Wrapping Up King Flower with Some New Cute Pictures

I’m slowly unwinding from riding the King Flower train and this one needs a gradual debarkation process like any other drama that gets me all worked up. MC40, who plays harmless cheery Da Li, posted the picture above last night on the Da Mouth FB page and I thought it so cute and wonderful I had to share. James Wen had really fun chemistry with Yuan Ai Fei, Yao Yao didn’t annoy me as much as her cutesy acting usually does and MC40 got progressively more charming as the drama progressed, and Nikki Hsieh and Chris Wu continue to showcase their perfect pairing onscreen and behind-the-scenes. To think that even the actors in the dramas know how it rightfully should end with these three pairs. The Jin elders really don’t deserve such sweet and awesome new additions to the family – eldest son Guan Jun and rich spoiled eldest daughter-in-law Xiao Fei, second son Da Li and plucky second daughter-in-law Ah Xi, and daughter Da Hua and perfect and even more rich son-in-law Terry. This drama has really been all about how unfair it is that the good guys suffer (Terry and President Du losing Liang Yen), and the unworthy getting all the good endings (the entire Jin family brood). While it annoys me on principle alone, the drama did a good job of making me feel like Terry learned from his tragedy and mistakes and is better off for it, so Liang Yen’s passing wasn’t in vain. He learned to let go, of Sheng Da and of Da Hua, and with it he finds the freedom he’s actually been craving just as much as Liang Yen did. When he told Da Hua his love story with Liang Yen, he chose to share their kite flying date and that was a lovely bookend to when he and Da Hua leave on that plane, literally flying away together. Liang Yen was just looking for someone to fly that kite with her, and she found him in Terry. So she died without regrets, she really wasn’t looking for an adventurous life, but a person to adventure with. In the end Terry did everything he promised Liang Yen, to live courageously and never forget her, but live his life to the fullest. In episode 1 it was Liang Yen asking for water that made Terry pull over at the store and thus met Da Hua. I like to think Da Hua was always Liang Yen’s unwitting gesture of making sure Terry was going to be fine after she was gone.

Because the production didn’t give us any OTP making out on the plane, I hereby present to you photographic proof of our OTP making out in bed after their plane landed in Australia. I love how the entire last few episodes, in addition to the viewer bitching about the pointless angst, people also went to town with all the wonky filming and product placement. Everyone now hates Clarisonic and poor Grey Bear. And you won’t believe the howls of derision over just how small and chintzy Terry and Da Hua’s aborted wedding was. Hello? Managing Director of Sheng Da, scion of the hella rich Ouyang clan? Of course half the cast was missing from attendance. I also snorted over the ridiculousness that Terry would not only fly economy class, but that plane was clearly some tiny thing that could probably only fly domestically in Taiwan. Ain’t no way that 3-3 seating is taking anyone from Taiwan to Australia. Not to mention all the viewers noticing that all the passengers stuck behind Da Hua was literally making moon eyes at Terry. I think those extras couldn’t help themselves, from their vantage point all they can see is gorgeous Chris Wu smiling that beaming smile at Nikki as they filmed, rocking a new do and looking ever so dashing in a casual sports jacket. I would have melted into a puddle in the aisle, at least those extras managed to stay upright.


Wrapping Up King Flower with Some New Cute Pictures — 21 Comments

  1. I actually wanted to buy a clarisonic face brush after Da Hua was having so much fun using it.. plus it helps that she’s a model so her face is oh so pretty after using it…

    Sigh.. its over.. I hope we can find something to fill its gaps..

    Thank you for posting that lovely.. OH LA LA.. make out picture. 😀

    • I’ve had a Clarisonic for 4 years now, got one when it just came out. Totally overrated for the price. A nice scrub does the trick even better. Unless you spackle on the makeup like a drag queen, no one needs that kind of thorough cleansing.

      • yeah, it is totally overrated.. super expensive.. this new one came out when I was at Macys..its supposedly has extra features and that costs way more than the regular one… i’m on the hunt for a regular face brush that will do the same trick.. so i think i’m good.. haha. not willing to pay that kind of money.. 🙂

  2. is that really Da Hua and Terry or Liang Yen and Terry making out? I did not watch form the beggining that why I don’t know. But I become interested because you really LOVE the Drama.

  3. lmfao I completely forgot to mention this on the recap post but on the scene where Terry and Qing Mo were doing rock climbing, wasn’t James Wen there? lol but Guan Jun wasn’t at the scenes at all. lol did they cut him out or was James Wen there just for promotion? lol I’d like to think it’s the former though XD

    • James was called there for promotion purposes only since it was the last scene being filmed of the drama. It so happened to be the rock climbing scene with Chao Chun Ya and Chris Wu. And as the leading man James was called there to be part of the media session. James’ last scene was filmed the night before at the river banks with Nikki, Yao Yao, and Da Li. It’s the scene in ep20 where they go toast Da Hua the night before her wedding to Terry.

  4. Woohoo!!! Where is the OTP making out in bed photo comes from? I did not recall I’ve seen it before. Was this scene filmed but not shown in the series just save JW’s face or it’s from the night after Terry & Liang Yen engagement in the first 2 episodes.

    Thanks Cap K., this bedding photo is like methadone temporarily treating my Chris Wu – Terry withdrawal.

  5. Stingy Settv couldn’t get a first class cabin. It probably thought all we cared was to see Terry, didn’t matter if Terry is flying in economy class or 1st class. Yeah, it was funny that the 1st female passenger was just eye balling at Terry as if she had facial eye paralysis (or bell palsy.)

  6. HAHAHA 🙂

    Oh man,them production staff especially the writers. I hope their mothers gave them a good whack on the head for messing up the story. Like even they have families and and friends who watched King Flower right?

    That’s my consolation for this dumb plot. But which gave us awesome Terry. That’s my only gripe I have to suffer through all the other scenes just to watch Terry.

  7. I like that making out picture.. why oh why Settv had to cut this out!! T.T And I swear that grey bear had more screen time than Guan Jun towards the end 😛

    • I honestly feel terrible for him, but then not sad at all because the alternative is the worst drama ending known to mankind if DH ends up with him. But putting him in that Grey Bear suit was just…..ignominious.

  8. Perfect make out scene in a hotel in Australia. It must have looked exactly like this except they were both naked.

      • LMAO at all the comments.

        Somehow I think you’d manage to stay upright too, Koala. You need to be upright to elbow the others away and grab Terry for yourself.

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