The Story Behind Bu Bu Jing Qing is Revealed in 10-minute Official Trailer

After watching the just released 10-minute official trailer, there are so many expletive-laden things I want to say about Bu Bu Jing Qing, the upcoming modern day sequel to the time-traveling Qing dynasty period drama Bu Bu Bing Xin, but I’ll hold it all in for now. The 10-minute trailer destroys even the last shred of hope I had that this drama might even be decent on its own, forget trying to live up to how compelling the original was. This is a two-fer of suck the likes of which I can only describe as raping the memory of BBJX and using it to mask what is an utterly makjang modern day office and family feud C-drama. The trailer starts with the original and after Ruo Xi died 4th Prince had her hair pin and ring put it a box and taken back to her home province and buried. This box containing the two artifacts ties the two dramas together along with Zhang Xiao, who went back in time as Ruo Xi and has now returned to the modern world. She goes to work for the 4th Prince lookalike named Yin Zheng played by Nicky Wu, who has a hate-hate relationship with his stepfather played by Damien Lau. The oddest part is that Liu Shi Shi not only plays Zhang Xiao, she also plays a model named Lan Lan, who then later gets plastic surgery and becomes Annie Liu‘s Ma Yi Nuo. Like whut? Sun Yi Zhou plays the baddie here in the role that takes 8th Prince’s shades of grey and goes straight for crazy dude who betrays Zhang Xiao and then later tries to destroy Yin Zheng. Sigh, I have no words. He even plays the character dripping with smarmy and crazy eyes. Funnily enough the only character I found interesting to watch was guy 3 played by Jiang Jing Fu, who I have ragged on endlessly for being totally acting-limited, but perhaps that was only in a period drama setting. Here in modern guise he’s actually manlier and visually compelling, not to mention he appears to have stepped into 14th Prince’s shoes as nursing the unrequited love. I think the worse possible thing this production did was not getting the original cast back, without Yuan Hong, Kevin Cheng, Lin Geng Xin, and Han Dong and all the brotherly love and feuding from BBJX carrying over, none of the warring onscreen in BBJQ has any meaning to me because it’s just some random characters being angry at each other. This is so disappointing I’m literally heartbroken right now as the pillaging of genuine sincerity to make an easy buck.

Ten-minute long trailer for Bu Bu Jing Qing:


The Story Behind Bu Bu Jing Qing is Revealed in 10-minute Official Trailer — 36 Comments

  1. Wow that bad? I was hoping it would decent at least decent… sigh! More disappointment… KF ending better make my day tomorrow!

  2. I actually burst out laughing out loud when I read about the plastic surgery part. I’m so sorry you had your memories of BBJX tainted by this travesty. On the other hand, you did a really good deed because your sacrifice will prevent us from ever experiencing this nightmare! LOL

  3. Plastic Surgery… What?
    I do not a word they are saying in the trailer, I will wait for my friend to translate for me. But thank you very much for the heads up about the drama it will be in my list of question mark undecided dramas.

  4. It may disappoint others but I’m most anxious to see this than anything else. Its unlike most Mainland modern day series that’s filled with cuteness and nonsense. I been waiting for this a year now and though Kevin & Yuan couldn’t make it don’t change my view on what I want see from both Nicky & Shi. The drama is more intense but the chemistry is clearly still there between them. From my understanding they plan on airing the sequel in August.

    Thanks for sharing Trailer.

  5. What in the what???!!! Maybe watching the entire drama may prove me wrong, but nothing in this trailer evokes anything that I felt for BBJX, other than the fact that some of the actors returned. That’s it.

    Oh my to the plastic surgery. You have got to be kidding me. This totally screamed at me as being another family feud/makjang modern drama. I avoid all of these. But there are definitely people out there that like this kind of stuff. It just doesn’t have the magic of BBJX.

  6. I liked it. Exactly what I was expecting in terms of any modern Cdrama production. Looking forward to this. I won’t exactly treat it as a sequel more than a separate show in itself. LSS looks good in some scenes and bad in others. Nicky looks a lot younger than he had in BBJX which is nice.

  7. I shall wipe this off my memory, any mention of it (I’m not going to even bother watching this trailer) and leave BBJX as it is

    i feel for you ms. koala T-T

  8. I actually like this trailer more than the previous one. It makes a little more sense to me. But then, I still need subs to understand everything fully. Although I’m a little disappointed that they are referencing BBJX when the whole cast is actually not back, but I’m open minded to see what BBJQ has in store for us.

