da Hua is at home and she’s put her Terry goldfish in their new tank. She feed them and asks if they like their new tank. She apologizes to the fish for running off at the wedding, she knows her fishes must be really disappointed in her. You think? Even the fishes think you are stupider than they are.

Da Hua sits down on her bed and looks at her ring. Terry is so good to her, has taught her so much, and was always by her side when she was sick. But in the end, she hurt him so much. If he hates her, wants to yell at her, she deserves it.

Da Hua knows she shouldn’t have hurt him like this. So if he doesn’t like her anymore, she won’t blame him. Da Hua apologizes and then looks at the fishes again. She says again “Terry, I’m sorry” and her tears fall as she takes off her engagement ring.

Terry walks downstairs the next morning and sees his tux placed on the sofa. He sits down next to it and picks up his boutenniere.

Terry lowers his head and then looks around the room. Suddenly the doorbell rings and he hears Da Hua calling from outside. She asks him to open the door. Terry puts the tux aside and then gets up to open the door.

Terry opens the door and he and Da Hua stare at each other.

Thoughts of Mine:

I don’t mind if every single comment on this post is a veritable avalanche of hate on Da Hua. You have no idea how much I cursed her during the entire second half of episode 20. Everything pretty much boils down to “What da fuck you do think you are doing, Jin Da Hua?!?!” But then after I calmed down I realized Da Hua’s actions and indecisiveness is really the fault of the writers more than even her natural denseness merited. Terry shouldn’t have proposed, it was much too early and there was no reason for their relationship not to develop slowly. No reason other than the drama needed to jack up the excitement, and who are we kidding, hearing Terry’s proposal was pretty epic. Even if it was totally too fast within the drama context, it hit a sweet emotional spot we craved. And it helped Da Hua literally open her clouded eyes to both her feelings for Terry and his feelings for her. Once she set Guan Jun aside, she probably needed a kicker to assess her confusion over Terry. And she has been confused over him for quite some time now, but what Guan Jun did overshadowed all of that for so long. But getting engaged on an overnight trip right after letting Guan Jun go from her heart is some sort of record. Clearly the wedding even if it went to fruition wouldn’t be ideal. The ideal ending for Terry and Da Hua is one where SHE picks him. I want her to say “I love you, Terry” and not “he loves me”. Does that make sense?

When she kept saying that she wanted to feel loved as the reason for picking Terry, even as I wanted him to get Da Hua I didn’t want it under those circumstances. But the problem in the first half of this episode was Da Hua’s genuine joy and affection for Terry that went far and beyond her accepting him as some sort of back up. It’s like the moment Guan Jun is excised from her life, she lights up and has the freedom to love Terry back. I totally agree with a viewer comment complaining that Da Hua is a different person, a more interesting and confident person, when she’s with Terry. But the second Guan Jun’s name is mentioned, it’s like she becomes possessed by the spirit of a spineless gormless doormat. Much as I wanted to bitch slap Xiao Fei for speaking up so late in the end, perhaps that really was the best thing for everyone involved. Guan Jun for once didn’t bother me in this episode, finally he’s gotten over his own issues and seems maturely at peace with his decision. I’m good with that. And he really stuck with it until the end, and his conversation with Da Hua at the playground early on really reminded me of the Lin Guan Jun from the earlier episodes when he was interesting and relatively perceptive and sweetly considerate. They really do have a sibling love for each other, and this was the episode that finally reminded me how important they are to each other having grown up together. So when Da Hua couldn’t go through with the wedding believing that Guan Jun was sacrificing all for her, I hate her for hurting Terry but can feel how torn she was to have her happiness built on Guan Jun’s pain.

