Tong Hua Pens Screenplay for C-drama Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan

While I was watching CP3 (Chinese Paladin 3), my shipping wires were all crossed because I didn’t feel anything for the OTP played by Hu Ge and Yang Mi, and was instead very inappropriately shipping him with Liu Shi Shi. Folks who watched it will understand why I say inappropriate. I also wasn’t particularly enamored of the secondary OTP played by Wallace Huo and Tang Yan (okay, she has never made me care for any character she’s ever played), but perhaps China was secretly looking for them to reunite on another project despite it taking five long years to come to fruition. This week Wallace Huo unveiled the first drama produced by his just started production company called Perfect Couple. The Chinese title is actually cute and punny, its called 金玉良緣 (Jin Yu Liang Yuan) and means colloquially “A shining ideal fate” as evidenced by Jin meaning gold and Yu meaning jade so when gold and jade meet its an ideal pairing. In this drama, the two leads have those characters in their names – Wallace plays rich boy Jin Yuan Bao (his name literally mean Gold Coin, LOL) while Tang Tang is Yu Qi Lin, a swashbuckling girl of the streets. They meet cute and later through a series of events she ends up marrying him, where they take bickering while falling in love to new heights.

This drama is supposedly very lighthearted and cheerful, with Wallace and Tang Tang saying that they are not only enjoying working together again, but making this drama is lots of fun. They had good chemistry in CP3 and looks to have even better chemistry now after both have matured through subsequent cinematic roles. Initially I gave this drama a cursory glance and was about to turn away when suddenly one name leaped out at me. Tong Hua. I’m not joking, one of China’s most famous chick lit C-novel writers is penning the screenplay for this drama, which will be produced in collaboration with the company that did Sealed with a Kiss and Ru Yi. Both of those dramas were very easy on the eyes but had the dumbest screenplays, but if you put the writing in the hands of Tong Hua, I am absolutely certain I will love it. I also giggled because her writing the screenplay for Perfect Couple feels like such a backhanded slap to production company Tangren, who she reported rebuffed any involvement with their drama sequel to her novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. Other than BBJX, three of Tong Hua’s other novels have been made into dramas but its unclear when it will air. We might even see Perfect Couple arrive on our screens first.


Tong Hua Pens Screenplay for C-drama Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo and Tang Yan — 8 Comments

  1. I agree Tang Yan need bang. She’s real pretty , but her forehead is way too high. There were pictures released by the c-media of the open filming ceramomy featured Tang Yan without bang, forehead showing and wearing big dark sunglasses. OMG, I thought I saw an alien ( no offence), that image was scary. Wasn’t beauty outlook is her selling point.

  2. Like Tang tang’s costumes not so sure about Wallace’s hairdo or costume…He looks kinda weird…but the story sounds cute. I’ve already read about the production so looking forward to when it airs…

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