  9. Sigh. I’m probably gonna be one of the few that doesn’t even care about the plot if it means having on my screen something that even remotely resemble BBJX.

    The only thing is, I couldn’t really understand the plot from the trailer. Like, what is even going on there. Is RX even the same person as she was in BBJX?

  10. Disappointed to the max. Boring plot, shitty melodramatic makjang that doesn’t even bother to try, a cast that seems as bored/unenthusiastic about the show, shitty music! ARGH! They shouldn’t have done this, cos now it’s just gonna taint the legend that is BBJX and smear our memories.
    Even seeing my OTP have a second chance isn’t enough now…

  11. I love BBJX and I love LongShi but by just looking at the trailer their acting sucks in here compare to BBJX… sorry

  12. I’m anxiously waiting for this to come out. I just hope that Nicky and LSS will have a happy ending this time around.

  13. Why do I regret watching this trailer? I agree.. the modern variant of having Nicky shield the rain for Shishi rapes the beautiful memory of the exact same scene in BBJX, which was so heartfelt and gripping. But now they are just milking everything out of BBJX. And the magnolia pin and earrings between 4th and Ruoxi, breaks my heart just thinking about it. It was such a simple thing yet symbolized so much in BBJX. But in BBJQ they actually USE it to set up a lame treasure hunting story. There is no way that I won’t associate this crap with BBJX. Even if I don’t purposely want to, but everything just screams for us to connect this crap with BBJX. Why can’t they leave BBJX alone. And can we assume that Yinzhen is Yongzheng, our known Qing Emperor, coming to the modern era to find Ruoxi according to his own lines? The heck..

  14. I’ve been tracking this drama quite closely, so I knew about the doppelganger plastic surgery stuff and the melodrama early on. Clearly this whole series is just to make money off BBJX. I think we all knew that when they announced the sequel. I don’t even watch most C-dramas but this is an example of why I don’t. So I left off hope that it would be good as BBJX, but I’m not expecting that from this. I just want some LongShi. Will it be bad? Yes, but who cares. It’ll be entertaining probably because it’s so bad, but I watch many dramas just for actor chemistry. I don’t think of it as a sequel at all, but I promised myself I would watch another Nicky Wu/LSS vehicle and here it is. :S

  15. Well this looks like a dramatic and complicated drama, and I’m not sure I mean that in a good way. With most of the main characters being replaced here, it feels more like a different drama altogether and I’m gonna think of it that way to not taint my BBJX memories. Tho BBJX was just too amazing, I doubt anything could taint that!

  16. I believe the main reason Nicky takes on this project is out of gratitude. Just for that , I am going to watch to support him.

    • The is the ONLY reason why he took on the project. In an interview, he said he’s just an actor, doing his job, and go home. Does that sound he was enthused with the series? NO.

      And I’m sorry, but Liu Shi Shi and Nicky does not look like they have any chemistry from the trailer. It doesn’t look like their hearts were in it.

  17. Not only does the plot sound ridiculous, I feel that even the acting got worse. Some scenes just feel so fake, nothing quite as poignant as Bu Bu Jing Xin.

  18. Tbh, I actually thought the trailer made me even more interested in BBJQ. Forget the fact that it’s supposedly a sequel. We all know it’s a money making machine. But at least the plot looks interesting enough for me to watch it. Or is it just that I’m not used to family feud c dramas? Haha.
    I like the little nods it gave to BBJX. the coat in the rain scene just made me bawl all over again thinking about the original.

    But this isn’t meant to be a direct sequel. How weird would such a romantically restrained relationship be in the modern world as that if rx and 4th? BBJX was perfect as it was. And I have high hopes for BBJQ exactly as it’s meant to be.

    • It’s a terrible rip off of BBJX by using the rain and snow scene to sell this series. What is original about this? And to think that even the actors/actresses was kept in the dark about the outcome of the series.

  19. All the plastic surgery absurdities aside I feel like Zhang Xiao is a different person now compared to being as Ruo Xi in BBJX (all that girly crying, easily falling in love again, naivity)…unless she lost her memory…>>
    And Nicky seems more aggressive….

  20. Lmao, thought that I was the only one hating on it. Haha, this trailer even sucked more than the first released one. Too much repetition, and too much craziness.

