King Flower Episode 21 Recap

Verdict – I love this drama, but holy god is it a hot mess. I am a relentless critic when I watch dramas, because otherwise why write about it? I’m pretty certain that I’ve made so many drama friends and foes here at the Playground because I speak my mind, whether its to call a spade a spade (i.e. this drama sucks) or to praise a drama to the high Heavens to the extent people think I need to take a chill pill. It’s all just my opinion, and right or wrong it at least validates my time spent writing about it. Otherwise I’d just sit back and watch. King Flower (Substitute Princess) is a drama that tried to fly and probably crashed landed somewhere so far off course rescuers couldn’t find it. Narratively the final episode wrapped up with as much finesse and satisfaction as William Hung at his American Idol audition. But you know what? That boy had guts to go on TV to sing, and it took SOOOOO much insane twists and turns onscreen and behind the scenes for KF to even end this way. What way? The way where Terry and Da Hua end up together. James Wen isn’t just the leading actor in this drama, with his name first on the credits, he’s also SETTV‘s current undisputed 一哥 (top dog), and for him to get sidelined through the entire second half of the drama and spend the last few minutes of the final episodes in a bear suit is unprecedented for showing just how potent was Chris Wu‘s fire power.

Taking into consideration all of the behind the scenes jostling, aren’t we just happy and relieved that Da Hua finally acknowledges that she loves Terry and picks him, even if the method the drama used was totally lame and unsatisfying. Because Terry is so incredible in his emotional journey we all want more from Da Hua, but in the hand-tied situation where the writers couldn’t write Guan Jun off the show, we have to be thankful that at least we got so much from them surrounding Terry and that the ending is him smiling at Da Hua as they realize fate is going to step in for them. In this episode, Terry told Da Hua that he would wait for her and she told him not to because she wasn’t worth it. His answer was a certain and sure “You are worth it”, and I have to say the same thing to Terry/Chris. You are worth it for me to be crazily in love with this silly drama, because the combination of a fantastic character and a phenomenal performance is a rare thing indeed that I feel satisfied to have experienced first hand. Hold on to your horses, because episode 21 was still all about Terry and there were tons of scenes to re-watch in days ahead as I finally put this baby to rest. The final episode broke 2 again in rating so it’s with a happy heart I send off my beloved Terry to Australia with his Big Flower.

Stage 21 recap:

Da Hua rings the doorbell and calls out for Terry, who opens the door for her and they give each other a very intense look. He brings her inside with a smile, ever the gentleman, and tells her to sit down as he moves to get her some water. She stops him and says she is here to talk with him and then leave.

Poor Terry pauses and turns to Da Hua. She takes out the wedding ring and returns it to him. He takes it reluctantly and says with a smile that it’s fine, no one knows what the future holds. I can’t believe this people, even Chris Wu’s hand can act, you can see the slight quiver as he takes the box. Guh.

Da Hua bows low and gives him an apology for embarrassing him at the wedding. He looks really pained by seeing her so remorseful, telling her there is no need, she did nothing wrong. He was the one who called off the wedding to give her time to think. Da Hua knows he did it for her sake, so she wasn’t conflicted.

Terry says her conflict and torment is his conflict and torment. She was the person most upset at that time so how could he smile and get married at that moment. He tries to comfort her but she brushes his hand aside and gets angry at him, telling him that he ought to be upset and yell at her. She pushes him and tells him to stop being so good to her.

Terry stares at her and says he won’t yell at her, because he loves her he can’t bear to yell at her. Da Hua yells that doesn’t even know who she loves anymore, she doesn’t have any right to love him. Terry says that he knows she didn’t fully let Lin Guan Jun go but this is the only way he can love her.

Terry then gets angry and yells at her, asking what she wants him to do. Da Hua starts crying and says she is so selfish, she really is such a selfish person. Yeah, you think? She asks him to stop being so good to her. He can’t, you silly cow, that is why he is so amazing and you must have saved an entire civilization in your past life to deserve him. Terry looks so torn and says that he’s already fallen in love with her, there is nothing he can do about it,

Terry pulls her in for an embrace and she nestles into his arms. He calls her silly and lets her just cry in his arms. He tells her to stop crying, he isn’t angry or upset at her. She did nothing wrong because there is no right or wrong in love. He knows she didn’t intentionally hurt him.

Terry tells Da Hua not to cry anymore, everything will be fine. She keeps crying and he tells her again to stop crying because otherwise he will cry.

And we see that he’s actually holding back his tears.

Da Hua hugs him and asks Terry to take good care of himself when she’s not by his side. She will also take good care of herself. He promises and they keep hugging each other tightly.

Da Hua walks through the park and suddenly she hears Terry call her name “Jin Da Hua!” She turns around but he’s not there, she’s just imagining it. Humph, I hope you have endless sleepless nights reliving your moments with Terry.

She flashes back to all their memories together and Da Hua cries at the park. Good Lord Jin Da Hua! You had a life changing love story with this guy, and if those memories aren’t enough to make you go running back to that house and drag that man upstairs and not leave the house for a week, then you a really are not smart or brave enough to deserve him.

Terry is at home looking at her returned wedding ring and remembering that when he walked her out, he told her that he would keep waiting for her so she can take all the time she needs. Da Hua tells him not to wait for her, she doesn’t deserve it. Tell me about it.

Terry looks very sad but resolute. I love that he loves her, even if she doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as him. If she didn’t love him then I wouldn’t care, but she clearly loves him back and that’s what kills me about her “angst”. But that’s love, and he loves like we all dream of loving and being loved. With compassion and conviction, embracing even her pointless angst.

Three months pass. Da Li is running his delivery service and at Ah Xi’s flower ship to pick up a delivery. Da Hua comes by and offers to do deliveries with Da Li. Turns out Da Hua is helping Da Li run the delivery service in the last few months and its finally on track. Da Hua tells Ah Xi that Da Li works hard but gets distracted only because he’s always thinking about Ah Xi.