I like to think that after Terry left them to talk, they did talk like adults and realize that learning the truth doesn’t mean Da Hua suddenly picks Guan Jun. It’s clear she didn’t pick him, she ran away from the wedding, she didn’t run to Guan Jun. When she got back to her room, the person she was thinking about was only Terry. I dislike how the writers manipulated so much “exciting action” when really these three could have mature discussions and allow time for Da Hua to figure out which guy she really loves. It’s crazy how much chemistry Terry and Da Hua have with each other, and the below zero chemistry she has with Guan Jun. If everyone can tell she likes Terry as well, how hard would it be for her to date both guys and then pick one at the end. I did appreciate that Da Hua had the guts to go see Terry the next day rather than avoid dealing with the aftermath of her runaway bride fiasco. I don’t blame Terry at all for seeming like such a push over when it comes to Da Hua and allowing her to decide their fates and not blaming her for her last minute freak out. It’s pretty crazy that they said their vows (happily and willingly), exchanged their rings, and was about kiss with Guan Jun’s charade got outed and suddenly that was enough for Da Hua to be conflicted enough to run off. But then again, let’s remember she is so inexperienced about romance that her idea of love involves little grey bears and being startled with a guy touches her ankle. I’m willing to cut Terry plenty of slack, too, but he went in knowing Da Hua’s confused feelings. Losing Liang Yen made Terry the most mature one by a mile and he’s also able to love with patience and acceptance because there are even greater unknowns out there he cannot control. The only thing he can do is love Da Hua the way he is capable of – tenderly and selflessly.

KF reminds me yet again the most pervasive reason for drama failures can be laid at the foot of shoddy writing. This whole set up was wrong to begin with, making Lin Guan Jun the main character when the plot driver resided with Ouyang Tai. Even if former Best Actor winners like Ethan Ruan (all lanky hotness and the soulful badboy vibe) or Bolin Chen (harmless boy next door with the controlled slow burn) were to play Lin Guan Jun, there still wouldn’t be a way for him to win over the majority of the viewers so as to make people root for the poor plucky boy to grow up and get a career and win the girl. Once Terry lost Liang Yen, and HOMG the way Chris Wu cried took a part of everyone’s heart with him, then and there was the sole narrative soul of this drama. He loved, he lost, he made mistakes, he owned up to it, and he dared to break free of all societal and emotional constraints to love Da Hua. It wasn’t that he forgot Liang Yen, it was that he stayed true to his heart and he truly lived up to what he promised of her. I would have loved to see Terry and Da Hua visit Liang Yen’s grave, because she really was sacrificed at the altar of making Jin Da Hua the sole female lead of this drama and her journey the centerpiece. Except she really wasn’t all that compelling, it was only with Terry that she came alive and actually made something of herself. I’m wondering if the final episode will indeed kick start Da Hua’s character, and whether that will be much too late for us to root for her and Terry the way we did in the middle episodes when she was such a fierce protector of him and so keen to his heartache and how to cheer him up. There is a reason he fell in love with her, and even when she hurts him over and over he still never forgets that HE loves her and that love does not ask for reciprocation. I think Guan Jun does understand that and perhaps his heartache, however stupid, was the only thing to get Da Hua to wake up. I honestly love/hate this drama with every fiber of my being, and goodness I will be a hopping mess this entire week until episode 21 airs.


King Flower Episode 20 Recap — 56 Comments

  1. OMG. Thank goodness the writers are finally listening to the viewers. Well think of it this way Koala. One more episode to see more Terry, Terry, Terry! Thank you for the post. Have been stalking your site this afternoon.

    • I think the writers may have intended a Terry-DH ending when the viewer preference went 99-1% by around episode 14, but just couldn’t figure out a way to do it that could pay “homage” to GJ since he’s the main lead so they just effed up big time in the process.

  2. 🙁 I knew it, I am about to scream and throw my plushy somewhere in the woods Du Hua why why
    Terry if you need someone I am here single, future doctor

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve been anxiously waiting for today and found out this morning that DramaFever won’t be subbing it until Tuesday.

    I loved your insightful analysis on this episode and completely agree with everything: It was way too soon and DH had some serious shit to figure out. I would absolutely HATE it if she and Terry got married only for her to be indecisive and not give Terry the happiness he deserves. Better get it together now.

