Chris Wu and the Crew of Autumn’s Concerto Visit Ady An on Set of her New Drama

A nostalgic walk down memory lane is oh so sweet and I’ve found myself revisiting dramas when the mood calls for it. As a viewer I get pretty attached to some dramas so its no wonder that the cast and crew who actually live and breath making a drama can form lasting friendships at times. As King Flower readies for its finale this Sunday, my man Chris Wu has been laying low since filming wrapped two weeks ago and then suddenly he popped up in my Ady An news feed and made me squee so hard I probably shattered a glass somewhere. Ady is currently in Yilan in the Eastern side of Taiwan (Chris was actually there quite often for King Flower since a few of their location shoots took place there as well) filming her upcoming GTV TW-drama with Mike He tentatively called Upper Class Crass Girl, which I’m sure it’ll get a more logical sounding English title soon. This week she got some familiar faces visiting her on set for a day – a bunch of cast and crew from her mega-hit TW-drama Autumn’s Concerto.

Famed director Chen Weiling led Chris and some other crew members down to Yilan to surprise Ady and she was so happy to see them. A bunch of pictures of them goofing off have been posted on various weibo pages and it’s not surprising to see them so comfortably ridiculous with each other. I remember watching BTS videos from AC and it was a riot of happiness and laughter filming despite how somber the storyline was at times. Sadly Vanness Wu wasn’t there since he’s busy as all out promoting his new album which will drop next week. Director Chen is a Golden Bell award winning director and for those of you who don’t know what she looks like, she’s the tiny little thing in the stripped boat shirt and khaki pants with the short bob. I think technique-wise Director Winnie is the top of the totem pole but visual beauty no one can beat Director Chen. She has this romanticism about her work that is unrivaled anywhere, a romanticism that comes with a feeling of wistful melancholy. Check out the cute pictures from the set visit and then watch two of my favorite Chris and Ady scenes from the drama to commemorate some AC love.

Autumn’s Concerto – Mu Cheng and Tuo Ye’s first meeting:

He’s a street thug, she’s a girl who sells lunch boxes. They are perfect for each other, and totally not meant to be. I swear if Chris had played Lin Guan Jun in KF it would have been a totally different drama. James Wen is just not right for that type of role. At all.

Autumn’s Concerto – Tuo Ye’s confession to Mu Cheng:

Tuo Ye:

Six years ago, you saved me at the bookstore. And gave me this lucky “one more bottle” cap. I felt so lucky that day, because I met you. From when I accepted this cap, I decided that no matter where you went, I would follow you there. You are the girl I want, from then until now, I’ve kept this bottle cap on me. When I think of you, I will take it out to look at. Sometimes I think no matter when you will finally look at me sincerely, I will always be here waiting for you. I know you’ve always known but don’t want to change our relationship. I also thought I could keep waiting forever, but just then I discovered that I don’t want to let your hand go again. I don’t want to see you sad, I don’t want to see you crying. Please don’t tell me you can take care of yourself. That is lying to yourself. And don’t tell me to stop loving you, I don’t know how to give up. Don’t ask me why I like you, because I will only keep on loving you the way I’ve always loved you. Mu Cheng, please let me be the person you takes care of and protects you and Xiao Le. Okay?


Chris Wu and the Crew of Autumn’s Concerto Visit Ady An on Set of her New Drama — 15 Comments

  1. Aah, Autum’s Concerto. One of my rare second lead syndrom dramas. Mainly because Chris Wu did such an excellent job. I honestly think, that in terms of acting he was in a complety different league than a Vaness Wu. Chris Tuo Ye had so much heart and felt so real, that almost everyone else felt fake.

  2. Urgh~ long live guy #2. I can’t find any better song than “Wo yi wei” (Tuoye’s OST) for any guy #2 ever.

    Hua Tuoye was probably my favourite character in AC, along with Tifanny’s character. Finally some supporting characters who were genuinely good people and down to earth, despite being the poor country dude and rich girl. They both didn’t deserve what girl and guy #1 did to them. Mucheng, why oh why did you accept Tuoye’s sweetest confession, gave the poor guy hope, and then broke his heart afterwards.. T_T

  3. Aww love this little AC reunion. One of my favorite dramas :). Chris was excellent as tuoye in that show, however as much as i loved him i still shipped Ady and Vanness. But it broke my heart every time Chris cried. Also, like Bwear said, AC had wonderful 2nd leads. And I applaud Director Chen’s for her beautiful directing. 🙂

  4. Autumn Concerto was my first Taiwanese drama. I WAS NOT going to watch any more dramas because I have work to do, people! The I started watching this and reading Madame Koala’s recaps of Sunny Happiness and . . . well . . . I used to say that I went to the gym so I can eat cake. Now I know that I work, not just to take care of my kids, but to pay for internet service so I can watch dramas. So many dramas; so little time.

    Thanks for the memories, Captain Koala. Let’s all gather for a group hug after the last King Flower recap right before we are off to therapy for our Terry withdrawals.

  5. Although I thought Tuo Ye and Yi Qian were one of the best pair of second leads; I never shipped them with Mu Cheng and Guan Xi. I loved loved loved AC, and Tiffany’s Yi Qian had my heart because she was so selfless and human in that she held onto GX when she had to, and let him go when it was time. Which was just absolute perfection. On the other hand, I didn’t like Tuo Ye at all. His character was giving yet didn’t know when to let go. But that was commendable given every other second lead seems to be so nice they aren’t human anymore but some unrealistic angel. Ugh.

    Anyway, love the pics. They seemed to have such a happy crew. I hope they work together again some day. TW entertainment industry isn’t all that huge.

  6. It’s great to see how close bonded the AC family are! The director is such a petite little cutie! 🙂 I remember watching the bts videos n she was often chiding Vanness n Chris jokingly for their NGs. Lol So happen AC was having its rerun on my tv yesterday and I started watching it all over again! Chris as Tuo Ye was so memorable and sincere in his acting… I celebrated for him when Muchen agreed to his confession as his happiness was so heartfelt and cried for him when she broke his heart on the bridge.

  7. All the ladies seems so comfortable with Chris Wu. He seems to be their little goofy brother. I cant’ imagine Terry doing this.

  8. They are so funny. I love laid back feel of the Taiwanese. They are relaxed, can be goofy and not afraid to show it. I watched and re-watched Autumn Concerto and I was so conflicted between Vannes and Chris Wu. Actually I second lead ship more on this drama but I wanted to have the little boy be with his mom and dad.

  9. I’m all over terry in the past few days marathoning the short cut of Terry that cap K posted a couple days ago. It was a really nice of her in doing this as it really save me times since I haven’t watched this series and love it so much as it is so selective of just Terry concentration. Oh lord all my mind contains now is Chris Wu – Terry. Millions thanks cap K.

  10. that was such a sweet confession.
    my most memorable scene from autumn’s concerto will be the scene of his heartbreak on the bridge when he lets go of mu cheng, to the soundtrack of 我以為. it’s a song i keep replaying too.

  11. *sighs* koala sis, now we are gonna miss YOUR Chris Wu so much. i wish he would have a drama soonest. i guess it will be a trademark – that whenever Chris Wu stars in a drama, may he be a lead or not, that drama will certainly excel and that’s thanks to him.

    oh and that confession will never ever fail to make me cry!

    i love you Chris Wu and i love you Koala sis for always giving me wonderful T-dramas to watch. 🙂

    ps. you should watch MOnstar. 🙂 another tvN.

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