Da Hua gets ready to deliver a flower arrangement to a coffee shop. Da Li and Ah Xi ask if she’s finally decided who she is picking – Guan Jun or Terry? Da Hua says she has decided and knows, but refuses to tell either of them, only smiling and looking away. Da Hua changes the subject and asks Ah Xi if she’s ready to choose Da Li? The three of them goof off and then Da Hua leaves with the flowers.

Terry and Qin Mo are at the indoor rock climbing facility and the two men give each other a challenging stare (I love Qin Mo’s rakish hair flip and I melt for Terry’s intensity) and then start their mano-a-mano climbing showdown.

Terry gets to the top first and gives Qin Mo a hand. QIn Mo is shocked that Terry won.

Terry laughs and then says in all seriousness that Qin Mo was done in by his own over-confidence.

The two of them fall back down to the mat and lay there panting. Damn, I’m loving a return to seeing Terry’s life outside of Da Hua and this whole company succession battle and substitute princess mess.

Qin Mo asks why Terry was the only one back in college who was willing to be his partner in chemistry lab. Terry says he sucked at chemistry so being Qin Mo’s partner was his only way of not failing the class. But there was another reason – as a student in school he owed it to the school to keep Qin Mo in line, because otherwise Qin Mo was likely to blow up the chem lab with one of his crazy experiments. Qin Mo laughs and admits that he’s more cautious with Terry beside him.

The two guys go to shower and change, and we have a totally awesome gratuitous shower scene. A wonderful bookend to Terry’s solo shower scene in episode 1. And yes, clearly this important conversation needed to happen in the shower. Oh yes it did.

The guys talk about their first mountain climbing expedition in college and how Qin Mo tried to be the man and offered to carry the group supplies. But it was so heavy and he was suffering but tried to hold it in.

Later after the first day, Terry took some of the supplies from his bag and lightened his load. But Terry never told the rest of the group and allowed Qin Mo to keep the credit. Terry laughs and says he actually was trying to sneak some of Qin Mo’s snacks that night so he ended up just carrying the extra stuff.

Qin Mo rolls his eyes with a smirk, wondering why Terry is so weird since he’s the only person in the world who refuses to to get credit for things he’s done and instead acts like he did something wrong.

As they are getting dressed, Qin Mo says that everyone calls him weird but Terry is the real one who is weird. Terry says that is why they get along so well because they are both so weird. Qin Mo sniffs him and says Terry definitely smells weird. He walks out and Terry calls over and says it smells much better now that Qin Mo left the room. LOL.

Terry finishes dressing and picks up his wedding ring. It’s his ring with Da Hua, not the one he wore when he was engaged to Liang Yen. He smiles and puts it on his finger.

As Qin Mo and Terry are sitting in a coffee shop and Qin Mo asks if Terry has kept in touch with Da Hua. Terry says no in a very relaxed way and says that if they are fated to be they will meet again. Qin Mo is shocked and says this behavior is very un-Terry like.

Terry smiles and asks what behavior would be like him then? Qin Mo says Terry is someone who is driven and focused, if he wants something he plans it well and zeros in on making it happen. Terry smiles and says that is for work, it can be accomplished with strategy. But not when it comes to romance.

Qin Mo points out that Terry and Da Hua went all the way to almost getting married, it’s clear they love each other. If Terry isn’t more proactive, what if she misses out on this chance? Terry says its the opposite, if he doesn’t give her time to think things through, that might be the biggest mistake of his life. So that’s that. Terry says whatever Da Hua decides, he will respect and accept it. Especially after what happened with Liang Yen, he’s learned not to force things.

Qin Mo asks if Terry still blames him? Terry stares at him and then says no, the man he is today comes from everything that happened to him and what he learned from it. What’s passed is passed. Plus if it wasn’t for Qin Mo, he wouldn’t have gone back to look for Da Hua to be the substitute princess. So really – Terry ought to thank Qin Mo.

Qin Mo asks what the new Terry, who doesn’t force things and only looks forward, will do now? Terry says probably go on a trip and think hard about what he wants to do next. Terry smiles and leaves, telling Qin Mo to pick up the tab.

As he’s walking out of the coffee shop we see Da Hua arriving to deliver flowers. But as Terry walks out Da Hua kneels down to pick up a dropped card and they don’t see each other.

As Da Hua is right outside the door, she suddenly turns and looks in Terry’s direction. Terry also stops and turns to look back, but a damn truck drives past at that moment and block their view of each other. Da Hua goes inside with the flowers and Terry pauses before walking away.

Da Hua drops off the flowers and sees Qin Mo reading a newspaper. She calls him and he happily tells her to sit down for a cup of coffee. He asks if she’s doing well and she says yes. He asks if she’s contacted Terry and Da Hua say they haven’t contacted each other. Qin Mo says Terry just left recently and wants to call him back. Da Hua says no need, she believes if they are fated they will see each other again.

Qin Mo is shocked that Terry said the exact same thing when he just asked Terry the same question. Qin Mo smiles and says Da Hua and Terry are such kindred spirits. Da Hua smiles and then offers to treat him to this meal because the plastic surgery changed her appearance and life and she experienced so much. Qin Mo says this all happened because of Terry, so does Da Hua regret any of it? Da Hua says no, she is very happy to have met Terry. Because of him she experienced this extravagant adventure and lived a completely different life. Qin Mo smiles to hear her say that.

Da Hua walks home and passes by a bridal store. She stops and look at the wedding dress in the window. She remembers Terry’s proposal, asking if she’s willing to let him protect her and make all her dreams come true in this lifetime? She remembers back to all their interactions and asks in her head whether Terry has been living well during this time? Da Hua walks past a travel agency and sees a poster for a work-study abroad experienced in Australia. She goes inside.