    I read a comment today that I know you’ll enjoy on KF’s Facebook page:

    “Who are the fucking writers? Need to pick them off.”

    • I loved that comment. There are so many awesome KF viewer comments in various forums it made for following this drama so much more fun. A good part of TW-viewers is that when a drama starts sucking, they call it like it is. They still love and watch, but no one makes excuses for the drama and gets pissy about “criticism”.

  4. Y’know what I realized recently? That King Flower feels like the idiot cousin of the K-drama Which Star Are You From? If anybody has mentioned this already, I’m sorry if I’m repeating! But that drama focused the audience on the angst of “Do I really love her, or is it just because she looks like the love of my life?” instead of “I love my childhood friend who may or may not love me, so who cares about this other guy loving me!” And WSAYF feels like it was written from the “Terry” character’s perspective, which this drama should have done. So many aspects feel the same – we have the country bumpkin who is transformed into a beautiful lady who died and her rich fiance falls in love with her. Which leads me to wonder if that drama was one source of inspiration for the scriptwriters who wanted to change up the premise and make it different by adding the whole impersonation aspect and Lin Guan Jun and making the whole perspective from Da Hua instead of Terry. Because honestly? If Terry was the main character, it would be a whole lot more interesting. But instead, all of the most important issues were skirted and we spend episodes banging our heads into computer screens screaming for Da Hua to grow a brain. How much more heartfelt we could have gotten if Terry had the chance to evaluate his own love for Da Hua and for people to suffer some repercussions? I’m sure I’m not the only one…

  5. Thanks for the recap! I kinda feel bad for Nikki to get stuck on this character Dahua who is poorly developed and frustrating to watch. Please writers.. redeem Dahua and let her be the one who is going to chase after Terry in the finale. The preview seems to hint on a Dahua Terry ending though… or it could be just the writers trolling on us again.

    • Nikki will be just fine. She’s doing an awesome job, everytime she does Da Hua’s gold fish expression I wanna laugh because as Liang Yen she was everything exciting and sophisticated.

  6. I think my boredom with the writing finally sunk in and stayed with this episode. But your recaps bring the fun back. This drama could have been so much more.

    Despite a series of fortunate events (i.e., casting and viewer participation) kudos to Chris’ acting…it seems that he wrangled a first lead role, and that kind of dedication, hard work and talent deserves a standing ovation.

    • He carried this drama on his capable shoulders. Everyone knows it and accepts it within the production and audience response. SETTV already gave him a Friday10 lead last year, there is a good chance he is probably getting the male lead in the Sunday10 after Love Around finishes at the end of this year. Or the male lead in the next Daily8 after Two Fathers. He’s pretty much smoking hot right now.

  7. ARRRHGHHH!! Thanks so much for putting this up, been waiting for it all day. I tried to watch the whole episode but after Xiao Fei opened her mouth I couldn’t go on. The first half with all the Terry and Da Hua scenes were LOVE, the wedding pictures and the scenes right before the wedding…it just makes the latter half all the more bitter. The comment about Da Hua being completely different with Terry is so true…she seems less like a naive girl and more like a mature woman (The Terry Effect – it’s like his superpower) whenever they are together, especially now that the interaction between them is natural without the burden of worrying about Guan Jun. Terry (along with 99.9% of viewers) just keeps getting shafted left and right by the writers so they better write an EPIC ending with an EPIC kiss but before that Da Hua better offer her BLEEDING HEART on a platter to Terry. I’m sure if Qin Mo had witness your runaway bride routine you wouldn’t have walked away if one piece.

    On a side note I guess Kevin didn’t receive his wedding invitation…where were Terry’s bros when he needed them?

    • After Xiao Fei opened her mouth I actually visibly cringed. I’ve rarely done that watching a drama. A genuine visceral reaction. Terry makes everyone better. I actually think seeing him love Da Hua and how he does it, actually is the impetus for Guan Jun to grow up as well.

