Bii Drops Fantastic New Album After 2 Year Break for Military Service

HE’S BACK. Oh my god what rock have I been living under. Oh yes, a King-sized Flower rock, but goodness my radar should have pinged! One of the most talented singer-songwriters of the last few years in the Taiwanese music industry, other than Yen-J, can only be Bii. It has been two years since Bii has released an album after he was snatched from our arms because of something called mandatory military service! Kyaaaaaa, he left Korea and came to Taiwan and still he got nabbed. There is no justice when such a gorgeous and talented young man is gone for 16 months. Funnily enough, Bii still looks like a little boy, and no, you are not imagining it, he looks just like Sung Joon. Bii’s 2010 full album Bii Story was a runaway best seller and got tons of exposure being part of the SETTV drama Zhong Wu Yen (starring Cheryl Yang, Ming Dao, and Chris Wu). This time his return is already top of charts since it was released 3 weeks ago, but I bet money that it’s going to get even more crazy wide exposure after this Sunday when the title track “Come Back to Me” plays as the theme song for SETTV’s Sunday night new idol drama Love Around (starring Annie Chen and George Hu). Bii’s second album is called Come Back to Bii and this time he’s back in the music industry using his Chinese name Bi Shu Jin (畢書盡), embracing his Taiwanese side even more. For those of you just making Bii’s acquaintance, he’s an uber-talented half Taiwanese (father side) and half Korean (mother side) singer-songwriter. The title track off this album “Come Back to Me” is SO INSANELY GOOD I need everyone to listen right now and then start gushing over with him (he also wrote the score and lyrics for this track). Another track “Meteor Passed” is also amazing and the title song for the Taiwan broadcast of The King 2 Hearts. That’s like mushing together two of my favorite things! Bii is back and he’s here to stay. I couldn’t be happier.

I love Bii’s voice. LOVE. He has gotten even better after the time off in the military. Bii is his stage name (means Be I I and the two “I”s represent the two sides of his heritage). He grew up in Korea with his mom and endured lots of discrimination because Korea doesn’t give kids born from a foreign father an official ID card. So Bii turned to music as his outlet for his loneliness and his first album was a stunningly melancholy ballad filled piece. This time he’s mixing it up as his life and music style has matured since finishing military service.

Bii “Come Back to Me” Chinese-Korean version:

Bii “Come Back to Me” All-Korean version:

Official MV for “Meteor Passed” the title song for The King 2 Hearts Taiwan broadcast:

[youtube id=”hrMnkjreOdk” w=”620″ h=”450″]

Track List:

01 Come back to Me (Chinese-Korean version)
02 Feel Good
03 流星飛過 (Meteor Passed)
04 幸福無關 (Happiness No Matter)
05 浮生未歇 (No Rest for this Life)
06 我會在你身邊 (feat.朱俐靜) (I Will Be by Your Side)
07 輕輕的 (Softly)
08 I Know
09 再見再見 (Goodbye Goodbye)
10 你給我的愛 (The Love You Gave Me)
11 Come back to Me (Korean version)
12 勢在必行(feat.陳勢安) (At Any Cost)

Bii’s return interview with his official fanclub:


Bii Drops Fantastic New Album After 2 Year Break for Military Service — 27 Comments

  1. To be honest he looks more like Ha Suk Jin…and I didn’t know Korea didn’t give official ID cards to kids born to foreign fathers…but I’m not going to start a discussion on that.

    Yay! He’s back!!!!!

    • They do now, but it’s pretty recent. Since 1998-ish either parent being Korean is enough for citizenship. Before that it had to be the father.

    • Wait. I just thought of something. So he had to do military service but he didn’t get an official ID? That’s messed up.

      • He served his MS in Taiwan, he has Taiwan citizenship now. Korea didn’t give him an official ID.

  2. Yes,he comes back to us!
    As a Taiwane,I’m very happy to see such a talented singer choose to stay in Taiwan.First he got the R.O.C ID(so his nationality now is Taiwan)
    then gone to the army,and he overcame so many language barriers.He is so brave and strong.
    I like another song in his second album.It seems like one of the OST
    in Love Around.

