Kim Jae Won Announces Upcoming Marriage and Fatherhood

Either Han Ji Hye has a taken man radar, or her married status leads to her co-starring with guys who are either married or about to tie the knot. Perhaps it’s a weekend drama thing, once an actor or actress lands in steady weekend drama work, they are usually in their thirties and thus statistically more likely to be married or settling down. Nothing wrong with it, I’ll only get annoyed if said actors or actresses suddenly turn into a cold fish onscreen because they are afraid to express passion in acting for fear of upsetting their real life significant other. Something must’ve been in the water on the set of last year’s May Queen, because Han Ji Hye was married when it started, Jae Hee announced during the middle of the drama that he was not only married but already had a son, and now the final lead in that drama Kim Jae Won has just announced his impending nuptials at the end of June as well as upcoming fatherhood. Kim Jae Won is marrying his same-age girlfriend of 8 months, who is not in the entertainment industry. She is three months along as the happy couple looks forward to not only married life but parenthood as well. Congrats to Kim Jae Won who seems like such a nice guy in real life as fitting for someone with such a beaming mega-watt smile. As an actor he’s not terribly compelling for me but he is easy on the eyes, though I’m going to keep harping on how he needs to get some sun. Up next for Kim Jae Won is the weekend drama Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident with Jo Yoon Hee, who was last in Nine: Nine Time Travels with Lee Jin Wook. I’m not a fan of her acting but this drama has the most ridiculous name that I just have to tune in and see what all the hubbub is about. Check out the first stills below, he actually looks really manly and compelling playing a cop with a birth secret – he was kidnapped by the father who raised him, who believes that his birth father caused the death of his son.

Scandal airs on the weekends starting in July on MBC, and has got quite the powerhouse older cast with Shin Eun Kyung, Jo Jae Hyun, Ahn Seok Hwan, and Choi Chul Ho.


Kim Jae Won Announces Upcoming Marriage and Fatherhood — 24 Comments

  1. I’m glad these actors have normalcy in their lives. Being a star cannot be easy when you have to pretend to be alone all the time.
    How dumb is that to be afraid to marry?

    And babies? There’s nothing like some tiny one puking, etc, on you to keep you grounded.. LOL

  2. Just a random observation: Doesn’t it seem that the only/quickest way to the alter these days for a celebrity is getting pregnant? Not saying that they wouldn’t get married either way, but it seems so common right now.

    • I’d imagine that the star would actually wait for a pregnancy to placate his fans…. they’d probably be way less harsh if a baby were on board because then oppa HAS to get married.

      • hahaha… i LOL at your comment, because that exactly what i thought regarding these shotgun weddings
        but either way, congratz to Kim Jaewon and wife-to-be…

  3. Seems the norm to have the baby first before marriage nowadays. Baek Ji Young was 4 months along before she got married.

  4. I consider myself a romantic at heart so whenever I read stories like this I kinda hate myself for thinking: “Pregnancy after five months together? Yeah, I give them two years at most!”

    • Apparently she’s from the same neighboorhood so they’ve been friends for awhile or something, I read that in another source. Their parents already know each other and all that stuff (sounds exactly like the case of my eldest sister haha) so I do think this is the real thing for him and her too 🙂

    • I don’t think that fans would swallow the pill we are high school sweethearts … it could turn fast into “Oppa lied to us”, therefore I think they took the safest way and said … You know we “just met, slept a little and kaboom surpriseeeeee our potent oppa has a baby on the way”
      In my experience a 30 something woman doesn’t get pregnant that easy ( some DO get pregnant just after one round of love making). Therefore Kim Jae Won didn’t invent the wheel in this industry… he just took the usual routine… wait until a baby is on the way ( it could take months or years) and after that prepare to partyyyyyyyyyy … aka going public, getting married etc.
      Some Jstars are getting married pretty fast and young in this particular way, but nobody can make me believe that a 30 something man with some stakes on the line doesn’t know how to use contraception when he used it all these years until now.
      Kim Jae Won isn’t the only one.
      “Pregnant”celebs at wedding
      Uhm Tae Woong,
      Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun were expecting at the moment of the ceremony,
      Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae Young
      Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin
      Kang Hye-jung and Tablo
      Lee Seon-kyun and Jeon Hye-jin
      Jang Hyunk even more – he married after his first baby was born,
      Hyun Young ( the actress with cartoonish voice) was pregnant too
      Kim Tae Woo ( former g.o.d) and the list can go on

      • Im a fan of him for many years and happy that he finally found his other half. All the while i know he is same with any normal guys dating the girl he like but because of his status as an actor with lots of following fan girls like me, he have to keep it from public to prevent fans backlash. It’s understandable. I was shock when he announced it but i feel relieve he already pass this stage and hopefully more success will come in the future. I don’t mind him having a baby before the wedding, i think he want it that way and much easier for us to accept the fact that he can never stay single forever for the sake of his fans. For now we are all excited to see his baby. 🙂

  5. Koala at least he does not need bleaching cream. LOL With the challenges of a Star in having a relationship in Korea, I’m glad that he found someone to settle down with plus a little one on the way. As everyone mentioned, it is sad that they have to hide their relationships and compelled to announce only when they have a baby on the way. Fans in that area are pretty scary. They say that they love their actresses/actors but are not willing to look at them as human beings capable of loving and having a love life.

  6. Congratulations to both of them.
    But still wish they wouldn’t have to go the usual route to placate the fans.Since I am a huge fan it’s more shocking then if he just announced he’s dating then getting married..

  7. Seems like Korean stars enjoy the trend of marrying their significant other once she got knocked out. Cases in example, Uhm Tae Woong, Jang Dong Gun and more.

  8. Congrats to Kim Jae Won oppa…
    Wish him the best to his marriage, daddy to be and new drama. Hope eveything goes best to him. Love and support you 4eva….

  9. Regarding this shocking news that turn Jaewon fans world upside down. Before i came to this site, i already read more than 20 articles in different sites since this news broke out yesterday morning.

    It’s actually not a new issue , getting married with upcoming baby is now very common but the shocking thing and what made the difference from the others was because it’s KIM JAE WON … i know he is popular but i didn’t expect him to make such a huge impact, the news was all over Korean sites and numerous English, Japanese, Chinese and many other sites as well. If he is a Kpop singer maybe i won’t wonder but he is only an actor and yet it came as a BIG surprise to everyone.. Im not a fan of him but it did turn on my curiousity because every site that i visit since yesterday had one article about his wedding plan. 🙂

  10. Koala K say Whaaaaat? Omona. Kim Jae Won…I was always drawn to this cutie pie. But wow…Im happy for him, and I will definitely pray for him and his wife to be. Hope they’re not rushing because she’s preggers :)This is sweet and just wow. hehehe Go Kim Jae Won. I feel like this is his movie with Eugene hehehe. I loved it.

    • hahahaha i heard that their fathers are high school buddies , i hope it’s not a parents arrangements like what happen in his drama Wonderful Life. It’s kinda cute that they are childhood friends though. I wish both of them a blissful marriage… and cute baby..

  11. that girl is very lucky. i envy her. Kim Jae Won is my ultimate Korean crush… otokkkeeee… my heart is broken…

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