Thirty minutes into the episode, Lin Guan Jun finally shows up and he goes to meet with Hu Jing Biao, who thanks Guan Jun for pushing him into closing down the shady business and going legit. Guan Jun hands in his resignation letter and calmly explains that he’s not upset at anything. He wants to quit because the real estate company is now running smoothly and he wants to try something else by himself.

Hu Jing Biao refuses to accept his resignation and Xiao Fei also tells him to keep working on here since he’s worked for less than a year. Hu Jing Biao admits that he recruited Guan Jun initially to give Xiao Fei a chance, but now he’s okay with everything. Ouyang Tai and Da Hua walked down the aisle and even said their I Dos and still it’s not a done deal. He’s not going to force anything anymore with Guan Jun and Xiao Fei.

Guan Jun says Xiao Fei is a good girl but he can’t return her affections right now. Hu Jing Biao promises to never ask Guan Jun to take Xiao Fei out anymore. If Guan Jun ends up with Xiao Fei, he’ll be happy, but if he doesn’t, then he won’t force it. Guan Jun asks if he can think about it. Xiao Fei says that her dad really likes Guan Jun’s ability and isn’t keeping him for Xiao Fei’s sake. And since she announced the truth at Da Hua’s wedding, that means she’s also fine with Guan Jun not liking her back. Xiao Fei announces that she won’t bother him anymore so he can still work here. Hu Jing Biao asks him to stay and work hard. Guan Jun nods and says yes.

Terry takes his cousin Johnson out for dinner and Cheng Hong tags along. Johnson asks Terry when he’s coming back to work since he’s taken an extra 3 months off on top of his first month off. He asks if Terry is okay and encourages him to come back to work soon. Terry says he’s fine but is here to tell Johnson about a decision he made.

These last few years Terry has been the Managing Director of Sheng Da, he’s been wary of Johnson and hasn’t allowed him to do what he is capable of. For that he is sorry. They are cousins and grew up together, who knew they would become competitors after they grew up. Terry doesn’t think this is right or should continue. Johnson says this is caused by their environment and he thinks Terry wants to break this chain as much as Johnson does.

Terry says something has to start and he wants to be that person to break this chain. He’s decided to resign officially as Managing Director and will ask the Board to appoint Johnson. All he wants is for Johnson to promise Terry right here to work hard and run the company well, so Sheng Da can continue to grow and thrive. Can Johnson do that? Johnson says that the company’s success is for both their families. He admits that he did many shady things in the past to get the position and he was wrong. But he thanks Terry for what he’s doing today.

They have the same Ouyang last name and its both their responsibilities to keep the company running. Terry smiles and says that he’s always seen in Johnson real ability and now it’s his time to show it. Johnson admits that he was immature in the past and apologizes to Terry. Johnson toasts Terry but Terry says its his toast for his older cousin. He made mistakes in the past and now he’s putting Sheng Da in Johnson’s care.

Terry sits at home by the pool and Cheng Hong comes by to ask if Terry is leaving Sheng Da because of Da Hua? Terry says no, he’s doing it for himself. These past few years after all he’s been through, he doesn’t understand anymore why he’s fighting with his cousin so much. Is he really afraid Johnson will ruin the company, or because he selfishly wants to keep his position.

Cheng Hong says what happened with Da Hua really has changed Terry so much. Terry says of course, and it’s time for him to change. Cheng Hong asks if Terry still misses Da Hua? Terry doesn’t answer but that is enough of an answer. Cheng Hong asks why he doesn’t do everything in his power to get her back?

Terry looks at Cheng Hong and smiles, asking if Cheng Hong doesn’t think Terry wants to do that. Of course Terry wants to do that, but he doesn’t dare to. He’s scared, very scared that when he meets her again he won’t be able to control himself.

Terry is afraid to pressure her. He’s afraid of her telling him that she doesn’t love him. But he’s most scared of even if she doesn’t love him, he still can’t let her go. Cheng Hong nods, understanding Terry’s conflict and position.

Da Hua decides to go to Australia for the work-study opportunity and announces to her family that she really wants to experience more in her life. Mom is worried but Guan Jun is the first to support her decision. Da Hua promises to contact mom regularly and Mom reluctantly allows her to go.

Da Hua and Guan Jun take a walk and she is very happy everyone is so supportive. Guan Jun chides her for still being so impetuous. He can’t believe she really is going so far, but he thinks its time since she’s given so much for the family and its time for her to see more of the world and find her own goal. He reveals that he tried to quit his job but Hu Jing Biao won’t let him quit. Da Hua encourages him to keep working there because finally someone can see Guan Jun’s ability.

Da Hua believes Guan Jun will succeed because she believes in him. She tells him to take advantage of this opportunity. He promises that when she returns from Australia she will see his improvement. She also makes the same promise and they give each other fist bumps.

Da Hua sits in her room and composes texts to Terry. She hurt him so much but he’s always so forgiving and patient. But she can’t forgive herself. She deletes this text and starts another. Terry pulls up outside the store and gets out to look up at her window.

Da Hua writes that she’s leaving for Australia and asks if he’s willing to let her be his bride again when she returns in one year? She deletes this text as well. Terry stands outside and smiles up at her window. Da Hua writes another text just telling him that she’s leaving for Australia and asking him to take care of himself. But she ends up deleting this text as well. She lays down and stares at her goldfish.

Terry looks up at Da Hua’s window and says that its been quite some time since he’s had any news about her. He hopes that she is doing well and happy. He believes that if they are fated then no matter where they are they will meet again. Terry smiles and says goodbye before walking away.

Da Hua is leaving for the airport and her mom sends her off as Da Li and Ah Xi takes her to the airport. They wonder why Guan Jun didn’t come to see her off.

