Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Bring the Cute as Filming Starts on New SETTV Thursday Drama

I might have to rescind my vow to take a break from SETTV, I might be able to stay away from the next Sunday night idol drama but the upcoming Thursday night offering looks way too cute for me to miss. Tentatively titled Just Want to Make You Love Me, the workplace rom-com starring Aaron Yan and Puff Guo is actually tracking higher on the interest level than its cousin the Sunday night SETTV drama Love Around with George Hu and Annie Chen. This will be the first time Aaron has worked with SETTV (he’s normally contracted with GTV) and I’m finger-crossed this one turns out to be a solid fluffy little offering since I do like Aaron for some inexplicable reason. Calvin Chen does nothing for me even if he can act and sing better than Aaron, and Jiro Wang has morphed into another human being that I can no longer stomach to look at his whole new face. With Wu Zun gone from the TW-entertainment scene completely now that he as a movie career in China, that leaves only Aaron the maknae as the sole Fahrenheit member left for me to coo over. These boys were really all sorts of mediocre but they were earnest and hardworking and at times quite entertaining to watch in shows or performances.

I think Aaron and Puff is garnering lots of attention because they seem to be unexpectedly perfectly matched – the youngest member of their respective pop groups, very cheerful and fresh-faced, and known for being quite off-the-cuff and 4D in real life. In this drama, he plays mean and controlling corporate manager Qi Yi, while she is newbie employee at the same company Cheng Liang Liang. They meet cute in episode one and end up residing under one roof as roommates, only to discover they also work together and he’s her boss. Once he enacts the edict banning all work place romance, Liang Liang gets her panties all twisted by the injustice of it all and hatches a “lion hunting” plan to make her grumpy predator boss fall in love with her. Playing Puff’s best friend is model-actress Katherine Wang, who attended a media day event with Puff and I must say there is going to be lots of eye candy in this drama that’s for sure. The drama premieres on June 20th and I’m already counting down the days. Just a reminder for all those folks who watched Miss Rose, please erase Vivian from your memory from this moment on.


Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Bring the Cute as Filming Starts on New SETTV Thursday Drama — 13 Comments

  1. I would like to erase Vivian from my memory…I really would. This looks cute, but I’m swearing off TW dramas until I’m sure the second half won’t send me running away, foaming at the mouth like a mad dog. I just cannot take another descent into character-killing, irrational, illogical, makes-absolutely-no-sense-anywhere-in-the-known-universe kind of ending. Me, bitter? Where would you get that idea?

  2. ‘earnest and hardworking and at times entertaining’ – I think that sums it up quite well. I haven’t seen Arron in anything since Pi Li MIT and like Calvin more as an actor, but I haven’t found much of their projects themselves interesting.

    OT but Ivy Chen and Bolin Chen are so so cute in your header.

  3. Keeping an eye out for this one! Actually I’ve always felt that Aaron is a much better actor and singer than Calvin – his singing skills have always been acknowledged as the best in Fahrenheit, and if you watched Love Buffet/The X Family, Aaron has always been more natural onscreen and is more believable (honestly after watching this horrific scene with Calvin desperately trying to look sad and self-sacrificial but ending up looking constipated instead, I never thought he was a good actor again)

  4. *sigh* I’m probably gonna pass on this one. I mean, I do like to look at aaron’s pretty face, but he’s been playing the same kind of role (rich heir, cold, mysterious and mean but with a warm heart) ever since he started his acting career. One would think he would have actually nailed it by now, but his acting still hasn’t improved that much over the years. How can an actor improve if he doesn’t challenge himself, though? It’s a shame… Maybe he should just stick to singing.

  5. I do want to check this out. I like Aaron and Puff. I’ll prob check out Annie on Sunday too. Guess time will tell which stays on the list.

    And THANK YOU for saying that about Jiro! The reality actually really pisses me off cause I like him as an actor. But I get very distracted by faces. I can usually find a way to make it work, cause well faces without tinker is rare in Asian dramas but some just are a no-go for me.

    It’s too drastic! I liked him so much before. And now, I couldn’t even begin Drama Go Go, once I saw the promo pics!

  6. Pardon me, i may sound defensive, but i honestly do not understand why everyone thinks Jiro got plastic surgery….. Anyways, this drama sounds heaps cute and the plot actually attracts me a lot……. However, the fact that Arron has to act as that kinda character again, (the mean, mysterious yet also nice-in-his-way-once-you-get-to-know-him kinda guy)makes me angryish. I would like to see him act in different roles.

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