  3. honestly this is the first time of heard of this beautiful man and I LOVE HIM! Vocals are unique and i will stalk him more from now on. His songs are great.

  4. OH MY GOSH!! He’s back<3 I loved him ever since I heard his songs in ZWY, who could believe that that was a few years ago. Mandatory military service is such a mean thing to us fans, but in a way it's somewhat of a bittersweet thing because when they come back they have those gorgeous army abs and are better than they were before and we learn to love them like we didn't know we could. Sorry, fan-girl moment.

  5. Thanks Capt K for the update. I got introduced to him through that OST in 2010 but at the time, I didn’t have any time except listen to a few of songs that I liked. All I knew was he was half TW and half korean and he was really talented. 🙂 I had no idea he was doing his MS. In any case, I am excited for his return. I did really like his voice.

  6. he really looks like EXO’s Luhan. I just surprised that he’s the same person as i saw in music program Love JK and his voice is so nice.

    • Agreed! He showed up on KangXi on one of the episodes last month and I could have sworn I saw Luhan or even some secret older brother I didn’t know about lol. But yes, Bii is wonderful in his own right and his voice is so easy on the ears.

  7. Koala that’s where he has been! I found him in 2010 when he once said he admired DBSK, singing a piece of their song called “One” in calvin chens program. I knew i would grow fond of him and he would be good…esp once I heard his voice!

    May I ask why he decided to focus his music in Taiwan rather than korea? Or can he not promote in both? Idk what has the bigger music industry..but I feel he can do well in Korea too ^^

  8. Hi!!
    first time i hear his music …. i love it …. i want to download the album, but with that link i cant ….. maybe you have another link in mediafire pleaseeeeeee!! ….. i want to hear the full album!!
    thanks in advance

  9. Ms. Koala, I just had to comment… I have been an avid follower of your blog for the past years. But with this mention of Bii and Monstar, I found a kindred spirit! 🙂
    Adore the voice when I first heard of the theme song in Zhong Wu Yen and got to know of Bii. Superb voice indeed. Very impressed with his command of Mandarin in fairly short time. I have been waiting for his new album.

    As for Monstar, I know I am way passed the age of high-school drama, but the directing, acting and storyline brought back a lot of fun memories. Ahh — to be young again. 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode 4.

  10. Woah! It’s been a while since I’ve last listened to Mando-pop/ballad. Thanks for sharing!

    But did anyone have trouble downloading from the link? My antivirus is blocking it :/

      • Huh…moved the file to the trash bin and it gave the description as the installer for the StarApp.

    • Interesting. I downloaded it just fine yesterday, a simple .rar file and unzipped it. Oh well, I took off the download link because I think folks are clicking on the wrong download button that contains a virus. You guys can buy the album off iTunes. It’s awesome~

  11. I just clicked on that link and got a virus. Running a full scan on my laptop right now and had to manually delete 3 programs. It messed up my chrome browser by changing my default search engine to some dodgy thing too. I’m disappointed, I thought the link you posted would be legit. I’m never clicking on links you post ever again, I’ll just stick to reading recaps here.

  12. I always see his name around and assumed he is a Taiwanese (台語) singer with that weird name (BII?). But I discover him through KangXi a few weeks ago…and was intrigued. So I went to check his songs..they are alright. He looks a lot like Show Luo and his MV’s are very badly made.

  13. am from kuwait and i want to know is his albums in korean or chinnes ?

    i heard just about him how he want to sing with jae oppa aan i listen to his songs without any translating >< but i love his song " come back to me"

    so can you tell me more about him we don't have arab fandom about him right now but hope soon we will i will talk to my freinds to make a blog about him but hope for you to answer my question please ^^

    1) does bii have korean or chinnes album? or is it both?

    2) there are arab a lot of arab fans for bii too so did he had a tour world like jyj?

    3) is there a blog in English that updat news about him? like jyj3 and jyj history!!!

    sorry for my long speesh but hope i got some information and thank you for being patient with me ^^ peace everyone

    your sister huda from Kuwait ^^

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