At the airport, Da Hua is sad that Guan Jun isn’t even here to say goodbye. Suddenly a giant life-sized Grey Bear pops up and is here to send her off. It does a dance with her and makes Da Hua smile. That is a dang cute bear.

At the end of the dance, Guan Jun pops out of the Grey Bear suit and turns out it was Da Li and Ah Xi’s idea for him to surprise her with a more exciting farewell.

Da Hua and Guan Jun say their goodbyes to each other and he gives her another Grey Bear, suggesting that if she’s lonely she can talk to it. He tells him to call home often and be careful, but always let them know how she’s doing.

The plane announcement calls and they give each other a hug. I’m not sure why James Wen is doing with the crazy-eyes acting here, but the final hug is really nice and there is still no chemistry between them. At all. Da Hua waves goodbye to her best friend and family and heads inside. Guan Jun watches her leave and she turns around to wave again.

Da Hua boards the plane and as she’s walking down the aisle she bumps into someone and drops her Grey Bear. A person steps out of the aisle and picks it up, and of course it can only be Terry.

They stare at each other in genuine shock. Good lord this man is gorgeous. That side profile…..

Lots of eye-sexing happens and then they both smile.

A super duper flashback to their entire extravagant adventure follows, starting with Terry offering her NT2 million to pretend to be his fiancee.

They then go through what was supposed to be a temporary charade, until Liang Yen dies and Terry is left to pick up the pieces.

But at his lowest point Da Hua was there for him, supporting him and encouraging him.

He was so lucky to have her, he can’t imagine what would have happened without her by his side. There would be no drama, that’s what would happen.

Let’s keep on having more Terry-Da Hua moments courtesy of the drama allowing us to relive the sweetness all over again.

Terry and Da Hua smile at each other and both voiceover that they believe if they are fated they will see each other again.

Their reunion holds up the poor passengers but what the heck, take a chill pill passengers! The plane takes off and I’m sure when those two land they will find a nice hotel in Brisbane. And for the record, this is NOT an open ending. Da Hua ends up with Terry. Happily I might add, though a hot kiss in the aisle would have been a nice capper.

Thoughts of Mine:

Having watched so many TW-dramas, some are just crap from beginning to end though almost all of them devolve into insanity and then end poorly. That’s why chancing upon a real complete gem is like finding a needle in a haystack. That doesn’t mean watching bad dramas is always a waste of time, and here I have I say that it was completely and utterly satisfying watching King Flower. Of course there is only one reason for my strong opinion of this little ball of crazy and it’s the character and performance of Terry (Mr. Ouyang Tai) as brought to life by Chris Wu. I took a giant step back after watching episode 21 and I realized that he made the impossible happen. He not only turned a trifle of a drama narrative into something emotionally captivating, he actually transformed an entire story progression without even forcing it. The initial one-page storyboard synopsis, still on the TTV official drama webpage, writes that this is the story of a ugly girl who becomes pretty and has a chance to make love happen with her kind-hearted lout of an older adopted brother. That is it. There is no mention of Terry at all in that synopsis, only how much Da Hua loves Guan Jun and dreams of being with him. From there we went 21 episodes where Terry was the leading man in both screen time and narrative importance, with an ending that isn’t open ended at all. Da Hua loves Terry and wants to marry him again, but she doesn’t have the courage to reach out to him because of the immense guilt she feels over her earlier indecisiveness and a feeling that she’s not good enough for him. But in the end fate leads them back to each other, and away from all the baggage behind them.

Terry leaves Sheng Da and Da Hua leaves Guan Jun behind emotionally and physically, and they meet again on that plane headed for Australia, the place Da Hua initially used as the excuse for her absence for a year when she went off to be Liang Yen’s substitute princess. While the drama ending didn’t have all the pay-off I would have loved, I’ve followed this drama filming for the entire 6 months and this might be the best the writers can do while still preserving James Wen’s leading man dignity. Plus this episode was chock full of Terry-Da Hua flashbacks which was an indisputable reminder that those two had all the shippy scenes in this drama and really we can’t complain because we watched them fall in love (even if Da Hua was mostly too dense to realize it as it was happening). The chemistry between Chris and Nikki Hsieh was to-die-for levels of heart-thumping and the drama really packed in so many Terry-Da Hua scenes in the middle I can’t complain at all. We worried that Terry would be turned into an antagonist but that didn’t happen, and then we worried that Da Hua would still insist on picking Guan Jun and that also didn’t happen. In the end the entire last episode was spent wrapping up a few loose ends in a perfunctory manner and then letting us know that Da Hua and Terry are flying off and leaving it all behind. I love how all the viewers of this drama cared so much about Terry being happy that we raged so much on his behalf, and that in the end everyone has the same great sense of humor as we swooned/loved/cursed/raged and ultimately got swept up on an extravagant adventure along with Da Hua. Said adventure being meeting the imperfectly perfect Terry.

I don’t know which was the more decisive clincher in making this drama so addicting – the power of Terry’s arrogance tempered by the romanticism of a real man’s man with a thrumming heart, or Chris’ portrayal of Terry in all his tightly wound glory giving way with smiles that light up the room and tears that come straight from the heart. He easily out-acted both James, who has been a multiple Golden Bell Award nominated actor, as well as Nikki, a Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress winner. Clearly there is no way those critically high brow judges of the GBA’s will nominate him for an award, and my gut tells me SETTV isn’t even putting his name in contention because nominating him in the Best Actor category is a slap to the face of James, and he’s clearly not the supporting actor here. I’m fine with that, hardly anything in the awards realm is about who really deserves it the most, and I do hope Chris has finally made a giant leap towards staying in the leading man category. He’s actually much too good for SETTV fare, and I would love to see him in a PTS indie drama or at least something that doesn’t require him to use his acting to carry an entire drama on his shoulders. Starting in episode 19 onward he looked absolutely exhausted (though still managing to be beyond gorgeous onscreen even with his exhaustion visible) and I want my man to get some rest now. I can wait patiently for his next project. I don’t particularly need to see him and Nikki pair up again, and to be honest Chris always has amazing chemistry with his leading ladies but I have yet to find one that truly sparks back with him to the point where it’s reached epic status. I loved Nikki and Chris as either Terry-Liang Yen or Terry-Da Hua, but unfortunately the brain fart the writers inflicted on Da Hua in the later few episodes really ruined their opportunity to be epic. But from the montage of all their shippy moments, it was undeniable that the writers still gave as much sweetness as they could for them.

