Vanness Wu Drops Official MV for the Catchy Single “Different Man”

You know what, Vanness Wu‘s first single “Different Man” off his new album is really really awesome. It’s not awesome because he’s shirtless in half of the video, or because I am secretly a purveyor of dance music despite writing about dramas. It’s awesome because it sounds fantastic and comes from the heart. Good music can’t get better than this. The full album isn’t dropping until early June but the full MV for “Different Man” was released this morning and is racking up the views quickly. That’s no surprise since Vanness has been doing a heck of a job hyping up his new album all over Taiwan and I couldn’t be happier for him. When I say this song comes from the heart, the lyrics and the subject matter is really describing Vanness himself and how he learned to love without being self-absorbed and became a different man. It has very strong Christian iconography in the MV which I applaud Vanness for weaving into because he really is very devout about his faith. Rumors are abounding that he’s planning to tie the knot with his long-time non-entertainment industry girlfriend Arissa, with a ring spotted on her finger recently and the two of them becoming even more public with their trips abroad and even posting pictures of with each other on their social networks. I like that Vanness has stayed cool and hip in his entertainment style even as he’s embraced a very conservative lifestyle because really the two needn’t be contradictory or exclusionary. I’m tired of dance music being brainless or hip-hop being about negative lifestyle choices. On a side note, when I first watched the MV I thought the leading lady in it was Tiffany Hsu, which would be a neat reunion for him and his second female lead from Autumn’s Concerto. But on closer watch its not Tiff though she looks remarkably similar. Vanness has an eye for picking striking leading ladies, that’s for sure.

Vanness Wu “Different Man”:


Vanness Wu Drops Official MV for the Catchy Single “Different Man” — 13 Comments

  1. really??? vanness already have a gf?? oh my god im so happy to hear it!! aaaah its my dream since 10 years a go to see him walk in aisle…

    Now off to read. I just had to say this after seeing the pic.

  3. Okay, I am back now and much calmer. Congrats to Vaness Wu for showing you can be sexy and classy and spiritual. Also, congrats on the wedding. I am hoping there will be lots of pictures of that when the time comes.

  4. This man is gorgeous and can do no wrong in my eyes after watching Autumn Concerto. I like that he’s a changed man too.

    • Btw, he’s giving me major Taeyang vibes in this vid. That dance, that Chrome Hearts shirt he has on, etc. It’s a good thing cause I like them both.

      • Being a big Bigbang fan & a VIP, I was soooo about to comment that his video & dance moves remind of Taeyang…but then since Vanness attended their concert in Taiwan he probably got tips :)…Vanness the older he gets the hotter he also looks,glad he was able to step out of the shadows of the other more famous F4 members (although still love them as a group…hope they make another drama together…)

  5. Excellent video! The only distraction I felt was that the belt (a la heavyweight champion) appeared a little too big on him, but other than that
    it was celebration time that he’s back with a newfound faith translated into his music and videos. Amen!

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