      I don’t need another wedding between DH-Terry, though if it did happen, I would LOVE a beach wedding elopement, with her in a short white dress, him in a casual suit with his shirt open a notch. Both of them barefoot. Sigh…..they are really the happiest when they are alone and there is no one else to intrude on their every smile for each other.

      • I totally screamed at Xiao Fei to STFU then had to walk away before I threw my precious laptop against the wall. I agree with your observations about Da Hua in general but GAWDARNIT she needs to suffer and taste a bit of Terry’s pain! Ok I I swear I will probably calm down and stop calling for her blood by Thursday.

        I’m a bit sick of the wedding stuff (too traumatic and I’m sure Terry would agree), the ending I need is where Da Hua finally realizes that she loves Terry wholeheartedly and lets him know it. I agree that an elopement would be best and I adore the idea that it would just be the 2 of them. The chapels where the proposal and the wedding took place were so beautiful…what a waste.

        Just wanted give a shout out to you and tell you that you’re up there with Chris Wu for making this drama my crack for the past 2 months…I’ve really enjoyed your recaps, commentary and updates on the show.

    • i’m glad she did. da hua wasn’t fully ready for the wedding yet, and needed to address this issue before she can move on. that was some terrible timing there young lady.

      it’s always been terry giving and da hua on the receiving end. i think she needs to appreciate what she could lose here and how she is affected by this.

  8. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok now that I got that off of my chest let’s continue shall we? Finally, finally Da Hua is waking up and coming to her senses, it is about time that she realizes that she actually loves Terry. I need her to do some chasing now and as you put it I really don’t need an ending with a wedding I just need a Terry/Da Hua ending where she finally truly and sincerely loves Terry. Also just to throw this out there, Koala you are fabulous with your recaps I mean you are always dead on and they are always amusing to read. I love when you are passionate about a drama and that passion totally transcends into your writing which in turn makes for a great read. I am so happy that I discovered your blog I love the playground, thank you for your hard work and amazing recaps:)

    • You’re so welcome. I love it when I love a drama. One has to care for the writing to come from the heart. I don’t pick or choose which dramas I love, it either calls to me or it doesn’t regardless of initial predilection for one over another.

  9. Thanks for the recap…..

    As I started following the recaps later….I want to ask a question:

    What is the relation between Da hua and Guan jun?? Are they cousins???

    • Guan Jun was an orphan at the market place. Da Hua’s mom saw him all alone and took him home and raised him. He’s an adopted son though it was never officially registered so his last name remains Lin.

      • Thanks ockoala 🙂

        Not only I love your writing….but I also love the fact that you reply to the comments even when you are so busy..
        So sweet of you 🙂

  10. I knew it. There is just no way that settv would go against popular sentiment and not have terry end up with da hua. Even so, the writers really messed up this drama. Even if I like terry and the end of them together, the writing is a huge mess. I mean really? They could not have written a better guan Juan character? It’s pathetic. I am not talking about the actors but just the character.

    Capt k – I absolutely agree with you – even Ethan or bolin wouldn’t be able to get the audience to side with them. Guan Juan is seriously that crappy of character. He really is so useless in this drama. They could have focused more on CM and his role and just cut out GJ. Anyhow – I have many more things to fling at them. GJ, dh, the writers… Sheesh.

    • Coulda woulda shoulda so many things to make this drama awesome. In the end we just got one in Terry. That’s enough for me, because he’s one in a million even as a fictional character.

      • Maybe GJ will finally get his act together, go and work abroad, and DH is giving him the farewells at the airport… and then gets married to Terry, after finally having sorted out her heart and realized that love comes in all forms and shapes – that it’s okay to love Terry, and that it will not be a problem to love GJ at the same time, albeit as a brother.
        Yeah, one can hope. 😉

  11. Is it bad that I’m still hoping that Da Hua will wake up from a (very long) dream to the day before Liang Yen fell off the mountain? Then Da Hua can stop Liang Yen and Terry from going camping and Liang Yen will be safe and able to live a nice long life with Terry. Hey maybe they’ll even invite Da Hua to the wedding and then Guan Jun will fall hopelessly in love with her when he sees her all dressed up (even if she’s still all bad teeth and giant mole). That way everybody is happy!