So after all is said and done, would I recommend King Flower? Yeah, in a heartbeat. I think all the Terry-goodness that created this maelstrom of complete rewriting a drama is just too amazing to pass up. This drama didn’t suck because the writers didn’t know how to write (though they weren’t a brain trust either), it sucked because what happened probably left the writing team running around like headlesss chickens trying to balance the growing awesome and tsunami strength groundswell of support for Terry, while figuring out how to re-jigger the original story of poor girl gets a crazy adventure and goes home to be super attractive and ends up with the oppa of her dreams. SETTV had been getting flack for the usual rich-hot-tall leading man stereotype and KF was clearly an attempt to buck that trend and have a poor plucky couple as the lead. Ironically enough this drama ended up being the one where the rich-hot-tall male character bucks all previous stereotypes and ends up being the only flesh and blood and relatable character in the entire crazy charade. Half the supporting cast disappeared to make way for more Terry, the male lead ended up turning into an ridiculous noble idiot, and the female lead couldn’t figure out which way was left or right but at least there were moments when she accepted that she did love Terry back. I’m glad SETTV at least had the decency to let the only couple who fell in love with each other sincerely in this drama end up together, even if the process at times resembled a runaway train. I actually enjoyed episode 21 for the little moments that were all Terry-centric – hanging out with Qin Mo, moving past his rivalry with Johnson, and actually have the courage to walk away from Da Hua and figuring out his life, but still wearing that wedding ring and loving her with all his heart. Farewell King Flower, thanks for a wild and crazy adventure that wasn’t all that extravagant but was definitely a memorable one for reasons good and bad.


King Flower Episode 21 Recap — 58 Comments

  1. OH GOSH. I have so many things to say about this drama. For one, I wanted a hot passionate kiss and lots of happy derpy smiley moments but, eyesexing was fine too, I guess. LOL.

    Also, I felt like there was still so much they could have added in the drama and continued instead of the groveling Da Hua-Guan Jun indecisiveness in the last 4-5 episodes. I would have loved to see more Qing Mo-Terry scenes, even flashbacks of their college days and how ‘weird’ Terry was back then. More Grandpa (or Liang Yian’s father) scenes would be nice too. Or even more Secretary scenes. They could have done sooooo much in the last 4-5 episodes instead of what they had with Guan Jun. But, I guess they were just trying to save James Wen’s image.

    I sure could have used less Ah Xi-Dah Li-and-that-flirty-girl scenes too and instead more Qing Mo-Terry scenes for comic relief. Sometimes they were funny, sometimes they just need to be skipped. lol And that poor Grey Bear. Initially, I thought they were trying to make Grey Bear the next big iconic thing from dramas, you know, like how that pigbunny stuffed toy was from korean drama “You’re Beautiful” but pfffft, who’d want that stinkin’ Grey Bear now. LOL.

    Definitely going to miss your ravings/analysis on KF and definitely going to miss this drama. I wish they could do a special just like how some korean and japanese dramas do after the final episode but I’ve yet to see a taiwanese drama do a special to tie up loose ends :\

    • There is so much this drama could have done with meaty material. If GJ could have been written off (or never even existed), then the drama could have spent the latter half on the conundrum of Terry falling for his dead fiancee’s doppleganger, the ethical ramifications of what he did to change her face, the company power struggle, his secretary’s crush on him, President Du’s heartbreak over losing Liang Yen, Da Hua’s falling for him but worried that she’s not good enough for his rich and high class lifestyle…..

      Sadly all we get this narrative nothing and a whole lotta Terry to fill in the cracks.

      • Agree! I kept wondering how the drama would have been without GJ and realized that it could have been even better. Like, the cousin and that secretary were set up as threats and then were absent for all of probably 17 episodes (with like a few minutes of suspicious glaring in one or two). And those ethical ramifications, even though I’m convinced that Da Hua was not forced into that decision, I would like to see them have dealt with that more too. I can’t complain about the aspect of that drama because I knew it was going to happen but I wish they spent more time on it because it was so illegal I could cry (why does that Dr. still have a job? If Chairman Du would sue anyone I would think it’d be that guy). I did love Chris Wu’s acting and am glad he got a platform to shine at last even though it may not have been his platform at first.

  2. I went to the 5mins to watch myself and holy moly, Terry new hair style is much better than the one has throughout the series. Yeah, fate has set them to together definitely, but really, it’s not fully satisfied me as a deep kiss is missing. It would be nice if it had the ending similar to “My Princess” played by Song Seung Hong and Kim Tae Hee.

  3. Awww. Koala you make me appreciate the drama even more. Leaving this drama and reading this recap totally makes me tear up. This recap was beautifully written and my favorite line was “The final episode broke 2 again in rating so it with a happy heart I send off my beloved Terry to Australia with his Big Flower.” I don’t know why I like it, but it was truly my favorite line.

    Koala, you need not worry about the friends and foes you have made here. I admire you for voicing your opinions on this blog and sharing it with others. Without this, I don’t know what to do. I enjoy going on your website and reading your posts everyday. And what do you know, dramas are more interesting and fun to watch when you know someone else is also watching it. Sounds creepy. Sorry, I am not good with words like you are!