  21. I didn’t get the plastic surgery thing the first time I watched it… ugh, that is so dumb. And poor Yutan can’t even catch a break in the modern world? This looks way over the top, but I’ll watch it anyway just for the Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu scenes. I really don’t understand why they couldn’t get Kevin. I realize Karen had personal conflicts with Yuan Hong and Lin Geng Xin, but what happened with Kevin? Also the original was so good in large part because the story it was based on was so good. I’m pretty sure Tong Hua is not involved in this sequel in any way, also a huge mistake. sigh.

    • Kevin was busy with his other series. Partially Tangren’s fault. Kevin said in an interview they would start filming in October of 2012, but then the script was not finished and he had other obligations. March 2013 they started filming BBJQ, and the script is still not finished! They are filming while writing the script. Kevin was supposed to guest star once he finished filming for his current series though.

  22. Hey, don’t judge it just by the trailer. What do you know, maybe it’s way better. 🙂 I’m happy at least 4th Prince, RuoXi, 10th Prince, Ruo Lan, and Yu Tan are still there. Though it’s such a shame that 8th Prince is gone. 🙁
    Honestly, I too didn’t understand the trailer.

  23. i love BBJX, and i will give the modern version a try. Why you guys are so negative? I mean you just have seen the trailer. Open mindedness would be great! ;-))

  24. Well, all I can say is that I just want to watch my idol, Liu Shishi in the Tangren production. Who cares if it is going to be as good as the first?
    We cannot expect, and no matter how good it could be, there might still be people who dislike it.

    In recent years, HK TVB dramas are too boring to watch. The casts are weak, storyline nothing much, not to mention if it is an ancient drama, the background is forever that same spot for 20 years.

    But now, mainland drama is different. They are producing good quality drama, mainland stars are no weaker than others and their theme song is great. Let alone the true beautiful sceneries and resources as well as true ancient-like decor like in BBJX. It is eye-opening and a pleasure to watch and enjoy what it looks like back in those times.

    Watching TVB ancient series make me laugh till my last tear, the decor are as shiny as you can ever expect, decor are as worse as you can imagine.

    As an audience and a fan, I hope this will not have the fate like Da Mo Yao.
    I cannot imagine a good actress like Shi shi can only have one drama in a whole year???
    There is Yue Fei, but she is merely a small cast in this drama which is to be aired on Hunan TV on July 4.

  25. The only thing matters to me is Zhang Xiao recovered without her memory as Ruo Xi in BBJQ. It somehow ruins BBJX ending which Zhang Xiao has her memory back in modern life and search about Ruo Xi and the Princes. Small mistake but fatal indeed. I am okay if this serial is called BBJX 2 or sequel to BBJX if and only if they do not ruin BBJX ending. The script writer/s still has/have a lot space to expand the story without making Zhang Xiao lose her memory at Qing Dynasty. It may be another good C-Drama but cannot be called BBJX 2 anymore. Disappointed.

    • My thoughts exactly! I just don’t understand why they didn’t continue where they left off in BBJX?? She remembered everything clearly, yet in BBJQ…she loses her memory?? That ruined it for me as well. The beginning of the trailer was good it got me hooked, especially with Yinzhen’s monologue: “If you can’t come to my world to find me, then I’ll come to your world to find you,” BUT it all went downhill the moment Zhangxiao grabbed onto Yinzheng’s hand as she woke up. Like WTF? That wasn’t how it ended in BBJX….?

      HOWEVER, because I’m a Yinzhen&Ruoxi shipper I’m going to give BBJQ a chance. I hope the actual series is better than the trailer, if not I will curse at these directors…LMAO. Jk. I’m not that mean. Whatever, I’m just not going to expect anything other than seeing MORE ON SCREEN TIME between Nicky and Cecelia.

  26. actually what wrong of the drama?? from my view, that is quite interesting for the original version BBJQ, i dont mean the version that already cut by the tv, is the original version by tang ren. For the original version,the story has a very good started relate to the BBJX. Although lots of the story does not relate to BBJX, but this is BBJQ, a new drama new story,not a must all the story must relate, r u want the story still the same? mayb from ur expectation is, 4th prince has chuan yue back to the modern world, 4th prince stil the 4th prince,you cannot accept 4th prince already die , and now ying zhen is the character who qian shi is 4th prince, i think the story is quite good. so far i watch until the lastest episode, it’s very interesting for the original version.

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