  12. Thanks for the awesome recap as usual Koala. To the writers of KF, you have just successfully made several thousand viewers hate you for your asinine writing. You better redeem yourself in the upcoming episode though you could have focused on Dua Hua’s tumult early on instead of concentrating on GJ heroic idiocy.

    • I could never figure out why the writing went that way, perhaps it was the only way to give LGJ something to do in this drama other than be a waste of air.

  13. lols, what an episode!!!! do i need to say the obvious… i want to kick and turn Da Hua senseless. when Terry baby closed his eyes and took off his jacket i could feel how he feels except that i wanted to murder Da Hua. ugh!

      • lols… yup our Terry Baby… till now, i am still amazed at how one horrible drama was able to be carried on by one actor alone and then i contemplate again and just bask at the awesomeness that is our Terry Baby! 🙂 i must thank you again koala sis for being my Terry enabler, mwuahugz!

  14. When you watched the preview for episode 21, what hint you that she will end up with Terry instead of GJ? Was it the part where she asked if she can be his bride again? Because I assumed that it must be Terry since she was never a bride with GJ. Am I close?

  15. If comments can kill, Da Hua is dead by now. stupid girl! Stupid writing. If she doesn’t chase perfect Terry, Da Hua should be forsaken, be left alone and live in loneliness forever!

    • LOL, another nuggets of viewer commentary after today’s episode “Da Hua should get her ass to Australia, and when she’s there she can marry a koala!”

  16. Koala, your recaps are FANTASTIC!!!! Not only are they detailed but your commentary just makes them pure gold!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

  17. “possessed by the spirit of a spineless gormless doormat”

    bwahahahahah! That just cracks me up…

    I’ve only been reading recaps, but even from the recaps my first thought was, why did they basically do a wedding overnight? After all that mess before, you’d think they’d spend some time working on their relationship rather than jumping right ahead. No surprise it didn’t go through.

    Still think Terry deserves better though. Too bad they had to write Da Hua into such a pathetic character. She should get married to Terry and never talk to Guan Jun again, then she can regrow all those lost braincells and start functioning like a normal adult….

  18. the bubble gun scene was just so freaking cute. My favorite scene of this episode.

    While watching the wedding scene, I was wondering where was Liang’s father?

  19. After following you on twitter, Captain Koala, and seeing your rage during the live streaming, I was hesitant about even reading the recaps. But the hook of more Terry pictures (and Terry in a tux no less) lured me in. He is even awesome just sitting next to a tux (hmm. Terry sitting next to a tux being better than most in a tux? That is saying something). Anyway, you know a drama is bad when you think the Clarisonic is smarter and has a better role than the female lead. Just sayin’.

    Thanks for the shout out to Cheng Hong. Other than Terry, he is the character I like the most.

    • wait, she has a twitter?

      WAIT, YOU HAVE A TWITTER, koala? I thought I was the only one venting in Twitter. I have a feeling my followers are pretty tired of me venting about my love for Terry and this drama XD

      • her twitter is ockoala. I get your pain. I don’t even bother ranting about this stuff on twitter because the only people who folow me really don’t know anything about my dramas. Anyway, she was so angry that I purpoisely did not come here last night because I figured I needed a good night sleep first.

        Really, Clarsonic is looking like a rocket scientist next to DH.

  20. I cant even re-watch this episode without wanting to strangle someone, I couldn’t enjoy the Terry-Da Hua scenes cos I KNEW I KNEW something horrible was going to happen. It was like eating a McDonald’s cheese burger; it may feel good at the moment but you know something bad will happen later.