    In my opinion, I actually liked the ending. Everyone was happy and like you said there was a balance between the leading man and the second lead in the last episode. to be honest, when I first read the description and watched the first couple of episodes, I thought there was a mistake in the description. Turns out, Chris Wu was the second lead. But whatever. He totally rocked his role. He is awesome. And like you said again, he is totally worth it to watch this drama.

    • Everyone watching thought C.Wu was the lead, it’s so weird what this drama did from the get go and then tried to switch gears and then back track and finally just putter its way to an ending. At least those two were beaming at each other in the end. Sigh, I love it when they are alone and together.

      • I know! This drama was sure odd with the leads. The writers were probably drunk while they were writing it!
        Haha. The ending. I had to pause and look at Chris Wu and HIS NEW HAIRSTYLE. HE IS SO HOT.
        The eye-sexing scene was already. I couldn’t take it. I got a kick out of it when I read that. And also when you said Chris Wu’s hand can act too! Oh gosh, I really enjoyed this recap Koala. You are amazing.

    • Oh, Pearl. It is so nice to see you in the playground. Of course, I will have to watch this episode for the Zhao Jun Ya shower scenes with Chris Wu. I love how the shot has those conveniently placed signs–like that is really going to keep our minds from “going there.”

      I love this little tidbit about their past. It would have made everything make much more ense if we knew this background about them before, but what can we expect from “this little ball of crazy” (Captain Koala really had some great lines in this recap)?

      • Hey Trotwood, shower scene was a plus, the camera man really shoot low on Chris. Man!!! Just little milliliter more lower, it’s going to his treasure baby. Heheheh… SETTV really know how to create good apretite to its viewers.

  4. Question, why is James Wen the top dog? I can’t think of any drama he’s been in when he wasn’t the second-lead and failed to get the girl. I’d rate him and Chris equally in terms of star power, and that’s what all the promo material seemed to hint at, so I don’t get why the network was so hung up about just writing him off. Not to mention what did they expect with the character they gave him

    • SETTV’s 一哥s continue to evolve as its leading men exit for movies or move to Mainland China for a bigger viewing audience. From Wallace Huo to Ming Dao to Ethan Ruan to Mike He to Blue Lan to latest Roy Qiu – James Wen is the current 一哥 ever since his The Fierce Wife brought in the ratings, then he headlined the Daily8 Gong Hay Fat Choy, and King Flower was supposed to be his first headlining Sunday10. George Hu is the next one they are tapping, with his daily8 doing well and next up he’s doing a Sunday10 with Annie Chen. Chris…..we’ll have to wait and see whether SETTV is angry that he stole the thunder from James or actually sees that he’s the real deal and uses him properly as the leading man going foward. If he headlines a daily8 or a Thursday10 then I’ll know that he’s on their good list.

  5. Awesome finale recap! I unintentionally got on this train because of them, and have to say that I’m actually happy the ride is over. Must say that I would have blown out midway due to the writing jerk around but your recaps were fun and ensuing commentary from readers of the playground were entertaining. Long live the playground. Thanks, Koala!

    • Thanks~ I’m glad you stuck around, I think it was worth it myself. Terry is pretty much worth another 21 hours of my life (and more) if this drama kept on going….

  6. Thanks for the recap! It was a great joy reading everyone thoughts and rants.. will definitely miss those times! 🙂 I am honestly quite ok with the ending because I was expecting the worst, seeing how disappointing the drama was progressing with each episode. I immediately felt that it will be a Terry Dahua ending once I noticed the flashback of DH/Terry memories keep repeating after every few scenes. Those flashbacks was actually quite moving to watch and bring so much fond memories why I love KF despite the many flaws in this drama itself. Though I might have ranted I have wasted 21 hours watching this crazy drama, it’s with no regrets as all these are worth it simply for Chris Wu’s outstanding dedicated portrayal of Terry. I really can’t wait for his next project… he’s the reason why I’m back to TW dramas again.

    • The excessive Terry-Da Hua montages were pretty meta-epic, because its like the writers knew that was all this drama had to go on, but because they couldn’t make it so Da Hua openly picked Terry, they kept sliding in hints upon hints that she liked Terry (all the memories, her text to be his bride again, all that fate stuff) and then simply threw in a good 15 minutes worth of moments between them, which served as confirmation that the only love story that happened in this drama was between them. I also loved writing about this drama and reading everyone’s rants and raves.

  7. You wouldn’t believe but I started reading the recaps of this show only a few days back and even I started rooting for Terry and was waiting to find if he got his happily ever after…. 🙂

    Thanks for the recaps!!

  8. Thanks again, Captain Koala! My favorite lines from this recap?

    “even Chris Wu’s hand can act”
    “yes, clearly this important conversation needed to happen in the shower. Oh yes, it did”
    “take a chill pill passengers”

    King Flower or better known as “this little ball of crazy”

    I was a Chris Wu fan before, but now?? I also love how you are psychic with your forecasting the second leads into leading men predictions (everyone should read your post “A look at the Leading Men of Taiwan Entertainment” from February 28, 2011. Yes, my Chris Wu love made me go back to find other tidbits.)

    • Likewise, me too. I was into TW drama unt’l last yr. I noticed when watch old drama of Autumn Concerto. Then again as a cameo roll in Inborn Love. The latest one was What is Love. But KF, was just a few days ago, as I’m not a fan JW and CW is a 2nd lead. But due to the madness of cap K and craziness the drama and a big twist tuned CW as a lead, I got interested. Hehehe… I Can’t believe myself, I early dawn here and I dropping comments. Can’t sleep because of Chris….

    • A drama that inspires me to dig deep and get creative when I write is a drama worth writing about indeed. It needn’t be good, but what worked has to be amazing. And Terry was holy mother ^&*&%^ amazing.

