Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Light Up the Pages of L’Officiel Homme with their Romance

There are lots of folks curious about this high-profile celebrity couple and quite a few not expecting it to last. Taiwan actor Mark Chao, who broke out with TW-drama Black & White (and shockingly won the Golden Bell Best Actor Award in his first acting foray) and then hit the big leagues with TW-movie Monga, is dating his former movie co-star and A-list C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan since early last year. There is the whole cultural and background difference, not to mention she’s 6 years older than him. It’s not a big deal but the media loves to speculate and constantly bug about getting married and whether Mark’s family led by famed Taiwan actor daddy Allen Chao is ready to accept an actress daughter-in-law into the family. All much ado about nothing since these two have been publicly gushing about each other non-stop since their relationship went public. They graced the pages of L’Officiel Homme China last June when doing promotions for their movie Caught in the Web, a modern day domino effect type of movie about a change encounter on a bus changing the lives of the people affected. These pictures are seriously to-die-for, so fun and flirty, and absolutely capturing how the two people in the shoot adore each other. Mark’s career continues its meteoric rise as this year he was the leading man in C-actress Zhao Wei‘s first directorial debut the C-movie So Young, based on the C-novel To Our Youth that Has Passed Us By, which has been a blockbuster smash at the box office. 


Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan Light Up the Pages of L’Officiel Homme with their Romance — 13 Comments

  1. I love these noona romances like Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won.. I guess, they just have a rom-com feel to them unlike the opposite which is quite common in the industry.

  2. GYY is soooooo pretty. Loved the Heavenly sword and Dragon saber version with her, Alec Su and Alyssa Chia. Best looking cast of HSDS for me.

    • YES! I think I fell for her in that drama. I think it was during their first meeting. She was stunning in that moment!

  3. I love there. Romance and I find it so normal that she is younger than him ! Why do we accept it in a drama and not in real life ?!( I remeber Kim bum coloring his hair gray for his love’s sake in the woman who wants to marry ! Awwwww) they are so cute !
    And what is the cultural differences aren’t they both “basically ” chinese ?!? Srry I’m not good with history especially south Asian one !

    • Taiwan has its own cultural identity, separate from the mainland. They have different foods, customs, and dialects (you can hear the difference listening to C-dramas vs TW-dramas and actors who do both are supposed to learn how to speak both).

      China, more than most countries, encompasses a very large area and set of different peoples, with diverse cultures and traditions in different areas. This sometimes gets lost in generalisms.

  4. I really like him. Theres’ something low key but intense about him. He was great in that TW movie with Vickie Z who plays a frazzled single mom. Vickie was great. I just love her earthiness.
    I haven’t watched anything of this lady but she is BEAUTIFUL. I must watch VZ’s film. Wow, she’s directing?!

  5. Aww. They convey so much. They’re delightful and beautiful to look at.

    Mark Chao -> Zai Zai -> Chen Ling *going to listen to the Mars OST yet again*

  6. I have nothing good to say about this woman for the sole reason I am not her, or she is not me, and I am greeeeeeen with jealousy!

    Mark has so much of it, I need it with me all the time!
    Do dramas, we can gaze for months, not hours, MC!

  7. The BTS of this shoot is even cuter.

    I don’t know why I’m so fond of this couple. But I have seen some BTS of their movie Caught in the Web, and their eyes were oozing love and only set on each other. I could sense it before the relationship even went public just by watching the BTS alone. Something just didn’t feel right there.. especially the way they looked at each other, it felt too real. So, I didn’t find it surprising when their scandal broke out. They have been caught a few times now by random people and doggies. But I just love the feeling that they give to me everytime. It feels so sweet, sincere and peaceful.

    And GYY is so gorgeous. I love her style. It’s so feminine and sophisticated. She makes all her casual photos look like street fashion photos.

    I think JWS had some crush on her when they were filming A Season of Good Rain.. There was a lot of flirting going on BTS. But too bad she had a boyfriend at that time. That awkward face of him after she told him that she had a boyfriend.. Priceless.

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