    UGH, I just can’t with this episode. Terry, ugh, how can you you be so perfect… He went from being the happiest guy in the world and literally inches from being the happiest married man in the world, to the guy cancelling his own wedding and being rejected (though this may not exactly be the right word) in front of his family and friends. UGH, the way he held himself up at that moment… my heart was breaking.

    AND WOMAN… WHY YOU NO WRITE ABOUT THE PREVIEW?? GAHHHH, you’re leaving us hanging! What did they say in the preview that made you think that Da Hua was going to pick Terry? GAH, I can’t deal with the suspense OTL

  21. So are we certain she ends up with Terry? Because…I was so ready to accept my fate at the end of episode 20 and Da Hu’a stupidity that I’m very happily surprised and actually looking forward to the ending. But what I don’t get is the behind the scenes photo of Da Hua in a bear costume…

    But I completely agree with you, Da Hua has to say she loves Terry, not that he loves her and he’s so good to her…it has to be reciprocal. Another week with this drama! It better with them making babies!! I want to see Chris Wu’s bodyyyyyy hehe.

  22. Jeepers I would admit I was a coward and went to read the comments on sugoideas. Before I even went near the episode.

    Then I was kinda cringing thinking what your recap was going to be like. I feel like a deflated balloon. I knew it was coming, but was hoping it wouldn’t come. Then it came. And now I don’t know what I feel.

    What I do feel confident in though. You stupid girl, if Terry didn’t love your stupid shallow personality with a pea sized brain with zero mature thought processes, I would happily wish you’ll drop off and stay in your little corner of your little shop.

    It’s ONLY because Terry loves you that I wish you both end up together.

    Far out. Whatever makes Terry happy. That’s my mantra for this show at present.

  23. Die Da Hua. Seriously. You have no sense. You picked the most unattractive loser over the most eligible bachelor. How could you leave him at the altar?

  24. I haven’t been watching these last few episodes because I can’t bear to see DH.
    I hope the last episode will have DH chasing Terry madly all over the place and Terry playing hard to get for once.

  25. I wanted to see Da Hua fall for Terry. That’s the kind of stuff that I love in dramas–to observe two individuals gradually learn about one another and bridge the internal differences rather than watching character stupididty and ludicrous plot twists. Truly, we barely got to see Da Hua’s falling in love process for either of the male leads (though Terry’s falling in love process kind of made up for it but, as a result, made the drama feel SOOOOO unbalanced).

  26. Koala, I have more fun reading your recaps then watching the actual drama! You had me at “f*cking shut the f*ck up b*tch”…lol!

  27. Koala, just finish watching ep 20 & there’s no mention that ep 21 is the final stage. So, maybe there will be 22 eps? It would probably make sense since there’s still alot of loose ends here like what happened to the chick that was secretly inlove with him & also Direct Du & his request to have da hua as his goddaughter plus lets not forget the dodgy cousin whose after the GM position & also Terry’s resignation? Director Du gave him a month off & then they will discuss the matter again. I did enjoy this episode right up until that stupid cow Xiao Fei opened her mouth to object! It’s not Da Hua i hate for running off from her wedding but that stupid no brain Xiao Fei! And i hated her tantrums just before the wedding coz her outfit didn’t fit & acted like a bridezilla when she’s only the bridesmaid not the bride! Well, however more eps to go with this drama i just hope that at least one of them will clear up the other characters that just seem to have dissappear. Oh, i notice that QuiQui was at the wedding too. Whats up with that?

  28. What I’m confused about is Kai Le. She is in the beginning sequence, clinging on to Terry. We learned that she liked him. The drama also kept hinting she was up to something but in the end she wasn’t as big a character as she was made out to be. Sure, she figured it out but all she really did was make a birthday party awkward.
    Am I missing something? I guess I just expected them to do more with her.

  29. If they pull out a clarisonic one more time…?!!!!! Lol! I actually have one and love it. No subtlety here when it comes to product placement! What do these Asian actresses do to get such nice skin-drink virgin blood? Lol!

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