  9. OMG!!!!,finally!!! I feel sad though, no more yelling, dreading, mooning and swooning. this drama grew on me. Im glad I got to know terry and chris wu as an actor, ill defintely look forward to his dramas, in the mean time, ill go through his previous projects. This is my first drama with james wen, but im sorry to say I dont see what the big deal with him is (maybe its his character). Im sad there was no kiiissssss, but there were plenty swoony moments. I could go on gushing but all in all im glad I stopped n read this drama.
    Thank you soo much miss koala, for introducing me to two awesome guys (Chris Wen and Roy Qiu)
    Ps could you recommend a site I can watch with english subtitles?

  10. I loved that Chris’ Terry stole the show 🙂 I will miss him onscreen dearly. I don’t think I’m ready to rewatch this one anytime soon cause I’m largely past dramas that don’t make much narrative sense or is a complete mess. However, I will definitely rewatch some of my favorite scenes that made me fall in love with the drama since the beginning. For some reason, I can’t forget the part in the hospital room where DH (post PS) goes “An lah”, and Terry is so stunned. LOL and the BTS was hilarious. Although not part of the actual series – that clip you shared of Chris and changing channels – priceless. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    What a wild ride. I think Chris should have just been the lead here and SETTV should have given James another drama and a much better role. I’d like to see James in a good sunday role. GJ was ok in the first few episodes, but he was completely insufferable later on.

    Actually, I agree with you. I’d love to see Chris in some sort of indie PTS show. Well, until next time! 🙂 The only TW mando drama that I’m left with is Two Fathers. I skimmed FB just for curiousity sake.

    • For some reason every Terry scene is rewatchable for me. I think the lovely OST for this drama helped immensely, I love every single song and instrumental.

      I also LOVE the scene in episode 6 when she’s ready to go to work with him on the first day and Cheng Hong tells her to be prepared and she says “An La!” after saying she grew up in a busy market so can handle all kinds of people. Then Terry walks over with a stern scowly expression and holds up his hand and says there are three things he never wants to hear from her ever again “The market”, “the grocery store”, and “An La!” And the way he says “An La” just kills me, because I can see Chris saying that phrase in RL since he’s so Taiwanese.

      This was indeed a wild ride and so worth it for Chris getting tons of well deserved exposure. What is Love got buried in a Friday night timeslot. I also liked GJ in episode 1 (and wrote that in my first impression) but it was a steep downhill tumble after that. I’m sure Chris will strike while the iron is hot and I won’t be surprised to see him in another drama soon.

      • Thank you for the awesome recap!

        You write “because I can see Chris saying that phrase in RL since he’s so Taiwanese.” What does “RL” mean?

  11. Snort.
    I laughed so much.
    Ms Koala goes ‘ gushy ‘ then snarks at Da Hua.
    Then gushes at Terry.
    Then another snark at Da Hua.

    Gosh this drama, I am glad it’s over. It’s not really relaxing. But yeah it’s won me over as a Chris Wu fan.

    That was an epic recap. I had such a good laugh at your comments. You only love Da Hua because Terry loved her. Otherwise she could be killed off and you wouldn’t mourn. Would you?

    • Da Hua can get smushed by a meteor and I wouldn’t even notice she was gone. But then Terry would be devastated and that is no allowed. So I will grudgingly allow her to love.

  12. Oh Terry you sill man you deserve so much more…..someone like ME:). I think the ending was good and as you mentioned koala the only way SETTV could wrap this baby up without throwing Guan Jun under the bus completely. However I have one complaint would it really have killed the writers to give us one last kiss with Terry and Da Hua??? Geez they are so stingy!

    • I dunno, the memory montage at the end when they reunite on the plane was really long and shows us those two pretty much did everything we want a couple to do and more, short of rolling in the sack. I feel satisfied that their journey was so full of shippy moments, tons and tons of it.

  13. Terry is my new ideal MAN! great job on the recap. I loved this drama so far and yes Taiwan drama has not been good lately but King Flower is awesome.

    • He’s the Ideal of everyone’s Ideal Man. It’s like he’s an Ideal we didn’t even know to idealize or could be written.

      • YES I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! never thought of someone that is so pure and sincere. Terry is definitely awesome and different from other ideals as smart, handsome, tall, rich, masculine, and others. Terry is the WHOLE package with pure and sincerity to the one he love.

  14. Thanks so much for these recaps. I marathoned KF over the last few days simply because I wanted to see what was so great about Chris Wu. And now I know.

    ok. let me see

    1) I loved how subtle his expressions were, yet just so evident to the viewer.
    2) I loved his smile.
    3) I loved how you can see him act even if he was in the background of a scene.
    4) I loved how he’s not all good (he manipulates Da Hua into staying in the same hotel room and conveniently needs her help in the bathroom) – and not all bad (when he thinks GJ is giving up on DH he tries to sort it out) – which leads me into the next point.
    5) I luurved his upper body with or without shirt.

    How this drama should have ended?
    When Da Hua is told that GJ loves her during the wedding, she should have just turned back to Terry and said that it doesn’t matter, because she loves Terry and why and when she fell in love with him. And then all those scenes of their past flashbacks, and she kisses him – a big sloppy kiss.

    Anyway, it was a fun watch.

    • Chris is amazing. That is all. All mine, and all amazing. Da Hua is like a really stupid hound, we can’t expect too much of her.

  15. Thanks for the recap you had me rolling with your funny comments especially the shower scene. Well bon voyage to Terry and Da Hua, at least for Terry’s sake I’ll wish them well. I’m glad that they focused on Terry in the last episode; it is afterall a story of Terry’s journey in life. LOL Now I can go back and re-watch some Terry scenes and skip the rest. I hope Chris Wu does get a well deserved rest after this yet I’m anticipating to hear about his new drama project in the future.

  16. I just loooove you for this!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! 🙂 I am singing happy happy me and throwing a party to myself today ;D

  17. Love the story. This will be more memorable if they kiss at the end. For sure a lot of people will rewatched the scene of Da Hua & Terry together.

  18. I just watch episode 21 and skip right to the ending. Those looks! My ending would be that as soon as Terry and DH stumble into each other. They get off the airplane and go and have their happy reunion.
    Terry is too awesome for DH but since he loves her.
    Pretty fun recap.

  19. Thank you for loving this drama enough to light a fire under me to watch it! I am VERY satisfied with this ending. Surprisingly satisfied.

    I really liked Gray Bear’s appearance and dance and their final hug. So much just brother and sister loving there. DH had time for the scales to fall away so she could see him clearly. So she could see that he was just a guy she liked, not the guy to spend her life with, or raise a family (God, no!) with. Not when there’s a Terry there who loves you soooo much.

    I was worried that the writers painted themselves into a narrative corner with DH’s incredibly immature school-girl crush on Goofus. That they would not have enough time in the last few episodes to have her step back and look at it from a realistic point of view.
    But they did just that. First the three months of NO Terry, which had to have hurt however much she thought she loved GJ. The man was her sun for all those months, the only warmth she was getting during a difficult and confusing post PS adjustment. OMG just watching the flashbacks I got tears at how much they went through together. AS IF she could end up with GJ.

    Of course Terry was on the plane. I could feel his magnetism pulling DH towards him…They ended – alone and together – at least a YEAR of aloneness and togetherness to get to know each other better. wink wink nudge nudge. I think DH’s IQ goes up around 30 points when GJ isn’t around, too. Who knows what the pair of them can accomplish in that time.

    It would be funny if they flashed forward – DH is looking out the window at her beautiful husband and three kids playing in the yard. She comes across an old photo of her and Goofus, smiles, then shudders, thinking, I almost lost all of THIS for THAT. Puts the photo away in the drawer with the Gray Bear, and goes outside…

    • I love it when we can enjoy and squee over the same drama, though I’m sure your Nine addiction took precedence during the KF Run.

      You know when things are forced too much it just can’t happen? This drama could have never ended with Terry and Da Hua kissing, or her saying I love you and I don’t love Guan Jun, or really overt and obvious OTP riding into the sunset capper. James Wen has already been marginalized and played such a ridiculously horrible character that its actually piling salt on a wound if the final episode was chock full of Terry-Da Hua shippy scenes. New ones I mean. Because the final episode was so full of their memories and only their memories (witness not a single GJ flashback) that we really need to be thankful the ending was Da Hua picking Terry consciously (with the text asking to be his bride again that she didn’t send), and the both of them so happy and grateful to have run into each other on that plane.

      I also think it telling that the writer chose the plane setting, and not just running into each other on the street or somewhere in Taiwan. They are leaving alone, but fate says they will leave together. Leave everything behind, all the heartache, all the indecision, all the confusion, all the fear. It’s like a leap of faith and when they took that step forward they found each other again.

      I cried through the final ending montage especially with Terry’s voiceover of all the amazing lines of dialogue he said to Da Hua. And I’ve screencapped this sucker so much that ending montage didn’t even include ALL their shippy moments, which goes to show how much sweetness took place during the drama between them. I am thankful SETTV tried its best to stay true to the narrative even if it had to ask James Wen to take a seat off to the side. Next time, James, this one belongs rightfully to Terry/Chris.

  20. thanks so much Koala sis! sorry for the late comment.

    i am just so happy with the ending. the very least they could do is not give us a mess for an ending. the finale’s ending is just the right moment. an episode with so much Terry is a payback for those pull-our-hair moments.

    I too love Terry’s hair… heck, i love everything about Koala’s Terry. 🙂

  21. Thank you, Ms. Koala, for all your KF posts. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Some of your comments made me LOL, some led me to details that I missed while others mirrored my thoughts. Terry is beyond amazing and I thank Chris Wu and the writers/crew for making that happen.

  22. I know I’m coming in very late to this discuss but I just had to point out my observations about Chris Wu. **Discloser: I haven’t watched Substitute Princess yet but after reading the recaps I most definitely will.** Since Viki has been posting up more previously completed TW dramas I’ve been retreading to them because I cannot bear to wait for a new episode each week. I mean, ep. 10 & 11 of Just You are slow as molasses. Aaron’s kissing on another chick, in the form of flashbacks, when the clear chemistry is with Puff. I saw him with GuiGui’s cuteness back in the day and GuiGui was all over him like a wet blanket. Aaron’s response to it was like, ‘why does she talk such nonsense?’ He is simply the opposite with and fawns over Puff. Their chemistry is undeniable. SO, I’m getting sick of waiting for the romance to bloom. Anyway, I don’t know why but I thought I had already watched Autumn’s Concerto and I was gonna re-watch it only to discover I hadn’t seen it before. Okay, I honestly wanted the original OTP to be together BUT Chris played the hell out of the triangle and at points I thought he could be just as good as the lead. Frankly, I think Chris had a bit of experience in trying to come between an OTP. Now, that he has figured out completely how to win everyone’s heart, I don’t think they can stick him back in 2nd man status again, not if the PD wants to be sure *THIS* doesn’t happen again.

  23. i loved everything u wrote bout it!!! lmfao i agree completely. although i have to admit that i skipped soooo many eps n went straight to ep 21.

  24. This was my first Chris Wu drama and I have to say, his acting really brought me to fall in love with the character, Terry. If it had been another person playing his character, I wouldn’t have gotten the same feels I got while watching Chris Wu. Omg is it weird that I have the urge to tear up when I listen to the OSTs and cry whenever i re-watch the Terry+Da Hua moments? (especially the flash backs in episode 21) :’) I’m currently having a post drama depression after watching King Flower… Hopefully I wasn’t the only one LOL

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